School for Gifted Youngsters Episode 4: Kate Pryde Sashay Away

School for Gifted Youngsters Episode 4: Kate Pryde Sashay Away

This is the fourth installment of the new podcast on Jonathan Hickman’s DAWN OF X comics. After a two-week hiatus while Ian traveled in Japan, the gang is back. This week, they get around to finally introducing themselves, then spend a half hour discussing the major events of EXCALIBUR #6 and MARAUDERS #6, then spend another half hour discussing INFERNO. INFERNO was an X-title crossover event in 1989 that introduced many of the characters currently in play. It also introduced Madelyne Pryor, who’ll be coming into play very soon.


Will Kate Pryde finally find a way to use the Krakoa gates? What has Sebastian Shaw been up to and how did he allow his son Shinobi to be endangered like he was at the end of MARAUDERS #5? Will Brian Braddock ever have his mind and will returned to him? And what has Apocalypse really been up to, playing at leadership in an X-team like this? These two issues from Jan. 22nd answered a lot of these questions, so read them and then give us a listen to here our analysis.


This late Eighties summer event tested out the sales potential of X-comics and even expanded itself out into other titles set in New York City. It deals with a heat wave in Manhattan that has supernatural origins, and intermingles the origin stories of Illyana Rasputin, Madelyne Pryor, and even such rarely seen X-villains as Nanny and Orphan Maker. All three of those villains are soon to return in DAWN OF X, and Illyana is a major character in Hickman’s own NEW MUTANTS issues. We predict big things to come for these characters, so we went back to read the first 250 or so pages of INFERNO. Next week, we’ll finish out the comic and have some more to say about its significance for the mutant nation-state of Krakoa.