Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 531

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 531

Before entering the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Ye Xiao had passed all the god techniques and low-level masterpiece techniques he had collected over the years to the Xuan Yuan clan, and the Xuan Yuan clan would be in charge of imparting them to them.

That way, the Xuan Yuan clan would obtain even more powerful moves, which would greatly increase their strength.

Ye Xiao could also cultivate in the Xuan Yuan Mountain with peace of mind.

Under Xuanyuan Long’s lead, Ye Xiao very quickly arrived at the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

It was the most mysterious and also the most important place.

It was a very ordinary-looking mountain.

It did not have many steep and dangerous peaks.

It looked ordinary and did not have any special features to speak of.

However, it was the most important place in the entire Xuan Yuan clan! Before entering, Ye Xiao already felt a feeling that he had never felt before.

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COM It was as if there was an imposing manner that did not disperse from within that mountain.

That imposing manner was so oppressive that it almost made people unable to breathe.

Back then, when he was at Blood Venerable One’s place, it was also very oppressive.

However, Blood Venerable One’s oppression was only a kind of substantial suppression in terms of cultivation.

While it was a suppression of belief.

It came from the depths of one’s soul, and it came from the suppression of one’s entire direction of advancement in life! One was the surface, and the other was already involved with the deepest feelings in one’s heart.

Was that the power of the Ancestral Dragon? Xuanyuan Long opened his mouth and said, “There is a divine will left behind by the Ancestral Dragon in Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Because the pressure of this divine will is too great, the vast majority of people are unable to enter.

Only those of us who belong to the Xuan Yuan lineage can borrow the power of the bloodline of the Xuan Yuan Celestial race to enter a little.

“But even so, we are unable to enter deeply.

“After so many years, no one has been able to advance to the place where the Ancestral Dragon once went into seclusion.

” The clan leader of the Xuan Yuan clan hurriedly said, “Actually, the divine sense here wasn’t this deep and heavy in the beginning.

“It’s just that for some unknown reason, it became bigger and bigger.

It became so big that we couldn’t hold on any longer.

” “That’s right.

In the beginning, we could still hold on.

It was about ten miles inside Xuan Yuan Mountain.

But now, we can only enter about five miles inside Xuan Yuan Mountain at most.

“Moreover, for some unknown reason, there are often angry roars coming from inside.

” Ye Xiao was slightly stunned, but his eyes immediately flickered.

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COM There was only one explanation for such a situation.

It was that the Ancestral Dragon was still alive.

Furthermore, he had become very strong.

If not for that, it was impossible for him to affect the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Then what level of cultivation was he at currently? Moreover, what did that angry roar mean? After a moment of silence, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said, “I’ll go in and take a look first.

You guys wait outside.

” After saying that, he began to walk inside.

As he walked deeper into the center, the more he walked, the greater the pressure inside.

It was so great that Ye Xiao even felt that the other party might be hiding inside.

However, at that moment, the Golden Book divine soul suddenly released a faint golden light, enveloping him within.

In an instant, Ye Xiao felt that the pressure on him had lessened greatly.

He quickened his pace and walked forward.

Behind him, Xuanyuan Long and the others could not help but open their mouths to discuss, “I wonder how deep ye Xiao can go in!” “No matter how deep he can go in, he’s definitely deeper than us.

His level is much higher than us.

His cultivation is stronger, and his martial intent is greater.

” Yun Cangqiong raised his brows slightly.

He kept feeling that the clan leader and Senior Xuanyuan Long had some hidden meaning in their words, but he could not say it out.

He just felt that something was rather strange.

“Look, he’s already gone more than five miles.

” “Look, look, eight miles!” “It’s deeper, he’s gone deeper.

” “He’s completely gone in! He’s completely gone into the deepest part.

” Everyone was extremely excited.

Xuanyuan Long’s eyes could not help but redden, and a layer of mist covered his eyes.

Ever since the Ancestral Dragon had left behind his divine sense, no one had been able to successfully enter it.

It was as if the Ancestral Dragon had wrapped a layer of membrane around it, firmly protecting it.

For more than 2,000 years, the entire Xuan Yuan clan had wanted to pierce through that layer of membrane, but no one had the ability to do so.

After so long, it was finally Ye Xiao’s turn to pierce through that layer of membrane.

From then on, the inheritance left behind by the Ancestral Dragon could successfully reappear in the human world.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already successfully stepped into the inner part of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

That place had already completely turned into a divine crystal substance.

It was the same as the space that sealed Blood Venerable One.

Of course, that place would not seal the Ancestral Dragon.

However, that place was even stronger and more abnormal than the place that sealed the Blood Venerable One! That was because that place only left behind the Ancestral Dragon’s dense martial true intent.

Just that alone had gathered a large amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy, so much so that the mountain rocks that had been immersed in the dense spiritual energy for a long time contained a large amount of spiritual energy, forming a divine crystal.

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh.

“To be able to do this, other than Brother Zheng, I reckon that there is no other person in this world who can do this.

” However, at that moment, he suddenly felt that he was being locked down by an imposing manner.

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

At that moment, he discovered that in the middle of the Xuan Yuan Mountain, where the spiritual energy was the densest, there was actually a huge brown bear hidden.

That brown bear’s cultivation had already advanced to the strength of a Godly Emperor.

It could be considered an existence at the late-stage of the Sacred Beast realm.

Compared to those early-stage Sacred Beasts, its cultivation was only around that of a Godly King.

It was many times stronger.

He let out a low roar.

His small eyes rolled around as he stared fixedly at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao seemed to have somewhat understood why Xuanyuan Long and the others said that the Xuan Yuan Mountain would occasionally let out an angry roar.

So it was because of the Sacred Brown Bear! “Interesting.

I can’t believe that after so many years, there’s actually someone from the Xuan Yuan clan who can break into this place.

” Ye Xiao said indifferently, The brown bear walked towards him step by step.

“This sacred one was captured by your Xuan Yuan clan’s Ancestral Dragon to be a star pet over 2,000 years ago!” Ye Xiao was slightly stunned.

He did not expect that Brother Zheng would be so bored that he would capture a star pet to raise for fun.

However, his interest was quite unique, directly raising a bear.

It seemed that after more than 2,000 years, the bear had grown into a Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast under the immersion of such dense spiritual energy.

At that moment, the brown bear had already begun to approach him.

Its pair of eyes were emitting a dark green light.

“2,000 years! A whole 2,000 years! Do you know how this venerable self has been living these 2,000 years? “My life was worse than death! ‘That b*stard Ancestral Dragon left on his own, but he left me behind.

I was trapped by his martial intent, and I couldn’t leave this mountain.

I was like a dog! “Today, I finally met another member of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“I want to tear you into pieces and eat you alive.

I want to bite all the bones in your body bit by bit.

I want to devour you completely, not leaving a single bite! “This sacred one has already smelled the fragrance of your flesh.

Your bones must be very crisp, and your fresh blood must be very sweet… Die.

” With a roar, the Sacred Brown Bear opened its mouth and instantly pressed toward Ye Xiao.

Hearing that furious roar, Xuanyuan Long and the others could not help but frown and worry.

“It’s that roar.

Why is it so intense this time?” “Ye Xiao won’t meet with any mishaps, right?” Ten minutes later, Ye Xiao used the Great Dragon to pick up a scalding barbecue bear paw and began to investigate inside.

The bear paw was burned until it was completely red, emitting an alluring fragrance that assailed one’s nostrils.

In addition, Ye Xiao sprinkled a layer of cumin and pepper salt on top of it.

Coupled with the refreshing attribute of the bear paw itself, it simply made people unable to stop themselves from salivating.

Words were written all over the huge cliff.

The words were bold and powerful, and The strokes moved like dragons, giving off an extraordinary aura.

Just from those words, it could be seen that the Ancestral Dragon was a human and extremely domineering.

‘I have pursued immortality and invincibility all my life.

For this, I have traveled throughout the starry sky in search of immortal techniques.

I have been unable to obtain them, but only after realizing that there is no door to the immortal path, not no path.

Under the starry sky, we are all ants so how can I see the will of heaven? “However, I am still unwilling to be a passive viewer.

What is the purpose of immortality? Is it not created by humans? It is also like the egg and a hen where no one knows the source? “That is, if there is no immortal technique in the secular world, I am willing to create one to prove the existence of a Greater Way of Life!” Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

The Ancestral Dragon was indeed worthy of being called the Ancestral Dragon.

When others only saw the Supreme Eternal at most, he was already disdainful of such an existence.

Instead, he guessed that there might be an even stronger existence in the world, and for that reason, he went in search of it.

Without a path, he decided to open up a path by himself.

He decided to create an immortal technique by himself and used it to charge into the immortal realm.

He should be considered the number one person in ancient times, right? After Ye Xiao finished eating the bear paw, he sat down cross-legged and absorbed the true intent of the martial path left behind by the Ancestral Dragon.

At that moment, he suddenly felt as if he could see through the galaxy at a glance.

There was an ancient saying that reading books could make sense of anything.

The original intention was that the more books one read, the more knowledge one knew, and the broader one’s horizons would be.

Ye Xiao was currently in such a situation.

Before he obtained the true meaning of martial arts, Ye Xiao’s understanding of martial arts was based on the ten great masterpiece techniques that the Golden Book had synthesized for him and the scope of his understanding from other aspects.

However, it had certain limitations.

It was as if the masterpiece techniques could never compare to the cultivation technique after the masterpiece techniques were fused! The two parties were not on the same level at all.

Moreover, at that moment, Ye Xiao felt that the ten great masterpiece techniques in his body were operating at an even faster speed.

His refinement of the law energy and divine blood in his body had also increased to an even faster degree.

In the Golden Book, the two masterpiece techniques, the Creation masterpiece technique and the World Destruction masterpiece technique, which were supposed to take some time to perfectly synthesize, had finally been successfully synthesized!