Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 652

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 652

Huan Tian’s face lit up.

He did not expect Ye Xiao to give him two immortal technique scrolls every month.

He had really struck it rich.

One had to know that he was Ye Xiao’s prisoner.

He was at a complete disadvantage, so he was basically not qualified to raise any conditions.

However, in reality, Ye Xiao did not think so.

Huan Tian had lost to him, but he could not deny his strength.

The holy son of the Ling Xiao immortal sect, a powerful second-level Heavenly Immortal, was not for nothing.

However, it was not just him.

Even if it was someone else, meeting him would be a dead end.

There was no extra choice at all.

Under normal circumstances, it was extremely difficult to subdue an immortal like him.

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COM Since he had chosen to surrender, it was a great thing for him.

He might as well reward him with two immortal technique scrolls.

In any case, the immortal techniques that were divided into 100,000 scrolls would be given two scrolls a month.

He would have to work for him for 50,000 months, right? Moreover, he did not need 50,000 months at all.

If he was given 50 months, he might become an Imperial Immortal.

At that time, the Xuan Yuan god clan would not need his help to protect them.

“Many thanks, Exalted Immortal Ye.

” Ye Xiao said indifferently.

Then, he threw down the two immortal techniques, turned around, and left to continue cultivating.

Two days later, two figures sneakily approached the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

“Brother Wang, the Xuan Yuan god clan is ahead.

Are you sure you want to go?” “Of course I want to go.

Why else would we be here?” After pausing for a moment, he said again, “The higher-ups of the Great Qin immortal sect are sneaking around.

No one knows what they are doing.

“However, something that they care about so much is definitely not ordinary.

“Now that their higher-ups have left, we can take this opportunity to go in and investigate and see what good stuff they have.

” “There won’t be any danger, right? If they still have immortals in there, won’t we be dead for sure?” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “Don’t worry.

How many people did they send this time? I have a rough idea in my heart.

The higher-ups have basically all moved out, leaving behind only a few rookies.

The strongest is in the Mystic Immortal realm.

“Both of our cultivations are at this level.

Basically, there won’t be any great danger.

” The two of them quickly entered the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Ye Xiao, who was cultivating, naturally sensed the cultivation of the two of them in an instant.

However, he did not say anything or do anything.

Those two small fries were not worth him personally taking action.

With the cultivation of the two Mystic Immortals, they naturally advanced to the depths of the Xuan Yuan divine territory very quickly.

There were no obstructions along the way.

Perhaps, to be more precise, no one could discover them at all.

“How is it? Am I right? They can’t even find us, let alone target us.

” “That’s right.

But the two of us still can’t be careless.

Who knows when their higher-ups will come back.

So let’s end this quickly and find someone to get the information.

“If we can find any useful information, we can sell it for a good price.

” “You’re right.

I can already sense two Supreme Eternals.

They are only half a step away from the True Immortal realm.

Let’s ask them if they know anything.

” The two of them arrived at the location as fast as they could.

Huan Yun and Huan Yu were cultivating when they suddenly felt the aura around them change.

They were shocked.

“Someone’s coming!” Just as they said that two extremely terrifying auras locked onto the two of them, suppressing them and making them unable to move.

The two of them turned pale with fright.

“So powerful! He’s an immortal above the True Immortal realm! Moreover, he’s not the type that just entered the sect.

” Following that, the air distorted and two figures appeared in front of them.

The two immediately said in shock, “Who are you? What do you want?” The two Mystic Immortals looked at each other and smiled.

“We won’t do anything.

We just want some information from you.

” “What is the Great Qin immortal sect up to recently? Why didn’t your higher-ups stay here? Instead, they secretly went into the depths of the divine territory.

” “The two of us don’t know.

” The two Mystic Immortals smiled contemptuously.

“Do you want to court death so badly?” Just as they finished speaking, one of the Mystic Immortals immediately cut off one of Huan Yun’s arms.

Although Huan Yun’s body was made from materials comparable to Immortal Artifacts and did not feel pain, the soul within him would also be cut off by the other party’s sword.

Therefore, the heart-wrenching pain immediately transmitted to every part of his soul.

“We… We really don’t know anything.

” The faces of the two Mystic Immortals gradually turned cold.

“Your mouths are pretty tough.

Let’s see if it’s your bones or my sword that’s tougher!” The two of them raised their hands and severed the souls of the two brothers, causing them to scream incessantly in pain.

“B*stard! If you dare to touch the two of us, our father will not let you off.

” “Father? Do you think the two of us are scared? Even if the two of you really have a father, with your trash cultivation, how strong can your father be?” “If he dares to come, I will skewer the three of you and make a barbecue.

” Just as he finished speaking, the two of them suddenly felt an extremely strong killing intent seeping out from their backs.

That extremely dense killing intent instantly enveloped the two of them.

Just like how their auras easily suppressed Huan Yun and Huan Yu, the other party’s aura also firmly suppressed the two of them, making it difficult for the two of them to even breathe.

“He hit my sons, and now he wants to turn the three of us into skewers? He sure has guts!” The pupils of the two instantly constricted, and they were terrified to the extreme.

“This aura… He’s actually a Heavenly Immortal! How is this possible? How can a Heavenly Immortal have two sons who are at the level of Supreme Eternals? The sons of a Heavenly Immortal should at least have a cultivation base above that of a True Immortal.

” Ignoring them, Huan Tian’s aura burst forth to the extreme, and he struck out with both hands.

A violent pressure instantly pierced through the two of their chests.

Following that, the violent Thunder immortal technique instantly shattered their meridians.

Huan Yun and Huan Yu dragged their broken divine souls to their father’s side.

When Huan Tian saw that, his eyes could not help but reveal a hint of heartache.

He had been unlucky for eight lifetimes.

He had just entered seclusion to cultivate for a while, and in the end, two shards had barged into the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Moreover, they had not died yet.

No one had looked for them, but they had found his two sons, he was really unlucky to have beaten his sons to such a state.

“My dear sons, don’t worry.

Your cultivations are very low, so your souls are very easy to repair.

“From now on, the two of you will firmly follow by my side.

I want to see who dares to bully the two of you.

” A few days later, the higher-ups of the Great Qin immortal sect who had gone out to search for treasures finally returned.

However, not everyone returned.

Only a third of them had returned.

The third Grand Elder, Elder Qin, and a few others who were slightly stronger had successfully returned.

The other Grand Elders did not return.

No one knew if they had met with misfortune or what had happened.

That was because the few Grand Elders who had returned did not reveal any unhappiness on their faces.

Instead, they wore happy expressions.

As long as it was anyone, anything, or even an expression in the Xuan Yuan divine territory… Unless their cultivation surpassed Ye Xiao by too much, and they could use immortal energy to conceal themselves, otherwise, they would not be able to escape Ye Xiao’s scan at all.

That made him feel rather strange.

Could it be that the other party had found the Yin-yang immortal technique? At the same time, they had also lost a few companions.

That was the most reasonable explanation.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why they were still chatting and laughing after losing a few people, and why they were in such a good mood.

The truth was as expected.

Ye Xiao’s divine sense quickly gathered the voice of that third Grand Elder.

“Although we lost a few people this time, it’s a good thing that we still found the legendary Yin-yang immortal technique in the end.

” Elder Qin also sighed with joy.

“That’s right! Being able to obtain this legendary immemorial immortal technique will have a profound impact on the status of our Great Qin immortal sect in the immortal world.

” “Not only that, it might even change the entire structure of the immortal world.

It’s said that even in the immemorial era, the Yin-yang immortal technique was ranked at the top, enough to enter the top five! “That’s the top five in the entire great world! “One can imagine how powerful it is! “With it, it can definitely allow many Great Immortals to advance to the Imperial Immortal realm easily.

“At that time, our Great Qin immortal sect might even step into the ranks of top-tier sects.

” Elder Qin clenched his fists, his face filled with excitement.

Back then, when the Ancestral Dragon founded the Great Qin Immortal Sect, he was unstoppable and rose up against the heavens.

He quickly brought the Great Qin immortal sect to the height of being the center of attention.

It was a pity that the Ancestral Dragon was too strong back then, and his talent was too monstrous.

He soon advanced to the late-stage Imperial Immortal realm, so he left the Great Qin immortal sect to search for a stronger realm.

Otherwise, the Great Qin immortal sect’s strength would definitely rise even more, and its status would also rise even higher.

However, after they had the Yin-yang immortal technique, they could also raise the Great Qin immortal sect to a new level of strength.

At that time, the Great Qin immortal sect would be able to stand proudly above all living beings in the immortal world.

However, at that moment, an incident happened.

A disciple of the Great Qin immortal sect quickly flew over from outside.

“Reporting to the third Grand Elder, something has happened in the space-time rift!” The third Grand Elder’s expression instantly changed.

He exchanged glances with Elder Qin before saying, “Elder, there are evil demons invading the space-time rift, disrupting the space-time rift that the immortal emperors had gone through so much trouble to stabilize.

Right now, the space-time laws there are in a state of chaos.

Immortals from the immortal realms wouldn’t be able to descend to the lower realms so easily.

They would need at least some time to recover.

“But those evil demons actually invaded quite a few.