Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 528

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 528

Almost everyone present could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

It was as if they had been gripped by a huge hand! There were two second-level Godly Emperors, not first-level Godly Emperors! When one’s cultivation base advances from the sixth or seventh-level Godly Emperor realm, the gap between each level of cultivation would become greater and greater.

That gap was different from the gap between each previous realm.

For example, before Ye Xiao could have advanced to the fourth or fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm, it should be possible for him to fight to a draw with the other party.

However, after the sixth or seventh level of the Godly Emperor realm, he might only be able to challenge the second or third level of the Godly Emperor realm each time.

That was the conflict between the differences between the higher and lower realms.

In other words, even if there were people within the same realm who could surpass the other party, there would rarely be such a crushing defeat.

Moreover, as one’s cultivation base became higher and higher, the degree of defeat would also become lower and lower.

However, Ye Xiao was still able to insta-kill two second-level Godly Emperors at that point.

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COM That deep feeling of suppression made everyone’s heart ache involuntarily.

“Set up the array! Set up the array for me! Join hands to suppress him!” Su Taiyao shouted loudly.

The 14 Godly Emperors, including him, quickly occupied different positions.

Those positions contained certain rules.

Standing in different positions and executing moves in succession could, to a certain extent.


, increase the speed and strength of their attacks.

Xuanyuan Long shouted loudly and said, “Ye Xiao, be careful.

If they join hands to set up the array, their attack power and speed will increase.

” However, Ye Xiao seemed to turn a deaf ear and did not care about that array at all.

The Reincarnation masterpiece technique was activated, and everyone’s attack speed slowed down.

His speed increased, and with it increasing and the others’ decreasing, it was as if Su Taiyao and the others’ array had not been used.

Without waiting for them to attack, Ye Xiao had already used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and disappeared on the spot once again.

Arriving beside one of the second-level Godly Emperors, Ye Xiao pierced his chest with his sword.

The other Godly Emperors seized this opportunity to attack at the same time.

Ye Xiao activated the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, and golden light circulated around his body, Vajra Buddhist protection.

All the attacks landed heavily on Ye Xiao’s body.

A smile had just appeared on everyone’s faces, and they did not have the time to be overly excited.

In the next second, a sword ray broke through the dust and swept across the sky.

“Not good! He’s not dead, retreat quickly!” The Godly Emperors immediately retreated, but Ye Xiao’s sword attack was too fast and too sudden! It was so fast that they did not even have the chance to react.

The three Godly Emperors were all cut in half by that strike.

The two Godly Emperors were lucky enough to escape.

One of them had his legs broken while the other had one leg broken.

They were all crippled.

At that moment, Chen Yan was retreating.

Only then did everyone see that their attack earlier had only caused Ye Xiao’s body to scar a little.

Moreover, that little injury of his was completely healed in the blink of an eye as if he was completely uninjured.

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COM In that second, everyone was in complete despair! How could they continue fighting like that? There was simply no way to continue fighting! No matter how they fought, it was impossible for them to kill Ye Xiao.

On the contrary, they were completely exhausted.

“Everyone, my strength is lacking.

I’ll take my leave first!” A Godly Emperor turned around and ran.

One Godly Emperor ran while the other could not wait to run.

Then, there was the second and the third… “Brother Su, I can’t hold on any longer.

I’ll take my leave first.

” All the Godly Emperors retreated.

Even their martial arts masters followed closely behind.

The situation was over.

Su Taiyao spat fiercely.

“Cowards! A bunch of cowards!” He had just finished speaking when he suddenly felt that he was enveloped by a sense of urgency.

He was only focused on getting angry and forgot that there was still Ye Xiao who was eyeing him like a tiger.

However, just as he was about to defend himself, a sharp pain suddenly came from his chest.

Ye Xiao’s sword had already pierced through his chest.

The power of this sword was too strong.

The sword light charged straight at the bull, emitting a brilliance of hundreds of millions of feet.

It pierced through several star islands and turned countless meteorites into ashes.

Su Taiyao spat out a mouthful of divine blood.

The radiance in his eyes quickly dimmed.

“I didn’t expect that I, a dignified third-level Godly Emperor, would actually fall into your hands! You’re ruthless!” “Thank you for your praise.

” Ye Xiao was now a second-level Godly Emperor.

It was not a problem for him to kill Su Taiyao one level higher.

“It’s my bad luck to fall into the hands of a monster like you today.

However, don’t think that you’ll be safe and sound like this.

“Among the techniques you displayed earlier, there were the Space Warping and Reincarnation masterpiece techniques, right? Do you think that we did not notice it earlier? “It’s just that we did not expose you.

“When they return and report this matter to the Qilin clan, it will be your death date.

“The Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique are the secrets of the Qilin clan.

Unless you kill a high-level Qilin and use the soul search method to scan his memories and steal the two masterpiece techniques, otherwise… it’s impossible for you to obtain these two archaic masterpiece techniques.

“I don’t believe that you can still be as monstrous as you are now when facing a martial arts master from the Qilin clan.

” Ye Xiao let go of the dragon in his hand and pinned Su Taiyao, whose life force was rapidly depleting, onto a meteorite.

He said indifferently, “You’re thinking too much.

You shouldn’t have forgotten what I said just now, right? I want to kill all of you, not just you.

” “Even if you secretly learned the Qilin clan’s Space Warping masterpiece technique and Reincarnation masterpiece technique, it’s impossible for you to bring them back.

They have already escaped very far away, and they are fleeing in all directions.

They are not in the same direction at all.

It’s absolutely impossible for you to capture them! “As long as one person can escape, the secrets on you will be spread out.

” After roaring, Su Taiyao laughed arrogantly.

“I’ll wait for you in Hell!” Ye Xiao ignored him.

He only turned his storage ring and summoned 80 billion divine crystals from it.

Seeing the 80 billion divine crystals, Su Taiyao’s expression changed.

The smile on his face suddenly stopped.

He had a faint feeling that something was not right.

“What… What is he doing?” In the next moment, he saw a scene that he did not dare to believe in his entire life.

He saw Ye Xiao connect one hand to the 80 billion divine crystals, and the other hand facing into the distance as he shouted loudly, “In the name of Ye Xiao, recall all the escapees and kill them! This order is effective immediately, there must be no mistakes!” Su Taiyao felt his soul tremble violently.

That way of speaking, that… Was that not the legendary number one masterpiece technique in the starry skies recorded in the ancient books of the god race, the Minor Destiny technique? Where did he learn that thing? That was absolutely impossible.

He must be lying to himself.

However, in the next second, a corpse appeared in the starry skies.

Su Taiyao’s pupils constricted.

He had already recognized the other party’s identity, the Golden god clan’s Grand Elder, Lin Fengzuo! Then came the second, third, fourth… Corpse after corpse appeared in the starry sky one after another.

Su Taiyao laughed until tears streamed down his face.

At that moment, he had gone mad.

He had been completely shocked and driven mad by Ye Xiao.

His martial heart had lost its defense and collapsed.

His Godly Emperor’s soul had collapsed and did not take shape.

Even if Ye Xiao had not injured him, at that moment, he had also ended his own life and was completely at the end of his path.

“Hahahaha… He actually knows the Minor Destiny technique! He actually knows the Minor Destiny technique! No wonder! No wonder! No wonder he can cross ranks to fight! “What a joke, we actually wanted to go against him! Hahahaha… Truly laughable, foolish, utterly foolish!” At that moment, the 80 billion divine crystals had all turned into stones without any spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy within had already been completely extracted by Ye Xiao in an instant.

To be more precise, it was completely extracted by the Minor Destiny technique! Ye Xiao waved his hand, and the Great Dragon was pulled out from the meteorite and Su Taiyao’s chest.

Following that, with a light slash, he sent Su Taiyao to his death.

A great battle came to an end at that point.

When Xuanyuan Long, Ming Kuang, and the other martial arts masters from the two great divine god clans saw that scene, they were all stunned speechless.

They were dumbfounded on the spot and could not say a word.

The entire starry sky descended into a deathly stillness.

Only one person was left, standing proudly in the starry sea like a lone peak.

Ming Kuang could not help but open his mouth and say, “Brother Xuanyuan, why do I feel that he’s even stronger than the Ancestral Dragon?” The corner of Xuanyuan Long’s mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He was no longer pleasantly surprised, but frightened! Ye Xiao’s heaven-defying performance had really surpassed the Ancestral Dragon from back then! At that moment, he already did not know what adjectives to use to describe Ye Xiao.

However, thinking about it carefully, there did not seem to be any adjective that could describe him! That fellow… He was not human! Then, very quickly, he reacted and immediately untied the array and came in front of Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao.

Although you’ve already killed all of them, they will still be resurrected in their ancestral temple.

After they resurrect, they will still publicize the profoundness of the Space Warping masterpiece technique, Reincarnation masterpiece technique, and other masterpiece techniques that you’ve learned.

“They’ve just attacked us, so we have the qualifications to deal with them now.

The Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans have nothing to say.

“We can’t let them off now!” Ye Xiao nodded.

Xuanyuan Long was speaking the truth.

If news of his current techniques were to spread, it would indeed be bad for him.

Following that, he grabbed at the air with his large hand and extracted a certain amount of fresh blood from the bodies of the four clan leaders.

Following that, he took out another 100 billion divine crystals and once again cast the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, destroy the ancestral temples of the four great god clans!” With a single command, 100 billion divine crystals, together with the second-level Godly Emperor spiritual energy in Ye Xiao’s body, were instantly extracted.

The power of the Minor Destiny technique was divided into four streams and stained with the divine blood of the four clan leaders.

They immediately shot out into the starry sky in four directions.

Ye Xiao had long wanted to do that, but at that time, he was too far away from those central divine domains, so he had expended too much energy to execute it.

Moreover, at that time, his cultivation was only at the first-level Godly Emperor realm, and he was still unable to display such powerful strength.

At that point, it was enough! As long as they destroyed their ancestral shrine, they would be able to prevent those people from reviving.

Then, no one in the four god clans would know of their own methods and existences! At least, no one would know of his identity!