Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 503

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Cross-Realm Confrontation, Godly Emperor Battle Amongst everyone, only Godly Emperor Nalan’s lips curled up as he looked at Ye Xiao in high spirits.

“The World Destruction masterpiece technique ranked third! “The Undying masterpiece technique ranked fourth! “The True Dragon masterpiece technique ranked fifth! “The Space Warping masterpiece technique ranked sixth! “The Reincarnation masterpiece technique ranked seventh! “It’s just one person, yet he’s able to possess so many supreme masterpiece techniques.

You’ve given me too many surprises!” When the female Godly Emperor heard that, her body could not help but shiver.

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COM Godly Emperor Nalan’s expression was indifferent as he said, “With my current strength, I’m still not strong enough to deal with him.

Give me your divine blood.

After I exterminate him and find the Divine Kingdom’s treasury, I’ll take back the law energy that belongs to us.

I’ll think of a way to resurrect you!” The female Godly Emperor was startled, but she immediately gritted her teeth and said, “But I’m only severely injured now.

My lifespan has been frozen for so many years.

I’m still alive!” Godly Emperor Nalan glanced at her and did not pay much attention to her.

He instantly punched through her chest on the spot.

Splat! The female Godly Empress could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

How could she have expected that? That Godly Emperor Nalan would actually attack her.

He killed her, who was still alive but was severely injured, and then increased his own strength.

“Nalan… You…” “If we can’t kill him, all of us will die.

If I defeat him, all of you will have a chance to live.

” With a simple explanation, Godly Emperor Nalan had drained her divine blood.

Coupled with the divine blood of more than a thousand Godslayer realm martial arts masters from the four great god clans, the power in Godly Emperor Nalan’s body continued to soar.

He wanted to fight with Ye Xiao! He was too eager to fight with him! Ye Xiao’s cultivation performance had truly stunned him.

As a prodigy of the primordial Divine Kingdom, Divine Emperor Nalan had met countless geniuses in his life.

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COM However, he had never seen an existence like Ye Xiao.

That was the first time in his life that he had the thought of fighting to his heart’s content.

The thinking of a genius was always out of the ordinary However, Godly Emperor Nalan’s actions were not random.

In the current situation, if Ye Xiao did not die, they would all die.

He had already seen through the strength Ye Xiao had displayed in the battle.

His goal was to completely kill them, collect the divine blood, and then advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

From the moment the two sides met, it was a situation where they would not rest until one of them died.

After absorbing the female Godly Emperor, the energy on Godly Emperor Nalan’s body advanced further, and an even more massive aura burst out.

Everyone who felt this aura could not help but tremble.

Some of the Godslayer realm existences could not help but want to prostrate themselves on the ground.

“Godly Emperor! He has already recovered his cultivation base to the first level of the Godly Emperor realm!” Everyone’s eyes revealed a hint of fear.

Although they had previously felt fear towards the archaic Godly Emperor… At that time, the archaic Godly Emperor could only display his cultivation base at the peak of the Godly King realm.

They were still able to withstand it.

At that point, the other party had already recovered to the first level of the Godly Emperor realm, becoming a true Godly Emperor! Who could withstand that? What everyone did not expect was that Godly Emperor Nalan pulled out the female Godly Emperor’s Treasured Artifact storage ring and put it on.

At the same time, he turned his and her two storage rings, and in the blink of an eye, their bodies were covered in a layer of armor.

were COVE They were both Treasured Artifacts! At the same time, there were two Treasured Artifact weapons! One was a full moon scimitar, and the other was a longsword.

That made everyone’s hearts sink even deeper.

The other party actually had a Treasured Artifact armor and weapons.

In addition to his Godly Emperor-level cultivation, could Ye Xiao still defeat him? Ye Xiao threw the two Godly Emperor corpses in his hands like salted fish.

Then, he brought the Treasured Artifact storage rings on their hands to his finger.

On his hand, other than his own storage rings, there were now seven more Treasured Artifact storage rings.

After killing Godly Emperor Nalan and taking those two storage rings, he would have nine Treasured Artifact-grade storage rings.

Inside those rings were nine archaic Godly Emperors, and the treasures they had accumulated throughout their lives were incomparably precious.

He and Godly Emperor Nalan were facing each other from afar.

As the two of them looked directly at each other, they seemed to form two extremely large opposing auras.

In between the two of them, bolts of lightning and thunder continuously erupted.

That was the lightning and thunder produced from the friction between their auras.

The two of them seemed to represent two different worlds.

No, to be precise, they represented two eras.

The immemorial era and the age of chaos! One came from the era where martial arts culture was the most resplendent, while the other came from the era where martial arts culture was the weakest.

Finally, Ye Xiao moved! Almost at the same time, Godly Emperor Nalan also moved! Martial arts prodigies at their level did not need to say too much nonsense.

With just a glance, they had already communicated with each other.

With a thought, the two of them had already collided.

A white light flashed in the sky.

In the next moment, 10,000 white lights rose.

In an instant, the two of them had fought more than 10,000 times.

“So powerful! has this fellow reached the level where he can exchange blows with a Godly Emperor?” Although Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui could not keep up with their speed, they were not affected by the strong light.

They could still roughly distinguish the number of times the two of them exchanged blows.

Ye Xiao and Godly Emperor Nalan exchanged blows with each other.

In just a few seconds, the number of times they exchanged blows continued to increase.

10,000 times! 20,000 times! 30,000 times! 40,000 times! Every second, the number of times the two of them exchanged blows could reach as many as 100,000 times.

The entire Godly Emperor’s tomb was filled with the collision of the two extremely high-intensity energies.

Everyone was in a daze, and they even seemed to hear the sound of glass shattering.

That was because this small space was affected by an attack that exceeded its endurance, causing the space to have a situation where it wanted to crack.

Ye Xiao and Godly Emperor Nalan fought from east to west, from south to north.

The speed of the two of them was too fast.

Those existences at the entrance of the Godly Emperor’s tomb could not even see their figures.

They could only feel the surging power as they continued to exchange blows.

Just as Godly Emperor Nalan and Ye Xiao were having a good time, a third eye suddenly appeared on his forehead.

Heavenly Divine Pupil! The Divine Eye ranked 13th on the Divine Eye rankings.

The moment this eye appeared, it was as if Ye Xiao’s trajectory had been determined.

Ye Xiao’s next 1,000 attacks were all cut off by Godly Emperor Nalan in time.

However, within half a second, Ye Xiao noticed the other party’s change in time.

He activated his Primordial Pupil and instantly activated the same attributes in his Primordial Pupil as the Heavenly Divine Pupil.

“The Primordial Pupil!” Godly Emperor Nalan’s pupils constricted and he immediately laughed out loud.

“Hahaha… Awesome! I didn’t expect you to even have a thing like Primordial Pupil! Let’s do it again!” Godly Emperor Nalan held the two Treasured Artifact weapons in his hands and charged forward.

Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand as he faced the battle.

Every time the two clashed, not only would the spiritual energy explode, but the energy waves would also spread out like a storm.

At the same time, there would also be bs of lightning turbulence.

If the current situation was as it was, who knew how long the two of them would be in a stalemate.

However, at that moment, a sudden change occurred.

When the Godly Emperor Nalan was fighting against Ye Xiao, his strength suddenly doubled.

He, who was originally on par with Ye Xiao, suddenly became in a state of crushing Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was caught off guard and was smashed to the ground by the Godly Emperor Nalan’s sword.

Before he could react, the Godly Emperor Nalan formed a finger seal and instantly activated a wave of confinement energy to suppress Ye Xiao.

Following that, the Godly Emperor Nalan stabbed his sword into Ye Xiao’s armor.

Although the Little Dragon was also a Treasured Artifact, the power that the Godly Emperor Nalan displayed at the moment was even stronger.

With the help of the power of the Treasured Artifact, he was able to pierce through the Little Dragon and Ye Xiao’s chest.

“It’s over!” The corners of the Godly Emperor Nalan’s mouth curled up slightly.

“I have to admit that you’re very powerful.

You actually obtained so many masterpiece techniques by yourself.

However, I’ve just absorbed a lot of divine blood.

During the process of refining the divine blood, my cultivation has also been continuously increasing “However, I have never been exposed.

I only suddenly appeared at a critical moment and caught you off guard.

“Now, I am using the entire power of the Godly Emperor’s tomb to suppress you.

Although my cultivation base has not completely recovered and I can not control the entire Godly Emperor’s tomb, I am still able to control the entire Godly Emperor’s tomb.

e nev “However, my current power is already above yours.

Therefore, the power of the Godly Emperor’s tomb that I control is also above yours.

“Although you took a lot of the Godly Emperor’s divine blood, you’re not me.

I’m already a corpse, so I can directly use it when I get the divine blood.

“And you’re a living person.

Even if you get so much divine blood, it’s useless.

“From the start of this battle, you’ve lost!” The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth also curled up slightly.

“How can you be sure that I’ll lose until the end? Do you think that I don’t know that you’re setting up a trap? But you haven’t noticed that I’ve been dragging you away from the entrance of the Godly Emperor’s tomb, away from those gods.

” Godly Emperor Nalan raised his brows slightly.

In the next second, he saw an extremely unbelievable thing.

Ye Xiao released the divine blood that he had collected from the peak-stage Godly Kings and archaic Godly Emperors.

Then, the divine blood entered Ye Xiao’s body at the fastest speed.

It was absorbed and refined by him.

Sensing that Ye Xiao’s cultivation was constantly soaring, Godly Emperor Nalan was stunned.

One had to know that he was a dead person.

Absorbing the divine blood was only suppressing it in his body, not refining it.

While Ye Xiao was a living person.

He could not be compatible with the divine blood of others.

If he wanted to obtain and use it, he had to refine it.

Otherwise, not only would he not be able to use it, he would even explode and die.

“This… This… You actually cultivated the legendary Bloodbath masterpiece technique?”.

The Godly Emperor Nalan had already recognized Ye Xiao’s technique.

As Ye Xiao’s strength increased, thunder clouds began to condense in the sky again, dark purple thunderclouds.

Ye Xiao suddenly slashed apart the Godly Emperor Nalan’s longsword and used his own strength to forcefully break through his suppression.

“Not good!” Godly Emperor Nalan cried out in alarm and directly used a technique of burning divine blood to accelerate, wanting to retreat.