Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 461

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 461

Chapter 461: The Terror That Cuts Through the Starry Sky   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In the sky, Zheng Tianya was also burning with anxiety as he watched.

The 15th-ranked second-level Godly King of the Tiancang god clan, Zhuge Dongxuan! The 16th-ranked second-level Godly King of the Golden god clan, Yun Haoyue! The 14th-ranked third-level Godly King of the Heaven-opening god clan, Su Bomu! The 17th-ranked third-level Godly King of the Earth Spirit god clan, Chen Xingchen! Ranked 15th was Beiming Lihuo, a fourth-level Godly King of the Tiancang god clan! Those were all outstanding martial arts masters of various large families.

They were the geniuses among the geniuses, the prodigies among the prodigies.

Admittedly, they were not weak either.

However, it was precisely because both sides were not weak that it was difficult to stop when they truly fought.

Currently, they were still holding up below.

If the Netherworld god clansmen stationed in the nearby starry skies were not able to arrive in time, the problem would be very serious.

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COM Zheng Tianya had already noticed that there were many places down there that had already suffered extremely serious damage.

The ones who had died were all members of the Xuan Yuan clan.

In the future, they might even become the pillars of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They were the indispensable talent resources of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Thus, Zheng Tianya’s heart ached terribly.

“Brother Cangming, hurry up and come! Hurry up and support our Xuan Yuan clan!” However, just as he was looking anxious, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

The few Godly Kings who were fighting in the sky suddenly vanished without a trace.

Even their auras were hard to detect.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They stared straight at the sky, completely at a loss.

“What… Happened?” In the blink of an eye, several rays of light rapidly flew over from the distant horizon and approached everyone.

They were members of the Netherworld clan.

Cangming and the rest could not help but frown when they arrived.

That was because he could clearly sense that there were still some remnant auras of Godly Kings fighting in the air.

“Brother Tianya, I clearly felt that there were many Godly King auras here just now.

Why is there nothing here now?” Zheng Tianya’s mouth moved a little before he said somewhat helplessly, “Even if you ask me, I don’t know either! There were indeed a few Godly Kings who came to invade our Xuan Yuan clan just now.

But now, I don’t know what happened.

They all suddenly disappeared.

”“All disappeared?” ‘When Godly King Cangming heard that, he could not help but feel somewhat astonished.

He had lived for hundreds of years, but that was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

Both sides were fighting, and they were both Godly Kings.

How could an existence at such a level disappear in an instant, while the other side did not feel anything? Before the other party disappeared, there should have been some special spiritual energy fluctuations.

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COM “Could it be that they deliberately made some trick?” Zheng Tianya nodded.

“Talso feel that it might be their trick! This time, they sent a total of four high-level God clans.

The Heaven-opening god clan, the Tiancang god clan, the Golden god clan, and the Earth Spirit god clan! They are all god clans that are stronger than us.

“If my guess is correct, this time, they are very likely to make a big move.

“Perhaps they are specifically targeting the primordial Divine Kingdom’s Godly Emperor’s tomb!” “In that case, we must not be careless! We should immediately send people out to search for them and see if they are nearby and what action they have!” “Good! You and I will go together and leave some Godly Kings to guard the Nine Provinces, in case they use a trick to lure us away and then attack our subordinates.

” “Let’s go!” As they spoke, the two sides split into two groups.

One group stayed to guard the Nine Provinces while the other group quickly went to patrol the starry sky.

At the same time, in the starry sky, the few Godly Kings who had just been transferred over were also dumbfounded.

What was going on? Why were they suddenly transferred out? ‘What happened? ‘They were Godly Kings after all.

It was impossible for them not to notice the little tricks that others had done to them, right? “The space around us suddenly changed.

If my guess is correct, it’s most likely that they used a special spatial array.

” ‘There was indeed such a special array in the starry sky.

Its original intention was to teleport out enemies that they could not defeat so as to avoid hurting their clansmen.

‘The Xuan Yuan clan was, after all, the 19th-ranked god clan.

Their ancestors had also produced some prodigies.

It was not strange for them to have such an array formation.

“We were too careless.

I didn’t expect that they would actually use this array to teleport us out.

“I noticed previously that there were many members of the Xuan Yuan clan in the world they were in.

They were probably afraid of the shockwaves from our battle, so they destroyed them as well.

“We were tricked by them.

” “It doesn’t matter.

We’ll just go over once more.

They only have so many Godly Kings, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

“Moreover, this kind of array isn’t some trash array.

They can’t use it indefinitely.

They just used it once.

I can guarantee that they won’t use it again in a short period of time.

”“That’s right, I think so too.

Maybe they want to move us out and then take the opportunity to deal with us.

“This way, as long as we’re not in their territory, we won’t be able to harm their clansmen.

We can also use all our strength to deal with us.

” “Unfortunately, we won’t let them succeed.

” Asinister and vicious sneer appeared on the Godly Kings’ faces.

However, just as they were about to turn around, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

A figure quietly appeared in their eyes.

It was a black figure wearing a bamboo hat.

He was strolling in the starry sky, slowly walking towards them step by step.

It was Ye Xiao! Everyone’s hearts trembled.

They could already feel the undisguised killing intent emanating from his body.

“A member of the Xuan Yuan clan? When did such a Godly King appear in the Xuan Yuan clan?” “Who cares who he is.

Since he dares to reveal his killing intent to us, then he must be prepared to bear our wrath.

Kill!” The Golden god clan’s second-level Godly King, Yun Haoyue, was the first to attack.

He stomped his foot, and his body instantly transformed into a stream of light as he charged straight at his opponent.

His speed was very fast.

In the eyes of the various Godly Kings, he seemed like a stream of light.

However, in reality, he had easily reached the step within the range of mental attacks.

With a thought, he came to Ye Xiao’s side.

There was practically no interval between them.

However, the instant he arrived in front of Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao suddenly punched out with a speed that was several times faster than his.

Star-splitting Fist was activated, followed by the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

Ye Xiao allowed the other party’s fist to strike his chest.

The Undying masterpiece technique was activated.

Within the same level, the other party could not even cause the slightest harm to him.

His fist, on the other hand, pierced through his opponent’s chest and shattered his heart.

That steel-like fist, along with his opponent’s soul, shattered into pieces! Instant kill! Seeing that scene, all the Godly Kings present were stunned.

Their faces were filled with disbelief.

Was that a joke? They could clearly feel the aura emanating from the other party’s body.

He was only in the second-level Godly King realm.

Yun Haoyue was also a second-level Godly King.

The two of them were clearly evenly matched in terms of cultivation.

How did they manage to defeat each other in a single exchange? Did the other party instantly kill Yun Haoyue?Ye Xiao threw Yun Haoyue’s corpse to the side.

Before throwing it away, he used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to completely drain the divine blood in the other party’s body.

Refining it after returning would similarly increase his cultivation by quite a bit.

The remaining Godly Kings also quickly recovered from their shock.

“Everyone, be careful.

This fellow is a prodigy.

Don’t be careless! Let’s attack together.

” ‘With an order, the four Godly Kings attacked at the same time, attacking Ye Xiao from four different angles.

The battle erupted and arrived in an instant.

Facing the four Godly King with surging auras and overflowing killing intent, Ye Xiao was unflustered.

‘The Reincarnation masterpiece technique was instantly activated, and the four people’s speed instantly slowed down.

Of course, as the four Godly Kings, their speed was already so fast that it made one’s hair stand on end.

Even if they slowed down time, their speed was still as fast as lightning.

It was almost equivalent to the time when they arrived in front of Ye Xiao, from 0.

00001 seconds to 0.

00002 seconds.

Do not underestimate this 0.

00001 seconds.

In front of the Godly Kings’ speed, that little time was enough to determine whether they were alive or dead.

Not to mention, the instant the Reincarnation masterpiece technique slowed them down, it would also speed up Ye Xiao.

With that addition and subtraction, for Ye Xiao who was already extremely fast, the gap was even wider.

‘The few Godly Kings were not fools.

They instantly felt that something was wrong with their bodies.

Their speed had slowed down.

“This feeling… D*mn it.

This is the Reincarnation masterpiece technique, the Qilin clan’s Reincarnation masterpiece technique! It will slow down our speed.

” “Retreat quickly! We are not his match.

” Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao had already raised his leg and used four nine-star god-level leg techniques, Fallen Star.

‘The World Destruction masterpiece technique was added.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! Four explosions sounded out, and the four of them retreated at the same time.

Su Bomu, Chen Xingchen, and Beiming Lihuo’s cultivation were relatively stronger, and their spiritual energy and blood essence were richer.

As a result, they were only sent flying with blood spurting out of their mouths, and their ribs were broken.

Zhuge Dongxuan, on the other hand, did not have such good luck.

‘As a second-level Godly King, his waist was kicked open on the spot and exploded into two pieces.

His divine soul was severely injured, causing him to be instantly killed on the spot.

Up until the moment of his death, he still did not understand.

He just wanted to show off for his disciple and suppress the Xuan Yuan clan’s arrogance.

He wanted to show off at the same time.

Why did he lose his life? What made him feel even more incredulous was that the other party was an existence with the same cultivation level as him!