Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 668

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 668

The Sky Demon originally did not want to agree to it.

Even if he knew that Ye Xiao would torture him, he would not give in so easily.

Wanting him to be a laborer for nothing was worse than being tortured.

His greatest trait was that he was unwilling to suffer losses.

What he liked the most was to take advantage of small things.

In the end, Ye Xiao actually said that he would also give him the immemorial immortal technique.

He could not be stubborn about that.

After subduing the Sky Demon and Nether Spirit King, Ye Xiao left that secret space.

At that point, the Xuan Yuan divine territory had two more Great Immortal guards.

In the following great battle between good and evil, there should be more guarantees.

However, in order for the two of them to display sufficient strength, Ye Xiao still needed to refine the bronze statues of the two of them.

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COM Moreover, because the two of them were already Great Immortals, refining a bronze statue of the Immortal Artifact level alone should not be of much use.

At the very least, it should be refined to an existence comparable to a lesser sacred weapon.

That required a lot of materials.

Ye Xiao estimated that the lesser sacred armor that Nether Spirit King had before, along with some other materials, could be used to refine a bronze statue.

Then, the materials that their avatars had obtained for him could also be used to refine a bronze statue.

However, he still needed to raise the Great Dragon a little.

The Great Dragon had only reached the level of a lesser sacred weapon and had yet to reach the true level of a sacred weapon.

That level was barely passable at the moment, but after reaching the Imperial Immortal realm, it probably would not have much effect.

Ye Xiao did not believe that those Imperial Immortals would not even have a single lesser sacred weapon in their hands.

One has to know that sacred weapons were hard to find, and Immortal Artifacts were like cabbages.

A lesser sacred weapon was only a slightly better Immortal Artifact and was not necessarily that rare.

However, Ye Xiao was not too anxious because the immortal world’s Quishan Mountain might produce special precious materials.

Li Si had already gone over, hoping that he could obtain some top-grade materials to help him raise the level of the Great Dragon.

After making the plans, Ye Xiao very quickly created two sculptures of the lesser sacred weapon level.

First, he would let the Nether Spirit King and Sky Demon fend off the enemy.

That way, even if he was not around, he would be able to guarantee the safety of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After he finished doing all those things, Yun Changqing came over with some cultivation problems to look for him.

Ye Xiao gave him some lessons and solved some of his doubts.

Then, he opened his mouth and asked, “I feel that Murong Fengyun is no longer in the Xuan Yuan divine territory, including the other Grand Elders.

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COM “Recently, the demonic sect has been too rampant.

The third Grand Elder is worried that if this continues, all the Grand Elders and disciples from the god clans and immortal sects will fall.

At that time, the Xuan Yuan god clan might not be able to survive.

“Therefore, he gathered some geniuses from the immortal world and many other god clans to form a coalition to specifically target the members from the demonic sect.

” That idea was not bad.

Although his people had always cared about that problem, he knew clearly in his heart that it was impossible for him to stay out of that situation.

The demonic sect did not just kill those people.

At the same time, they would also use their divine blood to greatly increase their cultivation.

If they allowed the demonic sect to continue their slaughter, before the space-time barrier was repaired, they would raise the cultivation of the demonic cultivators to an extremely terrifying level.

Then, the entire ordinary world would be wiped out by them.

That was because, without the Imperial Immortal’s help, no one would be able to stop their attacks and slaughter.

That was an unsolvable matter.

However, as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

Murong Fengyun led his team out and thwarted the demonic sect’s plan.

The demonic sect should not let them off so easily.

If the battle at the front line was more chaotic, then the other party would very likely send a small group of people to target the Xuan Yuan god clan.

It seemed that he would have to be more careful in the next period of time.

“Senior Yun, immediately inform all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan that they must not go out casually for the next period of time.

“Remember, no one is allowed to go out casually.

” “Other than this, I will repair all the array formations.

Because the array was attacked many times before, it was slightly damaged, causing those demonic sects to easily barge in.

“After I repair it, you must bring people to patrol on time every day to prevent any demonic cultivators from misbehaving and secretly entering the Xuan Yuan divine T=territory.

” “Don’t worry.

I know what to do about this matter.

” “Since that’s the case, go and carry it out.

” After Yun Changqing left, Ye Xiao immediately began to repair the array formations and quickly finished repairing all of them.

For the remaining time, he went into seclusion to cultivate.

The crisis was far from the point in front of him.

It was a great war between good and evil that had been planned for tens of thousands of years.

Furthermore, the collapse of space-time was merely accelerating the war between good and evil ahead of time.

To be honest, Ye Xiao really wanted to catch the guy who was causing trouble behind the scenes and then whip his butt with all his might.

If you said that you had nothing better to do, why did you create such big trouble and break the heavens? The Great War between good and evil had been launched ahead of time.

If not for the collapse of the space-time barrier, Ye Xiao estimated that the great war between good and evil would at least take a few decades or even a hundred years to happen.

At the very least, it would take at least ten years, right? Such a long time was long enough for him to advance to the Imperial Immortal.

At that time, with his ability to kill enemies of a higher level, why would he be afraid of the Great War between good and evil? If they provoked him, he would kill all the righteous and evil sects to see who still dared to cause him trouble.

Of course, it was useless to talk about it, because the Great War between good and evil had already begun.

Since such a thing was destined to happen, he could only face it with his heart.

He had to do his best.

He would do his best and leave everything else to heaven’s will.

At the same time, in the ordinary world, a great battle had just ended in a place called the Thousand Leaves Great World.

The disciples of the righteous path of the immortal sect were cleaning up the battlefield.

The immortals had just finished recuperating.

A Great Immortal Grand Elder of the immortal sect cupped his hands toward Murong Fengyun and said, “Brother Murong, it’s all thanks to your help just now! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what I would have done! “It’s not a big deal if I die, but the few good seedlings of the Green OxImmortal sect will all have to be lost here!” Murong Fengyun said humbly, “Brother Li, you’re too polite.

We are both on the righteous path of the immortal world, we should help each other.

“What I did was just a small matter, it’s not worth mentioning.

” “You should be the one being polite.

If it weren’t for you coming over, I wouldn’t even know what to do.

My Green Ox immortal sect will remember this favor, I will definitely repay it in the future.

” After pausing for a moment, the other party spoke again, “Oh right, Brother Murong, this time, you’ve been generous and noble in the ordinary world.

You killed quite a few demonic cultivators.

Aren’t you worried that they will launch a sneak attack on the Xuan Yuan god clan? “Do you want to go back and defend them?” “You really don’t want to go? If someone were to launch a sneak attack, the Xuan Yuan god clan wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

When that time comes, you’ll be in big trouble.

” “If they want to go, they can go.

I can’t sit there and just wait for them to attack, it would really cause me a lot of trouble.

” After saying that, Murong Fengyun’s smile became even more radiant.

He thought of that unknown prodigy of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

With him protecting the Xuan Yuan god clan, no matter what kind of person he was, any enemy going over would be courting death.

Even if he were to go over, he would not be able to withstand it at all.

If those demonic cultivators went over with Ye Xiao there… They could only pray for their own good fortune.

Hence, he did not need to worry about the Xuan Yuan god clan at all.

The other party scratched the back of his head and had a puzzled expression.

He could not understand what he was up to.

Just as Ye Xiao was immersed in his meditation and cultivation, outside the Xuan Yuan divine territory, following a distortion of space, several figures appeared as a small team.

In the small team, there were a total of 15 Heavenly Immortals and a Great Immortal.

That team’s strength was clearly not lacking.

“Is this the Xuan Yuan divine territory?” When that first-level Great Immortal saw that scene, he could not help but clench his fists, and his eyes were filled with dense killing intent.

“D*mn that Murong Fengyun.

I don’t know where he learned an immemorial immortal technique, but he actually killed several of my demonic sect members in a row, causing our demonic sect’s plans to come to a halt.

“Since we can’t kill him, we’ll use the blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan to wash away our shame and let Murong Fengyun know the consequences of going against our demonic sect!” “Grand Elder, give the order to kill! My broadsword is already unable to endure the thirst.

” “That’s right! I want to extract the divine blood of all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan and drink it all!” That Great Immortal nodded.

“There’s an array here.

Let’s break the array first! Murong Fengyun is currently fighting against our demonic cultivators at the front line.

There are no immortals protecting us here! “As long as the array is broken, no one will be able to stop us.

After giving the order, everyone began to attack the Xuan Yuan god clan wildly in the next second.

However, the defensive barrier of the Xuan Yuan god clan immediately had an effect, blocking all their attacks outside.

However, that did not stop them from attacking.

Their hatred towards Murong Fengyun had been transferred to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

However, just as they were happily fighting, an accident suddenly occurred.

An extremely powerful aura suddenly erupted from the Xuan Yuan divine territory, followed by a second and a third… Other than the first two, which were Great Immortals, there were also Heavenly Immortals, Mystic Immortals, and True Immortals behind them.

“Grand Elder, there’s an enemy attack! It’s a cultivator from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

I didn’t expect that they would actually hide two Great immortals here.

D*mn it, we’ve fallen into their trap.

Quick, retreat!” The Great Immortal Grand Elder chuckled, “Retreat? What retreat? That’s Grand Elder, Sky Demon! There’s also the Nether Spirit King from the Qing Luo demonic sect.

They are all demonic cultivators from our demonic sect! You bunch of blind fools!”