Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 471

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 471

He dared to say that even a fourth-level Godly King could not withstand Ye Xiao’s punch earlier.

How could such an attack only be at the third level Godly King realm? Liar! Shameless! Immoral! A dignified martial arts master above the third level of the Godly King realm was actually lying! Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM On the other side, King Zhou and the others were dumbfounded They were once again in a daze.

It ended just like that? Was there a mistake? Was he joking with them? It was ending way too quickly.

The other party had clearly displayed his own moves and strength.

That powerful strength, even the few of them could not help but feel their hearts palpitate, feeling as if they had become a few ants.

However, Ye Xiao still killed the other party with a single punch.

The strength was so terrifying that it was already somewhat unacceptable.

‘IYe Xiao… Did you really just use the cultivation of the third level of the Godly King realm just now? Could it be that you used a higher level of cultivation and then lied to us?” Ye Xiao was rather speechless.

“What do you guys think?” Everyone smiled embarrassedly.

They believed that Ye Xiao would absolutely not lie to them.

However, Ye Xiao’s performance was really too monstrous.

It was to the extent that they clearly knew that it was true, but they did not dare to believe it.

After a moment, Ye Xiao opened his mouth to speak, “Now all of you know the benefits of cultivating multiple cultivation techniques at the same time, right? Especially when cultivating two cultivation techniques that complement each other at the same time.

In a battle, there is a higher advantage within the same level.

“Although the cultivation speed might be a little slower, one can use medicinal pills or treasures of heaven and earth to raise one’s speed.

” Everyone nodded one after another.

“After we return, I’ll match you with suitable supporting cultivation techniques according to the cultivation technique you’re mainly cultivating.

At that time, we’ll work together to raise your strength further.

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COM After everyone agreed, Ye Xiao put Tuboshu’s corpse away.

Originally, he was just a sliver away from successfully advancing to the fifth level of the Godly King realm.

Since he had Tuboshu’s corpse, it was 100 percent enough.

That night, he would first complete a small goal and advance to the fifth level of the Godly King realm! At the same time, in the Godly Emperor’s tomb, a few archaic Godly Kings were surrounding a coffin and carrying out a mysterious ritual.

As the ritual unfolded, a weak light spot appeared under the feet of each archaic Godly King.

The light spots connected into a line and finally formed an array that wrapped around the coffin.

Several Godly Kings used their divine blood to gather on the coffin.

The powerful divine blood power condensed on the coffin, making it turn dark red as if it was burning.

Then, the blood on the coffin gradually condensed into the shape of a flower.

That flower was similar to the Resurrection Lily, but it was not the Resurrection Lily.

Although the Resurrection Lily revealed a large amount of life force, it could increase a person’s lifespan.

However, that flower was full of supreme vitality, as if it could give a person the hope of rebirth.

Soon, the entire coffin turned into a flower.

The flower bloomed, and a beautiful woman slowly walked out of the flower bud.

Her skin was as white as snow, and her long, supple hair reached her fair ankles.

The other archaic Godly Kings immediately bowed to her when they saw her.

“Greetings, Silver Dragon King!” The Silver Dragon King slowly walked down.

The petals formed a silk cloth that automatically cut and wrapped around her graceful figure.

“We seem to have been asleep for a very long time.

” “That’s right.

We don’t know how many tens of thousands of years have passed.

” The Silver Dragon King walked down and looked at the huge pyramid-like mausoleum in front of her.

Her eyes were filled with deep longing.

‘Your Majesty, your thoughts have not been wasted.

Time flies.

We have finally awakened.

We will definitely rebuild the glory of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

” When the Godly King heard that, her eyes could not help but become moist.

How glorious was the primordial Divine Kingdom back then? The 13 Godly Emperors were extremely powerful.

They had conquered many star areas and expanded the territory of the primordial Divine Kingdom to dozens or even hundreds of times that of the Azure Billow star field! However, because they had offended a Supreme Eternal, the primordial Divine Kingdom was massacred.

Nearly 100 Godly Emperors descended and massacred the people of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

Even the common martial artists of the primordial Divine Kingdom were not spared.

The 13 Godly Emperors fought for 100 days and eventually lost 11.

As for the remaining two, one had transformed into a Divine Kingdom’s treasury and sealed the law energy cultivated by the 13 archaic Godly Emperors.

The other was buried in that Godly Emperor’s tomb, waiting for the day when they would be resurrected and regain the glory of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

“Silver Dragon King, we are waiting for you to lead us to resurrect His Majesty Nalan.

” “If you want to resurrect His Majesty, you need enough divine blood.

Without divine blood, everything will be for naught.

“What’s the situation outside now?” “Silver Dragon King, there are two forces outside.

One of them is led by the Xuan Yuan clan while the Netherworld clan is supporting them through an alliance.

The place they occupied was where the Divine Kingdom’s treasury was buried.

“The other side was led by the Heaven-opening clan.

The Tiancang clan, the Golden clan, the Earth Spirit clan, and the other god clans were currently stationed in the starry sky.

“They were all the top 20 god clans in the starry sky! ‘These two forces all had Godly Kings, and there were about 16 in the four great god clans.

And the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan have 13 Godly Kings.

” “How is their relationship?” “To the Silver Dragon King, their relationship is not good.

According to our information, the Xuan Yuan clan has just killed a few Godly Kings of the four great god clans.

” The Silver Dragon King thought for a moment and said, “In that case, let’s go and meet the four great god clans.

” Everyone’s expression immediately changed.

“Silver Dragon King, although the four great god clans have a grudge with the Xuan Yuan clan, it does not mean that they will be our friends.

“They have killed our Godly Kings before! We also have a deep grudge with the four great god clans.

“It is probably not a good time to rashly visit them, right?” The Silver Dragon King faintly said, “We don’t have enough strength.

We need enough divine blood to recover our strength.

In order to restore the glory of the primordial Divine Kingdom, this step is necessary.

” “What if they aren’t willing?” “Then we have to give them enough benefits.

The hearts of humans are greedy, and the living are the most greedy.

As long as we give them enough, we shouldn’t be afraid that they won’t agree.

” “But… Why don’t we contact the Xuan Yuan clan? They are weaker.

If we can join hands with them, our chances of success will be higher, and it will be easier to control them.

“Moreover, during the period of joining forces, we can take advantage of their lack of attention to secretly search for the Divine Kingdom’s treasury in that small world.

“As long as we find the Divine Kingdom’s treasury and use the power inside, we can also resurrect Godly Emperor Nalan.

” The Silver Dragon King spoke again, “The four great god clans are clearly stronger than the Xuan Yuan clan.

If we join forces with the Xuan Yuan clan, we will have to face the pressure from the four great god clans.

We will be helping the Xuan Yuan clan to share the pressure.

“If we join hands with the four great god clans, we can easily destroy the Xuan Yuan clan.

At the very least, we will be able to save ourselves a lot of trouble.

Later on, when we fight against the four great god clans, we won’t have to worry about the Xuan Yuan clan ambushing us.

“The way to resurrect Emperor Nalan can be done through the Divine Kingdom’s treasury or by continuously absorbing the divine blood.

“Even if we found an existence like the Divine Kingdom’s treasury, we might not be able to open it.

Even if we did, it wouldn’t be able to immediately resurrect Godly Emperor Nalan.

“You just said that the Northern King was killed by the Xuan Yuan clan.

It’s hard to guarantee that he won’t reveal the secret of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

“After we join hands with the four great god clans to destroy the Xuan Yuan clan, we can turn around and fight against the four great god clans.

“If we can kill all of them, we can all recover to our peak condition before reviving Godly Emperor Nalan.

“That way, we can protect the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

“If we join hands with the Xuan Yuan clan, they will still know about the existence of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

Don’t you think that they will stab us in the back while we are fighting? “Other than that, there was another point.

The four great god clans had exterminated the Xuan Yuan clan, so they were definitely eyeing the Godly Emperor’s tomb.

They could give them some opportunities in exchange for their efforts to exterminate the Xuan Yuan clan.

“When the Xuan Yuan clan’s territory fell into our hands, their attention would definitely shift to the Godly Emperor’s tomb.

They wouldn’t fight for the Xuan Yuan clan’s territory.

Instead, they would give us more time.

“If we fight against the Xuan Yuan clan and repel the high-ranking god clan, what will we do then? Will we stay in their territory and not leave? Or will we fight to the death with them to snatch the Divine Kingdom’s treasury?” Everyone nodded.

That was true.

Ever since the fall of the Northern King, they had been worried that the Northern King would leak the secret of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

It was even possible that the other party was already excavating and searching for the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

Hence, the best way was to destroy them and keep it a secret.

“1’11 go and contact the four great god clans.

” On the other side, the four great god clans’ encampment was in a state of disarray.

“B*stard! What a b*stard.

Tuboshu was actually killed by the Xuan Yuan clan!” “D*mn the Xuan Yuan clan.

They actually killed six Godly Kings of our race in a row! If we don’t take revenge, we will never be human again!’ “I never expected the puny Xuan Yuan clan to reach such a level! It’s really surprising.

“They actually have the guts to go against the four great god clans!” Just as the Godly Kings were cursing furiously among themselves, a divine thought suddenly appeared among them in the next second.

The Godly Kings’ expressions changed.

In the blink of an eye, they looked forward in unison.

They saw that the divine thought had gradually formed a figure.