Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 567

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 567

Seeing the five Godly Emperors being all killed, Xuanyuan Long and the others were instantly stunned.

Their heads were filled with question marks.

“This… This is… This is Ye Xiao’s attack?” Everyone could not quite believe what they were seeing and began to get excited.

“Could it be that Ye Xiao is nearby?” However, when they spread out their divine senses, they did not discover Ye Xiao’s aura.

At that moment, Xuanyuan Long’s intent stone suddenly lit up and flickered twice.

Someone had sent him a message.

He immediately took out his intent stone, and Ye Xiao’s voice came out from within.

“I’ve sent out this sword strike from the Bluebell divine territory.

I don’t know if I can help you.

If you’re still alive, hurry back to the Xuan Yuan divine territory and stop fooling around outside.

I’ll wait for you guys at the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

” Seeing that message, Xuanyuan Long was so shocked that he could not say a single word.

He was stunned on the spot for a long time.

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COM “Senior Xuanyuan Long, what’s going on?” Yun Cangqiong chimed in.

Xuanyuan Long opened his mouth and said, “This sword was indeed sent out by Ye Xiao.

However, it was not sent out near here.

Instead, it was sent out from the Bluebell divine territory.

” The air descended into a deathly stillness.

Everyone looked at Xuanyuan Long in disbelief.

It was as if they were unable to understand what he was saying in an instant.

“Brother Long, the Bluebell divine territory is far from here.

There’s an unknown number of divine territories on the way! Even a Godly Emperor like us would need a full day to arrive here from there.

“If I’m not surprised, Ye Xiao’s attack should have only started when we used the intent stone to communicate with him and contact him.

“But I didn’t expect that his attack could come from such a distant place.

Moreover, he could still maintain this kind of attack power even after the long journey.

This is the most terrifying part!” “Could it be that Ye Xiao has now increased by two realms? I remember that before we came, his cultivation seemed to be at the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Could it be that he has already advanced to the sixth level of the Godly Emperor realm now?” “No… It can’t be.

How long have we been out? How could he possibly advance two realms in such a short period of time? “This isn’t something as simple as drinking water, nor is it advancing to become a Houtian realm martial artist.

This is advancing to the Godly Emperor realm!” The Xuan Yuan clan leader shook his head and said, “It hasn’t been a short time since we came out.

Actually, logically speaking, with Ye Xiao’s talent, it should be very normal for him to raise his cultivation by one level.

Therefore, there’s an 80 to 90 percent chance that he should be at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm now.

” “Let’s not talk about this.

No matter how much we guess here, it’s meaningless.

In any case, we have to go back eventually.

Can’t we just go back and ask?” “That’s a good idea.

” After everyone finished speaking, they cleaned up the mess and left quickly.

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COM All of the fallen god clan’s divine blood was brought back by them and handed over to Ye Xiao.

Before long, when the people nearby came over, Xuanyuan Long and the others had already retreated.

The people who had just arrived sensed the aura in the air and could not help but say, “There was a huge battle here just now, and there’s still the aura of a seventh-level Godly Emperor.

How terrifying!” “That’s not the scariest part.

Didn’t you guys sense it? That seventh-level Godly Emperor’s aura has already become like the aura of death.

This means that he’s already dead.


“And the aura left behind by the Xuan Yuan god clan here is still alive.

This means that they are still alive.

” “I didn’t expect the Xuan Yuan god clan to be this powerful.

When the Yanhuang Great World defeats the Xuanhuang Great World, the rankings in the Yanhuang Great World will definitely be rearranged.

“At that time, I don’t know what level the Xuan Yuan god clan will rise to!” The speaker did not mean what he said, but the listener was interested.

In the starry sky, many figures could not help but have solemn expressions when they heard those words.

Among them, the vast majority were ranked before the Xuan Yuan god clan.

If the Xuan Yuan god clan’s ranking was higher, it would be an extremely disadvantageous situation for them.

It was not something that everyone wanted to see.

Ye Xiao’s side very quickly returned to the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

If that sword of his could kill the enemy, Xuanyuan Long and the rest should be able to return.

If his sword could not kill the enemy, even if he went over, Xuanyuan Long and the others would probably be dead.

If he went over, he probably would not be able to find even a piece of trash.

He could not possibly rush into the enemy’s headquarters and use the Great Dragon to chop them up, right? After entering, his chances of survival were like hundreds of millions of little tadpoles.

To be able to survive one was already very impressive.

If things went wrong, he would directly ascend to heaven on the spot.

After returning, he could still pass through the ancestral shrine to see how many people had died and how many had not.

When he returned to the Xuan Yuan Mountain, only then did he count it out.

A total of five Godly Emperors and 90 Godly Kings had died.

However, after thinking about it, it was normal.

After all, they were not gods, and their strength could not be said to be very outstanding.

There were many martial arts masters in the world who could defeat them.

Even though Ye Xiao did not know how many martial arts masters the other party had sent out.

However, there were still ordinary people who could withstand it and were not killed by the other party in an instant.

It was still very commendable.

The next problem was to consider the issue of reviving those people.

Among those people, more than half were people from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That was because when they went on the expedition back then, the proportion of the Netherworld god clan’s people was very low.

They had sent out five Godly Emperors, and the number was not small.

However, the number of Godly Kings could not be compared to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

However, the Netherworld god clan had lost a few more Godly Emperors.

There were a total of three, while the Xuan Yuan god clan had two Godly Emperors.

One was Yun Changqing, who had just advanced to become a Godly Emperor.

The other was a veteran Godly Emperor from before, called Zheng Luoxing.

He was the Zheng family’s Godly Emperor and was very old.

However, it was also because of him that the Zheng family had no opponents in the Xuan Yuan god clan other than the Yun family.

What Ye Xiao needed to do was to resurrect those people.

His current cultivation was only at the fifth level Godly Emperor realm.

Using the power of laws and the Undying masterpiece technique, he was still unable to resurrect all of them in one go.

That was because the consumption of the powers of laws was too great.

The Godly Kings were doable, but there were five Godly Emperors who were the issue.

It was also impossible for him to use the Space-time immortal technique to jump to that point in time to save others.

When that time came, it would disrupt the space-time and cause too much of a butterfly effect.

It would not be good either.

Things like the Space-time immortal technique were relatively taboo to Ye Xiao.

Under normal circumstances, he did not dare to use it casually.

Unless he encountered something that he had no choice but to resolve.

Only then would he use it.

For the sake of dozens of Godly Kings and a few Godly Emperors, and for those who could be resurrected, using the Space-time immortal technique would be even more dangerous.

Who could guarantee that there would not be more and more powerful martial art masters if he were to go personally? At that time, it would be big trouble if he were to lose his life as well.

‘It’s better to revive the Godly Kings first.

With my current strength, reviving the Godly Kings will consume a lot less energy.

It’s still very easy.

’ Very soon, he began to cast the Undying masterpiece technique, combining it with the revival array of the Xuan Yuan god clan to revive those Godly Kings.

Under Ye Xiao’s all-out use of the cultivation technique, those Godly Kings, who should have taken several months to heal, were all revived within a short day.

Their cultivation had more or less decreased, but fortunately, it was not too much.

At the very least, it was much lower than using the array alone to repair them.

If they were only using the array to resurrect and heal them, each of their realms might drop by two to three small realms.

For example, a fifth-level Godly King would be reduced to a third-level Godly King.

Moreover, in terms of martial aptitude, they would also suffer a heavy loss.

If things were not done well, it was very likely that it would cause them to have a hard time advancing in their lives.

After using Ye Xiao’s Undying masterpiece technique to heal them, the vast majority of them would at most have their cultivation reduced by a little, about half a level.

The influence in terms of talent could also be said to be negligible, not too big.

After Ye Xiao resurrected the Godly Kings, Xuanyuan Long and the others had already returned to the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Furthermore, they came to Xuan Yuan Mountain at the first possible moment to pay their respects to Ye Xiao.

From a certain perspective, although Ye Xiao was a descendant of the Xuan Yuan god clan, he was considered the Grand Elder of the Xuan Yuan god clan in everyone’s hearts.

It was to the extent that even the Netherworld god clan followed Ye Xiao’s lead.

“Ye Xiao, it’s all thanks to you making a move this time and saving us.

“Otherwise, I’m afraid that all of us would have to die in the north.

” Ye Xiao shook his head helplessly.

“I’ve already told all of you before, that I don’t like to be in the limelight too much.

It’s actually not good for me to be in the limelight too much.

It’s easy to attract envious eyes.

“The reason why you were targeted by others this time should not only be because the people of the Xuanhuang Great World noticed you, right? “Although they know that many of their own people have died, I think that many of them, or even all of them, don’t know your identities.

“And those who know your identities should belong to the god clans of the Yanhuang Great World!” When everyone heard that, their hearts trembled.

Thinking carefully, that was indeed the case.

Although they had killed many martial arts masters of the Xuanhuang Great World, every time they attacked, they killed all of them, not leaving a single one alive.

It should be impossible for the Xuanhuang Great World to know their identities, but someone had found them and surrounded them.

It was very obvious that someone was hindering them.

“D*mn it! There’s actually a traitor! How shameless! Have these people forgotten their own integrity? They actually helped the invaders of the Yanhuang Great World.

” “It’s human nature.

After all, not everyone has feelings of patriotism.

Isn’t it normal for one or two traitors to appear? However, this doesn’t mean that it was definitely done by a traitor.

It could also be a spy arranged by the Xuanhuang Great World in advance.

“In short, we should try to keep a low profile when we do things in the future.