Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 549

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 549

Everyone responded.

Ye Xiao then entered the inner parts of the Xuan Yuan Mountain and began refining weapons.

Seeing him enter the inner parts of the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Yun Changqing could not help but say, “We all have weapons.

Why does he still need to prepare weapons for us?” “I don’t know, but Ye Xiao definitely has his reasons for doing so.

We’d better quickly gather the numbers and transfer the members of the Netherworld clan over.

” Everyone followed Ye Xiao’s instructions, while Ye Xiao began to refine weapons.

Regarding the materials, Ye Xiao could already be considered to be extremely rich.

The materials from the primordial Divine Kingdom were still with him.

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COM In addition to the materials in the hands of the other Godly Emperors, Ye Xiao really did not lack in refining weapons.

Moreover, his Creation masterpiece technique had already been combined with the World Destruction masterpiece technique and upgraded to the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

Using the Great Way of Life immortal technique to create weapons was simply too simple.

Ye Xiao took out all the materials and piled them into a small mountain, filling up the entire interior of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

“Ten Godly Emperors and 140 Godly Kings.

Then I’ll forge 150 sets of Treasured Artifacts.

” Ye Xiao was prepared to make a complete set for each of them, which was a complete set of armor and weapons.

The ten sets of Treasured Artifacts in the Godly Emperor’s version would be strengthened a little.

For the Godly King realm, they would use the second-tier Treasured Artifacts.

That was because the Godly Emperor could be used to fight against higher-level enemies, he would definitely have stronger equipment than the Godly Kings.

There was also another reason.

The Godly Emperor’s cultivation was stronger, so his overall level was higher, and his output was also higher.

The supporting facilities of the giant python and the earthworm were definitely different.

If one used a transparent membrane, the earthworm would definitely not be able to pierce through it.

However, the giant python was different.

With a single strike, it would break.

The weapon would be used in the same way as the Great Dragon.

It would be used as the long-handled saber.

Ye Xiao’s Great Dragon could already be confirmed to have exceeded the scope of a Treasured Artifact.

However, whether it had reached the realm of the True Immortal above a Treasured Artifact or not was uncertain.

After helping them settle all of this, he would find some time to upgrade it, allowing the Great Dragon to completely stabilize at the level of an Immortal Artifact.

At that time, he would also have an additional life-saving method.

After picking out the materials, Ye Xiao used the Great Way of Life immortal technique, and the Treasured Artifacts were manufactured one after another.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt like he was a machine in a factory, with a Treasured Artifact every half a minute.

That level was definitely the number one standard in the entire starry sky.

No one could compare to it.

No matter how good a blacksmith was, if they wanted to refine a Treasured Artifact, they would need at least more than a month’s time.

Moreover, they also had a certain probability of failure.

It did not mean that they could succeed every time.

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COM Creating a Treasured Artifact was not something that could be done casually.

It involved a certain amount of power of laws.

If one did not comprehend the ultimate profoundness of artifact refinement, it was impossible to easily master it, let alone reach such a speed.

After more than an hour, Ye Xiao refined 150 Treasured Artifact-level weapons.

He picked up one of them and knocked on it.

The weapon emitted a pleasant echo.

That kind of beautiful metal texture could only be possessed by a Treasured Artifact.

Next was to refine the armor.

The armor was divided into several parts.

The helmet on the head could not only defend against spiritual energy attacks, but it could also defend against spiritual attacks.

That was because Ye Xiao had already noticed it when he was dealing with Arona and the others.

Many of them were good at eye techniques, arrays, and the like… That meant that in the Xuanhuang Great World, those cultivation techniques might be the mainstream.

Hence, it could not be ruled out that they were all proficient in spiritual attacks.

The breastplate and arm armor on their bodies, including the leg armor, did not need to be said.

They were all consolidated together and used for strict protection.

At the same time, on the breastplate, apart from carving a defensive array, Ye Xiao also specially carved some spirit-gathering arrays.

That allowed them to recover the spiritual energy that they lacked when they were engaged in high-intensity battles.

Not everyone was like Ye Xiao, who cultivated the Great Way of Life immortal technique and could instantly recover the spiritual energy that was consumed in their bodies.

The vast majority of people could not reach that level.

Endurance was very important to them in interstellar battles.

After that, it was time for the shoes.

Ye Xiao made the shoes into something similar to half leather armor.

The inside of the shoes was engraved with an array that increased their speed.

That way, they could increase their combat speed in battle.

At the same time, the bottom of the shoes was reinforced with high-strength materials.

If they used leg techniques, they could reduce their reaction force and also increase the pressure on the enemy.

When he was done, Ye Xiao felt the time.

It did not take six hours, but only six and a half hours.

Alright, he had still somewhat underestimated the level of the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

He released his divine sense and sensed that Xuanyuan Long and the others had gathered all the Godly Emperors and Godly Kings outside.

He grabbed at the void with his large hand and brought all the artifacts out.

Xuanyuan Long immediately came forward.

“Ye Xiao, everyone has gathered.

There are a total of ten Godly Emperors and 140 Godly Kings.

” “The equipment that I prepared for all of you has also been prepared.

” As he finished speaking, he threw all the equipment out of his storage ring.

Looking at the pile of shiny golden equipment that was still emitting a purple glow, everyone present instantly widened their eyes and looked at that scene in disbelief.

The air descended into a deathly silence.

After a short moment, Xuanyuan Long opened his mouth and said, “Ye Xiao, is this the equipment that you want to prepare for us?” “No, these are all Treasured Artifacts!” “If it’s not a Treasured Artifact, there’s not much meaning in giving it to you guys, right?” The corners of Xuanyuan Long’s mouth could not help but twitch violently.

There was not much meaning… In Ye Xiao’s hands, other than Treasured Artifacts, nothing else counted as equipment? “Ye Xiao, aren’t these things too valuable? If you give all these things to us to use, what do you have for yourself?” “I don’t care.

I’m not going out.

I’m only guarding the Xuan Yuan divine territory, so I’ll just use normal equipment.

The good ones are for all of you to use.

” Everyone suddenly felt their chests tighten.

What an outstanding character! Any one of those items would be priceless.

Adding them up, the value was even more immeasurable! However, not only did he not care, he even took them out and gave it all to them to use.

That feeling made everyone feel warm in their hearts.

“Now, all of you come up to collect your Treasreud Artifacts.

After you wear them, you can go out to battle.

“Remember one thing, the battle must be fast.

Don’t dawdle, and run after the battle is over.

“In addition, if you encounter an existence stronger than you, don’t take it head-on.

Just turn around and run.

“It’s not shameful if you can’t beat them.

It’s shameful if you die.

“Although, with the ancestral shrine’s array and my Undying masterpiece technique, I can use your divine blood and divine soul to resurrect you.

“But in reality, because there’s only a drop of your divine blood and soul here, the time required to resurrect you will be longer.

“At the same time, even if you are resurrected, your cultivation level will drop a little.

At the same time, your aptitude will also drop a little.

” “Other than that, there’s one more thing.

Each of you empty your storage rings and use them to store your divine blood.

Bring back all the divine blood from the Xuanhuang Great World that you killed.

I have use for it.

“Don’t throw away the resources that they carry with them.

Bring them back as well.

You might be able to use them for the entire god clan.

” “Since that’s the case, let’s begin.

” Everyone came forward to take the Treasured Artifacts.

Ye Xiao threw Xuanyuan Long a storage ring.

Inside it was all the medicinal pills that he had stored in his hands.

They were all looted from other places previously, so there was no need for him to refine new medicinal pills.

After that, he turned around and left to arrange other matters.

Xuanyuan Long could not help but praise, “Ye Xiao is really extraordinary.

He can take out so many Treasured Artifacts so casually.

” However, the Xuan Yuan clan leader opened his mouth to say, “Have you noticed that this batch of armor is especially new? The spiritual sense on it seems to have just been formed?” Xuanyuan Long’s body trembled.

“You… Do you mean to say that he has just created all of these artifacts?” “It’s very likely because he did say that he wanted to create them for us.

Furthermore, he made us wait for a few hours.

From the looks of it, it’s very likely that these artifacts were created by him at the last minute.

” “My God, this fellow is going against the Heavens! He had created so many Treasured Artifacts in just a few hours! Who in the entire starry sky could do this? Even the martial arts masters of the god clans like the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans couldn’t do this, right?” Godly Emperor Wu Ying smiled bitterly.

“His existence is heaven-defying.

What’s so surprising about him doing something so heaven-defying?” As they spoke, everyone was already dressed.

After taking a deep breath, they looked at each other.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” With that order, the 150-man team turned into five-colored and seven-colored beams of light and disappeared from the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

They began the war to defend the Yanhuang Great World.

At the same time, as the god clans from the Xuanhuang Great World descended, many of the god clans from the Yanhuang Great World were caught in the flames of war.

Ear-piercing explosions could be heard from the boundary between the two great worlds.

In the vast starry sky, one could see a brilliant light everywhere.

It looked like a brilliant sea of stars.

However, in reality, it was the clash between the two great worlds’ god clans that produced the light.

In that light, there were people dying all the time! Almost every second, there were people dying.

In a world full of war, death had become the main melody.