Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 643

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 643

Everyone replied before quickly flying to the side of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

“This is… An array? It’s actually an immortal array!” “This is quite interesting.

I didn’t expect there to be an immortal array here.

It should be left behind by our ancestor, the Ancestral Dragon, right?” The Grand Elders of the Great Qin immortal sect automatically thought of that.

Yun Changqing hurriedly said, “Right, right.

This was left behind by Senior Ancestral Dragon.

” He could not casually mention Ye Xiao.

At the very least, he had to obtain Ye Xiao’s consent.

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COM Before that, it would be best to use the Ancestral Dragon to cover it up.

The Grand Elders could not help but sigh.

“Only the ancestors of our Great Qin immortal sect can reach this level.

If it were anyone else, they would not have the strength to build an immortal array in the ordinary world!” “That’s right.

As long as the others advance to the immortal realm, they would have to go to the immortal world.

They could not stay, so naturally, they would not be able to build an immortal array.

“I heard that Ancestor Dragon was able to kill enemies of a higher level.

He was able to win against the greater ones with a small amount of strength.

He was also quite accomplished in the field of arrays.

“This could have been made before he became an immortal.

He built it when he was a Supreme Eternal.

“I just didn’t expect that after such a long time, this array could still be used.

What an incredible method!” “Do you want me to inform the people in the god clan to open the array?” “Hehehe… This array not only has a protective effect but also acts as a shield.

Your spiritual sense has no way of transmitting into it.

It’s better not to waste that energy.

” “But, how do we go in?” “Of course, we have to break the array directly.

This array has existed for too long, it probably won’t last for long.

“In addition, this array was built by our ancestors at the level of the Supreme Eternal.

Although it can resist ordinary immortals, it absolutely can not resist higher-level ones.

“Therefore, after we break this array, we can build an even stronger immortal array for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

” “So that’s how it is.

” Yun Changqing nodded, but he kept muttering in his heart.

That array was not built by the Ancestral Dragon, but by Ye Xiao.

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COM It was also not some broken immortal array, but a brand new immortal array! Therefore, that array should not be any ordinary array.

However, he did not dare to directly say Ye Xiao’s name.

If Ye Xiao did not agree, would he not be creating trouble for him? Ye Xiao had always been rather unscrupulous.

He would probably rather others crack his array than let others know of his identity.

Forget it, after thinking about it carefully, even someone as strong as Ye Xiao could not be so proficient in everything.

His cultivation and his aptitude were very good, but on the topic of array formations, he should not have too many attainments.

That array should not be that dangerous.

Let the seniors break it and then build a higher-level immortal array.

However, he still could not help but open his mouth to warn them.

“Grand Elders, you have to be careful.

This array might be very dangerous, you must be careful.

” “Hehehe… What do you take us for?” “Changqing, we know that you hold Ancestor Dragon in high esteem.

“However, there is one thing that you should know.

Although the Ancestral Dragon was strong, when he constructed this array, his strength was very weak.

His strength was far inferior to ours.

“The weakest among us has already reached the Mystic Immortal realm.

The stronger ones have even reached the Heavenly Immortal realm.

“This realm is far from what a Supreme Eternal can compare to.

” “Apart from that, there are also top-tier array masters from the Cloud Lake immortal sect among us.

“Even if we can’t do it, aren’t array masters from the immortal world good enough?” Yun Changqing smiled and nodded.

He did not say anything else.

Since there were array masters, as long as they did not make a fool of themselves, it would be fine.

Soon, the Grand Elders began to forcefully try to break into the array.

Just as they entered the array, the array began to change rapidly.

The five elements were lightning, earth, wind, water, fire… All kinds of terrifying attacking power evolved and attacked the Grand Elders.

The Grand Elders could not help but change their expressions.

The attack inside was far beyond their imagination.

Before they could react, the attack had already landed on their bodies.

Accompanied by a series of violent explosions, the Grand Elders were beaten senselessly.

“What a powerful attack!” “Quick! Quickly defend!” Yun Changqing was completely dumbfounded on the spot.

The Grand Elders and senior brothers who had been so confident and calm just a moment ago were beaten to a pulp in the blink of an eye.

They were like ragdolls before the array.

That was something he did not dare to imagine.

Explosions continued to ring out, and the formation was in a state of panic.

“We can’t stay here any longer.

This immortal array is so powerful that it can even kill a Heavenly Immortal.

If this continues, we’ll all die here.

Retreat! Retreat!” The Grand Elders screamed and shouted, but just as they were about to retreat from the array, they suddenly realized that an accident had occurred.

They were actually sealed inside the array and could not escape at all! Everyone’s expressions changed again.

“This array actually has a sealing function.

Once we enter it, it’s impossible to escape unscathed.

“Unless we break the array or have an array token, we can’t open it.

” “Oh my God, what should we do? It’s impossible for us to break this array.

If this continues, we’ll all be wiped out.

” One of the Grand Elders hurriedly shouted, “Changqing! Hurry! Didn’t you say that we can contact the people inside? Hurry up and contact them!” Yun Changqing finally came to his senses and hurriedly said, “Oh, oh, okay.

I’ll contact them right away.

” He immediately spread out his spiritual sense, but the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan who were on the same level as him, and even those with lower cultivation levels than him, had already transcended their tribulations and become immortals.

At that point, only a few juniors were left, it would be difficult for him to contact them for a while.

The Grand Elders in the array were already heavily injured, and they shouted loudly, “Changqing! Hurry! We can’t hold on much longer!” Yun Changqing hurriedly said, “I know, I’m trying to contact them.

They’re almost done.

You guys just have to hold on a little longer and don’t die.

” He hurriedly contacted them again.

Finally, at the last moment, at the most critical moment, he contacted Gu Hai.

He more or less knew that Ye Xiao and Gu Hai had a close relationship.

After contacting him, Gu Hai learned of the situation and immediately took the token and undid the array.

At that moment, the Grand Elders were already able to come out.

Each of them had quite a number of injuries on their bodies.

Their faces were covered in dust, and they looked extremely miserable.

Gu Hai flew over and looked at their condition.

He said softly to Yun Changqing, “Senior Yun, they should be fine, right?” The corners of Yun Changqing’s mouth could not help but twitch violently.

“Look at their appearance.

Do they look fine?” “Uh… I feel that it might be a little troublesome.

” “Where’s Ye Xiao? Why isn’t Ye Xiao here? Could it be that he has already gone to the immortal world?” “I don’t know.

Before you guys came over, he had just left.

He probably went out to do some business.

“Before he went out, he just finished setting up this array and then told us that no one should go out.

As long as we hide inside, even immortals wouldn’t be able to touch us.

“I thought you guys came over to invade just now.

” Yun Changqing slapped his forehead.

He had been careless.

Although he knew in his heart that Ye Xiao’s products would definitely be of high quality, he had never thought that Ye Xiao’s progress on the path of arrays would be so fast.

In the blink of an eye, he could build a powerful immortal array that could harm Mystic Immortals and Heavenly Immortals! If it was anyone else, they would not even dare to think about it.

“Senior Yun, that Grand Elder seems to be calling for you.

” Gu Hai could not help but speak slowly.

Yun Changqing looked over and saw a Grand Elder waving at him.

His movements were very slow, and his skin and flesh had all fallen off.

It seemed that his injuries were not light.

Yun Changqing did not dare to be careless.

He quickly went forward and grabbed the Grand Elder’s hand, injecting a wave of immortal energy into the Grand Elder to heal him.

“Grand Elder, it’s alright.

The array has been removed.

Although everyone is injured, they are still alive.

I will think of a way to help you recover your bodies later.

” The Grand Elder wept and forced himself to speak, “I didn’t call you here for this matter.

” “The higher-ups sent us here to protect the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Look at us.

Even protecting ourselves is a problem, let alone protecting the entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

Hurry up.

Go back and invite some Grand Elders and fellow disciples to come over and replace us.

” “Yes! Then what should you do? Do you want me to bring you back?” “There’s no need.

The journey is far.

If we are ambushed on the way, you won’t be able to protect us at all.

When that time comes, we will die even more miserably.

“Right now, the barrier between the immortal world and the ordinary world has been shattered.

There’s also some thin immortal energy here.

We can just recuperate here.

“With this array protecting us, we’ll be much safer than you protecting us.

” Yun Changqing felt that the other party seemed to be mocking him, but it also seemed to make sense, making him unable to refute.

“Yes, Grand Elder.

I will go back now and inform my fellow disciples to send other immortals over.

” That Grand Elder nodded and immediately opened his mouth to speak, “Apart from this, there is another matter.

” “Grand Elder, please speak.

” “After you go back, you must not tell anyone about this matter.

Just say that we were ambushed by an unknown enemy on the way.

Do you understand?” Yun Changqing’s lips could not help but twitch once again.

However, he could still express his understanding.

After all, those Grand Elders had experienced so many storms and waves.

They were all people who cared about their reputations.

After they had fallen in the gutter, it was inevitable that they would lose their dignity if they were to be sent back.