Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 601

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 601

The Phoenix Empress rubbed the space between her brows.

She felt a headache coming on.

“Have you found out who’s behind this?” “Not yet.

We can’t find out who’s behind this at all.

These curses came too unexpectedly.

Moreover, they can be transmitted from one clansman to another.

“Currently, our initial guess is that the clansmen outside have been tricked by someone and that have placed such curses.

” “You’re right.

We can’t let them continue like this.

Otherwise, the Phoenix god clan will become the common enemy of all the god clans in the starry sky.

“Summon all our clansmen back.

” The Phoenix clan Grand Elder could not help but raise her brows.

“What is Your Majesty trying to do? If we let them come back, it will most likely cause more clansmen to be cursed.

” The Phoenix Empress said with an indifferent expression, Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “I want to absorb all the curses in their bodies onto mine, including the karma from their heinous actions.

With my body alone, I can withstand the sin that the entire Phoenix god clan has committed.

” “Is Your Majesty crazy? If you do this, it will very likely cause you to undergo the Demon Heart Tribulation.

“But what about the Love Tribulation between you and Ye Xiao? He hasn’t fallen in love with you yet! If you transcend the Demon Heart Tribulation, it’s impossible for you to casually display your strength.

“At that time, you might face the Immortal Tribulation at any time.

“If that’s the case, we would rather die and commit suicide than see Her Majesty unable to completely transcend the seven Immortal Tribulations!” “Stop spouting nonsense.

The other party isn’t targeting the Phoenix god clan, but Ye Xiao.

This disaster shouldn’t be withstood by the Phoenix god clan.

” Seeing that the Phoenix Empress was about to enter seclusion, the Grand Elder suddenly shouted, causing her to stop in her tracks.

“Are you in love with that brat?” “Grand Elder, you must be joking.

I’m the Phoenix Empress.

I know my mission.

I won’t fall in love with anyone.

” “You can hide it from others, but you can’t hide it from me.

I have watched you grow up step by step.

I understand your thoughts better than anyone else.

“I cannot control your choices, but I have to remind you that you have painstakingly cultivated for tens of thousands of years.

You not only carry the expectations of the entire Phoenix god clan but also your own 10,000 years of hard work! “Even if you can live up to the expectations of the entire Phoenix god clan, you should at least live up to your own hard work, right? “He is just an insignificant man.

You can have as many as you want.

There is no shortage of men in this world.

“As long as you can become a True Immortal, with your looks, figure, cultivation, and talent, you can have any man you want in the future.

“Don’t waste your 10,000 years of bitter cultivation on him!” “Are you done? If you’re done, go and gather our clansmen.

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COM The Phoenix Empress only said those words indifferently before she immediately began her seclusion.

The Grand Elder shook her head and did not say anything.

She let out a deep sigh before turning around and leaving.

On Ye Xiao’s side, after a month of bitter cultivation, his cultivation had improved quite a bit.

He had already risen to the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, a lesser True Immortal realm.

The divine blood and law energy in his body were almost completely refined.

Basically, more than half had already been digested by him.

The remaining bit was only about three-tenths.

It should be enough for him to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm.

Although advancing to the Supreme Eternal realm was not that easy.

Even so, he had a lot of divine blood and law energy.

It was not just from the primordial Divine Kingdom.

The law energy of the 13 Godly Emperors was already insufficient.

Later on, he had killed so many Godly Emperors, he had also absorbed their divine blood and law energy.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao had eaten the Qilin King’s body.

That was a true Supreme Eternal, which had allowed him to gain a lot of strength.

The law energy already contained the martial concept, allowing him to comprehend and extend to the level of the Supreme Eternal without any obstacles.

However, he still needed some opportunities to advance to the level of the Supreme Eternal.

Next, no matter how much he cultivated and how much he raised his cultivation, it was impossible for him to advance to the level of a Supreme Eternal so easily.

He had to wait for another opportunity to arrive before he could successfully advance.

It was something that could not be helped.

If he could successfully advance to the level of a Supreme Eternal as long as he stored enough energy, then everyone in the starry sky would already be red-eyed with killing.

There was no need to do anything.

He could just instantly kill and absorb enough divine blood to become a Supreme Eternal.

Who would still cultivate diligently? If that was the case, the entire world would probably become the haywire.

Justice and truth would never exist.

Perhaps in the laws of nature, it was best to lead with good intentions.

He only hoped that that opportunity would come sooner.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao immersed his divine sense into the spatial ring.

The Blood Venerable One and the Qilin King’s divine souls were staring straight at him.

It was impossible to welcome them.

Those two people hated him to death.

Ye Xiao was also clear in his heart.

Between everyone, it was like a young lady and a guest.

Talking about feelings was an illusion.

Maintaining the relationship between both parties was, ‘you pay, I lie down.

’ “How is it? Have you thought it through?” Ye Xiao spoke indifferently, and the Qilin King snorted coldly.

“Is this king not the kind of person who is afraid of death? If you want to kill, then kill.

There’s no need to be long-winded.

” The Blood Venerable One hurriedly stepped forward to mediate the situation.

“Hehehe… What do you mean by killing or not killing? It’s better for everyone to treat harmony as their value.

” After saying that, he transmitted his voice to Ye Xiao, “Ye Xiao, this fellow is actually unable to let go of his pride.

If you give him a way out, I guarantee that he will obediently listen to you.

” Ye Xiao smiled contemptuously in his heart.

Of course, he knew that the two of them were performing a double act.

If the Qilin King really wanted to die rather than submit, there was no need for him to give him a way out.

Looking at it, the so-called Qilin King would not be able to escape the alluring fragrance of power in the end.

However, he did not have to expose the other party.

After all, the other party’s cultivation was placed there, and his strength was so strong.

He would let him be arrogant for a while.

Soon after, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said, “How about this? As long as you are willing to be used by me, I can teach you the first five volumes of the immortal technique which is in five scrolls.

You must know that back then when the Blood Venerable One reconciled with me, he did not obtain any immortal technique scrolls! How about it?” In any case, the immortal technique was divided into 100,000 volumes by Ye Xiao.

Five scrolls… Ha ha, the leftovers that were fed to the dogs were not even comparable.

The Qilin King laughed coldly.

“What do you take this king for? Just five scrolls of the immortal technique and you want this king to be used by you.

Don’t you think that you’re dreaming too much?” “Ten scrolls, no more.

” “Even if you give me 100 scrolls today, this king will not surrender.

” Ye Xiao was rather speechless.

He could already tell that when he said ten scrolls, the Qilin King had clearly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

That showed that his heart really wanted it.

He just wanted to keep more wealth.

At that moment, the Blood Venerable One also opened his mouth, “Ye Xiao, just give him a little more.

In any case, you have so many immortal techniques.

If you give him a little more, he’ll be able to help you better after he learns it, don’t you think so? “Just give him 100 scrolls.

If he still doesn’t listen, I’ll help you beat up that son of a b*tch!” Ye Xiao felt extremely amused in his heart.

Those two old fellows had joined forces to perform a double act, wanting to swindle more immortal technique scrolls from him.

It was also quite comical.

However, so what if he gave them 1,000 scrolls? The Great Way of Life immortal technique was split into 100,000 scrolls.

Just 1,000 scrolls were only one percent.

What use was it? However, Ye Xiao did not like to let others control him.

To the Blood Venerable One, Ye Xiao spoke again, “It’s impossible to increase the price.

Don’t even think about 100 scrolls.

Immortal techniques are something that everyone in the entire starry sky dreams of.

“Furthermore, only I have it.

No one else has it.

“More importantly, my immortal technique is ranked at the top.

“If you don’t want it, I can use it to gather more people.

Why is there a need to flatter his smelly feet here?” After pausing for a moment, Ye Xiao looked at the Qilin king again and said, “From now on, every time I shout, the base price will be reduced.

Whether you want it or not is up to you.

Nine scrolls!” Why was that guy so difficult? “No, you were just talking nicely just now.

Why is the price reducing in the blink of an eye?” Ye Xiao ignored the Blood Venerable One and continued to speak.

The Blood Venerable was clearly a little flustered.

“Hey, Ye Xiao, I finally persuaded you.

If you do this, you’ll make me look very bad.

“If that fellow goes berserk in anger and never agrees to work for you, won’t you suffer a huge loss?” Ye Xiao spoke again, and the Blood Venerable One was so anxious that he was about to jump up.

Meanwhile, the Qilin King clenched his teeth tightly as he stared fixedly at Ye Xiao.

He wanted to see a trace of gambling intent in Ye Xiao’s eyes.

As long as he could see that Ye Xiao had a trace of wishful thinking, he would be like a hungry wolf who bit him ruthlessly and bit off a large piece of meat for him.

However, it was a pity that Ye Xiao’s eyes were as calm as water.

From the beginning until then, there was not the slightest change.

Before he finished speaking, the Qilin King finally could not help but open his mouth.

“Enough! I’ve tolerated you for a long time.

Don’t go too far as a person.

Losing so much, aren’t you afraid of losing your life?” “It’s what you don’t want.

What does it have to do with me?” The Qilin King said unhappily, “Did I say that I don’t want it anymore?” “It’s good that you want it.

In the future, be obedient and there will be many more.

” “Then… You said ten scrolls just now.

Without ten scrolls, this king will definitely not help you with your work.

” “Don’t worry, I, Ye Xiao, always keep my words.

” After saying that, Ye Xiao gave the Qilin King ten scrolls of the Great Way of Life immortal technique with a flick of his finger, and then gave the Blood Venerable One a few more scrolls.

“This is what I promised you before.

I’ll go make a guardian statue now, and the two of you will be placed in the guardian statue by me in the future, in charge of guarding the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“As long as the two of you do well, I’ll give the two of you a scroll of an immortal technique every month in the future.

I definitely won’t forsake the two of you.

” After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

Meanwhile, the Qilin King and Blood Venerable One were extremely excited.

“I didn’t expect to obtain more than ten scrolls of the immortal technique at once this time.

I reckon that it won’t be long before the two of us can gather a complete set of immortal techniques.

“When that time comes, it’ll be the time for the two of us to turn the tables and make a stand!”