Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 592

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 592

“Phoenix Empress, close your eyes first.

” The Phoenix Empress raised her eyebrows slightly.

Needless to say, the old aunt raised her eyebrows, which gave her a different feeling.

“Why should I close my eyes?” “Nothing, just close your eyes first.

” The Phoenix Empress lets out a sigh.

“If you dare to do something like a beast, don’t blame this empress for being impolite.

” “Don’t worry, my character can still be trusted.

” The Phoenix Empress closed her eyes and Ye Xiao immediately executed the Golden Book.

In the next second, the Phoenix Empress was suddenly stunned.

Then, she suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief.

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COM “Did you… Leave this place? That’s not right, there isn’t any spiritual energy fluctuation here.

It should be impossible for you to leave this place.

“What happened just now? Why can’t I feel you at all?” Ye Xiao clenched his fists and the corners of his mouth curled up.

After the Golden Book divine soul sensed his intentions the last time and wanted to walk the martial path he chose, he advanced once again and obtained a special ability.

He could conceal his existence.

That concealment was not as simple as concealing one’s sight.

Everyone could still see him through their eyes.

However, no one could use their divine senses to find him.

Absolutely no one! Even the Supreme Eternal could not find him.

In other words, as long as he was not within their sight, he could hide from anyone’s detection! From that point of view, it was even more powerful than invisibility.

That was because it could already be considered as avoiding the detection of the power of laws.

What Ye Xiao wanted was not true invisibility, but a kind of terrifying strength that could avoid the power of laws.

What it represented was not the convenience of using it in battle, but in resisting the natural laws.

With such a thing, Ye Xiao felt that in the future, he might even have the chance to skillfully resist the Heavenly Tribulation.

There were good and bad things to do in that way.

From a certain perspective, transcending the Heavenly Tribulation could make him stronger.

That was because when transcending the Heavenly Tribulation, the law energy contained within the Lightning Tribulation could greatly increase his strength.

If he skillfully resisted the Heavenly Tribulation, he would not be able to completely absorb all the Heavenly Tribulations.

He would definitely lose a portion of the law energy.

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COM However, from another perspective, the power of the laws could not be controlled.

For example, they would wildly throw down countless bolts of divine lightning until they killed everyone.

That was why many people were afraid of transcending tribulations because transcending tribulations meant that they might die.

The success rate of transcending tribulations was very small, to the point where a person’s survival rights were as small as those of their hundreds of millions of brothers and sisters! However, after Ye Xiao’s Golden Book divine soul had evolved, it possessed a brand new characteristic that allowed him to activate it when transcending the Lightning Tribulation.

That way, if he could not hold on, he could stop in time to rest and recover, and then continue transcending the tribulation.

It was equivalent to adding a pause button to himself.

The tricks up his sleeve were steadily increasing.

“How exactly did you do it just now?” The Phoenix Empress could not help but be curious in her heart as she opened her mouth to ask once more.

Ye Xiao’s lips curled up slightly as he smiled.

The Phoenix Empress’s beautiful eyes flashed with a hint of anger.

However, thinking about it carefully, that fellow had been the cause of her anger more than once or twice.

If she were to be so angry with him every day, she was afraid that she would have been angered to death long ago.

However, at that moment, she suddenly thought of a very important matter.

Why were her thoughts so easily disturbed by Ye Xiao? In the past, she was not like that.

As the mighty Phoenix Empress, one of the three great Supreme Eternals of the Yanhuang Great World, she had always been arbitrary and had her own opinions.

Even so, she felt that she was becoming more and more like an ordinary woman.

She was even becoming more and more like a little girl.

There was simply no way to control her state of mind and let her heart be as still as water.

That was not a good sign because it might cause her to fail due to her unstable state of mind during the tribulation in the future.

Could it be that… She had already entered the Love Tribulation? She had really fallen in love with Ye Xiao? At that moment, the Phoenix Empress’s heart sank, and her expression suddenly became somewhat solemn.

Ye Xiao had yet to notice her abnormality and immediately opened his mouth to say, “For this matter, let’s put it aside for now.

I still have to return to the Xuan Yuan god clan’s side to take a look.

What exactly happened? “Perhaps my luck is better.

The other party did not send those two Supreme Eternals.

” “I hope so.

Additionally, you also have to be on guard a little.

If you feel that something is amiss, immediately come and look for me.

I’ve left a mark on your body.

As long as you can withstand the sneak attack of a martial arts prodigy at the level of the Supreme Eternals!” Ye Xiao turned around and left.

By the time he returned to the Xuan Yuan god clan, it was already several breaths later.

In the entire starry sky, the number of people who could reach his strength could be counted on one’s fingers.

It should only be those few Supreme Eternals.

Only they possessed the strength to instantly cross several divine territories.

Seeing Ye Xiao return, Xuanyuan Long and the others instantly surrounded him.

“What’s the detailed situation like?” “We just discovered it not too long ago.

The clansmen that were captured were all existences close to the borders of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

They took the 10 billion residents there.

Because compared to our entire divine territory’s population, that amount was not considered much, so we didn’t discover it in time.

“By the time we discovered it, all the clansmen in that star area had already disappeared.

“The other party didn’t leave behind any traces.

We couldn’t even sense any spiritual energy that was left behind in the air.

” Hearing that, Ye Xiao was almost 100 percent certain that the ones who attacked were the two Supreme Eternals.

Looks like the Xuan Yuan god clan’s bloodline indeed had some special value.

It was to the point that they, or the person behind them, could not help but covet it.

“If my guess isn’t wrong, they should have already been killed.

Even if they weren’t killed, they would be killed before long.

” “Then what should we do? We should immediately think of a way to find them.

” “We can’t find them.

The other party’s strength might not be weaker than mine.

If they hide, there’s no way to find them.

“However, if he kills all of them, I can also see if there’s a way to use the array to resurrect them in the later stages.

It’s just that their cultivation will definitely decrease by a lot.

” “That’s fine.

Even if they can resurrect them, it’s already very good.

Ye Xiao, I thank you on their behalf.

” “You’re welcome.

We’re all members of the Xuan Yuan god clan, so we should naturally help each other.

By the way, I have a question to ask all of you.

I wonder if you know…” “If you have any questions, just ask.

As long as I know, I’ll definitely tell you.

” “Does the Xuan Yuan god clan have anything that has been passed down from generation to generation? Something that can explain our origins?” “This… I’m really not very clear about it.

However, there is one point.

The Xuan Yuan god clan does have some ancient books that have always been hidden at the top level of the martial arts library.

However, those are all extremely special ancient characters.

If we can’t understand them, you might not be able to understand them either.

” “Special ancient characters?” Ye Xiao was somewhat stunned.

He did not expect that there was actually such a thing.

Then he really wanted to see what it was.

“I’ll go take a look.

All of you cultivate properly and don’t take the matters from before to heart.

I’ll deal with it later.

” Ye Xiao bade farewell to Xuanyuan Long and once again came to the martial arts library, directly arriving at the highest level.

The last time he came, he did not even come to see that place.

At that time, if his divine sense had swept over it, he might have discovered it.

Unfortunately, he had other matters at that time, so he did not take it to heart too much.

After arriving there, Ye Xiao indeed found what he wanted in a few wooden boxes.

However, when he opened the wooden boxes and saw the books inside, his Primordial Pupil actually activated by itself.

Ye Xiao was actually able to easily recognize the words on it.

As it turned out, the ancestor of the Xuan Yuan god clan were no ordinary people, but direct descendants of the True Immortals.

The so-called pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was a bloodline that was not mixed with any other bloodline.

At the same time, it was also the most powerful bloodline.

That bloodline could endlessly assimilate other people’s bloodlines, fuse them, and absorb them, extracting the characteristics of the other party’s bloodline, thus increasing the power of one’s own bloodline.

Up until then, through various marriages, the Xuan Yuan god clan had absorbed countless characteristics of the starry sky’s god clans.

It was said that even the True Immortals would covet the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

In other words, that kind of powerful bloodline power could even cause the greed of True Immortals.

Back then, Xuan Yuan ancestors were extremely weak.

They had only advanced to the god realm and were very far away from the True Immortal realm.

In order to survive, they had to sneak to the next world.

To protect their clansmen from being controlled by the True Immortals, the Xuan Yuan ancestors divided their pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

In the Xuan Yuan god clan, most people’s bloodlines were mixed.

However, if there were outstanding clansmen in the later generations, they would have a way to reactivate the pure True Immortal blood in the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

That person would once again display the powerful power of the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

As long as they cultivated properly and developed in a good manner, their future achievements would definitely not be low.

The characteristic of the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was the activation of the Primordial Pupil.

Ye Xiao’s heart jolted.

Activating the Primordial Pupil, was that not him? In other words, there was no Primordial Pupil in the world in the past.

Only after the arrival of the Xuan Yuan’s greatest ancestor did the Primordial Pupil appear.

No wonder the Primordial Pupil instantly became number one.

It seemed that the Xuan Yuan ancestors had a True Immortal physique, and were also the strongest by having the pure True Immortal blood.

In the end, after so many tens of thousands of years, the pure True Immortal blood had finally awakened in his body since he was part of the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

Did the Xuan Yuan god clan have to be so awesome? He originally thought that being a descendant of the god clan in the Nine Provinces was already powerful enough, but he did not expect in the future, there was even bigger and more shocking news.

The Xuan Yuan god clan’s bloodline was not just the god clan’s blood, but the pure True Immortal blood.

However, because the pure True Immortal blood in the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was a growth-type blood, it was not very strong in the beginning and was even weaker than some of the powerful god clan’s divine blood, so it did not display much of its power, hence, it did not even attract the attention of the god clan in the Yanhuang Great World.