Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 690

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 690

Another three sword lights tore apart the lightning and fell from the sky, slashing ruthlessly at the three Imperial Immortals.

The immense power shocked the three Imperial Immortals, causing their internal organs to shift, their meridians to be ruptured, and their immortal bodies to be damaged.

The three Imperial Immortals spat out a mouthful of fresh blood almost at the same time.

The three of them had never expected that Ye Xiao would actually launch another attack! Had that fellow gone mad? Had his brain gone crazy? They were in such a difficult situation yet he was still attacking them.

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COM If he still attacked them at that moment, causing him to expend even more of his stamina, that fellow would definitely die without a burial ground.

“That’s not right! This fellow might have lost his mind due to anger.

He probably doesn’t intend to succeed in transcending the tribulation and wants to perish together with the three of us.

” After hearing those words, the other two Imperial Immortals were so frightened that their legs trembled and they nearly peed their pants.

Even if they were Imperial Immortals, it was impossible for them to say that they were not afraid when facing death.

If they were not afraid of death, they would not need to work so hard in their cultivation.

After knowing that Ye Xiao wanted to bring them to perish together, they were already scared out of their wits.

They were not afraid of Ye Xiao alone, but that they were in the Lightning Tribulation on top of that.

Who could withstand such a situation? The shadow of death enveloped them, and the three of them wanted to cry but had no tears.

“D*mn it! After living for tens of thousands of years, I didn’t expect to be tricked by a little b*stard! One against three, he’s dreaming! “However, the three of us are at least at the Imperial Immortal realm.

If we lower our heads and admit defeat, wouldn’t it be too easy for him? “You’re right.

If the three of us join hands, we’ll first destroy this kid as fast as possible before escaping.

There’s still a chance of survival!” “That’s right.

Let him know that an Imperial Immortal can not be humiliated! They are not ones he can provoke!” Just as the three of them finished speaking, the attack struck once again.

The three of them were shocked once again.

They could not understand at all what was going on with that fellow.

That was because, at that moment, the three of them were all being attacked by the Lightning Tribulation.

Each of them was diverting their strength to resist the heavenly lightning.

How could Ye Xiao continue to attack them? Could it be that he did not need to resist the Lightning Tribulation? In his shock, the sword light had already torn apart the Lightning Tribulation and slashed down on their heads.

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COM Until that moment, the three Imperial Immortals were completely petrified.

That was because, around Ye Xiao, everything was actually fine.

There were no signs of the Lightning Tribulation at all! One had to know that as someone who transcended the Lightning Tribulation, Ye Xiao should be the target of the Lightning Tribulation compared to them.

Other than that, the three of them were far from having as much power as Ye Xiao at that moment.

According to the rules of the Lightning Tribulation, when undergoing the tribulation, the more powerful the power that erupted, the easier it would be to be noticed by the Lightning Tribulation.

However, the things that happened before their eyes completely exceeded their imaginations.

That moment of shock had also completely destroyed their final chance of survival.

In a showdown between high-level cultivators, victory and defeat often happened in an instant.

Ye Xiao’s attack arrived in the blink of an eye and ruthlessly struck the three of them.

The three of them spat out blood once again.

All the bones in their bodies were heavily injured under this attack.

They, who were heavily injured, were unable to continue enduring the Lightning Tribulation.

Under the bombardment of the Lightning Tribulation, the three of them let out a miserable cry and died completely.

It was only at the moment of their death that the three of them finally understood why Ye Xiao dared to choose to transcend the tribulation under such a dangerous situation.

It was because he seemed to be able to control the heavenly lightning so that it would not injure him.

Although they did not know how Ye Xiao did it, it was the truth and no one could change it.

Relying on that fact, Ye Xiao successfully destroyed them.

They completely regretted it! They were truly greedy and insatiable.

From the start, they were not a match for a prodigy like Ye Xiao.

When they participated in that war, they were already destined to have the possibility of death.

It was just that they thought that they were Ye Xiao’s opponent and could deal with him.

Thus, they made a huge mistake and buried themselves.

At that point, there was no chance at all.

Tens of thousands of years of bitter cultivation had all turned into ashes.

Ye Xiao was not willing to waste them.

After all, they were three Imperial Immortals.

After refining them, they would have a pretty good amount of blood energy.

Hence, with a wave of his hand, he immediately kept all three Imperial Immortals’ immortal bodies in his hands.

Following closely behind, he began to transcend the tribulation calmly.

At that time, it was still the same as before.

Ye Xiao did not successfully transcend the tribulations in one go.

Instead, he was transcending the tribulations while resting.

He was using the Lightning Tribulations to extract law energy, greatly increasing his strength.

He first absorbed a wave to increase the chips for him to advance to the second-level Imperial Immortal realm in the future.

Not only that, Ye Xiao had even started to refine the second sacred pill in the end.

Since he had just eaten the sacred pill he refined, he needed to refine another sacred pill for Feng Nishang to consume.

In any case, he had nothing to do.

Also, the group of people outside did not dare to casually step in.

It was an Imperial Immortal-level Lightning Tribulation.

Even if an Imperial Immortal wanted to enter, he would have to think twice.

Outside the Lightning Tribulation, the people who had luckily escaped were more or less at peace.

They were all waiting for Ye Xiao to transcend the tribulation, to see if he would succeed.

However, after waiting for a long time, the Lightning Tribulation did not stop.

That caused everyone to frown and have doubts in their hearts.

“This is really strange.

I’ve lived for so many years but I’ve never seen such a strange thing.

It’s impossible for an Imperial Immortal to transcend the tribulation for such a long time without completing it, right?” “It has never happened before! The strongest Imperial Immortal in history would at most take half a day to transcend the tribulation.

If it’s more than half a day, is he still human?” “He hasn’t come out for ten days and ten nights now.

” “This guy shouldn’t have died in there, right?” “Have you lost your mind? If he had died in there, the Lightning Tribulation would have disappeared long ago.

Why would it continue until now?” “You’re right! This is really strange!” Although everyone was puzzled, they could not possibly stay there all the time.

After all, a Great Battle between good and evil was still going on.

If those high-level cultivators at the Imperial Immortal realm did not guard their own sects and were ambushed by the demonic sect, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Even so, there were still some people guarding there, wanting to try their luck.

After all, that was an alchemist who could refine a sacred pill! Who could guarantee that he did not have any other good things on him? If they were lucky enough to obtain some, it would greatly benefit their strength.

Finally, after half a month, the Lightning Tribulation finally began to dissipate.

The eyes of the people guarding outside instantly lit up, and they started to get excited.

No one knew how they spent those 15 days.

It was as if time passed like years.

That was even longer than the time they spent in closed-door cultivation for an entire year.

Every time, they thought that the Lightning Tribulation would disappear in the next minute, and they would be able to rush in and plunder for a while.

Ten minutes later, the Lightning Tribulation was still the same as before.

During those 15 days, quite a number of people were persuaded to leave, allowing many people to choose to leave that place and look for other treasures and opportunities.

It could be said that the people who truly stayed behind had become a pack of hungry wolves at that moment.

They wished they could try eating Ye Xiao alive until not even his bones were left.

Therefore, at the instant the Lightning Tribulation disappeared, everyone seemed to have received an order and immediately rushed towards Ye Xiao at the fastest speed.

However, at that time, they had only rushed halfway when they suddenly came to a stop.

That was because, from the center of the Lightning Tribulation, a powerful aura that made people’s hearts palpitate suddenly erupted.

That aura was so fierce that it made them shudder.

Even the primordial spirit could not help but start to tremble.

Whereas, the Imperial Immortal also faintly felt a chill in his heart.

His hair stood on end, and a sense of danger immediately surged into his heart.

“He actually succeeded in transcending the tribulation and became an Imperial Immortal!” “D*mn it, this fellow, just what kind of freak is he? Transcending the tribulation for a full 15 days, he actually succeeded.

How much law energy does this fellow have to absorb from the Lightning Tribulation?” Everyone was about to go crazy, but in the next second, they had time to think about that question.

That was because, at the moment of their shock, Ye Xiao had already slashed out with his sword.

The radiance of that sword exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Ye Xiao did not use the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

He only used the Great Dragon and the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

He held back first.

After all, although he had already advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm and absorbed so much law energy from the immortal lightning, he was still only one person.

He could not do it and easily kill a third-level Imperial Immortal.

If he was too arrogant and revealed his threat in advance, he might still be able to make those people join forces to deal with him.

However, although he only used the Great Way of Life immortal technique, to those people, he was already an invincible existence.

Seeing that sword light, almost all the Imperial Immortals dodged in an instant.

There was an Imperial Immortal who had no way to dodge in time.

He could only use his immortal technique to forcibly receive that move.

There was no need to say more about some Great Immortals.

They could not even reach the speed of using an immortal technique.

The sword light directly flashed past the bodies of those Great Immortals, killing them on the spot.

After that first-level Imperial Immortal used an immortal technique to protect himself for an instant, he did not even have the time to let out a sigh of relief before his immortal technique was directly shattered by Ye Xiao’s Great Way of Life immortal technique.

He let out a shrill cry.

Following that, his body was sliced open by Ye Xiao on the spot.

That scene was witnessed by those who had escaped.

All of them felt their hearts speed up as a deep chill shot from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads.

He had only used one move! One had to know that he had just advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm, and his level was only at the first-level Imperial Immortal realm.

It was an extremely unreasonable thing for a cultivator at that level to display the power that completely surpassed their level.

Despite that, it had actually happened!