Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 635

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 635

Li Si chased after Lu Fengwu, and Lu Fengwu fled madly.

After a day and night of running, Lu Fengwu finally managed to escape back to his own mountain.

From afar, he shouted at the Cloud Lake immortal sect, “Grandfather, save me!” The moment those words were said, an extremely violent aura suddenly erupted from within the Cloud Lake immortal sect in the next second.

“Who dares to hurt my beloved grandson?” Hearing that voice and sensing the other party’s aura, Li Si’s expression changed slightly.

He could clearly sense the other party’s cultivation base.

‘The Second-level Heavenly Immortal realm?’ That cultivation base was far beyond what he could withstand at the moment.

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COM He could not take it head-on.

Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, Li Si immediately stopped chasing and left in the opposite direction.

“Consider yourself lucky this time!” The Grand Elder came to Lu Fengwu’s side, his face already cold.

“Grandfather, it’s Li Si! That b*stard Li Si stole a lot of Wild Thunder Immortal Talismans from the immortal tomb of the Divine Talisman immortal sect.

He used them together and heavily injured me.

He even chopped off one of my arms.

“Grandfather, you must not let him go.

You must avenge me.

” The first Grand Elder said coldly, “This guy is very smart.

I just released an aura, and he ran away in the blink of an eye.

I can’t see him anymore.

I can only wait until the next time he appears.

” “But Grandfather, he has improved so fast.

If we can’t catch him in a short time, there will be big trouble in the future.

” “What else can we do? I can’t just leave the matters in the sect and go to avenge you, can I?” Although Lu Fengwu was a bit unwilling, there was nothing he could do.

After all, his grandfather was the sect’s Grand Elder, one of the top immortal cultivators in the sect.

Normally, he would not show up unless there was a big issue.

Helpless, he could only sigh deeply and give up on the matter.

It seemed that he could only go back and think of a way to raise his talent before thinking of seeking revenge on that fellow.

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COM “I had to trouble grandfather to act this time.

If it wasn’t for you saving me, I’m afraid I would have really fallen this time.

” “At least you ran fast.

If you ran slowly, I really wouldn’t have been able to save you.

” Pausing for a moment, he threw a small porcelain bottle to Lu Fengwu.

“This is a medicinal pill used to help you recover from your injuries.

Eat it and it can easily help you recover.

“During this period of time, you should first rest in the sect for a while and try not to go out.

” The corners of Lu Fengwu’s mouth curled up.

It just so happened that after he returned, he could still take advantage of that period of time to conceal his actions so that others would not discover him.

That would save him the trouble of having someone find trouble with him.

After he thanked him, he immediately bade farewell to his grandfather and rushed back to his mountain.

‘This time, I have to be more ruthless.

I’ll get rid of Ye Xiao once and for all, and then directly take down the Xuan Yuan god clan.

I won’t leave a single clansman behind for them, and I’ll kill them all.

’ However, when he returned to his own mountain and saw the mountain peak that had already become bare, he sank into deep thought.

He was stunned for a full minute.

After a minute, he finally reacted and shouted loudly, “Where are my things? Where are my immortal herbs?” Lu Fengwu began to panic.

He ran around the entire mountain like a madman.

He ran to every corner, wanting to see if there were any traces left on the mountain.

Unfortunately, not a single blade of grass was left on the mountain.

“Where are my Immortal Beasts? I had so many Immortal Beasts!” Lu Fengwu’s tone had already started to sound like he was crying.

Suddenly, his body trembled as if he had thought of something.

Then, he quickly flew towards the top of the mountain.

The house seemed to be intact, but the terrifying silence inside made his heart fill with anxiety and unease.

He tried his best to console himself.

“It’s fine, it should be fine.

There’s no array on my mountain, but there’s an array on my house.

Other than me, no one else can enter.

Even if someone can enter, I would have long sensed that the array was destroyed.

Now that the array is intact, everything will be fine inside.

” He opened the array and rushed into it.

However, when he entered the courtyard, he could not help but stagger and almost fell to his knees.

He rushed into his house like he had gone mad and tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

The entire house had been completely cleaned up and nothing was left for him.

Even the fairy picture that he used to vent his anger on had been taken away.

“F*ck you all! Why did you three b*stards treat me like this?” After cursing, he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and his aura weakened again.

He was injured more severely than when Li Si had cut off one of his arms.

A strong sense of despair was suppressed in his heart.

‘No! No! They are together! They are together!’ Lu Fengwu seemed to have thought of something and suddenly had an epiphany.

Those three fellows could not be ordinary people at all.

It was impossible for ordinary first-level True Immortals to have such courage to go against him.

Thinking back to what they had done previously, all of it was a trap set by them.

They were the ones who had thought of a way to deceive him and send the Immortal Beasts down to the ordinary world.

That fellow Ye Xiao could also cross realms to kill enemies.

He did not know what tricks he had at all.

Who knew if he had already advanced to the True Immortal realm but did not come to the immortal world? That was because, with Ye Xiao’s talent and aptitude, even if he was beaten to death, he did not believe that Ye Xiao would not have a way to advance to the True Immortal realm, and still be a Supreme Eternal in the ordinary world.

If that was the case, then everything could be explained.

The three of them were very likely sent by Ye Xiao to deliberately trick him into relinquishing his Immortal Beasts and immortal herbs.

No wonder the three of them were so dedicated previously, helping him to nurture the immortal herbs and Immortal Beasts so well.

It seemed that their goal from the start was to nurture them for Ye Xiao.

Thinking of that, he instantly felt that he was like a big fool, being coaxed around by others.

Thinking of how he had been smart all his life and was muddle-headed for a moment, to actually end up like that, he really wanted to give himself a tight slap.

He could not help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

“Ye Xiao! I will not live under the same sky as you!” However, at that moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded from outside.

“Young Master, the sect leader, and the Grand Elders have called for you.

Please come with us.

” Lu Fengwu’s heart jolted.

He already had a vague idea why they would do so.

“I’m feeling a little unwell and want to recuperate for a while.

Go back and inform the sect leader that I’ll be there soon.

” The other party’s cold voice sounded again.

“Sorry, I’m afraid that won’t do.

The sect leader and the Grand Elders are waiting for you.

I hope you won’t make things difficult for us.

If you don’t come out soon, we’ll have to go in.

” Lu Fengwu’s remaining hand clenched tightly.

‘D*mn it! You b*stards are really ruthless.

You want to kill me.

’ However, there was nothing he could do.

With his heavily injured body, there was no way he could escape.

Moreover, even if he could escape, what was the use? Even if he escaped, it would be a confession without a fight.

Moreover, he might even be listed as a fugitive.

At that time, he would not be able to explain even if he had a mouth.

He would go and take a look first to fix the situation.

Thinking of that, he could only follow the other party to the main hall of the sect.

In the main hall, the Grand Elders and sect leader were all present.

They sat in their respective seats and the atmosphere was extremely solemn.

He secretly glanced in the direction of the Lu family Grand Elders and his grandfather.

Their expressions were all very solemn, especially his grandfather’s.

His expression was the most solemn.

That made him feel that something was wrong.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Greetings sect leader, Greetings Grand Elders.

” As soon as he said that, a Grand Elder of the Zheng family said, “Lu Fengwu, did you violate the rules of the immortal world and go down to the ordinary world to deal with the god clansmen there?” Lu Fengwu immediately quibbled, “Eighth Grand Elder, I wonder where you got the news from.

Slandering me like this… I know that your Zheng family is unwilling to see me become the young master, but it’s not to the extent of putting such a big accusation on me, right?” The Zheng family Grand Elder was so angry that he slammed the table and stood up.

“Impudent! You b*stard, you’ve done such a beast-like thing, yet you still dare to quibble here! What’s with the ashes in your secret chamber? Those are clearly the ashes of the god clansmen.

Don’t try to make up some nonsense and say that they’re the ashes of Immortal Beasts.

“Moreover, although your aptitude is quite good, you’re far from reaching your current level.

How did you suddenly soar overnight?” “Lu Fengwu, the evidence is conclusive.

What else do you have to say? As the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, you’ve enjoyed so many sect resources.

You didn’t even put in any effort to cultivate and repay the immortal sect.

In the end, you’ve actually done such a heinous thing.

“If this matter were to spread outside, do you know what others will think of our Cloud Lake immortal sect? Others will say that our Cloud Lake immortal sect is an evil and unlawful sect.

“When that time comes, many sects will join hands to fight against us.

Won’t our Cloud Lake immortal sect be suppressed by others?” The sect leader said coldly, “Enough, there’s no need to waste words with him.

The evidence is conclusive.

Just take him down and execute him by cutting him into pieces as a warning to others! Grand Elder, you shouldn’t have any objections to my handling this, right?” Grand Elder clenched his fists tightly, feeling extremely reluctant to part with him.

After all, Lu Fengwu’s aptitude was indeed very high.

It was very likely that he was the hope for the entire sect to rise up once again.

However, after his reputation was tainted by his evil acts, that matter could not be tolerated.

Otherwise, the entire Lu family might be implicated.

At that time, it would not be rising up, but the entire sect would be annihilated.