Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 577

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 577

The god clan ranking conference could be considered the biggest event in the entire Yanhuang Great World.

After the Great War with the Xuanhuang Great World, the event could not only wash away the pressure in everyone’s hearts but could also confirm the stability of the Yanhuang Great World in the next few decades.

Long before the Yanhuang Great World was attacked, the Xuan Yuan god clan and the four great god clans had been fighting in the open and in the dark, resulting in a difference in the strength of the various god clans.

Not to mention the Xuan Yuan god clan, even the few god clans at the back were looking forward to improving their rankings.

After the invasion of the Xuanhuang Great World, many of the god clan’s martial arts masters had fallen, resulting in a greater difference in the strength of the god clans.

Many high-level god clans in the past were not as strong.

Some low-level god clans took that opportunity to develop themselves.

If they did not reconfirm the ranking, the god clans would fight each other to show their strength.

That kind of thing had happened a long time ago.

Later, the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clans came out to suppress them and determine the ranking order of each other.

They also specified that no one should provoke others.

If someone provoked them, the other party could openly retaliate.

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COM That was also why the four great clans had dared to attack the Xuan Yuan and the Netherworld god clan.

At that point, a new era had begun, and everyone had once again carried out a large revised ranking.

The ranking was considered from many aspects.

One was the population, and the other was the number of martial arts masters.

Godly Emperors and Godly Kings all had their own degrees of bonus points.

Apart from that, there was also actual combat.

Basically, it was a one-on-one competition.

The strongest person in the clan would fight.

Of course, if the strongest person was injured, a substitute could also fight in the next round.

That could prevent some people from joining hands to find the loophole in the rules.

The entire grand meeting lasted until the fifth day.

Many of the god clans were extremely excited and complacent.

Those portion of people had clearly risen quite a lot in the rankings.

There was still a portion of people who were dejected and frustrated, like the god clansmen who had lost their examinations.

There was no need to say anything more.

Among them, the four great god clans were also included.

The four great god clans, including Kai Tian, Tiancang, Earth Spirit, and Golden god clans had almost all been killed by Ye Xiao.

The remaining bit, even if their strength was not bad, was powerless to reverse the situation.

After all, the other martial arts masters of the four great god clans had also lost a lot.

“Oh my God, Look! This was only the second round.

In the comparison of the Godly Kings’ strength, the Xuan Yuan god clan had already reached 14th place.

They had left the four great god clans, including the Netherworld god clan, behind them “The Xuan Yuan god clan has really come to its peak.

Back then, the Ancestral Dragon had raised them from the 30th place to the 19th place.

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COM “Now, after 2,000 years of silence, they have suddenly reached 14th place.

The rate of advancement is too terrifying.

“I heard that the top-ranked god clans lost many martial arts masters when they fought against the Xuanhuang Great World.

“If they can exert their strength again, they might even make it into the top ten!” “I heard that the Xuan Yuan god clan performed quite well in the northern territory a while ago.

It wasn’t all due to luck.

” “Really? Are you joking?” “What do I have to joke about? Many god clans know about that matter.

Many god clans even went to the Xuan Yuan divine territory to express their gratitude.

” Not far away, the four martial arts masters of the god clan who were watching the crowd and the ranking list clenched their teeth in hatred when they heard that.

“D*mn the Xuan Yuan god clan! They actually ran to the 14th place.

It’s only the second round.

They haven’t even started the actual battle yet and they’ve already surpassed us.

” “There’s nothing we can do about it.

Their Godly Emperors didn’t suffer any losses.

Our god clan only has a few Godly Emperors left.

Together, we don’t even have as many Godly Emperors as the Xuan Yuan and Netherworld god clan.

Naturally, we can’t go against them.

“Right now, the strength of our four great god clans has decreased by quite a bit.

Our rankings will definitely drop.

However, as long as we work hard and work together, we still have a chance to stay in the top 30.

” “We’ve reached this stage all because of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

We definitely can’t let this matter rest.

I must make them pay a painful price.

” As soon as he finished speaking, a voice suddenly sounded from the side of the group.

“It seems that all of you are quite displeased with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

” The people from the four great god clans glanced at the other party.

He was a stranger they had never seen before.

“Hehehe… It doesn’t matter who I am.

What’s important is that I’m just like you.

I’m very displeased with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

” Hearing that, the four god clansmen narrowed their eyes, revealing a different expression.

“What do you want to do?” “I want to do what you all want to do.

I just don’t know if you all like me enough to work with me.

” The corner of the other party’s mouth curled up slightly.

“This isn’t a place to talk.

Let’s change a place to chat.

” The few of them exchanged glances before silently following him and leaving.

On the other side, on the Xuan Yuan god clan’s side, Ye Xiao had also finally revived Yun Changqing and the other Godly Emperors.

At that time, reviving them had taken nearly half a month’s time.

However, it was fortunate that they were successfully resurrected in the end.

Their strength had slightly decreased, but it was not a big deal to Ye Xiao.

With a little guidance, they would be able to recover their strength once again.

Yun Changqing and the others who had been resurrected bowed to Ye Xiao and thanked him one after another.

“Ye Xiao, it’s all thanks to you this time.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for us to resurrect without a few years’ worths of time.

” “You’re too polite.

We’re all family.

I was just doing my job.

” At that moment, the Godly Emperor Grand Elder of the Netherworld clan could not help but say, “Elder Ye, can you help our Netherworld clan repair the ancestral shrine? Now that the invasion of the Xuanhuang Great World has ended, there will be a long period of peace.

We want to return to the Netherworld clan’s divine territory to develop.

” After his death, the Netherworld clan’s Grand Elder had come to realize quite a bit.

Although they really wanted to use the Xuan Yuan god clan to strengthen themselves, even to the extent that they did not hesitate to let themselves join the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Thinking was merely thinking, reality was reality.

The Xuan Yuan god clan could borrow Ye Xiao to continuously increase their strength, thus increasing their bloodline power, and then becoming stronger.

However, the Netherworld god clan could not do that.

If that continued for a long time, even if they joined the Xuan Yuan god clan, they would gradually be marginalized.

That period of time might be very long, but if Ye Xiao’s advancement was fast enough, that period of time would become very fast.

Instead of that, it would be better to return to their divine territory and develop themselves properly.

They would only follow the footsteps of the Xuan Yuan god clan and carry out marriage, achieve bloodline fusion, and continuously improve the geniuses within their god clan.

If the steps were too big, it would be easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

If the goal was too far away, it would not be easy to achieve.

When Ye Xiao heard the other party’s request, he did not think too much and directly nodded in agreement.

The relationship between the two god clans was very good to begin with.

There was no need for Ye Xiao to insist on annexing the other party into his own god clan.

The Grand Elder of the Netherworld god clan cupped his hands toward Ye Xiao to express his gratitude.

“Many thanks, Elder Ye.

Please be at ease, Elder Ye.

From now on, no matter what, our Netherworld god clan will always be the best friend of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the clan’s most solid partner.

” “Then do you guys want to go now, or… ?” “Let’s go now.

The earlier the better.

The Xuan Yuan god clan is rapidly increasing its strength every day.

Our Netherworld god clan can’t fall behind either.

” Ye Xiao replied.

He raised his hand and led the Netherworld god clan’s martial arts masters, instantly disappearing from the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

When they reappeared, they had already arrived at the forbidden ground of the Netherworld god clan, the Netherworld Divine Valley.

That place was the same as the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

It was the place where the Netherworld god clan’s ancestors passed away, and it was also where the ancestral shrine of the Netherworld god clan was located.

The Ancestral Shrine of the Netherworld god clan had already become a mess.

However, it was not caused by the god clans of the Xuanhuang Great World.

More of it was caused by the god clan of the Yanhuang Great World.

When the Yanhuang Great World attacked, many small gods of the northern territory fled south.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was protected by an array, so they could not pass through.

Even so, the Netherworld god clan basically had no one to guard it.

Most of them had entered the Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine territory.

There was no one to guard it, so it was easy for others to target it.

However, the Netherworld clansmen were not stupid.

They basically kept their resources with them and kept them in their storage rings.

Nonetheless, the Netherworld god clan was a big family after all.

There would still be a lot of good things left.

To the refugees who had come from the small god clans, those good things were a gift from heaven.

It would be strange if they did not want them.

Seeing the ancestral shrine being destroyed like that, everyone could not help but feel indignant.

“These d*mn beasts.

The Xuanhuang Great World didn’t attack us, but they robbed us instead.

” “Sooner or later, I’m going to kill all these rats.

” The Grand Elder of the Netherworld god clan could not help but shake his head.

“Let’s not talk about that.

It’s already good enough for us to be alive.

“This time, a great war broke out between the two worlds.

Who knows how many people died.

As long as there are people around, everything will be fine again.

” “You’re right.

As long as there are people around, everything will be fine again.

People are the most precious wealth.

” The Netherworld god clan’s Grand Elder cupped his hands towards Ye Xiao and said, “Thank you for helping our Netherworld god clan rebuild the ancestral shrine, Elder Ye.

” Ye Xiao said indifferently, “There’s no rush.

Before that, I’ll help you guys clean up the rats here first.

” The members of the Netherworld god clan could not help but feel a little confused.

Could it be that there were enemies there? Yet they did not sense any aura at all.

Ye Xiao’s gaze was fixed on a place as he spoke indifferently.

“Of course you guys can’t sense his aura.

How can you guys sense a seventh-level Godly Emperor?”