S4GY Episode 5: Magneto, a Very Questionable Choice of Diplomat

S4GY Episode 5: Magneto, a Very Questionable Choice of Diplomat

In the newest episode of School for Gifted Youngsters, Ian and Nolan act as a duo discussing the late January and early February releases. We hold off on concluding our discussion of INFERNO until Marius can rejoin us. Instead, we discuss at length the significance of X-MEN #5. In this momentous issue the woman formerly known as X-23, the newly resurrected Synch, and Darwin enter The Vault for a very extended stay.

The late January releases also gave us X-FORCE #6. This issue concluded the first arc in this newest of X-FORCE’s incarnations. Aside from introducing what looks like the first new super-powered villain of the DAWN OF X era, this arc focused on Beast. Ian and Nolan ask the question of whether these violent actions of Beast’s and of Jean Grey’s really fit their characters. Most prominently, this issue raises the related question of whether this Beast is in fact Dark Beast.

FALLEN ANGELS #6 and NEW MUTANTS #6 also came out at the end of January. FALLEN ANGELS itself was concluded, and NEW MUTANTS 6 concluded Ed Brisson’s first side arc in that comic. We have less to say on these two issues, but neither do they escape the gaze of our ruby quartz visor.

Early February Releases

Finally, we conclude with a few words on each of X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR and MARAUDERS #7. Both of these were basically MARAUDERS issues, with as much of Kate Pryde’s sea journeying as we saw in XFF. MARAUDERS 7, on the other hand, was all about political machinations on Krakoa. It did not deliver us from the tension we’re experiencing as a result of MARAUDERS 6’s cliffhanger. It did, however, bring us face-to-face for the first time with the new-old characters Jumbo Carnation and Callisto. For more on them you’ll have to tune in next week. We’ll pick up then with Marius, continuing discussion of these 2 issues and of INFERNO.