Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 562

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 562

The two seniors did not make a move, but the other party was already dead.

That meant that he was indeed a true martial arts prodigy.

An inexplicable excitement and excitement gradually surged in Lan Zhan’s heart.

“The heavens really blessed our Bluebell god clan! Uncles, what is the cultivation level of this person?” “According to our initial estimates, if we are not wrong, his cultivation base is conservatively estimated to be at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

It is even very likely that he has advanced to the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm!” Lan Zhanxin could not help but suck in a breath of cold air again.

The two Godly Emperors spoke again, “Zhanxin, this matter is of great importance.

It concerns the core secrets of our race.

In the future, when our Bluebell god clan encounters danger, it is very likely that it will play a crucial role and allow us to turn the situation around.

” Lan Zhanxin nodded and immediately spoke to the group of subordinates behind him, Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “Have you all heard it clearly? No one is allowed to spread this matter.

If I find out that anyone spreads this matter, I promise to wring his tongue out.

” Everyone replied in unison.

“Please rest assured, Sir Holy Son.

We will absolutely not reveal the secrets of the god clan.

If we violate it, we will allow Sir Holy Son to punish us!” Two days later, a piece of news gradually spread throughout the Bluebell god clan.

There was an unimaginable martial arts prodigy in the Bluebell god clan.

It was very likely that he was an existence at the level of a Grand Elder of the Bluebell god clan.

Moreover, according to his preliminary estimation, his strength should be at the peak ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

It was even very likely that he would become a Supreme Eternal.

Once that news was spread, it caused an uproar in the entire Bluebell god clan.

One had to know that he was an existence at the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm or even a Supreme Eternal realm.

It could be said to be one of the best existences in the entire starry sky.

Who would dare to look down on him? It was said that because of that news, the number of people who came to trade with the Bluebell god clan in the entire starry sky had greatly increased.

The divine territory, which had the highest number of transactions in the entire starry sky, had even brought the market economy to its peak.

After the two great worlds were at war, what else could be more stable than having a peak ninth-level Godly Emperor or even a Supreme Eternal presiding over it? Two days later, Ye Xiao also received a message from the auction house’s manager, asking him to head to the auction house.

It should be the result of the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

The Space-time immortal technique circulated, and Ye Xiao arrived instantly at the auction house.

The manager was at the entrance, and he had just sent off a wave of customers.

When he saw Ye Xiao, he immediately came up to welcome him with a smile.

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COM “Yo, Boss Ye, you came really quickly.

” “I’m just nearby.

The Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, is it here now?” The manager said with a smile, “It’s not here now.

It is rare after all, and it’s not something that can be found anytime, anywhere.

However, although we don’t have the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, we have news of the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

” Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly and had a somewhat displeased expression.

One had to know that news of the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree and the actual Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree were two completely different concepts.

Having news did not mean that there was the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

Moreover, some news was equivalent to nothing in comparison.

For example… If that news was that the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree could not be obtained anywhere else other than the Phoenix Plain, wouldn’t that be nonsense? He could not go to Phoenix Plains to look for Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, right? The manager was a shrewd person.

He could naturally see that Ye Xiao’s expression was somewhat displeased at a glance and hurriedly explained, “Boss Ye, although the news isn’t the same as the actual Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, for an existence like the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree to have news, sometimes, it’s already a very good thing.

“Moreover, the price of the news and the actual Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree were definitely different.

“Seeing that it’s your first time doing business with me, this news was originally worth 1,000 divine crystals.

Now, I’ll only charge you 100 divine crystals.

“Let’s treat each other as friends.

” Ye Xiao swept his spiritual sense over to confirm the authenticity of that piece of information.

Then, out of loyalty, he threw 100 divine crystals in front of the other party.

The manager did not know that his consciousness had already been scanned by Ye Xiao.

He immediately took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and handed it to Ye Xiao.

“Boss Ye, this is the information regarding the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

Take a look and destroy it once you’re done using it.

If the secret is leaked, don’t blame us.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

He did not need to look at the note because he had already obtained this information by scanning the other party’s memories.

It was probably in the northern part of the Bluebell divine territory that a young phoenix at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm appeared.

The Phoenix clan was blessed by the power of laws.

Just like the Dragon clan and the Qilin clan, the juniors of the clan could reach the strength of the Martial Emperor realm in the human world when they were just born.

Moreover, the advances before the Godly Emperor realm, it was a piece of cake.

A phoenix at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm could only be considered to be in its infancy.

However, even if it was a phoenix in its infancy, it was still a phoenix.

It had run out from the Phoenix Plains.

Perhaps it would carry a Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree on its body.

The Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree branch was plucked from the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

It was said that it had special five-element resistance, especially fire resistance.

The phoenixes usually had their own five elements.

If they ran out, it would be very difficult for them to land on other plants.

They might even destroy other plants.

It was said that some phoenixes had fire energy that was too strong.

Even some metals would melt after a long time.

Therefore, the Phoenixes might not bring other things, but they would definitely bring one or a few Phoenix-perched Parasol Trees.

“Boss Ye, although the other party is only a young phoenix at the Godslayer realm, you can’t go too far.

You can’t harm the other party’s life.

Otherwise, you’ll definitely meet with big trouble.

“The Phoenix clan is the most protective.

If they know that you’ve hurt a member of the Phoenix clan, they definitely won’t let you off easily.

” Ye Xiao nodded and immediately said, “Are you sure it’s just a young phoenix? There aren’t any late-stage Godly Emperor-level old phoenixes by your side?” “Of course.

It’s impossible for us to risk the lives of our customers.

We still want to continue doing business.

“However, even if the other party has a late-stage Godly Emperor phoenix, as long as you don’t go overboard, there won’t be any major problems.

“At the very most, he’ll run over to find trouble with our Bluebell god clan.

However, our Bluebell god clan is no longer the same as before.

” Ye Xiao’s heart stopped.

Those words… With a hint of pride on his face.

How arrogant! Although the Bluebell god clan was already very strong, they were still far from the Phoenix clan.

Especially when the Bluebell god clan did not seem to be afraid of a late-stage Godly Emperor phoenix martial arts master earlier.

Could it be that the Bluebell god clan had some special methods? Before he had the time to scan the other party’s memories, the other party had already said with a smile once again, “Boss Ye, do you not believe what I said? Hehehe… Actually, don’t say that you don’t believe it, I didn’t believe it at the beginning either.

“Who would have thought that? Our Bluebell god clan actually has a reclusive Grand Elder.

His cultivation has already reached the peak of the late-stage Godly Emperor or even the level of Supreme Eternal!” After hearing those words, Ye Xiao could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, and at the same time, his pupils could not help but constrict.

They actually had a martial arts prodigy in the late-stage Godly Emperor realm, and it was even possible that he was an existence at the level of Supreme Eternal? Why did he not sense it at all? D*mn it, if he had known earlier, he would not have made a move.

At that point, he could have been exposed.

If the other party was really a martial arts prodigy of such a level, he would have definitely sensed his movements, right? Could it be that he has already begun to secretly spy on him? The more Ye Xiao thought about it, the more alarmed he became.

He immediately opened his mouth again and said, “How did you know? Since he’s a reclusive old Grand Elder, it shouldn’t be possible for him to casually come out and interact with you, right?” “Hehehe… Boss Ye, this question is very good.

However, you don’t have to doubt the authenticity of this matter, because it came from the personal guards of our Bluebell god clan’s Holy Son.

” Ye Xiao felt a chill in his heart.

Since it came from the personal guards of their Bluebell god clan’s Holy Son, then that news should most likely be reliable.

Who would have thought that the Bluebell god clan actually had such a great asset?.

It seemed like he really had to keep a low profile.

Seeing that he did not speak, the manager immediately spoke up, “Boss Ye, do you not believe me? We have evidence.

Do you still remember that two days ago, there were Godly Emperor-level auras erupting everywhere? That was actually a Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast sent by the Xuanhuang Great World.

It was used to deal with the god clan.

It wanted to cause chaos in our rear and then affect the frontlines.

“However, our Bluebell god clan’s prodigy took action.

In a wave of cleansing, he instantly killed all the Sacred Beasts!” In the end, the Bluebell god clan’s reclusive Grand Elder was actually himself? Was there a mistake? Furthermore, what was even more ridiculous was how he had become a peak ninth-level Godly Emperor or even an existence at the level of a Supreme Eternal? Where did that news come from? “Think about it.

For him to be able to kill so many Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beasts in such a short period of time, his strength must be in the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

“But if he’s only at the sixth or seventh-level Godly Emperor realm, then there’s no need for our god clan’s Godly Emperor to hide his identity.

He can just announce it openly.

“This is because our god clan already has an existence at the seventh or eighth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

That was not something rare! “But they hid the news and didn’t reveal a single word.

“Isn’t this where the problem lies? “Other than the peak ninth level of the Godly Emperor realm or the strength of the Supreme Eternal, there’s no need for them to hide anything.

“Therefore, our Bluebell god clan’s reclusive Grand Elder must be an unrivaled martial arts master.

” Ye Xiao was dumbfounded when he heard that.

Were those people all so imaginative? The manager patted his shoulder and consoled him, “It’s a pity that Boss Ye is not a member of our Bluebell god clan.

Otherwise, you would definitely feel endless glory just like us.