Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 569

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 569

“It’s said that the Phoenix Empress is in trouble.

” Hearing that, Ye Xiao’s expression instantly changed.

“What did you say? Who’s in trouble?” “The Phoenix Empress!” Xuanyuan Long spoke again, and Ye Xiao sank into deep thought and shock.

Not only because the Phoenix Empress was of great importance to him, but also because the Phoenix Empress’s strength was that of a Supreme Eternal.

Although he could not be 100 percent sure how strong she was, he could be sure that her strength was absolutely so strong that it made one’s hair stand on end.

However, even with such a strong person like her, something actually happened for her to be in trouble.

That Xuanhuang Great World had to expend so much effort to be able to do that.

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COM “I don’t know the exact situation either.

I only heard that she is now heavily injured and luckily escaped back to the Phoenix Plains.

“It’s said that she was just one step away from dying.

” Ye Xiao’s heart could not help but throb fiercely.

Too ruthless.

The dignified Supreme Eternal was actually beaten up by someone and almost died.

No wonder the Ancestral Dragon wanted to pursue the True Immortal life path.

That was because, even if one became a martial arts prodigy at the level of a Supreme Eternal, there was no guarantee that one would really obtain eternal life and never die.

The Supreme Eternal only had a very long lifespan.

However, if they encountered an existence that was sufficient to threaten their life, there was still a possibility of them dying.

On the contrary, the True Immortal way of life should not have such a concern.

The power of the True Immortal way of life also far surpassed that of the Supreme Eternal.

From a certain point of view, it might be because the power of the True Immortal life path was too strong, resulting in them being unable to be easily killed.

After thinking about that, Ye Xiao opened his mouth to ask again, “How’s the situation in the North now?” “I’m not too sure for the time being, but I can guess that the situation is very bad.

“I’ve also heard a little bit of information.

It’s probably that a big gap has appeared in the three great defensive lines.

The Phoenix god clan has already split into the Dragon god clan and the Qirin god clan’s defensive lines.

The Dragon Emperor alone now has two Supreme Eternals! “The Qilin King is holding one Supreme Eternal.

“The martial arts master of the Xuanhuang Great World entered through that gap.

“Right now, many god clans have suffered crushing attacks.

Moreover, this attack is even fiercer than all the previous attacks.

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COM “Even if the Xuan Yuan army were to set off again, it would still be a drop in the ocean.

“This is because the enemies we’re facing this time are many times stronger than before.

Their numbers are also multitudes more than before.

” Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows.

“In other words, it won’t be long before they reach the Xuan Yuan divine territory?” “That’s what I mean.

Moreover, if my guess is correct, there might even be ninth-level Godly Emperors appearing this time! “That’s not right.

It’s not just ninth-level Godly Emperors.

There might even be existences at the peak of the ninth level Godly Emperor realm, lesser Supreme Eternal realm.

” Xuanyuan Long’s words made Ye Xiao’s originally grave expression become even more uncomfortable.

Needless to say, even if he had the Great Dragon and the immortal technique, if he really had to face existences at that level, he might still have a headache.

On one hand, the difference in strength between each level after the Godly Emperor realm and the previous level would be even greater.

Even if he could cross realms, he could at most cross realms to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

If he wanted to advance further, he would not be able to do so.

He might be able to fight him without dying, but he could forget about protecting so many people from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That would be the real trouble.

On the other hand, who could guarantee that the other party would only send one such existence? With his current strength, if he forcefully fought against so many people from the other party, the outcome was self-evident.

At that time, all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan would be dead.

Even if he could escape, how could he resurrect them in the future? What kind of strength did he need to reach in order to resurrect all of them? Even if he were to resurrect them, it would be many years later.

When that time came, there would be all sorts of changes… A bunch of troublesome matters.

Perhaps, he had to think of ways to remedy it from other places.

“Ye Xiao, what do we do now? There are refugees everywhere outside, and our god clan’s clansmen are already starting to panic.

We don’t know what we’ll have to face next.

” Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

“I’ll make a trip out.

“During this period of time, everything in the Xuan Yuan god clan will be up to you all to decide.

“Appease the clansmen and tell them not to panic.

“Also, we absolutely won’t allow any refugees from the other god clan to enter our Xuan Yuan divine territory so as to avoid bringing more chaos to our clansmen.

“It was not their divine territory, so they would not cherish or protect it.

“Before they entered, you were the master.

Whatever you said, they would listen.

“After they enter, you will be the slave, and they would become the master.

At that time, even if you begged them to leave, they would not be willing to leave.

“If you use force to expel them… “Good heavens, they would turn around and accuse you of being inhumane, throwing all kinds of dirty accusations on you.

“At that time, you would be like a mute eating a bowl of soup, unable to say anything.

“However, you don’t have to be too tough to avoid provoking them when the time comes.

That’ll just give us trouble so just calm them down first.

” After giving his instructions, Ye Xiao instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the Phoenix Plains.

That was the first time Ye Xiao had come to that place.

Honestly speaking, the Phoenix Plains was really very beautiful, the kind that was absolutely beautiful.

As far as the eye could see, all of it was a vast plain.

The plains were planted with parasol trees.

Phoenixes were creatures that liked to live alone.

Perhaps birds were all arrogant.

Some of the smaller phoenixes flew around the Phoenix Plains, happily chasing after each other.

They were still young and did not know about the impending disaster.

They were carefree.

It made Ye Xiao recall his own childhood.

In the orphanage, the other orphans and himself chased after each other to play.

Although he did not have the care of his parents, the care of the hospital director’s aunt made him feel extremely warm.

That was also the reason why he had no worries when he transmigrated.

It was because he no longer had any family in that world.

Of course, even if he had family, he did not know who they were.

However, just as he arrived and was looking at the Little Phoenix, two extremely powerful auras suddenly descended and suppressed his body.

They were all seventh-level Godly Kings! After all, they were the Phoenix clan, one of the three strongest god clans in the starry sky.

Casually making a move, they were already martial artists of that level.

Moreover, Ye Xiao knew that although the Phoenix Empresshad retreated due to her heavy injuries, the other martial arts masters of the Phoenix clan were still at the front lines.

Therefore, in the Phoenix clan there were only a few who had stayed behind, and they were not the true elites of the Phoenix clan.

“Who are you? You actually dare to barge into our Phoenix Plains.

What audacity.

” Ye Xiao glanced at the two of them and said indifferently, “I’m here to look for your majesty, the Phoenix Empress.

Make way.

” “Impudent! Her Majesty, the Phoenix Empress, how can you meet her just like that?” The two of them immediately could not help but shout angrily.

There was indeed the reason why they, as the pride of the Phoenix clan, could not let a stranger meet the Phoenix Empress so easily.

At the same time, there was another reason.

The Phoenix Empress was currently heavily injured.

They definitely could not let anyone get close to her.

Ye Xiao shook his head slightly.

“You don’t understand, time is of the essence.

I can’t be bothered to get involved with you guys.

Sorry for offending you.

” In the next second, his body instantly took a step forward.

With a step, his body instantly passed by the two of them.

The Space-time immortal technique circulated, and Ye Xiao’s control over his speed had already been raised to the limit.

When the two phoenixes saw that scene, they were instantly stunned.

The two of them could clearly sense that Ye Xiao’s current cultivation was only at the sixth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

However, he was able to achieve such heaven-defying speed with his cultivation at the sixth level Godly Emperor realm, easily surpassing the two of them.

It was simply inconceivable.

“Not good! We can’t let him get close to Her Majesty, the Phoenix Empress so easily.

” After the two of them reacted, they immediately rushed over at their fastest speed.

They wanted to intercept Ye Xiao.

However, their speed could not compare to Ye Xiao at all.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiao had already arrived on the Phoenix Plain, on the largest parasol tree.

After arriving there, he did not continue to use the Space-time immortal technique.

The two phoenixes also quickly caught up.

Suddenly, just as the two of them were about to make a move, a light shout came from the parasol tree.

“Stop! Don’t be rude to Mr.

Ye!” The two phoenixes immediately stopped.

In the next second, an elder phoenix who looked to be in his forties with a lingering vigor stepped out.

Ye Xiao’s eyes moved slightly.

He could sense the other party’s cultivation, the peak ninth-level Godly Emperor, a lesser Supreme Eternal.

She was slightly stronger than his current strength, which allowed him to cross realms and fight.

“Grand Elder, this person barged into our Phoenix Plains without any manners.

He even barged in without the consent of the two of us.

” She spoke indifferently, but her gaze had always been on Ye Xiao’s body and had never moved away.

“In this Phoenix Plains, other than my Phoenix clan, no outsiders are allowed to enter as they please.

However, Mister Ye is an exception, the only exception.

” Without waiting for the two phoenix guards to be shocked, she spoke once again, “Mister Ye, her majesty, the Phoenix Empress, is already waiting for you inside.

You may enter.

” The two phoenix guards’ mouths were wide open in an ‘o’ shape! Did the two of them hear wrongly? Her Majesty the Phoenix Empress actually wanted him to go inside the parasol tree.

One had to know that the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree was equivalent to the Phoenix clan’s personal house.

Unless it was the person themselves or the person closest to them, no one else was allowed to casually enter.

Especially the Phoenix clan’s females, it was even more impossible for them to casually allow any male to enter.

Unless it was their own husband.

At that point, Her Majesty, the Phoenix Empress actually allowed that man to enter.

Was there a mistake? The two of them felt that their thoughts were a little wild.

Ye Xiao ignored the two of them and walked straight in.

As for that Grand Elder phoenix, she swept a glance at the two of them.

“If today’s matter were to be spread out, I will pluck all of your furs and stew it as soup for you to drink.