Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 630

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 630

They could not be blamed for being shocked, because they were all Immortal Beasts, and they were Immortal Beasts that were comparable to first-level True Immortals.

In the end, under Ye Xiao’s hands, they actually could not even last a single move.

Ye Xiao was born in the ordinary world, so it was absolutely impossible for him to have the strength above that of an immortal.

Then where did his strength come from? Alright, even if he had such strength, why was he not forcefully ascended to the immortal realm by the power of laws? A large number of question marks lit up in everyone’s mind.

At that moment, Ye Xiao’s sword had already slashed out again.

With a flash of sword light, the galaxy trembled.

In the blink of an eye, another Immortal Beast was killed.

The remaining Immortal Beasts could not help but let out a scream and turned around to flee.

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COM They had already completely woken up.

It was not the time to be shocked, but the time to seize the chance to flee for their lives.

Unfortunately, the instant they appeared in Ye Xiao’s eyes, the outcome was destined.

The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up slightly.

With a slight thought, he easily killed the Immortal Beasts as if he was killing a bunch of dregs.

An hour later, Ye Xiao sat on the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

He chewed on a roasted deer leg with relish as he scanned the items on their bodies and took out the extremely precious immortal herbs.

‘This is really strange.

Why did these Immortal Beasts suddenly come down to the ordinary world? It’s fine if they came down to the ordinary world, but these guys actually brought their own rations? Are they here to fight a war or something?’ Those immortal herbs were all good ingredients used to refine pills, and they were very precious.

When the Immortal Beasts obtained those things, they actually did not eat them all at the first moment but brought them over.

Yes… Ye Xiao kept feeling that there was something strange about that.

‘These guys seem to have come specially to look for me.

Could it be that they were sent by Lu Fengwu? This is possible, but why did Lu Fengwu not directly send Immortal Beasts before? ‘At that time, my cultivation base hadn’t advanced to the first-level Mystic Immortal realm yet, so I might not be able to defeat these Immortal Beasts.

‘Now that I can kill Immortal Beasts like an adult beating a child, he actually sent these things over.

‘Could it be… That it was senior Xuanyuan and Senior Yun helping me discreetly? Is that why he sent these Immortal Beasts over?’ Other than that reason, he really could not think of anything else.

It seemed that Senior Xuanyuan and Senior Yun were doing quite well in the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Speaking of which, he did not know how the others were doing.

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COM Ye Xiao summoned his spiritual avatar from afar and had it send some news back every other day.

That way, he would be able to understand the situation in the immortal world in time.

Thus, in the following days, Ye Xiao’s intent stone would light up from time to time.

“Yun Changqing has already successfully entered the Great Qin immortal sect and entered the inner sect to start cultivating.

” “Yun Xuanyuan is currently fighting with someone due to a fortuitous encounter and has lost an arm.

” “Zheng Fenghua married into the Lingluo immortal sect and became the holy daughter-in-law of the Lingluo immortal sect.

” “Xia Xinyi has encountered the demonic sect and is currently hiding from the pursuers.

” That messy news made Ye Xiao feel extremely confused.

That was because logically speaking, even if they had ascended to immortality, they should have stayed together.

Why did they split up? Later on, Ye Xiao finally understood that when they first entered the immortal world, they had indeed been together.

However, with such a group of people gathered together, their goal was really too big.

Sometimes, even if they went from the foot of the mountain of other sects, they might be treated as spies by others.

Therefore, they had no choice but to act separately.

In the end, they did not expect that there would be a problem once they separated.

The immortal world was also like a big hotpot.

There were all kinds of people, and no one could be sure that the good person you met one second ago would not become a bad person the next.

Combining all kinds of factors, it resulted in the current situation.

That made Ye Xiao feel speechless, but at the same time, he could not help but sigh.

Fortunately, he was smarter and did not go to the immortal world first.

Otherwise, he might have gotten himself into a lot of trouble.

Although it was impossible for someone like him to be captured by others to become a miner and dig for immortal crystals, it was precisely because of his handsome appearance that it might bring him even more trouble.

Regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, when a person had enough beauty but did not have the means to protect himself, then his or her fate was mostly very tragic.

Those old-fashioned fairy maidens might have disorders because they had not found a man for a long time.

Especially those who were ugly.

When they met a man, who could guarantee that they would not be eaten until not even bones were left? Just thinking about it made people feel terrified.

It was better to stay in the ordinary world for a period of time.

Anyway, cultivation was not a problem.

It should not be long before he could advance to a sufficiently powerful cultivation.

Thus, just like that, Ye Xiao cultivated for another month and his cultivation advanced again, reaching the second-level Mystic Immortal realm.

That speed was considered not bad.

It was even faster than the speed at which the Golden Book divine soul synthesized the immortal technique.

That was because up until then, the Yin-yang immortal technique and the Great Way of Life immortal technique had yet to be successfully synthesized.

Moreover, after Ye Xiao successfully advanced, Emperor Jing and the others also reached the level of transcending tribulation.

Furthermore, they had successfully transcended the tribulation and advanced to the first-level True Immortal realm.

At that time, Ye Xiao gave them a part of the lessons in advance to explain the matters regarding the immortal world.

That was to prevent them from not knowing anything and being caught off guard when they went over.

It was very easy for them to encounter those troublesome matters that others encountered.

Ye Xiao even had an idea to create a crash course for immortal ascension.

The students in that crash course were mainly late-stage Godly Emperors and Supreme Eternals.

That was because advancing would bring about the blessing of the bloodline.

Even if they were slow in their cultivation, once they advanced, they might also progress directly into the True Immortal realm.

At that time, it would be too late to teach them again.

He might as well write a book called the laws of the immortal world so that everyone could seize the time to read and learn before they became True Immortals.

In addition, they would set up a military route, which would be how to get to the Great Qin immortal sect when they reached the immortal world.

After Yun Changqing entered the Great Qin immortal sect, since he was able to enter the inner sect to cultivate, it was likely that the Great Qin immortal sect treated him quite well.

After everyone entered, the Great Qin immortal sect would probably pay more attention to him.

On the other side, in the Cloud Lake immortal sect, Lu Fengwu finally came out after a month of seclusion.

He let out a long breath, and a trace of joy appeared in his eyes.

During that month of seclusion, his cultivation had increased quite a bit.

Compared to his previous cultivation speed, it was much faster.

At least ten times faster.

That made Lu Fengwu very happy.

As expected, refining the blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan was the smartest choice he had made in his life.

If it was not for that drop of pure True Immortal blood, he definitely would not have been able to cultivate at such a fast speed.

Without his current cultivation talent, he naturally would not have been able to obtain his current status and the treatment given by the sect.

Then, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for him to raise his current level of cultivation speed.

It could even be said that he was basically dreaming.

‘Based on my current cultivation speed, I estimate that I’ll need at most five years to successfully transcend the final level of the Mystic Immortal realm and reach the Heavenly Immortal realm! ‘This speed, in the entire immortal world, is already comparable to the young masters of those first-rate sects.

‘Their cultivation speed is similar to mine.

‘If I can get a few drops of pure True Immortal blood, won’t my cultivation speed be even faster? ‘By then, I might be able to advance a realm in a year.

My improvement speed is already comparable to the legendary young masters of the top sects!’ Lu Fengwu’s eyes flickered with excitement.

Who would dare to think of raising his cultivation level by one level in a year? There were not many people in the entire immortal world who could reach such a level.

‘I must obtain a few drops of pure True Immortal blood and kill another wave of people from the Xuan Yuan god clan!’ With that thought in mind, he flew outside to the side of Xuanyuan Long and the others.

At that moment, Xuanyuan long and the others were painstakingly cultivating immortal herbs and Immortal Beasts.

Looking at how they had made the immortal herbs so healthy and the immortal beasts so strong, Lu Fengwu nodded his head in satisfaction.

He did not expect that those fellows would really do quite well when they worked.

It seemed that as long as that matter did not leak out in the future, he could choose to keep them and continue working for himself.

Of course, in reality, what he did not know was that Xuanyuan Long and the others had long regarded the resources throughout the mountain as Ye Xiao’s.

Otherwise, how could the three of them be so dedicated to taking care of those things so well? “Greetings, Young Master.

” The three of them immediately cupped their hands and saluted when they saw Lu Fengwu walking over.

A qualified lurker had to act well enough to become the best actor.

“The three of you have done very well.

” “Thank you for your praise, Young Master!” “Oh right, how are the Immortal Beasts that you sent out last time? Did they succeed?” “Responding to Young Master, they seem to have died.

” Lu Fengwu’s expression immediately turned cold.

The good mood that he had just had all turned sour.

The three of them hurriedly opened their mouths to explain.

“Young Master, actually, we didn’t want this to happen either.

It may be that your enemies are really too strong.

The ones we sent out last time were all extremely low-grade Immortal Beasts.

It’s understandable that they can’t defeat the other party.

“How about this, you give us another chance and give us some talismans.

After that, we’ll send another batch down.

“We guarantee that this time, we’ll carefully select some stronger existences.

They’ll definitely be able to kill that big trouble in your heart.

” Lu Fengwu was silent for a moment before he could only agree.

He threw a stack of Immortal Talismans to everyone and coldly said, “This time around, if the three of you are still unable to do a good job, don’t blame this young master for being impolite to you.

” “Young Master, don’t worry.

We will definitely complete the mission.

” Lu Fengwu nodded.

After which, he turned around and returned to continue his seclusion.

On the other side, Ye Xiao was also rather bored at Xuan Yuan Mountain.

He had already finished eating the Immortal Beast meat long ago.

Those few Immortal Beasts were not even enough to satiate his appetite.

‘It would be great if there were a few more Immortal Beasts.

It’s a pity that the immortal world is too dangerous.

My current strength is not enough.

Otherwise, I would have gone over to capture some Immortal Beasts personally long ago.

’ However, at that moment, he suddenly sensed several extremely powerful auras.

Each of those auras was filled with a power that made people tremble.

What he wanted came true!.

That was the aura of an Immortal Beast! Moreover, from the looks of it, the other party’s strength was not only in the first-level True Immortal realm.

There was even a second-level one.

Many thanks to old friends for sending over the cultivation resources.