Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 505

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Advancement to the Godly Emperor Realm! The Heaven’s Chosen One, the Heroic Spirit of the Immemorial Era Pays His Respects Outside the Godly Emperor’s tomb, in the starry sky, stars suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled.

Before long, purple thunderclouds gathered from all directions.

That terrifying heaven and earth phenomenon instantly caused the expressions of the few Godly Emperors outside who had not entered to freeze.

“What a powerful pressure.

Why would such pressure suddenly appear? Could it be that someone has advanced?” “This is the Godly Emperor Lightning Tribulation that occurs when someone is about to advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

” They had all experienced the Lightning Tribulation before, so they were extremely familiar with its aura.

Could it be that one of them had reached the Godly Emperor realm? Thinking about it carefully, among the six great god clans, there were martial arts masters at the peak of the Godly King realm who had entered.

Which of those martial arts masters were half a step away from stepping into the Godly Emperor realm? Furthermore, the Godly Emperor’s tomb had countless resources.

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COM However, who was that Godly King? Was he someone from the four great god clans, the Xuan Yuan clan, or the Netherworld clan? Moreover, what they did not expect was that the Lightning Tribulation that appeared here was actually a dark purple Lightning Tribulation.

That was an extremely rare type of Lightning Tribulation in the legends! To be able to produce such a Lightning Tribulation and advance, there would definitely be an outstanding heaven-chosen Godly Emperor in the future.

They would definitely be able to advance to the middle stage of the Godly Emperor realm or even the legendary late stage of the Godly Emperor realm.

At that moment, Yun Changqing of the Xuan Yuan clan and Luo Lishui of the Netherworld clan suddenly flew out.

When the four god clan’s Godly Emperors saw that scene, they immediately became extremely excited.

“Hahaha… Looks like this time, another martial arts master from our four god clans is going to advance to the Godly Emperor realm!” “Congratulations, congratulations!” Although they were already Godly Emperors themselves, the appearance of another Godly Emperor in their own god clan was not just icing on the cake—the benefits it brought were countless! For instance, the number of martial arts masters would increase as a result.

The number of Godly Emperors was already extremely rare.

It was an extremely important and rare combat strength.

There was also an even more important point.

After the appearance of a Godly Emperor, the bloodline power of the entire god clan would greatly increase.

The cultivation aptitude of those clansmen would rise to an unprecedented level.

Even ordinary clansmen would be able to obtain some benefits.

It was tantamount to creating a large batch of geniuses for the entire god clan.

In the future, one of these geniuses would very likely advance to become a Godly Emperor again.

That cycle would be beneficial to the entire god clan.

Other than that, there were many other benefits.

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COM In short, the appearance of a Godly Emperor was like an ordinary person suddenly winning the lottery.

Yun Cangqiong and the Netherworld clan’s Godly Emperor Wu Ying had ugly expressions.

That was because there were only six peak-stage Godly Kings who had entered.

The two of them had come out.

They could understand with their toes that the ones who had advanced to become a Godly Emperor would definitely be the people from the four great god clans.

“Changqing, what’s going on? Who is going to advance to become a Godly Emperor?” Yun Cangqiong asked in a low voice.

As for Yun Changqing, he said, “This isn’t a place to talk.

Let’s leave quickly.

” Yun Cangqiong and the two Godly Emperors exchanged glances before finally choosing to leave.

Seeing their group leave, the Godly Emperors from the four great god clans were filled with joy.

Yun Cangqiong and the others’ behavior made them feel that they were 100 percent certain that one of their own people had advanced to become Godly Emperor.

Yun Cangqiong and the others were like stray dogs with their tails between their legs, running away as fast as they could.

Of course, they did not chase after them.

One reason was that they were in a happy mood, so they let Yun Cangqiong and the others go.

Another reason was that there were still two Godly Emperors on the other side.

The other party was probably in a bad mood.

If they chased after them, the other party might do something out of the ordinary in a fit of anger, such as self-destructing.

That would be bad.

In any case, they could run away, but they could not run away from the tomb.

After their people succeeded in advancing, they would gather the five Godly Emperors and attack them.

It would be easier and more enjoyable.

After Yun Cangqiong and the others quickly ran away for a distance, Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui immediately released the clansmen in their storage rings.

Seeing that those clansmen were almost unharmed, Yun Cangqiong and Luo Lishui could not help but be stunned.

What was going on? Why were those clansmen all fine? The number of casualties was unexpectedly very small.

One had to know that there were countless martial arts masters who entered the Godly Emperor’s tomb, and the number of people from their two great god clans was the fewest.

There were so many people on the other side, and there was a 100 percent chance that they would join forces to deal with them.

That should not have happened.

At the very least, they should have lost more than half of their forces.

“Changqing, what exactly is going on?” Yun Cangqiong could not help but ask in puzzlement.

Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui looked at each other.

Luo Lishui said, “Senior Yun, Your Xuan Yuan clan is truly blessed this time.

” Yun Cangqiong was even more confused.

He did not know what was going on.

Yun Changqing then explained everything that had just happened to him.

When Yun Cangqiong and Godly Emperor Wu Ying heard about everything that had happened, even though they were both Godly Emperors, they were still dumbstruck.

They felt that their thoughts were somewhat chaotic.

A peak Godly King, facing several archaic Godly Emperors and peak Godly Kings of the four great god clans at the same time, had actually killed all of them.

He could be said to be invincible among those of the same level! It was even to the extent that… One of the archaic Godly Emperors had even recovered his cultivation base to the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

Even so, he still won in the end.

Furthermore, he had used that opportunity to transcend the tribulation and advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

The Xuan Yuan clan had actually produced such a heaven-defying genius.

The four great god clans had even suffered heavy injuries because of that.

Heavens… All of those were good things.

Yun Cangqiong even felt as if he was dreaming.

SOI Could it be that the Xuan Yuan clan had done some great good deed? Was that why they were rewarded by the heavens with fortune? tere At that moment, starlight suddenly began to flicker in the surrounding starry sky.

Following that, some tall figures began to kneel in the direction of the Godly Emperor’s tomb! “This is… An immemorial heroic spirit kneeling down?” “Oh my God, Brother Cangqiong, this brat from your god clan is amazing! An immemorial heroic spirit kneeling down! In legends, one can only obtain the identity of becoming Heaven’s Chosen One! “Back then, the Ancestral Dragon was Heaven’s Chosen One, and now, another has appeared! Your Xuan Yuan clan is really too heaven-defying!” Yun Cangqiong was extremely excited.

He also did not expect that it was actually Heaven’s Chosen One! In the starry sky, if there were some super heaven-defying geniuses who became Godly Emperors, it was possible for such a heaven and earth phenomenon to occur.

Although it was said that those who could cultivate to the Godly Emperor realm were all geniuses that were one in a trillion, in reality, Ye Xiao’s situation was an existence that was one in ten thousand among Godly Emperors.

The so-called Heaven’s Chosen Ones were those who had received the favor of the heavens.

Among the Godly Emperors, they had higher levels of talent, higher advancement speed, and stronger combat strength at the same level.

There was not only one Heaven’s Chosen Ones, but in the past, they would only appear among the top ten god clans.

It was said that the top few, such as the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans, were the god clans that were blessed by the heavens.

Therefore, almost every generation’s Holy Child was Heaven’s Chosen Ones.

The later generations of the god clans used that opportunity to produce Heaven’s Chosen Ones.

In other words, the stronger the god clan was, the greater the chance of producing Heaven’s Chosen Ones.

As for those beyond the top ten, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens and winning the lottery.

Every one of Heaven’s Chosen Ones had extremely special circumstances.

What circumstance did the Saber-sword Immortal of the Xuan Yuan clan have? Originally, it was already extremely rare for the Xuan Yuan clan to be able to cultivate into a Godly Emperor.

In the end, they never expected that Heaven’s Chosen One would appear.

At that time, the Xuan Yuan clan had profited explosively.

Zheng Tianya could not help but cry.

A Heaven’s Chosen One! What ability did the Xuan Yuan clan have? Another such existence had appeared.

Two thousand years ago, such an existence had appeared.

Then, there was a second one.

It was great.

The future of the Xuan Yuan clan was bound to be boundless.

On the other side, the four Godly Emperors of the four great god clans, who did not know the true situation, were also extremely excited.

They clenched their fists tightly, and the corners of their eyes were somewhat moist.

With the appearance of Heaven’s Chosen One, even though they were Godly Emperors, they were unable to control their excitement for a moment.

“Heaven bless us! To think that Heaven’s Chosen One has appeared in our god clan.

Our four great god clans will definitely be even more glorious!” “Let me say this first.

Regardless of which god clan has Heaven’s Chosen One, our four great god clans will do our best to support them.

We will elevate this god clan to the top ten existences in the starry sky.

This way, we will obtain even more benefits in the future!” “Brother Chen is right! Regardless of which god clan’s Holy Child becomes Heaven’s Chosen One, the alliance of the four great god clans must be unbreakable.

” At that moment, inside the divine tomb, after Ye Xiao had comprehended the True Lightning masterpiece technique, he was no longer afraid of the lightning’s attacks.

He allowed the lightning to attack his body wantonly, refining every drop of divine blood in his body, even every strand of hair to the limit.

On the surface of his body, all sorts of patterns appeared.

An extremely domineering majesty and a terrifying aura that had never been felt before quickly spread out from his body.

Finally, Ye Xiao finally succeeded in advancing to the Godly Emperor realm that he had always dreamed of! In that second, the cultivation of the entire Nine Provinces’ human race also began to soar!