Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 641

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 641

The Yanhuang Great World had not been invaded yet because the barrier of laws above the Yanhuang Great World was still fine.

That was the case for many great worlds.

However, that did not mean that the Cloud Lake immortal sect would not come down from those broken barriers.

When they come down and make the Xuan Yuan divine territory into a battlefield, even if he was strong enough and could instantly kill them, they would still bring a devastating blow to the entire god clan.

Therefore, he still had to take the first step and destroy the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Just as he thought of that problem, the immortal energy in Ye Xiao’s body surged again.

In the blink of an eye, his body was molded to an even more powerful level.

Ye Xiao had advanced again! The second-level Heavenly Immortal! That cultivation was enough for him to fight against the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

The strongest sect leader of the Cloud Lake immortal sect was only at the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

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COM With the means that he could easily cross ranks to kill enemies, dealing with him was a piece of cake.

Ye Xiao refined many pills for himself, including those that could heal his injuries instantly, increase his combat strength in a short period of time, increase his strength, quickly repair the immortal energy that he had lost, thicken it, and could be used to bombard enemies… Although he could cross ranks to kill enemies, he had to be careful in everything.

No one could guarantee that no accidents would happen in the end.

It was always right to prepare more in advance.

Ye Xiao checked his reserves again and again.

After confirming that he was prepared to the best of his abilities, he used the array to seal the entire Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Among the resources that the few avatars gave him, there were some immortal techniques and some immortal arrays at the same time.

As for immortal crystals, he had as many of them as the hair of an ox.

He did not lack them at all.

After he finished all of that, he handed over the control of the array to Gu Hai, Ning Yuhen, and the others.

There was nothing he could do.

The stronger ones had basically already transcended the tribulation and become immortals.

The weaker ones, who were now at the level of the Supreme Eternal, were the guys like Gu Hai and the others.

Even though Ning Yuhen was a beastman, half of him had the bloodline of the Silver Fox clan, and the other half was also of the Nine Provinces bloodline.

Hence, he could also obtain his own blessing.

After arranging the matters of the Xuan Yuan god clan, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and came to the immortal world through the passageway of the Phoenix Plains.

That was his second time coming to the immortal world.

At other times, he would come there with an avatar.

At that time, his body was no longer damaged by the immortal energy because the current him had already become a martial arts prodigy above the Heavenly Immortal realm.

Taking a deep breath and smelling the dense immortal energy in the air, the corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up slightly.

Every pore on his body relaxed and rapidly devoured the surrounding immortal energy.

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COM ‘As expected, after entering the immortal world, it’s still best to cultivate in the immortal world.

‘No wonder the ancient mighty figures wanted to divide the world into two worlds, the immortal world, and the ordinary world.

By keeping those superior resources in their hands, they could bring more convenience to their cultivation.

‘If the world hadn’t been separated and the immortal energy hadn’t been divided, they wouldn’t have been able to hit the concentration of this kind of energy substance.

‘Moreover, with the explosive population of the ordinary world, who knows how much energy substance is absorbed every day.

It simply can’t bear this consumption.

’ Not far away, his immortal avatars were continuously absorbing immortal energy.

At that moment, when they saw him coming over, all of them gathered over and fused into his body.

After that, he flew directly in the direction of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

His immortal avatars did not just cultivate there.

There were also some of them that frequently helped him explore the immortal world.

As the saying goes, if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Although Ye Xiao had only been there twice up, in reality, he had long been clear about the information regarding the immortal world.

Including the location of the Cloud Lake immortal sect! At the same time, within the Cloud Lake immortal sect, the sect leader, the Grand Elders, and Lu Fengwu were all gathered in the hall.

“Everyone, this time, the heavens have opened their eyes and allowed many Imperial Immortals to take the initiative to break through the barrier between the immortal world and the ordinary world, giving us such a good opportunity.

“We can use this opportunity to descend to the ordinary world to plunder the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“However, I have something bad to say first.

“Although we have an excuse to avoid being punished by the other immortal sects for going to the ordinary world privately, once the secret of the pure True Immortal blood spreads, the other immortal sects will not let us off.

“Without even thinking about it, they would definitely let us die.

“Therefore, today, everyone here must swear an oath together.

From now on, other than everyone present, we absolutely can not reveal the secrets of the pure True Immortal blood to any outsiders.

“If we violate it, heaven and earth will be destroyed, and our meridians will be disordered and we will die!” “We will comply with the sect leader’s decree!” Everyone shouted in unison and cast a curse.

Seeing that scene, the sect leader nodded in satisfaction.

“Good! Drink this cup of celebratory wine in advance.

We will go down immediately and capture the Xuan Yuan god clan!” Everyone raised their cups and drank the wine together.

The corners of Lu Fengwu’s mouth curled up.

Finally, he could obtain the pure True Immortal blood again.

The thing he had always dreamed of was finally there.

At that time, he would do his best to get as many Xuan Yuan clansmen as possible.

Then, he would drain their divine blood and refine the pure True Immortal blood.

However, just as they finished drinking, an accident happened.

The entire Cloud Lake immortal sect began to explode.

An earth-shaking explosion sounded out from outside, and the entire Cloud Lake immortal sect began to shake.

Not only that, but the terrifying shockwave even affected the entire hall, causing it to shake.

Before they could react, the terrifying explosion surrounded the entire hall.

They felt a huge sense of danger coming at them.

Everyone could not help but shout, “Quick! Quick, defend! Quick, Defend!” Everyone immediately used their immortal energy defense.

In the next second, the entire hall was mercilessly torn to pieces by the shockwave.

The explosion lasted for several breaths before it stopped.

The dust dissipated and everyone flew out.

Only then did they realize that some of them had already been killed by the explosion.

Only six or seven existences with relatively high cultivation bases had managed to escape.

Lu Fengwu, on the other hand, had been lifted up by his grandfather like an eagle grabbing a chick.

However, when everyone looked at the entire sect, they could not help but feel even angrier.

The entire sect had been blown to flat ground, and all the mountain peaks had disappeared.

Not a single disciple of the Cloud Lake immortal sect had managed to escape.

All of them had been blown to death, leaving not a single one alive.

In the entire immortal sect, there was not a single person other than the high-level immortals like them left.

It was as if their entire sect had been exterminated! “D*mn it! Who did it? Who did it?” The sect leader let out an angry roar, but what greeted him was a sword ray that descended from the sky.

That sword ray was extremely fast and powerful.

As soon as the sword ray appeared, the wind and clouds stirred, and a river of clouds appeared in the sky.

The sword light arrived in an instant and headed straight for the sect leader’s face.

The sect leader immediately attacked, slashing out with his sword to resist.

The two sword lights clashed together, and in the next second, a brilliant light suddenly exploded out in the sky.

It rushed in all directions, and in an instant, countless mountains were destroyed.

The entire Cloud Lake immortal sect within a radius of 1,000 miles seemed to have encountered an apocalypse.

The sect leader’s body was sent flying backward, ruthlessly piercing through the ground, creating a crater over 10,000 feet deep in the ground.

One had to know that it was the immortal world.

Even the hardness of the soil in the immortal world was dozens or even hundreds of times that of the ordinary world.

If it was in the ordinary world, the sect leader might have crashed through countless heavenly bodies.

What was even more terrifying was that the few Grand Elders who had escaped had their internal organs injured due to the impact of that explosion.

They were sent flying with blood spurting out of their mouths.

When Lu Fengwu saw that scene, he was shocked to the extreme.

He could not believe his eyes.

That was the toughest battle he had ever seen in his life.

Just as he was shocked, another extremely powerful attack swept over.

He felt his body suddenly retreat rapidly.

That was the attack of his grandfather who was carrying him.

Lu Fengwu’s heart was beating wildly.

His opponent’s attack was too fast and too powerful.

He could not even sense that his opponent had attacked.

Only a Heavenly Immortal like his grandfather could sense his opponent’s attack and immediately retreat.

If it were not for his grandfather, he would have died by then.

However, he had his grandfather, while the others did not.

The Grand Elders who had just been injured were killed on the spot.

All of them exploded into a bloody mist, leaving not even a bit of dregs.

Another instant kill.

At that time, there were only three people left in the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

The sect leader, the first Grand Elder, and Lu Fengwu! At that moment, the sect leader had already rushed out of the ground.

Although he was in a sorry state, he was not badly injured.

However, at that moment, he was extremely furious.

His eyes were already starting to turn red, scarlet-like blood, and overflowing with killing intent.

“Just who are you? If you have the guts, then come out.

Is all you can do is just hide in the dark?” As those words were said, Ye Xiao’s body slowly appeared in the eyes of the three people.

Seeing Ye Xiao holding a large dragon in his hand, his clothes fluttering in the wind, and his imposing immortal aura, the sect leader clenched his fists, and his teeth gritted so hard that they creaked.

His nails even dug deep into his flesh, digging out the flesh of his palm.

“I, too, have never met you before.

How did my Cloud Lake immortal sect offend you? Why do you treat us like this? You actually destroyed my entire Cloud Lake immortal sect.

He roared loudly and questioned Ye Xiao.

Lu Fengwu and the first elder also looked at him with grave expressions.

They wanted to know who he was? The Cloud Lake immortal sect could be said to have been nearly exterminated that day.

How deep of a grudge did he have with the other party? Why the other party was so ruthless? Moreover… The other party was so strong.

Who was he?