Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 477

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Surpass the Seventh Level of the Godly King Realm, and Xuan Yuan’s Name Will Be Established in the Starry Sky The Godly Kings who were fighting with Ye Xiao could not help but become excited when they felt this powerful aura.

Their morale rose crazily.

It was impossible to summon a martial arts master from a long distance.

However, even if it was a martial arts master’s avatar, it was still no small matter.

With him coming over, it was enough to deal with Ye Xiao.

Everyone’s attack speed became faster, and the strength of their attacks became even fiercer.

In an instant, several of Ye Xiao’s attacks were actually canceled out.

However, Ye Xiao did not panic at all.

That was because at that moment, he was only using about 80 percent of his strength.

There was still some leeway.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was activated.

Ye Xiao instantly moved the two Godly Kings to his side.

In the next second, the Star-plucking Hand was activated.

It grabbed the necks of the two opponents and immediately crushed their necks.

At that moment, several attacks came over and instantly bombarded his chest, forcing Ye Xiao to retreat.

The Silver Dragon King raised her hand and two beams of healing light filled the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the injuries of the two Godly Kings were healed.

A cold glint flashed across Ye Xiao’s eyes.

The Fallen Star was forcefully activated.

With the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, one of the Godly Kings was directly blasted into a cloud of blood mist.

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COM When the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was used, the divine blood of the other party was instantly absorbed by him.

Following that, the Star-plucking Hand was once again activated, once again locking the neck of the other person.

However, at that time, Ye Xiao did not just crush the other party’s neck.

Instead, he instantly crushed the neck of the Godly King and then used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to extract all the divine blood in his body.

After doing all that, he threw the Godly King’s head out and looked over at the Silver Dragon King.

The few archaic Godly Kings under the Silver Dragon King gathered in front of Ye Xiao, afraid that they would attack the Silver Dragon King.

The Silver Dragon King was their healer.

As long as she was around, everyone else could be resurrected no matter how many times they died.

However, without her, if the others died, they would really be completely dead.

There would be no chance of revival.

The appearance of those archaic Godly Kings could not stop Ye Xiao’s footsteps.

However, the cloud vortex in the sky had already reached its limit.

It was as if it could swallow the entire star area.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the clouds.

Lightning that was ten feet thick flickered continuously.

Terrifying energy overflowed, causing the meteorites in the surrounding star area to start trembling uncontrollably.

Finally, with a nine-colored light shooting down, Ye Xiao squinted his eyes slightly.

It was actually a nine-colored light! Above the Godly King realm, all five-colored light was below the fifth level.

and above the fifth level, it was said that each level would add another rainbow light.

Nine-colored light, that meant that the opponent’s strength had already reached the ninth level of the Godly King realm! Of course, the other god clans were far from there.

What Su Changhe summoned was only a Godly King who was closest to that place.

Moreover, what he summoned could only be a portion of his cultivation.

It was impossible for him to appear in person.

Even a nine-star summoning array could not teleport over a long distance! However, although the other party’s strength could not reach the ninth level of the Godly King realm, judging from that aura, it was definitely above the sixth level of the Godly King realm.

Seventh level of the Godly King realm! That cultivation already surpassed Ye Xiao’s cultivation by two levels.

When the divine light appeared, all the Godly Kings retreated one after another, no longer tangling with Ye Xiao.

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COM Ye Xiao stood on the spot, looking at the divine light with an indifferent expression.

Su Changhe sneered and said, “B*stard of the Xuan Yuan god clan, did you see it? Did you feel it? This powerful aura! In front of him, you’re not even worth mentioning.

“Feel the fear of death.

Let the prodigal martial arts master of the Heaven-opening god clan, Ouyang Shengde, punish you with death!” As soon as he finished speaking, a huge foot stepped out from the divine light.

In the next second, a muscular figure that was more than six feet tall slowly stepped out from the divine light.

He had a huge beard and his eyes shone with a cold light as if he could destroy everything.

After arriving there, his eyes swept around and finally landed on Su Changhe.

“Su Changhe, if you summon me here for some idiotic matter, I will wring your head off your neck.

” Su Changhe hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Elder, please calm down.

We summoned you here because we had no choice.

We met an opponent that we couldn’t defeat.

“If you don’t come, all the Godly Kings present will be swept away by him.

We, the four great god clans, will suffer heavy losses.

” Ouyang Shengde’s gaze landed on Ye Xiao.

He was a prodigal martial arts master! Although it was only a clone of his that came there, and its strength was only at the seventh level of the Godly King realm, it was far from reaching his peak standard, the ninth level of the Godly King realm.

Even so, his character as a prodigal martial arts master still existed.

His cultivation was still at the ninth level of the Godly King realm.

Therefore, he could tell at a glance that the strongest man there was Ye Xiao.

“Are you talking about this kid?” “That’s right, Elder Ouyang.

It’s this little b*stard.

It’s him who killed several of our Godly Kings.

” “Hmph! The Xuan Yuan clan’s brat is quite arrogant.

Let this old man have a go at you!” He stomped his foot, and lightning spread out from under his feet, expanding to a hundred thousand feet.

It was as if lightning had exploded in the starry sky.

Ye Xiao looked at everything indifferently.

Suddenly, he moved.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was activated, and he instantly appeared in front of Ouyang Shengde.

He threw a punch directly.

Ouyang Shengde narrowed his eyes.

Clearly, he had not expected that his speed would be so fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of him.

However, he was not to be trifled with.

His cultivation at the seventh level of the Godly King realm was two realms higher than Ye Xiao’s.

Moreover, he had clearly cultivated a masterpiece technique in terms of speed.

Although it was not comparable to Ye Xiao’s Space Warping masterpiece technique, the gap in cultivation was sufficient to make up for the gap in their cultivation techniques.

When Ye Xiao’s Star-splitting Fist was thrown out, Ouyang Shengde’s Iron Fist was also thrown out at the same time.

Boom! The fists of the two people collided, and thunder rumbled.

The shock wave spread in all directions.

The powerful force directly pushed back all the surrounding Godly Kings.

Everyone’s pupils constricted.

Clearly, they did not expect that Ye Xiao could actually exchange fists with Ouyang Shengde! Ouyang Shengde’s lips curled up slightly.


I didn’t expect your cultivation to be so much lower.

At most, you’re not more than the fifth-level Godly King realm.

But in reality, the combat strength you display far surpasses your cultivation.

“For so many years, this old man has rarely met an existence as monstrous as you.

“Fortunately, this old man is a clone.

I can play a little longer and then kill you.

If this old man’s original body came over, it might have instantly taken your life.

Then it would be meaningless.

” “Is that so?” Ye Xiao finally opened his mouth to speak, but he only said two words calmly.

Ouyang Shengde’s brows raised slightly, and before he could react, the next second, a powerful force that belonged to each of them erupted from Ye Xiao’s fist once again.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique! The World Destruction masterpiece technique was coupled with the Star-splitting Fist.

The powerful pressure made Ouyang Shengde feel as if he was facing a great enemy.

He did not dare to be careless and immediately expanded his strength.

He did not have too many masterpiece techniques like Ye Xiao.

He only had one movement technique which was a masterpiece technique.

His fist technique was only a peak nine-star god technique.

Relying on the seventh level Godly King realm cultivation of his clone that was rapidly attacking, he was in a deadlock with Ye Xiao.

As both of their powers were too powerful, bolts of lightning were constantly being released around their bodies.

That was because their powers were too powerful, squeezing the spiritual energy in the air, and they began to rub against each other.

Ouyang Shengde’s clone’s face flushed red.

However, not only was he not angry at all, he was even a little excited.

“Hehehe… Interesting, too interesting.

I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting fellow like you on this trip.

” However, at that moment, a third wave of power suddenly erupted from Ye Xiao’s fist! Bloodbath masterpiece technique! With the two masterpiece techniques supporting him, the smile on Ouyang Shengde’s face instantly disappeared.

Following closely behind, his fist which was as thick as an elephant’s leg was instantly blasted apart by Ye Xiao’s fist.

Boom, Boom, Boom… His fist was blasted apart, and his arm was also blasted apart inch by inch by Ye Xiao’s fist.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiao had instantly blasted apart his entire arm, along with half of his shoulder.

“What!” Ouyang Shengde had just opened his mouth when Ye Xiao’s fist that had come to his side loosened.

His fist transformed into a claw, and he used the Star-plucking Hand, instantly trapping his neck and locking down his movements.

Ouyang Shengde had a vague feeling that something was not right.

Just as he was about to use his other hand to attack Ye Xiao, he suddenly realized that his speed had slowed down.

Whereas Ye Xiao’s speed was several times faster than before.

Reincarnation masterpiece technique! Ye Xiao’s right hand locked his neck, and his left hand clenched into a fist as he punched his face.

Bang! The huge impact broke his nose bone on the spot.

Just that punch instantly destroyed his fighting strength, causing the fist that he was about to raise to pause for a moment.

Following that was Ye Xiao’s second punch, third punch, fourth punch, fifth punch… When Ye Xiao hit the third punch, Ouyang Shengde’s fist had already drooped down powerlessly.

Hence, the entire starry sky was deathly silent, leaving only the sound of Ye Xiao continuously punching out.

Punch after punch! One punch after another.

Ouyang Shengde, who was extremely arrogant just a moment ago, was like a dead pig in the blink of an eye.

He was beaten by Ye Xiao until he had no strength to retaliate.

That terrifying scene caused the entire scene to be petrified.

Everyone’s jaws were about to drop to their feet.

What kind of situation was that? Elder Ouyang, that was a seventh-level Godly King prodigy! The seventh level of the Godly King realm! As for Ye Xiao… Ye Xiao was only at the fifth level of the Godly King realm! The fifth level of the Godly King realm! There was a difference of two small levels between the two of them.

However, in the end, the two of them only exchanged one punch from the beginning to the end.

After one punch, Ye Xiao’s strength soared in a straight line.

Following that, he single-handedly trampled on Ouyang Shengde who was at the seventh level of the Godly King realm! That fellow had simply violated the cognition and laws of the entire starry sky.

At that moment, Ye Xiao’s thirtieth punch landed on Ouyang Shengde’s head, completely blowing his head apart.