Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 553

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 553

“This is really a strange thing.

They don’t usually have much contact with us.

Why did they suddenly change their attitude? “It’s fine that they came to look for us, but they even brought us gifts.

What the hell are they doing?” “Should we inform the Grand Elder?” Xia Xinyi could not help but ask while Zheng Tianya shook his head.

“There’s no need for that for now.

The White Dragon god clan doesn’t have many martial arts masters.

The strongest ones are only in the Godly King realm.

There’s no need to worry too much and it’s not worth alerting the Grand Elder.


“The two of us will take a look first.

” The two of them quickly arrived at the boundary of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

The few Godly Kings sent by the White Dragon god clan were all waiting respectfully outside.

No one could cross them.

When they saw Zheng Tianya and Xia Xinyi, everyone’s faces were filled with respect.

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COM “Dear friends of the White Dragon god clan, we have come from afar.

We apologize for not welcoming you.

” The White Dragon god clan’s clan leader immediately went forward and said, “It’s nothing.

We were the ones who suddenly came to visit.

It’s us who should be apologizing.

” The White Dragon clan leader ordered his men to carry the gifts in.

He passed by Zheng Tianya and Xia Xinyi.

When they saw it, they could not help but feel a little surprised.

Of course, the gifts were not particularly top-notch.

However, to the White Dragon god clan, it was already a very good grade.

After all, the White Dragon god clan could not compare to the resources of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The strongest people in the clan were only martial arts masters in the Godly King realm.

To the Xuan Yuan god clan, it could be considered something of the upper class.

It was just that it could not reach the level of the best grade.

However, it could also be considered a generous gift.

The two of them did not ask what it was about.

It was not good for them to directly ask what it was about when they met.

After they entered the Zheng family’s reception hall, they would ask what it was about.

However, the two of them were not ready to send the members of the White Dragon god clan in.

In the blink of an eye, another group of people came from behind.

“Brother Tianya, wait a moment.

” When Zheng Tianya heard that voice, he could not help but turn around and take a glance.

His eyes were filled with astonishment.

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COM Xia Xinyi followed his gaze and looked over.

She raised her brows slightly and immediately said, “This guy seems a little familiar.

Oh, right, he seems to be the Supreme Grand Elder of the Golden-crowned god clan, Ji Chunshui, who is ranked 41st among the god clan, right? “I remember the two of you drinking together.

” “That’s right.

It’s him.

He’s also the strongest existence of the Golden-crowned god clan.

He was already at the sixth level of the Godly King realm.

“However, speaking of which, why did he come? “Although I have a little relationship with him which isn’t too good.

” Just as he finished speaking, the other party had already arrived in front of him.

Seeing the few martial arts masters of the Golden-crowned god clan behind him carrying some generous gifts, he and Xia Xinyi could not help but feel astonished once again.

What on Earth was going on? They had really seen a ghost that day.

Why were two god clans coming over to deliver gifts? “Hehehe, Brother Tianya, it’s been 30 years since we last met, right? It’s been a long time since we last met.

I really miss you.

” Ji Chunshui cupped his hands at him, and Zheng Tianya followed suit.

However, he did not have the time to ask Ji Chunshui why he was there.

Moreover, he brought so many gifts.

In the next second, a few figures flew over from a distance.

They were all Godly Kings.

Everyone glanced at them.

They were the god clan ranked 32nd.

That was not the end, because more and more god clansmen flew over.

Moreover, almost every one of them came with generous gifts.

That made Zheng Tianya and Xia Xinyi extremely confused.

He asked Xia Xinyi to call everyone to enter the Xuan Yuan divine territory while he quietly pulled Ji Chunshui to the side and asked in a low voice, “Brother Chunshui, I don’t quite understand.

I want to ask you something.

” “Brother Tianya, if you have something to say, just say it.

” Zheng Tianya hurriedly asked, “Why did you guys suddenly come to our place to give gifts?” “Brother Tianya, don’t you know?” “This… What am I supposed to know?” “Er… Alright.

Perhaps you don’t know.

I’m not too sure why they came to give you gifts.

But if my guess is correct, they should be about the same as me.

“They were just saved by the martial arts masters of your Xuan Yuan god clan.

That’s why they came with such a big gift to thank you, right?” “Oh! I see.

I was wondering what’s going on.

The sun has risen from the west today.

So many people came to give us gifts.

So that’s what’s going on.

” “Brother Tianya, to be honest, I’m really envious of your Xuan Yuan god clan.

So many powerful martial arts masters have appeared all of a sudden.

I’m afraid that middle-level god clans like us won’t be able to keep up with your pace in the future.

” Zheng Tianya immediately became polite.

“Brother Chunshui, you’re too polite.

We’re just a little lucky.

In addition, among those martial arts masters, not only are there members from our Xuan Yuan god clan, but there are also members from the Netherworld god clan.

” “Hehehe… Brother Tianya is too modest.

” Ji Chunshui smiled.

He knew that the other party was being modest.

However, he also felt a myriad of emotions in his heart.

Although the Xuan Yuan god clan was an existence that they could not afford to offend a long time ago, they did not know how powerful the current Xuan Yuan god clan was.

They could only look up to them.

To put it in a more realistic way, the Xuan Yuan god clan’s strength was definitely above the 14th rank.

Otherwise, they would not have been able to defeat the previous few god clans.

Moreover, they had such powerful strength.

They were able to fight against four high-level god clans in one go and even beat them up so badly that they were in closed-door cultivation.

That strength definitely far surpassed the combined strength of the four great god clans.

Perhaps, they had even surpassed the previous few god clans and had already reached the top 10.

If that was the case, then the Xuan Yuan god clan had truly risen to prominence.

However, at that moment, something unexpected happened.

An extremely terrifying aura suddenly pressed down from behind, causing the Godly Kings’ expressions to freeze.

They felt that something was amiss.

“What a terrifying aura.

This aura… Has already reached the level of a Godly Emperor!” “Furthermore, this aura doesn’t belong to our great world at all.

This is the Godly Emperor of the Xuanhuang Great World! How did they come to this place? “Could it be that the front line has already been penetrated by them?” Zheng Tianya immediately spoke with a solemn expression, “Everyone, don’t panic.

Quickly enter our divine territory.

Our divine territory has an array protecting it.

It can resist the attacks of Godly Emperors.

” When everyone heard that, they quickly entered the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

After that, Zheng Tianya immediately activated the array.

The other party’s speed was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived before them.

A few of his attacks mercilessly struck the array formation.

A huge explosion sounded, causing countless people to be unable to help but tremble.

“What a powerful attack! As expected of a martial arts master at the Godly Emperor realm, to be able to launch an attack.

“That method is simply beyond the reach of others.

“Even for existences at the Godly King realm like us, when faced with a martial arts master at such a level, we still have no way of retaliating.

” Zheng Tianya gave Xia Xinyi a look, asking her to immediately rush over to look for Ye Xiao for help.

Meanwhile, he stayed there to console everyone.

“Everyone, don’t worry.

Our array is absolutely fool-proof.

As long as everyone doesn’t leave this place, nothing will happen.

” Everyone nodded.

The truth was indeed so.

What else could they do? Escape from the other side of the Xuan Yuan divine territory? It was not a bad idea, but in that way, their original intention of coming there was violated.

They had originally wanted to curry favor with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

If they ran away just like that, it would be too disloyal.

Moreover, it would be difficult for them to come back in the future.

The other party would definitely not want a friend who was a coward.

Therefore, even if they were afraid, they had to wait there.

At the same time, the Godly Emperors who had rushed over had already approached the boundary of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

From afar, looking at the boundary of the Xuan Yuan divine territory, the various Godly Emperors could not help but frown.

“This divine territory does not seem to be very big, nor does it seem to be a place with many powerful existences.

How could it be possible to capture so many Godly Emperors?” “Perhaps there is something special and mystical about this place.

” “Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo, let us go and take a look first.

If there is any problem, you will be able to discover it in time.

” Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo nodded and said, “Go and be careful.

If you find anything wrong, hurry back immediately.

“If you don’t come out, it doesn’t matter.

At least we can not fall into it again.

” The Godly Emperors nodded.

Then, the two third-level Godly Emperors stepped out and quickly disappeared.

When they reappeared, they had already arrived in front of the Xuan Yuan god clan’s seal.

“Looks like this place has been blocked by someone using an array.

” “Let’s try breaking this array formation first.

Let’s see how strong they are.

” The two of them looked at each other and immediately used their most powerful masterpiece techniques to bombard the array.

Masterpiece techniques flashed as powerful energy beams that carried destructive energy ruthlessly struck the array.

Unfortunately, the duo’s techniques were not that powerful.

When they struck the array, they only produced a flash of multi-colored light.

They were unable to break the array formation in the slightest.

Upon seeing that scene, the many god clans’ Godly Kings could not help but add points to the Xuan Yuan god clan in their hearts.

They were already very strong, but they did not expect the array to be so outstanding.

That array was absolutely not inferior to the defensive array techniques of the top five god clans’ divine territories in the entire galaxy.

How did they suddenly become so powerful?