Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 624

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 624

One had to know that the Xuan Yuan god clan only used a single god clan to fight against the strength of a high-level great world.

They did not use the strength of a great world to fight against another great world.

There was a world of difference between them.

In other words, the strength of the Xuan Yuan god clan was something that the entire great world could not compare to.

When Xuanyuan Long and the others, who were cultivating, saw that scene, their hearts could not help but beat wildly.

They were extremely shocked.

“What’s going on? How did our cultivation bases advance to become Supreme Eternals?” “It’s because our bloodline power has increased once again.

Moreover, the increase is very large.

That’s why it allowed us to advance so much in one go.

” “But… How did our bloodline power suddenly get such a huge upgrade?” “It’s Ye Xiao! Ye Xiao advanced again! He should have already advanced to the True Immortal realm!” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Once those words were said, everyone’s mood became tense.

If Ye Xiao really advanced to that realm, then would he not have to leave the ordinary world and head to the immortal world? “Quickly go and take a look!” Everyone rushed over to Xuan Yuan Mountain.

On Ye Xiao’s side, after successfully transcending the tribulation, he indeed felt a special mysterious force restraining his body, wanting to pull him away from the current spatial dimension.

That should be the special mysterious force that appeared after the Phoenix Empress successfully transcended the tribulation.

That power was most likely the power of laws that they had set up in the entire world when they had split the immortal world and the ordinary world.

Once someone advanced to the True Immortal realm, they would be able to affect the current world一they would be able to directly control them and take them away.

Unfortunately… it was useless to him.

The Golden Book circulated his divine soul, and the mysterious pulling power instantly disappeared without a trace.

At that point, no matter how strong a True Immortal was, he could not run down and beat me up while cultivating in the ordinary world.

Even if the Great Qin immortal sect did not save him, it would not matter.

He could hide there and cultivate for a few years, allowing his cultivation to advance to the Mystic Immortal realm.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already sensed the figures of Xuanyuan Long and the others outside.

He probably already knew why they had come over.

It should be because of his advancement that caused the bloodline power of the entire god clan to obtain a further increase, thus reaching an unimaginable level.

It also indirectly caused their cultivation to further advance.

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COM Hence, they could easily guess that he had already advanced to the True Immortal realm.

They were probably worried that he would leave that world, right? That was why they were in such a hurry to rush over.

Hearing his summon, Xuanyuan Long and the rest immediately entered Xuan Yuan Mountain.

“Ye Xiao, did you advance to the True Immortal realm just now?” Everyone’s hearts sank.

Their gazes were extremely complicated.

Some were happy, while others were sad.

Some people’s eyes were even covered with a layer of mist, and they were somewhat red.

The happy thing was that Ye Xiao’s strength had advanced once again, becoming even stronger.

The sad thing was that after he advanced, he would probably not continue to stay in that world in the future.

In the future, it would be very difficult for everyone to have the chance to see him again.

Unless everyone also advances to the True Immortal realm.

However, advancing to the True Immortal realm was a piece of cake to Ye Xiao.

To them, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Not everyone was as monstrous as him.

Even if it was because of his advancement that brought gifts to everyone and raised everyone’s bloodline, it did not mean that everyone would definitely be able to advance to the True Immortal realm.

That required not only talent, but also sufficient hard work to obtain martial art insights, law energy, and so on… However, very quickly, Yun Cangqiong wiped away his tears and said with a smile, “Why is everyone so serious? Ye Xiao advancing is a great, great thing! This is his good fortune, and also the glory of our entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

” “That’s right.

It is indeed our glory that Ye Xiao can advance.

” It was true that Ye Xiao’s presence would bring great benefits to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

However, everyone could not keep dragging him along because of that.

Would that not make everyone too selfish? Ye Xiao had already helped them a lot.

What did they do for Ye Xiao? One had to be considerate and not be too selfish, taking all the benefits for themselves.

For their own benefits, tying Ye Xiao up and not letting him become a talent was a despicable thing to do.

Ye Xiao’s heart was slightly warm.

The performance of the clansmen did not disappoint him.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was still very warm.

At the very least, the Grand Elders would think for the juniors instead of scheming and taking advantage.

It was also the kind of clansmen who was worthy of his help.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave.

” When everyone heard that, they were instantly stunned.

“Ye Xiao, what do you mean you won’t leave?” “What I mean is that I still have to stay in the ordinary world for a period of time.

” “Ye Xiao, you can’t be joking with us, right? You’ve already advanced to the True Immortal realm.

The power of laws won’t allow you to continue staying here.

” “I have a special method that can make the power of laws unable to sense me, so there’s no way to bring me to the immortal world.

” Everyone’s hearts were immediately shocked, but they could not help but feel a myriad of emotions.

“As expected of you! To actually be able to do such a thing! This matter is probably something that even the Ancestral Dragon back then was unable to do.

You’ve really completely surpassed him.

” However, at that moment, Xuanyuan Long could not help but say, “Ye Xiao, did you choose to stay because you wanted to stay and protect us? If that’s the case, then we’d rather you not stay.

“You’re the strongest genius in the history of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Your future is limitless! “If it’s because of us laymen, delaying your growth and progress, I’d rather you be like the Ancestral Dragon and leave the Xuan Yuan god clan.

” When those words were said, everyone nodded in succession.

“That’s right! Ye Xiao, you mustn’t throw away your future because of us.

If that’s the case, our sins will be too great.

We will suffer the condemnation of our conscience for the rest of our lives.

” “There is indeed a part of the reason why I stayed behind for everyone.

However, this only accounts for a small part of it.

“This is because although there are True Immortals coveting the Xuan Yuan god clan, they have no way to come down personally.

Furthermore, the Xuan Yuan god clan already has many martial arts masters and they also have the guardians that I created.

All in all, no faction would dare to provoke you all.

“The reason why I chose to stay behind is mainly because I am not familiar with the immortal world.

I don’t know what the situation is like there.

I also don’t know what kind of impact it will have after I go there, and whether I’ll encounter evil people.

“After all, you all know that there are as many martial arts prodigies in the immortal world as there are clouds in the sky.

No matter how strong I am, I still need time to advance.

Otherwise, I’ll only be trash.

“Moreover, although I’m staying here, I have a way to cultivate.

When I cultivate to an even stronger realm, I’ll go to the immortal world.

Even if I encounter evil people, I won’t be afraid.

” Everyone nodded repeatedly and gave Ye Xiao a thumbs up for his wisdom.

“Good fellow, this method of yours is quite good.

When you cultivate in the immortal world, no one in the immortal world would be your match.

“With your speed, it shouldn’t be long before you can easily advance to an even more powerful realm.

At that time, if you go to the immortal world, you’ll have nothing to fear.

” “Can you all be at ease now? Make good use of the time to go back and cultivate.

Who knows, you might even go to the immortal world before me.

Although I have a way to make me stay in the immortal world, I have no way to make you stay in the immortal world too.

“If your cultivation isn’t enough to transcend the tribulation, you’ll really die.

At that time, even I won’t be able to save you.

” Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard that, and they all took their leave.

Ye Xiao was right.

Just because he could transcend the tribulation successfully did not mean that the others could too.

If they did not cultivate properly, once they failed to transcend the tribulation, they would really be reduced to ashes.

After everyone left, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of a problem.

Perhaps, after Xuanyuan Long and the others advance, he should think of a way to let them enter the sects of the immortal world ahead of time.

For example, the Great Qin immortal sect! That way, he could nurture a portion of his forces in the immortal world.

Since the Ancestral Dragon was missing and his backer was gone, the Xuan Yuan god clan could only rely on themselves.

Ye Xiao could let Xuanyuan Long and the others cultivate in the immortal world while letting his spiritual avatars roam freely there.

Sigh, good idea.

He could hide in a safe base camp and control it from a distance without any danger.

How great would that be? With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao did not refine his few spiritual avatars first.

Instead, he first split out a few more spiritual avatars into the immortal world to absorb immortal energy before returning to feed himself.

At that time, he split out a total of 40 spiritual avatars.

His current cultivation was at the peak of the second-level True Immortal realm.

His level was many levels higher than the peak Supreme Eternal from before.

Therefore, his current techniques were many times stronger than before, and he could easily create more spiritual avatars.

Ye Xiao arranged tasks for the spiritual avatars.

Apart from being in charge of cultivation, they also had to contact Zhang San and issue new orders.

In addition, they also had to ask him where he got so many rare treasures.

Including that red undergarment with some grass on it! However, after the spiritual avatars left, he suddenly thought of another problem.

One Zhang San could already bring him so many benefits.

If he were to split out more clones, how great would it be? With the increase in his cultivation, his lifespan had already increased to 210,000 years.

Adding on the 70,000 years that Zhang San took away previously, he now had a full 280,000 years of lifespan.

If he were to split another clone, the burden would not be too great.

With that thought in mind, he once again used the Major Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, create another clone! Come out… Uh… Ah… This… That… Uh… Li Si! That’s you! Come out!”