Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 655

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 655

“That’s not up to you!” After the Sky Demon finished speaking, it no longer released its aura.

At that moment, the aura of a first-level Great Immortal was released to the maximum.

“Are you shocked? I’ve already advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm! Back then, the Great Qin immortal sect was blind and chose you over me.

“Today, I’ll let all of you know.

The Great Qin immortal sect has made the most foolish mistake in the world!” After letting out an angry roar, the Sky Demon stomped his foot, and the spatial barrier let out a crisp cracking sound.

Great Immortals were so powerful that even a casual movement could affect the stability of the space barrier in the ordinary world.

The Sky Demon arrived in an instant.

Not even a stream of light flashed in the sky.

Almost at the same time he disappeared, his figure had already arrived before the third Grand Elder.

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COM The Sky Demon threw a punch.

The fist light was as resplendent as a star, radiating for tens of thousands of miles, and was extremely dazzling.

The entire Xuan Yuan divine territory was lit up by his punch.

His face was filled with intense excitement and killing intent as if the other party had been blasted into smithereens by him.

He did not know how long he had waited for that scene! Back then, when he and Murong Fengyun went to the Great Qin immortal sect together, they were still hot-blooded youths.

The two of them had the same expectations for the immortal sect.

Unfortunately, in the end, he did not pass the test of the Great Qin immortal sect and was rejected by the Great Qin immortal sect.

That time, his dreams were ruined, and his dignity was shattered.

From that moment on, he swore that he would surpass Murong Fengyun in his lifetime.

He had to defeat him to prove that he was stronger than him, to prove that the Great Qin immortal sect was blind.

For that goal, he did not hesitate to join the demonic sect and make himself a great devil who could kill without batting an eye.

At that time, he even participated in the sect’s evil plan.

He came to the ordinary world to slaughter the god clans and absorb their blood.

In the end, he successfully advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm! The moment he successfully advanced to that realm, he did not even stop to rest.

He immediately rushed over and headed straight for the Xuan Yuan divine territory to find Murong Fengyun and have a showdown.

Since victory was in sight, how could he not be happy? However, just when he thought that punch of his could successfully kill Murong Fengyun, even if it could not kill him, it could at least heavily injure him, something unexpected happened.

Murong Fengyun similarly punched out, meeting his fist.

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COM In an instant, ripples spread in all directions, and the shock waves spread to the surrounding divine territories.

The Xuan Yuan divine territory had the immortal array that Ye Xiao had set up, and it was still able to withstand a portion of the shockwave.

However, the other divine territories were not so lucky.

They were directly swept away by the shockwave on the spot.

Countless stars exploded, leaving behind streaks of dazzling light in the starry sky that radiated for hundreds of millions of miles, it made the entire starry sky feel the terror of that scene.

Even though the divine territories were separated by several divine territories, the other god clans were also trembling incessantly.

It was as if that scene was happening right before their eyes.

When the Sky Demon saw that scene, he was dumbfounded on the spot.

He had never thought that the other party would be able to receive his punch so easily.

He was a mighty first-level Great Immortal.

His strength was only second to the Imperial Immortal! In the entire divine territory, he was already considered the strongest combat-wise below the peak realm.

Even so, his punch was actually easily blocked by the other party.

That meant that the other party’s strength was not much different from his own.

“You actually advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm? How is this possible?” The Sky Demon said with a face full of disbelief.

Murong Fengyun’s lips curled up slightly as he smiled indifferently.

“Nothing is impossible.

You can advance to this realm, but I can’t?” As he finished speaking, he exerted force on his palm and instantly forced the Sky Demon back.

The Sky Demon recovered from his initial shock and his eyes revealed a biting coldness.

“Even so, so what? The cultivation technique of the demonic sect is stronger than the orthodox cultivation technique.

In terms of actual combat strength, I’m still above you.

” Just as he finished speaking, the Sky Demon charged forward once again.

Murong Fengyun shook his head.

“You don’t know life from death.

” Following that, he faced the Sky Demon head-on and did not show the slightest bit of mercy.

He immediately activated the Great Qin immortal sect’s strongest immortal technique, the Immortal-slaying Sword technique.

Following the wave of his hand, a sword ray that radiated millions of feet of light appeared in front of him and headed straight for the Sky Demon.

The Sky Demon used the Luo Sheng demonic sect’s Demonic Yin Immortal Claw! In the starry sky, a huge black light claw instantly formed and grabbed the sword ray.

As the Sky Demon exerted its strength, a series of cracking sounds suddenly erupted from the sword ray.

Just as he said, the demonic technique was vicious and sharp as well as strange and tricky.

Even though they were both of similar cultivation levels, the demonic technique was still slightly better than the other party’s.

However, Murong Fengyun’s expression did not show any fear because of that.

He was still as calm as ever.

“Murong Fengyun, it seems that even if you raise your cultivation to the same level as mine, you still won’t be able to do it!” However, just as he finished speaking, an incident suddenly happened in the next second.

The sword ray that was about to shatter was actually repaired in an instant.

Moreover, it even exploded with even more powerful energy than before.

Not only was the energy more powerful, but even its energy substance had changed a lot in an instant.

The sword ray, which could not withstand the corrosion of the opponent’s demonic attack, actually blocked the corrosion of the demonic technique at that moment.

The demonic technique had lost its corrosion effect.

The advantage that was originally stronger than the immortal technique was gone in an instant.

Following a violent explosion, the Demonic Yin Immortal Claw was shattered.

The Sky Demon instantly turned pale with fright.

He could not believe his eyes as he once again sank into deep shock.

Over the years, he had killed many immortals from the Great Qin immortal sect, and he had come into contact with the Immortal-slaying Sword many times.

The Immortal-slaying Sword was very strong, but it was definitely not that strong.

To be able to display such terrifying strength at the same level was simply unimaginable.

Just as he was feeling shocked, a sense of danger suddenly appeared on his left side.

He should not have been distracted because, in a battle between prodigies, life and death often happened in the blink of an eye.

That momentary distraction was enough to make him fall.

As expected, the third Grand Elder had already arrived by his side.

The Immortal-slayer Sword was unleashed again and was aimed at his throat.

The Sky Demon forcefully used the Demonic Yin Immortal Claw and pressed down with his claw, suppressing the Immortal-slayer Sword.

The Immortal-slayer Sword light instantly cut off his arm but he managed to save his throat.

He did not have any extra thoughts.

In a split second, he had already thought of what he should do.

He ran away as fast as he could, but how could the third Grand Elder give him the chance to escape? The Yin-yang immortal technique was used, and the third Grand Elder’s strength and speed were unleashed to the maximum at that moment.

Feeling the approaching death, the Sky Demon’s mind trembled, and his scalp could not help but go numb.

He did not dare to be careless and immediately circulated his demonic technique, exploding his body and turning it into a streak of blood light to escape.

The third Grand Elder pounced onto nothing but air and stopped at his original spot.

Elder Qin and the others immediately flew up.

“Grand Elder, how is it?” Murong Fengyun raised his brows and said, “I didn’t expect him to be so ruthless.

When I wasn’t paying attention, he used the Explosive Blood technique and escaped by force.

” “What a detestable fellow, to actually be so ruthless to himself.

Using the Explosive Blood technique, he would be severely injured at the very least, and at the very worst, his cultivation would fall.

He is actually able to do it.

” “People from the demonic sect have always been like this.

They are vicious to others, but even more so to themselves.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be viewed as a crooked demonic sect.

“However, the Luo Sheng demonic sect’s Explosive Blood technique is different.

Not only can they escape, but they can also attach themselves to others for a short period of time, blocking their own information and concealing their own demonic energy.

“Therefore, you have to strictly investigate and defend.

Do not let the other party infiltrate the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Great Qin immortal sect disciples.

“Otherwise, if the other party finds out about the Yin-yang immortal technique, it will be a huge problem for us.

” Everyone immediately retreated and carried out his orders.

After everyone left, the third Grand Elder raised his right hand slightly and looked at the monochrome ball of light in his hand.

He could not help but let out a sigh.

“As expected of the legendary immemorial immortal technique, the Yin-yang immortal technique! This technique is really too powerful.

It is far from being something that other immortal techniques can not compare to.

“I have only learned about one-tenth of it, but I can actually slightly change my material energy in battle.

“If I learned all of it, I didn’t know what kind of terrifying realm I would reach.

“I heard that I would have the power to change the heavens and the earth when I reached the peak of the Yin-yang immortal technique.

I would be able to instantly change all of my physical energy.

“If I reached that stage, I was afraid that no one in the same realm who practiced the Yin-yang immortal technique would be a match for me.

“As for the Yin-yang immortal technique, it was only one of the top few immortal techniques in the immemorial era.

It had yet to reach the top three.

“If they are ranked in the top three, I wonder how strong they will be?” However, he soon shook his head.

Although the immemorial immortal techniques were very strong, they were not even comparable to the Yin-yang immortal techniques, let alone the immemorial immortal techniques.

They had probably been sealed in space and time forever.

In that world, it was almost impossible for anyone to obtain immemorial immortal techniques.

Did that mean that the Yin-yang immortal technique could be called the strongest immemorial immortal technique? Then… If he escaped with that immemorial immortal technique, found a place to secretly cultivate, and cultivated to the peak in the future, would he become the number one figure in the entire immortal world? Since the Yin-yang immortal technique was so powerful, it would definitely allow him to become an Imperial Immortal.

Then, no one in the entire immortal world would be his match.

The third Grand Elder’s breathing became more and more rapid.

However, soon, he could not help but shudder.

“D*mn it! I almost went mad! The Yin-yang immortal technique is too terrifying.

Luckily, I was the one who cultivated it.

If it was anyone else, they would have already gone mad!”