Things Aren’t Adding Up in THE CLOCK #2

Things Aren’t Adding Up in THE CLOCK #2

The Clock #2 by Matt Hawkins, Colleen Daron, and Bryan Valenza


Jack tries to make sense of his wife's sudden death after suspecting foul play might be involved. Matt Hawkins, Bryan Valenza, and Colleen Daron race against time to save humanity story THE CLOCK #2.
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A fast-acting variation of cancer is spreading aross the globe at a rapid pace. As a result, the deadly disease struck home, claiming the life of Evelyn, the wife of a cancer researcher named Jack. But was it tragedy or global conspiracy? After Jack’s given an anonymous note saying “Your Wife Was Murdered,” something smells fishy.

Writer Matt Hawkins along with Artist Colleen Doran and colorist Bryan Valenza continue their race against the clock story to save humanity in THE CLOCK #2. 

I Smell Conspiracy

THE CLOCK #2 is a compelling deep-dive that immediately makes you think Jack’s wife was indeed murdered. This is a sad and unfortunate issue that shows no one can be trusted. For the most part, Jack is surrounded by shady characters that seem like they know more than their leading onto. As you read the book and watch characters lie to Jack’s face without batting an eye, it’ll make you think how far up the chain does this corruption go? 

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But as the story progresses, you realize it’s not just about loss. It’s about how human beings can lose themselves to satisfy their own selfish agendas. Hawkins has written an intimate look at how corruption spreads just as fast as a disease. Dishonesty is all around us and for the most part, nobody seems to care. People ignore it, leaving us to live in a society where we’re being lied to every day. 

Colleen Doran & Bryan Valenza

I have to start with the amazing cover art by Doran with some fantastically bright and playful color options provided by colorist Bryan Valenza. I felt that the cover had a lot to do with saying that no matter what your genetic makeup is, we’re all genuine human beings with a kindhearted soul. This is the perfect reason for Doran to decide to use a child as the covers centerpiece. Children are the most innocent forms of human. It’s a great use of foreshadowing as well because there are some elements of the story that deal directly with the little girl on the cover.

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Doran makes great use of facial expressions throughout THE CLOCK #2. At every turn, Jack is talking to police officials, doctors, and friends, but is never sure who he can trust. That resonates very well during the course of the story. With each page turn, the writing and art sync perfectly by delivering confusion, doubt, and stress on our main protagonist. Jack is busy balancing keeping his sanity together, investigating what happened to his wife, and a worldwide epidemic, all at the same time. The pacing allows the reader enough breathing room to process everything that Jack is experiencing. 

Adding greatly to that effect is Valenza’s sensational color choices. His colors come off very naturally and help set a leveled balance to the story. This is a story about human beings after all, so it keeps everything simple. What I liked most about the colors was how they really help bring out Jack’s emotions throughout the issue. It helped out that emotional layer to make the reader feel empathy for the character.

The Verdict

THE CLOCK #2 is a solid second issue. It illustrates that things are probably going to get a lot worse before they get better for Jack. The writing and illustrations flow together well and the characters are right on point with their hidden agendas. The story is only two issues in, meaning there’s still plenty of time to catch up if you haven’t started reading it already. I’d highly recommend it.