Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 548

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 548

She might even be able to live for 10,00 years! Heavens, such old bacon should be old, wrinkled, and hard, right? Would that not be like a steel ball? Not to mention herself, even a steel spear made of alloy would not be able to withstand it.

No, something does not seem right.

Ye Xiao raised his brows and said, “She shouldn’t be so stupid, right? Casually finding an ordinary person like me to go through the Love Tribulation? “Even if she wanted to go through the Love Tribulation, she should have gone to find a pretty good guy.

For example, the martial arts masters of the Dragon or Qilin clans.

“Moreover, she had never considered that if her clone were to find an old, ugly, and dirty old beggar or something like that? Then how would she be able to separate them… Hmm…” “Hehehe…” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM The Blood Venerable One laughed.

“I won’t accept your immortal technique remnant scroll for this question.

“Let me put it this way.

First of all, I’ve already told you that if she retained the memory of the Supreme Eternal, it would be almost impossible for her to fall in love with someone.

“At our level of strength, they basically had no desires or urges.

Other than that thing that had not been cut off, the rest were pure of heart and had no desires at all.

“The only thing we have left is to increase our cultivation.

“Therefore, if she wants to survive this calamity, she has to create a clone that doesn’t have any memories.

“This is one of the reasons.

“Two, although it’s a clone, it’s definitely not that kind of brainless little man or little woman.

Ordinary people would definitely not like it.

As long as they like it, they have to be considered dragons and phoenixes among humans.

“Even if it was a small world, it had to be a Heaven’s Chosen One in this small world.

“Since it was such a character, then there would definitely not be that kind of old beggar in the rubbish heap that you mentioned.

“Moreover, she would definitely put a certain restriction on her clone.

It was impossible for anyone to easily kill her or force her to do things that she did not like.

“If that really happened, she might rush over in an instant.

“Thirdly, even if she was able to form a relationship with a powerful existence, it would still be difficult for her to overcome the Love Tribulation.

“Because only one person could overcome the Love Tribulation.

It required two people to fall in love, and one of them had to be ruthless enough to leave and sever their love in order to complete the Love Tribulation.

“From this point of view, even if Emperor Phoenix falls in love with a powerhouse, what if the other party also needs to overcome the Love Tribulation? “What if the other party dumps her first? please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “In that case, she would never be able to pass the Love Tribulation again in her lifetime.

“She would also never have the chance to ascend to immortality in her lifetime.

“Similarly, her clone would definitely be a very outstanding girl, so it would be very easy for others to fall in love with her.

“Wouldn’t that make it very easy for her to overcome her Love Tribulation?” As expected of a martial arts prodigy at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

That thought process was almost flawless! That was because, under normal circumstances, if it was not for him, facing such an outstanding and high-quality old woman like Empress Feng, he might really be stuck in it and unable to extricate himself.

In the end, he did not expect that she would actually find him.

Wait a moment, Ye Xiao seemed to have just heard some extremely crucial information.

He opened his mouth again and said, “Didn’t you just say that the two of them are undergoing the Love Tribulation? In other words, she fell in love with me.

In reality, I’m also undergoing the Love Tribulation?” The Blood Venerable One rubbed his fingers again.

Ye Xiao flicked his finger once again and gave him a scroll of the cultivation technique.

D*mn it, he had already spent four scrolls in a while, and there were still 99,996 left.

Looks like he had to use it more slowly in the future.

After getting the remnant scroll of the Great Way of Life immortal technique, the Blood Venerable One smiled and kept it in his body.

Then he continued to say, “Of course, you’re going through the same thing, but don’t worry too much, because if she does, you’ll just die and be reincarnated.

“There is no way to become a True Immortal in this life.

I can only look at my next life and try again.

” Well… If you put it that way, it was quite interesting.

In any case, according to the Blood Venerable One, each Supreme Eternal, in order to pass the tribulation to become a True Immortal, would all need to experience seven tribulations.

His future goal, 100 percent was also to advance into the True Immortal realm.

”At that time, I must also need to go through a Love Tribulation.

‘Rather than going through another tribulation at that time, it would be better to directly go through the tribulation in advance now.

‘Wouldn’t that be perfect?’ At that time, he would be able to avoid a tribulation in the future.

He would definitely not like that what’s-her-name Empress Feng.

“Alright! Today’s questioning ends here.

I’ll take my leave first.

You can slowly wait here.

” Seeing Ye Xiao turn around and leave, the Blood Venerable One could not help but say, ‘I really don’t know where this kid got such great fortune from! ‘Every Phoenix Emperor or Empress would be ranked third in the entire starry sky no matter what.

As for their appearance, they would definitely be the number one in the myriad of clans in the starry sky.

‘Why did he find all the benefits? Just what did this fellow eat to grow up?’ Even so, very soon, he started laughing.

Who cares about such stupid things? He already had four scrolls of immortal techniques in his pocket.

He estimated that he would be able to obtain all the immortal techniques in a few more scrolls.

At that time, he would be able to leave that d*mn spatial ring and ascend to immortality.

Hahaha… “100 years! I’ll stay in this ring for 100 years.

Give me 100 years and see if I don’t learn all your immortal techniques?” Thinking of that, the Blood Venerable One’s mood instantly became many times better.

He even started humming a little tune.

At the same time, Ye Xiao, who had already completely figured out everything outside, suddenly seemed to have sensed something and looked into the distance.

“Arrived so quickly?” Xuanyuan Long and the others also came over one after another.

“Ye Xiao, did you feel it? In the entire starry sky, there’s suddenly a lot more auras, and they’re very powerful.

” “It should be that the Xuanhuang Great World has already attacked.

” He had already known that the other party would attack and thought that they would wait another two days.

In the end, there was no reason for the other party to be so impatient.

When everyone heard that, their expressions instantly changed and became even more solemn.

“Ye Xiao, then what should we do?” “Don’t worry.

I’ve already reinforced all the arrays left behind by the Ancestral Dragon with the power of laws.

“Even those above the fifth or sixth-level Godly Emperor would not be able to break through easily.

“Moreover, if they want to break through, they would at least have to answer to the weapons in my hands.

“Therefore, the clansmen of the Xuan Yuan clan basically won’t have much trouble.

” Hearing those words, everyone immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Since Ye Xiao had already reinforced the array, there was nothing to worry about.

The Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine territory was located at the center of the entire starry sky.

If all the god clans went to resist the Xuanhuang Great World, they would definitely go to the borders of the Yanhuang Great World to resist.

In that case, the Xuan Yuan god clan, which was located within the Yanhuang Great World, should not face too many attacks from martial arts masters.

Even if some martial arts masters would occasionally come over, as long as they were not late-stage Godly Emperors or Supreme Eternals, Ye Xiao would be able to settle all of that.

That way, that crisis would have already been resolved by more than half.

However, the Xuan Yuan god clan’s clan leader thought for a moment before saying, “Although the Xuan Yuan clan has me protecting them, I feel that we should not be careless because of this.

“If the Yanhuang Great World is unable to win this interstellar war, we will still face a huge threat in the future.

“This includes, but isn’t limited to, the destruction of the Yanhuang Great World, or the dragons, phoenixes, and qilins begging for mercy and giving up a certain star area.

“But no matter which one it is, it is a great threat to us.

“Now that the sky is falling, there are even higher-level god clans to hold it off.

What if in the future? It is impossible for there to be someone to hold it off for us forever.

“Everyone, remember, if your lips are dead, your teeth will be cold.

” Everyone nodded in agreement.

That was indeed the case.

Everyone was currently on the same side.

If everyone wanted to hide in their own plot of land, the entire Yanhuang Great World would definitely be defeated by someone.

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and immediately opened his mouth to speak, “All of you are right.

It is still necessary to go out and resist.

However, since we are going out to resist, we definitely want to defeat the other party.

Moreover, we want to reduce the number of casualties.

It would be best if there are no casualties.

“How about this? I will take charge of the Xuan Yuan god clan while all of you go out to fight.

If any of you die, use the ancestral shrine’s resurrection array along with my Undying masterpiece technique to allow all of you to revive faster.

“Also, move the members of the Netherworld god clan to the Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine territory.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to do anything if someone else invades the Netherworld god clan’s divine territory.

” “This is a good idea.

” “Also, the people who go out say that they have to limit it to a certain extent.

“My suggestion is that the Godly Emperor and the Godly King go out to fight.

The other clansmen should all stay behind and make good use of their time to cultivate so that they can quickly raise their cultivation bases.

“For existences at their level, if they were to participate in the battle in the past, they would also be dilly-dallying.

There’s not much meaning in delaying the battle.

“The combat strength of the Godly Emperors and the Godly Kings will form an iron cavalry.

If they encounter an enemy’s army, they will immediately crush them.

After killing them, they will extract the divine blood and their resources.

Then, they will immediately run away to search for the next group of enemies.

“This way, even if they encountered an enemy’s Godly Emperor, they would be able to run at the fastest speed and not be restrained.

” In war, they had to play guerilla warfare.

That kind of world-stunning high-end tactic was the most suitable to be used directly.

“You’re right.

We’ll do as you say.

We’ll immediately gather the Godly Kings.

“With the current size of our two god clans, we can gather ten Godly Emperors and around 140 Godly Kings.

” Ye Xiao touched his chin.

“This isn’t enough.

Although our tactics have been simplified, this is still a collision between the entire great world.

If we encounter a team led by an opposing Godly Emperor, it will be easy for us to fall into a stalemate.

“How about this? I’ll make some weapons and protective gear for you, and prepare some medicinal pills.

“Gather your men first.

We’ll meet here in six hours.