Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 488

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Advancement.

Seventh Level Godly King Realm.

The Arrival of a High-Level Godly King After the third day, the entire Godly Emperor’s tomb finally quieted down.

Two Sacred Beasts slowly came out of a Godly King’s tomb.

One was a Sacred Bear, and the other was a Sacred Falcon.

After the two came out, they carefully looked around and said with a trembling voice, “That fellow has left, right?” “I don’t know, but he should have left.

” The bear and the falcon finally let out a sigh of relief.

Only the heavens knew how they had spent the past few days and nights.

They were absolutely terrified to the extreme.

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COM During those few days and nights, they felt as if they had spent tens of thousands of years in the darkness.

It was too frightening! Every time there was a scream from within the Godly Emperor’s tomb, the two of them could not help but tremble violently.

The Sacred Bear was so frightened that it even lost control of its bowels.

However, it was fortunate that that fellow had finally left.

Their hearts that were hanging in the air could finally be put back into their stomachs.

“It’s no longer safe inside the Godly Emperor’s tomb.

The two of us should hurry up and escape.

If that brat returns, the two of us will really be in deep trouble.

” “Right! Hurry up and escape from here.

” The two of them knew very well that it was the tomb of the Godly Emperor and not any other place.

The tomb of the Godly Emperor had a certain degree of allure to the god race.

No matter what, Ye Xiao would definitely return.

Actually, Ye Xiao had only planned to come for three days at the start.

Unfortunately, there were too many Sacred Beasts.

For a moment, he was reluctant to return, so he added two more days.

After all, every time he caught a Sacred Beast, it would raise his cultivation by quite a bit.

Only a fool would be unwilling.

However, when there were fewer Sacred Beasts in the end, he still chose to leave.

That was because he did not have that much time to waste there.

He still had to hurry back to cultivate and raise his cultivation to deal with Ouyang Shengde who would rush over in the future.

After returning home, he first scanned the star cores of all the Sacred Beasts, first looking for the god techniques and masterpiece techniques within.

He found two masterpiece techniques, but none of them were able to enter the Golden Book divine soul.

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COM It seemed that ordinary masterpiece techniques could no longer be recorded by the Golden Book divine soul.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

The Golden Book divine soul had always been continuously extracting the strongest and most powerful techniques.

Masterpiece techniques were especially powerful, and at the level of masterpiece techniques, the first few ones had almost completely covered the characteristics of the next few.

Therefore, from that point of view, the little masterpiece techniques at the back were no longer very effective.

In terms of god techniques, he had searched for a good thing That was the last claw technique.

Boundless Buddha’s hand! After obtaining that claw technique, Ye Xiao was finally able to synthesize the last physical-type masterpiece technique.

It was just that he did not know what it was for the time being.

He should be able to figure it out in two days.

Ye Xiao kept the portion that could be eaten among the many Sacred Beasts.

The remaining portion that could not be eaten, such as spiders, lizards… Those things were used to refine pills.

Together with the star cores of all the Sacred Beasts, there was a total of nearly 30 Sacred Beast star cores.

They were refined together.

Even if Ye Xiao used the Creation masterpiece technique, it still took him three days to successfully refine it.

When the Creation masterpiece technique was used to refine something, regardless of whether it was a weapon or a medicinal pill, it would no longer produce that kind of heaven and earth phenomenon.

However, although the heaven and earth phenomenon would not appear, when that supreme-grade medicinal pill was successfully refined, all the medicinal pills in the entire Nine Provinces’ world could not help but tremble.

In the Ning family manor, when Ning Zhiyuan and the others saw the scene in front of them, they were so shocked that they were somewhat dumbstruck, but they were unable to say why.

When Zheng Tianya and the other martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan heard the news and rushed over, they were also speechless after seeing the scene.

“Oh my God, what is the cause of such a scene? Elder, do you know?”.

Zheng Tianya took a deep breath and could not help but sigh.

“If I’m not wrong, there must be a Sacred Pill coming into being! According to rumors, as long as a Sacred Pill appears, it will cause all the medicinal pills in the entire star area to worship it.

” “Hiss! A Sacred Pill!” When everyone heard that, they could not help but feel their scalps go numb.

Sacred Pills were the most sacred of all medicinal pills.

They had long transcended the secular world and were legendary existences.

It was impossible for them to see one in their entire lives.

That was because, at the moment, even the strongest alchemist in the Xuan Yuan clan would not be able to refine such an existence.

At that moment, Zheng Fenghua could not help but say, “Some time ago, there was a time when tens of thousands of soldiers trembled in this world.

That time, it seemed like a Treasured Artifact was refined.

I didn’t expect that there would be a Sacred Pill now! These things shouldn’t all be done by the Saber-sword Immortal, right?” Zheng Tianya shook his head.

“As for whether it was him or not, I’m not sure either.

Without personally talking to him, no one knows what happened.

“To be honest, I don’t dare to believe that he’s alone.

Other than being so strong, he can refine pills, weapons, and so on… And he’s so strong.

“Of course, he’s already monstrous enough.

If he’s even more monstrous, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“However, I’m more willing to believe that there are other geniuses in this world besides him.

“For example, those who can refine Sacred Pills and Treasured Artifacts.

“After all, the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan in this world all have the same bloodline.

“Since the Ancestral Dragon appeared in the past and now the Saber-sword Immortal has appeared, I feel that it’s very reasonable for other martial arts masters to appear as well.

” Everyone nodded.

Zheng Tianya’s explanation was very appropriate.

Everyone in that world came from the same bloodline.

Since two monstrous existences had already appeared, it was understandable for some more monstrous existences to appear.

It was impossible for the Saber-sword Immortal to be all-rounded by himself, right? Then would the others still want to live? If that was the case, even the Ancestral Dragon would probably be overshadowed by him, right? On Ye Xiao’s side, the Sacred Pill that was refined emitted an intense golden light.

It was to the extent that because the energy on the Sacred Pill was too strong, this golden light had already caused some substantial damage.

That kind of substantial damage caused the walls of Ye Xiao’s cellar to begin to show signs of being cut.

It was only because Ye Xiao’s body was strong enough.

If not, he might not be able to withstand the pressure on the Sacred Pill even if he was there.

To be honest, a medicinal pill of that level was not something that an ordinary person could casually look at.

Even a Godslayer realm master might not be able to withstand the pressure from this.

If it was a God realm master, he might not be able to resist kneeling down under the pressure of that medicinal pill.

The moment the Sacred Pill was formed, it immediately developed self-awareness.

Compared to those imperial pills, the Sacred Pill was much stronger.

If one were to say that after refining an imperial pill or a divine pill, they might choose to run away.

However, after refining a Sacred Pill, what it wanted to do was not to run away, but to kill the original owner.

That was right, to kill the original owner! It wanted to make a move on Ye Xiao.

On one hand, it had sufficient spiritual energy.

On the other hand, it also had sufficient spiritual energy.

When the two kinds of energy were superimposed on each other, they had the qualifications to compete with alchemists.

As a Sacred Pill, it would more or less record the memories of some materials.

Of course, not all of them.

Otherwise, it might not have dared to go against Ye Xiao.

What it recorded was only relatively common knowledge.

For example, an alchemist’s combat strength was very weak.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that the Sacred Pill had already locked onto him.

In the next moment, the Sacred Pill instantly attacked Ye Xiao.

It was like a lightning bolt, like a meteor that destroyed the world.

It was mixed with lightning as it charged straight towards Ye Xiao’s face.

A powerful force mercilessly tore apart the air and spiritual energy, as if it wanted to pierce through everything.

‘Those who attempt to devour me will be killed without mercy! “Those who attempt to possess me will all be destroyed! ‘This Sacred Pill must not be humiliated! ‘And it must not have any ulterior motives!’ When the Sacred Pill brought with it the power to destroy everything and arrived in front of ye Xiao… Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and swallowed it in one mouthful.

Crunch, Crunch… It was still alright.

The texture was slightly crispy, and it was somewhat similar to the crab roe-flavored shrimp strips that Ye Xiao ate when he was young.

However, what Ye Xiao took a fancy to was not the taste, but the power that it brought to him.

After the pill was swallowed, extremely violent energy widely erupted from his dantian and spread to all parts of his body.

That extremely terrifying energy erupted in one go, making it difficult for Ye Xiao to even breathe at that moment.

There was too much energy! However, that was a very good thing.

That was because when the energy exceeded the limits of his current body, it was enough to prove that it could allow him to smoothly surpass his current realm.

All the masterpiece techniques in Ye Xiao’s body started to circulate at that moment.

The violent energy rapidly washed through his bloodline, and the masterpiece techniques circulated, suppressed, and all sorts of energy mixed and condensed.

It was as if they were hammering a piece of red-hot iron.

After going through thousands of tempering and refining, finally, Ye Xiao’s cultivation had reached the level of advancement.

Seventh level of the Godly King realm! Ye Xiao opened his eyes.

At that moment, it was no longer a simple lightning bolt shooting out from his eyes.

At that point, the entire Nine Provinces’ world could not help but start to surge with wind and clouds.

The violent power of lightning struck down unceasingly, shocking everyone and causing them to tremble incessantly.

“What a powerful pressure.

What’s going on?” “Could it be that someone has advanced?” “That’s not right.

This is our Xuan Yuan clan’s martial arts master coming over.

” In the Ning family manor, Zheng Tianya smiled as he explained.

In reality, there was indeed a portion of energy within that was Ye Xiao’s advancement.

However, there was still a portion that was the pressure brought by the arrival of the martial arts masters from the Xuan Yuan clan.

Due to the two looking similar and mixing together, Zheng Tianya did not notice that it was the pressure caused by Ye Xiao’s advancement.

However, Ye Xiao had always wanted it to be that way.

His heart had always been very low-key.

It was even better if he was not discovered by others.