Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 556

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 556

Ye Xiao spat out a few words indifferently.

His gaze was fixed on the several rays of light that were descending in the sky.

There were seventh-level Godly Emperors, sixth-level Godly Emperors, and other fifth and fourth-level Godly Emperors.

At the same time, the Godly Emperors in the cage within the Xuan Yuan Mountain seemed to have sensed something as they immediately shouted, “It’s the Godly Emperors! This feeling is that of our Xuanhuang Great World’s Godly Emperors! It’s absolutely right.

” “Hahaha… I didn’t expect that they would really come.

This way, we won’t die next time! Hahaha…” “I can sense that there’s still a seventh-level Godly Emperor inside! A seventh-level Godly Emperor will definitely be able to defeat that brat.

” The Godly Emperor inside the cage was excited.

Outside the cage, facing the arrival of many Godly Emperors, Ye Xiao finally began to move.

Facing the increasing pressure, he took a step forward and pulled Xia Xinyi behind him.

Then, he raised his hand and slashed out with his sword.

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COM That sword attack was augmented by the Great Way of Life immortal technique and Immortal Artifact.

Ye Xiao did not retain all the spiritual energy in his body at all.

He did not leave any trump cards for himself.

That was because he believed that that sword attack of his had enough power to settle everything.

Even if his cultivation was only at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm, even if the other party’s cultivation was at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm, he was still not afraid.

That sword strike had gathered all of his strength.

With the augmentation of Immortal Artifact and immortal techniques, it would be raised to its peak state.

A cold beam of light shot up into the sky.

With an unstoppable momentum, it crushed everything in its path.

In front of it, none of them could dodge that move.

They were all crushed by that sword strike.

The expression of the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo who was charging down suddenly changed.

His cultivation base was the strongest, so his perception was also the strongest.

He immediately sensed that that sword strike was unusual.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!” He suddenly let out a scream.

However, before he could turn around, the Godly Emperor behind him had already collided with him.

Their speed was too fast.

In order to plunder the Immortal Artifact, no one had thought of stopping.

They all increased their speed to the maximum.

It was also because of that wrong decision that they did not even have the chance to dodge before they directly collided with the sword.

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COM The Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo could not help but let out a sorrowful cry.

However, it was already too late.

The power of that sword far exceeded his imagination.

It instantly penetrated through his defenses and completely destroyed his entire body’s mechanism.

He did not even have the chance to react.

The Godly Emperors behind him were similarly enveloped by that sword light.

All of their bodily functions were destroyed.

However, the sword light did not stop because of it.

Instead, it soared and charged straight at the bull, slashing a distance of more than 10,000 miles.

Along the way, there was not a single living being that survived.

Even the star islands and meteorites were all destroyed into dust because of that reason.

Even the thunderclouds in the nine heavens that had yet to dissipate had a large hole transmitted out.

A beam of strong light descended and shone straight on the entire Xuan Yuan Mountain.

The sword beam lasted for less than three seconds.

However, all the damage that was inflicted during these three seconds caused the entire world to tremble.

There was a deathly stillness.

All the Godly Emperors were stunned on the spot.

Their minds were filled with questions.

Before they could react, all the Godly Emperors were killed by a sword beam.

There was a seventh-level Godly Emperor! In the end, they could not even withstand that move.

How powerful must the Xuan Yuan god clan have? Zheng Tianya was the same as everyone else.

He was also given a huge fright.

He did not expect Ye Xiao to become so powerful in the blink of an eye.

A seventh-level Godly Emperor had been instantly killed by him with a sword.

He had thought that Ye Xiao would not encounter a difficult problem that time around.

Knowing he was fine, he patted his chest and looked extremely proud.

“Everyone, did you see that? What did I tell you? As long as you come to our Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine territory, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This place will definitely be safe enough.

” The other Godly Emperors and Godly Kings immediately nodded like old hens pecking at rice.

That sword strike had really scared them to the point of peeing.

A seventh-level Godly Emperor was already so scared that they could not even stand properly.

In the end, they did not expect that the Xuan Yuan god clan had someone even more ruthless, killing the other party instantly with a sword strike.

At that moment, everyone seemed to finally understand why so many martial arts masters had suddenly appeared in the Xuan Yuan god clan and beaten the others into a sorry state.

It was definitely because of that existence’s support from behind.

The four great god clans had been beaten to a state of introspection.

It was most likely related to that existence.

It looked like the Xuan Yuan god clan was really going to rise up! They had to curry favor with their god clan! If they did so in advance, they would have nothing to worry about in the future.

In addition, when they returned, they had to tell their clansmen not to casually provoke the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At that point, the Xuan Yuan god clan was no longer on the same level as them.

They were no longer the god clan that was ranked 19th in the starry sky, but an existence that was already on par with the top ten.

As for Ye Xiao, he could not help but raise his brows slightly after slashing that sword.

“I’m a little regretful that I didn’t display my best level.

” She could no longer feel the power of that sword earlier because that sword had already completely exceeded her imagination.

In other words, her entire body was within the power of that sword.

It was like you were deep within Mount Tai, unable to see its full extent.

Even so, she knew that that sword had killed several Godly Emperors! It was a single sword that killed all of them! How terrifying was that strength? However, Ye Xiao said that he did not display his best level.

Just what level was that fellow’s best level? Furthermore, Ye Xiao was actually not lying.

He really did not display it well.

Of course, the main reason was not his body, but the Great Dragon’s body.

That was because the Great Dragon had made a mistake while resisting the Lightning Tribulation, causing some injuries to his body.

Due to the injuries, the Great Dragon’s strength could not reach its peak.

He still had to think of a way to complete the restoration of the Great Dragon.

However, he did not have any knowledge in that aspect.

Although he had always stayed in the library, it was the library of the Nine Provinces.

Even later on, when the few great families moved some books over, it still did not work.

It looked like he still had to go to the Xuan Yuan god clan’s martial arts library to take a look.

“Grand Elder, there are many Godly Emperors from other god clans here today.

Do you want to go and meet them?” “There’s no need.

I’m not interested in that kind of thing.

The two of you can handle it.

” Following that, Ye Xiao used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already appeared in the Xuan Yuan god clan’s martial arts library.

The Xuan Yuan god clan had many martial arts libraries.

They were distributed in every star field in the divine territory.

The few great clans all had the highest-level martial arts libraries.

However, apart from that, there was also a martial arts library with the largest base.

It belonged to the entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

Ye Xiao had naturally come to this largest martial arts library.

When he arrived at this library, he swept it with his spiritual sense and unexpectedly discovered that the Venerable Black Tortoise was actually working as a librarian here.

“Senior Black Tortoise… Why is he working as a librarian here?” With a trace of doubt, Ye Xiao instantly moved to Black Tortoise’s side.

Black Tortoise was reading a book with a serious expression on his face.

Beside him was a large pile of cultivation techniques.

Basically, there were all kinds of cultivation techniques.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but be stunned.

Why did Senior Black Tortoise suddenly start reading so many books? His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Could it be that Senior Black Tortoise had also awakened the same attributes as the Golden Book? However, after scanning for a moment, he realized that the Venerable Black Tortoise was exactly the same as before and did not have any special changes.

What on Earth was going on? “Senior Black Tortoise.

” He could not help but call out.

The Venerable Black Tortoise suddenly raised his head and saw that it was Ye Xiao.

He immediately said excitedly, “It’s you, Ye Xiao! Quick, take a seat.

I haven’t seen you for a long time.

I’ll pour you a cup of tea.

” “Senior is too polite.

Speaking of which, why are you acting as a librarian here? Didn’t the Xuan Yuan god clan arrange a good training ground for you?” The Venerable Black Tortoise shook his head.

“That’s not it.

It was me who wanted to come over and become a librarian.

“It’s really too slow for me to cultivate by myself.

There’s not much meaning in cultivating bitterly all the time.

“Later on, I thought that you were the one who stood out as a librarian.

I’m like you, reading here every day.

Perhaps I’ll have the chance to be like you, and one day, when I’m enlightened, I’ll be able to soar.

” “But then again, I’ve been reading books for a very long time.

Why haven’t I found the treasures in the books like you? “No matter how I look at it, I feel that everything is the same.

I haven’t found anything special at all.

“Can you give me some inspiration?” The corner of Ye Xiao’s mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He could not possibly open his mouth and tell the Venerable Black Tortoise that he had a Golden Book divine soul in his body that could be used to synthesize a method, right? That was his greatest secret.

He coughed lightly and immediately opened his mouth to explain, “It’s like this.

You have to persevere in reading.

Don’t always think of shortcuts that you can take.

After reading too much, you will naturally discover the profoundness within.

“Of course, this process is very difficult and lonely.

I feel that it’s better to cultivate properly.

” The Venerable Black Tortoise was silent for a moment and said with a serious expression, “No! You’ve already achieved so much now.

This means that reading is still much better than cultivating.

I want to learn from you.

If you can endure loneliness, read properly and strive to become as strong as you as soon as possible!” Looking at the Venerable Xuanwu’s determined look, Ye Xiao was speechless.

What are you not good at? If you learn from me, would that not be a dead end?