Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 552

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 552

At that moment, Xia Xinyi suddenly felt as if she had received 100 million points of critical damage.

That was simply an insult.

No, to be more precise, it should have been him who had brought that upon himself.

She should not have experienced the so-called cultivation problem with Ye Xiao.

Of course, that was not the most insulting thing.

The most insulting thing was that when Ye Xiao advanced, her bloodline power had once again obtained an increase, and she had advanced again.

She originally needed to cultivate painstakingly for half a year before she could advance to the fourth level of the Godly King realm, but at the moment, because ofYe Xiao, she had advanced in an instant.

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COM “If there’s nothing else, this subordinate will go and cultivate first.

” Actually, he did not intend to deliberately do anything exaggerated.

It was his cultivation speed that was exaggerated.

What did it have to do with him? He did not have any bad intentions and had never thought of attacking anyone.

Speaking of which, he did not know how Xuanyuan Long and the others were doing.

They had been out for quite some time.

If he guessed correctly, they should have already gone up against the experts of the Xuanhuang Great World, right? However, seeing that there was no reaction from the ancestral shrine in Xuan Yuan Mountain, it meant that none of them had died.

Otherwise, the ancestral shrine would have already begun to prepare for resurrection.

‘Forget it, I should go back and forge my Great Dragon first.

‘I should forge the Great Dragon into an Immortal Artifact first.

‘With the Great Dragon’s blessing, even if I was at the late-stage of the Godly Emperor realm, the difference between each stage would become greater and greater.

In the future, I should be able to use immortal techniques to forge an Immortal Artifact and kill enemies two stages higher than me.

‘At that time, I should be able to easily kill seventh-stage Godly Emperors.

’ At the same time, in the cage inside Xuan Yuan Mountain, the Godly Emperors were in a dilemma.

“What the hell? How many days have passed? Why hasn’t there been any reinforcements coming to save us?” “Could it be that they don’t know where we are?” “Of course it’s impossible! When we came, someone specifically gave the order.

Those Godly Emperors who gave the order weren’t captured.

If they weren’t captured, our news will definitely be reported to the upper echelons of the Xuanhuang Great World.

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COM “That being said, no one can say for sure.

What if they were ambushed by the other god clans?” Everyone rubbed the space between their brows.

“That makes sense.

But what can we do to break out of this cage and spread our news?” As they were speaking, suddenly, everyone seemed to have thought of something.

They all turned their gazes to Arona in the corner.

Arona instantly shivered.

“What are you guys doing? You guys have beaten me up a lot these days.

It should be over, right?” “Don’t worry, we won’t beat you up again.

We just want to ask if you still have your golden tooth.

” Arona’s expression froze.

“I’m telling you guys, don’t have any more ideas about my golden tooth.

I still have the last gold tooth.

If you take this tooth out again, if I encounter any danger in the future, I really won’t be able to call for help.

” Everyone looked at each other and revealed a wicked smile.

“Since you still have the last gold tooth, then give it to me.

” “What are you doing? I’m telling you, don’t do anything rash.

I didn’t want to argue with you guys before, but now I won’t let you off so easily! Everyone’s cultivation has been sealed.

If it’s purely a competition of physical skills, I might not lose to you guys.

“Don’t come over! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit my face, it hurts! Whose hand, don’t take the opportunity to touch it… I’m convinced by you guys, alright? “I’ll break the golden tooth myself!” When everyone heard that, they released their hands and said with a smile, “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had done this earlier? You even wanted us to specially make a move, wasting everyone’s strength and time.

” Under an extremely humiliating state, Arona pulled out his last big golden tooth with tears in his eyes.

There was no other way.

They had the advantage in numbers.

He was alone and weak.

Being pressed under his body, there was simply no way to resist those unknown and unruly hands.

Ye Xiao had just arrived at the interior of the Xuan Yuan Mountain when he saw a large golden tooth shoot out.

That time, he did not take action to intercept the large golden tooth and let it shoot out on its own.

That was because he could guess with his toes that it was definitely Arona who had started to call for help again.

It did not matter to him.

In any case, he could just kill one who came.

Ye Xiao was also clear in his heart that it was impossible for the other party to send out a martial arts prodigy at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

As long as the Supreme Eternal did not come out, even if it was a ninth-level Godly Emperor or a lesser True Immortal, it would not be so easy to kill him.

If he were to really face a martial arts prodigy at that level, even if he could not defeat him, he could definitely bring along the divine blood of all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan to escape, Then, he could resurrect them at a safe place.

If it was not a martial arts prodigy at that level, it would be much easier.

He could just kill them directly.

Therefore, he was not afraid at all.

Following that, Ye Xiao directly took out the materials he needed.

Imperial gold was the hardest metal in the starry sky.

It could be used to strengthen the body of a powerful dragon and increase its hardness.

A top-grade weapon could not be thick, but it had to be hard to the extent that it would not break no matter how hard one fought with others.

Purple Sky Thunder Jade was an extremely special jade material that could increase the amount of spiritual energy that a weapon could irrigate.

A top-grade weapon not only had to be hard, but it also had to last for a long time.

How long could it last? Then it definitely needed the Purple Sky Thunder Jade to expand its absorption rate of spiritual energy.

There was also a top-grade Sacred Beast’s divine blood that could be used to strengthen the soul power of a powerful dragon, allowing its weapon soul to have greater control, allowing it to perfectly control the weapon, suppressing the killing intent on it, and allowing it to be better controlled by itself.

Wherever one pointed, the sword would go toward it.

Other than those, there were also many other aspects of materials.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao had a lot of stock, which had been in stock for several years.

Otherwise, he really would not be able to meet the requirements to level up the Great Dragon at that time.

That was because, at that time, it was to refine an Immortal Artifact, so even if Ye Xiao had the Great Way of Life immortal technique, it would not be so easy to obtain it in one go.

He spent a lot of effort, starting to forge and fuse it bit by bit.

The more high-end an item was, the more complicated it was to make.

The steps required were also more, and the time spent was also longer.

It would take a very, very long time before it could be done.

On the other side, in the starry sky, an army that was attacking the Yanhuang Great World’s god clan suddenly received a golden divine light.

That beam of golden divine light was quickly sent to the highest command center of the spiritual airship, informing several Godly Emperors.

“Supreme Godly Emperor Tai Luo, this is a signal for help from several low-level Godly Emperors of our Xuanhuang Great World.

“They are the Godly Emperors who were previously in charge of destroying the ancestral shrines of the god clan of the Yanhuang Great World.

They are the vanguard of our entire Xuanhuang Great World.

“Now that they have been captured by a god clan called the Xuan Yuan god clan and were locked up, should we go and rescue them?” The Supreme Godly Emperor Tai Luo rubbed the space between his brows.

“They are all Godly Emperors.

Furthermore, they are the vanguard of the Xuanhuang Great World.

If we don’t rescue them, others will inevitably gossip about us in the future.

When that happens, it will be disadvantageous to our god clan.

“Right now, everyone is attacking the Yanhuang Great World.

For the time being, they don’t have the time to care about us.

If this matter is exposed in the future, none of us will be able to escape.

” “D*mn it.

The god clan that we are attacking right now isn’t very strong.

If you leave at the critical moment, we won’t be able to smoothly take down this divine territory.

” “That’s right, Senior.

We can’t give up on the great battle situation before us so easily.

“Furthermore, there’s another point.

“Our entire army has yet to reach the center of the Yanhuang Great World.

If we rush forward rashly and go deep into the enemy’s rear, it would be an extremely dangerous blow to us if we encounter an even more powerful Godly Emperor!” However, the Supreme Godly Emperor Tai Luo shook his head once again.

“What you said isn’t right.

If we don’t go and save them today, this matter will be exposed sooner or later.

“Right now, it’s a time of war.

We are still of use, so they won’t find trouble with us.

“If we go and save them today, let’s not talk about whether we will be able to save them or not.

But at the very least, we will go.

“This involves another level of security.

We can not look down on it.

” When everyone heard that, they fell silent.

The Supreme Godly Emperor Tai Luo was right.

Danger was one thing, but whether or not to go was another.

If they went, there might be some small dangers then, and nothing would happen in the future.

However, if you did not go that day itself, trouble would come knocking on your door in the future.

That would be truly fatal.

In the world of martial artists, there was not only fighting and killing.

Aside from the law of the jungle, there was also the way of the world.

“I won’t force all of you to go with me.

If you’re willing, you can stand up if you’re willing to go with me.

Those who aren’t willing to go, you can stay and guard.

Anyway, we only need a portion of our people to go.

The higher-ups won’t say anything if they know about this.

” However, although he said so, many people still stood up.

“I’m willing to follow Senior over.

” The Supreme Godly Emperor Tai Luo nodded.

“Good brothers, you are all my good brothers.

Pass down my orders.

During the period of time that we are away, the large group should not launch a general attack.

They only need to use small-scale battles to harass them and not let them react.

“We will be back soon.

” On the other side, two days later, the Xuan Yuan god clan also welcomed a group of guests.

The White Dragon god clan! When that news reached the ears of Zheng Tianya and Xia Xinyi, who were currently dealing with the matters of the Xuan Yuan god clan, they could not help but feel a little surprised.

“Why would the White Dragon god clan suddenly come at this time?” The disciple who sent the message said, “Not only did they come, but they also brought a lot of gifts.

” That made the two of them even more surprised.