Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 614

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 614

Everyone nodded and did not have any objections to the skull-faced Supreme Eternal’s words.

“What he said is true.

If we’re talking about the art of infiltration, there is indeed no one here who is better than you.

” “Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Skull Face to go and scout around first to see if the Xuan Yuan god clan has any defense mechanisms.

” “Alright, everyone, please wait for a moment.

I’ll be back soon.

” On the Phoenix Plains’ side, Ye Xiao still did not know that the Xuan Yuan god clan had already been targeted by someone.

At that moment, he was deep into that bottomless cave in the Phoenix Plains.

He had no idea how far he had descended, yet he still could not see the bottom.

“This cave is really deep!” Ye Xiao’s brows raised slightly.

He had already descended so deep, yet he still could not see the bottom and did not know the end.

Just thinking about it made him angry.

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COM ‘Why don’t I try using the Space-time immortal technique?’ Ye Xiao had only used the Space-time immortal technique when he first came in.

After that, he chose to descend slowly and did not advance too quickly.

Since he did not know what exactly was down there, he still needed to be more cautious.

Of course, even if it was said to be a slow descent, with his normal speed, it was still as fast as the speed of light.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao increased his speed.

The Space-time immortal technique took a full minute to reach the end of that tunnel.

However, he had just arrived at the entrance of the cave when he felt a wave of dense spiritual energy! “Hiss! What dense spiritual energy!” Ye Xiao could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, and his scalp went numb.

That shocked him greatly! One had to know that although he was not a Supreme Eternal, he was already comparable to one! His strength was unquestionable.

However, when he stepped foot there, he discovered that the energy and aura in that place had already exceeded the limits of his physical body.

The power was too strong.

Once it entered his meridians, it actually began to damage them.

However, all the immortal techniques within him quickly began to circulate again, slowly digesting that portion of energy and repairing his injured body.

No, it was not spiritual energy, it was immortal energy! Was that… The immortal world? Ye Xiao’s heartbeat could not help but accelerate.

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COM However, if it was really the immortal world, then why was it in the Phoenix Plains? Moreover, the Phoenix Empress did not tell him that there was such an important passageway leading to the immortal world and there was no way she would not tell him about it.

Then there was only one possibility.

She did not know about the passage.

Could it be that the Phoenix god clan’s ancestors created the passage? In Ye Xiao’s previous discussion with the Blood Venerable One, including his discussion with the Phoenix Empress, he knew that the immortal world and the ordinary world had been one entity a long time ago.

However, because there were too many martial arts prodigies later on, it resulted in an imbalance.

There was no other way.

The almighty martial arts prodigies used powerful methods to separate it and built a barrier, causing the immortal world and the ordinary world to be separated.

They were martial arts prodigies above the Supreme Eternal realm and they could no longer affect the ordinary world.

That was also why that immortal could not come down to deal with him.

Suddenly, he had actually found a passageway that allowed him to freely travel between the two worlds! That passageway was very likely to have been secretly left behind by a mighty figure during the immemorial era when those mighty figures built the barrier between the two worlds.

It was also very likely that the mighty figure was the Phoenix god clan’s ancestor.

It was just that no one knew about it.

Even the Phoenix god clan’s descendants did not know about it.

It was only when the Phoenix Empress transcended the tribulation and advanced to the True Immortal realm that the passageway was inadvertently activated.

The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up slightly.

Back then, those mighty figures had divided the world into the immortal world and the ordinary world.

Not only did they separate the strong from the weak.

At the same time, they also separated the stronger and purer material energy.

In other words, the immortal energy of the immortal world and the spiritual energy of the ordinary world were two different concepts, or rather, it was an even more condensed version of spiritual energy.

Only by advancing to the True Immortal realm could one progress to the immortal world and absorb the immortal energy! Otherwise, it would be impossible to absorb the immortal energy otherwise.

Moreover, the speed at which one absorbed the immortal energy to increase one’s cultivation was definitely faster than the speed at which one absorbed the spiritual energy.

It was equivalent to inadvertently giving oneself a chance to speed up cultivation again! Throughout his cultivation, he had been one step faster than others in the case of advancement speed.

However, after reaching the lesser Supreme Eternal realm, he did not have the energy to quickly increase his cultivation, so he had no choice but to block the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation, extracting the power of laws from it.

At that point, with that immortal energy, why would he still need the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation? He could just directly absorb the immortal energy.

That way, he estimated that it would not be long before he could advance to the True Immortal! Just thinking about it was exciting.

However, before Ye Xiao got overly excited, he quickly calmed down.

His mind was still relatively clear.

Although immortal energy was good, he could not be greedy.

It was just like how he could not instantly absorb the power of laws in the Godly Emperor realm.

The current him was also unable to instantly absorb immortal energy.

Its energy substance was too powerful and too pure.

It was to the extent that his current body was unable to match it.

Therefore, absorbing it would cause damage to his body and would not allow him to improve.

However, Ye Xiao also had a good method, which was to use a spiritual avatar.

The spiritual avatar could refine immortal energy with no harm to the body.

Then, it could return to his body and become his own energy.

Moreover, his current cultivation was only that of a Supreme Eternal.

He did not have much confidence in fighting against True Immortals.

If his main body was there and was discovered by others in the future, he might be in big trouble.

However, the spiritual avatar was different.

If the spiritual avatar died, so be it.

As long as those True Immortals did not discover that tunnel, they would not be able to find him.

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of a good idea.

That was to use the Major Destiny technique the same way he did to refine the spiritual energy and the power of laws in the Ancestral Dragon’s ascension site.

Theoretically speaking, it should also be possible to do so right then.

Therefore, he immediately shouted, “In Ye Xiao’s name, refine all the immortal energy within a 100-foot radius.

” In the next second, he saw his lifespan reduced by 50 years.

Not long after, along with his strength increasing, his age returned quite a bit, but it was only 30 years.

Financially, it was a loss.

Ye Xiao tried to analyze it.

It might be because of the reason that the Major Destiny technique could only be successfully executed on the basis of upholding certain facts.

For example, refining the surrounding immortal energy, if it was done normally, he would need to spend time and also need to do refining treatments that did not harm his body.

After calculating those conditions, adding on the instant completion, he would need to consume 50 years of his lifespan, but in reality, the increase in his cultivation could only increase his lifespan by about 30 years.

Furthermore, in the Ancestral Dragon’s ascension site, refining the power of laws, spiritual energy, and so on could not be compared to immortal energy, so the consumption was lower than the income.

That caused him to not suffer a loss when he used the Major Destiny technique over there.

After thinking through it, Ye Xiao was slightly disappointed.

If the Major Destiny technique could also have such a wonderful use in the immortal world, that would be great.

However, thinking about it carefully, it was unlikely.

If that was really the case, then there was no need to cultivate.

He would just keep shouting, ‘Make me stronger, make me stronger!’ over and over.

No matter how heaven-defying the Major Destiny technique was, it was still an immortal technique and belonged to the ordinary world.

It was a reasonable existence, but it could not be so heaven-defying and violate the rules.

It seemed that he could only use the method of a spiritual avatar.

Forget it, it was better than nothing.

The spiritual avatar would refine the immortal energy and then fuse with his body, directly feeding it back to his body.

That way, he would directly end the Lightning Tribulation when he returned and transcend the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation.

Although the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation could also increase the power of the laws for him by a lot, with his cultivation becoming stronger and stronger, he was gradually unable to do as he wished.

Just as he thought of that, all of a sudden, Ye Xiao felt that he was locked onto by a few powerful auras.

All of them were at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

Ye Xiao’s mind paused.

He finally understood why the Phoenix god clan’s Supreme Eternals could sense that there were so many terrifying auras and so many terrifying existences at the end of the tunnel.

Those should belong to the immortal world… Could they be Immortal Beasts? Ye Xiao did not know what the name of the beasts in that world was, but it was most likely called that.

Not all Immortal Beasts in the immortal world had the strength of the True Immortal realm.

That was because back then, although the mighty martial arts prodigies had transferred all the Immortal Beasts in the starry sky to the immortal world, the Immortal Beasts would still give birth to children, and the children they had just given birth to could not be True Immortal-level beings.

Similarly, the cultivation of many star beasts would definitely not be willing to compare with their parents.

Hence, a large batch of Immortal Beasts with low cultivation would be created.

Ye Xiao reckoned that there were also such existences among the True Immortals.

Looks like if he wanted to secretly cultivate there, he had to get rid of those fellows first.

Otherwise, it would not be safe.

It just so happened that he had not eaten meat for a long time.

The meat of an Immortal Beast should be very nutritious for him.

“Roar! The smell of a human, it’s the smell of human meat! Human, you shouldn’t have come here.

” “Since you’ve come here, then fill our stomachs properly.

Hehehe…” “I haven’t tasted the flesh of a human for a long time.

I almost can’t remember what the taste of a human is.

” “Take it easy.

Don’t kill him right away.

Give me his arms and legs bit by bit, and remove them cleanly.

Part of them will be used for barbeque, and part of them will be used for soup.

” “I want to eat them raw.

I like eating large intestines the most.

I’ll eat those raw too.

I like the smell of them! Hahaha…” The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up slightly.

He waved his right hand and summoned the Great Dragon.