Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 607

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 607

Not long after, the Phoenix Empress slowly descended.

At that point, she was even more beautiful than before, and her aura was even more powerful.

Even a Supreme Eternal like the Dragon Emperor could not help but tremble in front of her.

“Phoenix Empress, you’d better stop using your divine ability! Your pressure is too great, I can’t take it.

” The Phoenix Empress pursed her lips into a smile and said, “With Dragon Emperor’s strength, he will be able to successfully transcend the Immortal Tribulation sooner or later.

” The Dragon Emperor smiled embarrassedly.

“I’ll rely on your auspicious words.

About that, I won’t disturb the two of you.

You two can chat slowly.

I’ll take my leave first.

” After saying that, he cupped his hands and left.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Empress looked at Ye Xiao with a smile.

At that moment, not only had she become extremely powerful, but her body was also exuding an immortal aura.

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COM When she smiled, there was less of her icy cold majesty and more of her warm immortal aura.

“I thought that I was going to die.

I didn’t expect that in the end, you were the one who saved me.

” “I originally didn’t want to use the seven Immortal Tribulations or the method of fighting 100 gods to transcend the tribulations and become a True Immortal.

Instead of that, I might as well help you transcend the Love Tribulations.

It would be better.

” The corners of the Phoenix Empress’s eyes were slightly moist.

Although Ye Xiao wanted to find a path that belonged to him, if she did not help him transcend the Love Tribulation, he could at least choose another path and have an additional chance to become a True Immortal.

The Phoenix Empress would not be unmoved just because he did not want to transcend the Love Tribulation.

That was completely different.

At that moment, the Phoenix Empress’s body had already begun to emit a faint golden light, and it was still continuously strengthening.

Ye Xiao knew that when her cultivation reached the True Immortal realm, it would definitely be impossible for her to continue staying in that world because it would affect the balance of the entire world.

It would probably not be long before she would disappear from the world.

“Do you only know how to say this to me?” “Otherwise, what else should I say?” The Phoenix Empress smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear.

Her seductive actions stunned Ye Xiao, and in the next second, she pushed him to the ground.

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COM “Hey, hey, hey, don’t do that.

What are you doing?” “I’m feeding you first, in case I’m not here and you get seduced by another woman.

” “Don’t do that.

It’s not suitable for children.

It won’t be good if others see it.

” “Is there a third person who can enter here?” “Then… You should leave soon.

There’s not enough time.

” “Don’t you have a Space-time immortal technique that can slow down the flow of time?” “I’m not ready yet!” After about four hours, Ye Xiao looked at the empty space around him and could not help but smile bitterly.

‘I haven’t even had a proper relationship yet, and in the end, we’ve already been separated.

‘No, a long-distance relationship is much better than this.

‘This is because if it was a long-distance relationship, I can just take a car or plane and it will be over.

‘As for this one of mine, it’s a dimension that’s a world away.

If I don’t become a True Immortal, I probably won’t be able to see the Phoenix Empress again in this lifetime.

’ However, when he saw the white handkerchief that the Phoenix Empress left for him, with blood-colored plum blossoms printed on it, he laughed again.

No matter what, he was no longer single! In the future, he could openly tell others.

‘I also have a girlfriend and she is extremely beautiful.

Her skin is fair and beautiful.

Her black hair cascades down her long legs.

She is good-looking while having an imposing figure.

’ Furthermore, it was not what he initially assumed.

Martial artists have the ability to retain their looks.

They are not the kind of people who are made of gold and jade.

Initially, that was what Ye Xiao was most worried about.

Furthermore, when the two of them were not in a relationship, he could not possibly open the box to inspect the goods, right? No matter what, he was still in a good mood.

In the future, besides transcending the tribulation and becoming a True Immortal, he would have another thought.

In the past, he, Gu Hai, Emperor Jing, and the others could only be considered close friends, not relatives.

After he had the Phoenix Empress’s handkerchief, he would have someone worth remembering in the world.

He would first block the Lighting Tribulation of the Supreme Eternal and absorb more law energy.

He should be able to advance to the True Immortal realm very soon.

Thinking of that, his mood seemed to be even better.

However, at that moment, he suddenly narrowed his eyes.

He had already sensed something.

He immediately used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already outside.

The many Godly Emperors outside had long been beaten into pieces.

Not only that, even the Dragon Emperor was heavily injured and his breathing was weak, his gaze was fixed on the two Supreme Eternals and Bai Linglong from the Xuanhuang Great World not far away.

Although the battle inside had lasted for more than two hours, in reality, it was because Ye Xiao had used the Space-time immortal technique to delay the Phoenix Empress’s departure.

Otherwise, she would have ascended long ago.

That also resulted in that only a very short period of time had passed outside.

Otherwise, whether it was the Dragon Emperor or the other Godly Emperors, they might not have been injured.

They might have already been completely annihilated.

“All of you have finally appeared.

” When the three of them saw Ye Xiao, the corners of their mouths curled up slightly.

“Now that the Phoenix Empress is gone, although the Qilin King has been refined by you into the guardian of the Xuan Yuan god clan, he has also been trapped in the Xuan Yuan god clan by you forever.

He has no way of coming to save you.

“And the Dragon Emperor has also been injured by us, so he has no way to fight at all.

“The current you have yet to advance to become a Supreme Eternal, and you’re already at the end of your rope.

“As long as you don’t advance to the Supreme Eternal realm one day, you’ll never be a match for a Supreme Eternal.

” The Dragon Emperor reminded with a worried look on his face, “Ye Xiao, you have to be careful! They actually have Immortal Talismans in their hands! That’s the power that can unleash the immortal law, and it can instantly injure Supreme Eternals.

“Even if it’s a martial arts master at the level of the Supreme Eternal, the slightest carelessness could result in death.

” Ye Xiao nodded and said indifferently, “You can retreat and recuperate first.

Leave these guys to me.

” He had many questions at that point.

One was Bai Linglong’s identity.

He had never seen her before, so why was she looking for trouble with him? Ye Xiao’s Primordial Pupil had already reached the level of an immortal technique, so he could tell at a glance that Bai Linglong was not the subordinate of the two Supreme Eternals.

Her body had a completely different aura from theirs.

Other than that, there were also two Supreme Eternals.

How did they obtain the Immortal Talisman? Moreover, it was fine if they had the Immortal Talisman, but why did they specifically attack the Xuan Yuan god clan? All of those things had to be resolved.

The solution was to take them all down.

“Seniors, the rest is up to you.

I just want him dead, I don’t care about anything else.

” “Don’t worry, the two of us also want him dead.

” The two Supreme Eternals looked at each other and smiled.

Originally, they thought that their battle plan to enter the Yanhuang Great World had failed.

It was to the extent that they were even counterattacked by the Yanhuang Great World and suffered casualties.

At that moment, they seemed to have seen a new hope.

The Phoenix Empress was gone, the Dragon Emperor was heavily injured, the Qilin King was gone… Finally, as long as they took down Ye Xiao, the entire Yanhuang Great World would no longer have the slightest strength to resist.

However, although their opponent was only Ye Xiao and his cultivation had yet to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm, the two of them would not be careless.

Between martial arts prodigies, they tended to see further and had stronger intelligence.

They wanted to destroy Ye Xiao and at the same time, they also wanted stability.

Hence, the two of them attacked at the same time.

The two of them instantly disappeared on the spot.

When they reappeared, they were already in front of Ye Xiao.

The speed of a Supreme Eternal was already the pinnacle of the world.

When they arrived in front of Ye Xiao, the two of them attacked at the same time.

Both of their fists struck out at the same time, shaking the space.

The surrounding divine territories were all flickering with starlight because of these two fists.

However, at that critical moment, Ye Xiao did not dodge or retreat.

Not only that, but he also casually attacked and extended his hand to block the two people’s fists.

Their pupils suddenly constricted.

Before they could react, Ye Xiao used the Great Way of Life immortal technique and forcefully twisted it.

Following a cracking sound, in the next second, the arms of the two Supreme Eternals were directly twisted off by him.

At that moment, whether it was the two Supreme Eternals, Bai Linglong, or the Dragon Emperor, no one dared to believe it as they widened their eyes.

The aura that Ye Xiao was exuding at that moment was clearly at the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, a lesser Supreme Eternal.

No matter how close he was to the Supreme Eternal realm, the aura on his body could never be considered a Supreme Eternal’s.

In that case, he can not defeat the Supreme Eternals! Nevertheless, why was he showing so much strength? He could crush the other two Supreme Eternals? In reality, Ye Xiao only did not want to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm.

He still wanted to block the Lightning Tribulations of the Supreme Eternal realm a few more times and absorb the law energy within the Lightning Tribulations into his body to block bugs.

Otherwise, he would already be a Supreme Eternal at that point.

Even if he was not, his cultivation had already surpassed the average Supreme Eternal by quite a bit.

That was why he was able to directly face the two’s attacks.

In the end, the Golden Book divine soul was still powerful enough to block his own aura and prevent the natural laws from detecting it.

Otherwise, if it were any other ordinary person… If he were to explode out with such powerful cultivation, it was likely that he would immediately attract the Heavenly Tribulation and forcefully advance to become a Supreme Eternal.

Then, he would have no way of taking advantage of nature.

After a short shock, the two Supreme Eternals quickly reacted and instantly retreated.

The two could not help but spit, not daring to delay in the slightest.

That Ye Xiao was really too monstrous.

The rules of the world could not be applied to him at all.