Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 459

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Silver Dragon King, the Return of the Godly King   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Xia Bingning’s original intention was to target those second and third-class people.

She was not a fool.

Of course, she knew that if she were to compete with Ning Zhiyuan directly for those high-end talents, Ning Zhiyuan would definitely explode.

At that time, in the God clan, she would be charged with inciting civil strife.

That was not a joke.

She would really be in big trouble.

Ning Zhiyuan did not care too much about people in the second and third grades.

That way, he would get benefits without causing trouble for himself.

Very soon, a group of young people was gathered on the field.

“Miss Xia, do you want me to pick a few suitable ones for you?” The director hurriedly asked in a fawning manner.

Of course, as a subordinate who was biased towards the Ning family, he definitely was not trying to please Xia Bingning.

He just wanted to secretly operate by himself to prevent Xia Bingning from taking away more elites.

Xia Bingning was obviously not that stupid.

She could still see through the other party’s little tricks.

Therefore, she just stood up calmly and said, “There’s no need to trouble you.

It’s just taking in some subordinates.

I’ll go over and pick them out myself.

” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Seeing Xia Bingning walk out with her long legs, the director hurriedly followed her.

He was afraid that Xia Bingning would pick out some geniuses.

When Xia Bingning came to the field, the crowd became excited.

Some boys, especially, could not control their eyes when they saw Xia Bingning’s beauty.

Of course, what attracted them was not only Xia Bingning’s beauty, but also her identity, status, wealth, resources, and strength… If one had to compare them, it might be equivalent to a group of college students who had just graduated and were looking for a job.

Suddenly, they met the female presidents of the top companies in the world for an interview.

That kind of temptation was not ordinary.

Everyone knew that in the martial arts academy, they were almost equal.

Although they had a lot of resources, they were not the most outstanding ones.

The most outstanding ones were those who had already advanced to the Divine Grandmaster realm before the god race descended.

They were the geniuses among geniuses.

They could only be considered the second or third wave of existences.

If they could enter the Xia family, it might be a huge opportunity for them.

Xia Bingning’s selection was very quick.

With her Divine Eyes, she could easily tell the other party’s cultivation and age.

From there, she could determine the other party’s aptitude.

Looking at her selection of nearly a hundred people one by one, the director’s heart was bleeding.

However, he did not dare to oppose her directly.

Instead, he kept whispering in Xia Bingning’s ear, “Miss Xia, that’s enough! It’s really enough! You’ve found so many people.

You’re not looking for a guard.

You’re forming a small team, aren’t you? With so many martial artists, it’s enough to protect ten courtyards.

” “Tm sorry, my courtyard is bigger.

I don’t think these people are enough.

But forget it, I won’t make things difficult for you.

I’ll take these people with me.

” With that, she stuffed a storage ring into the director’s hand.

The director instantly smiled awkwardly.

“Miss Xia, you can’t do that! Your identity is so precious, how can I let you give me benefits?” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Xia Bingning smiled faintly.

“Take it.

After all, you’ve done something for me this time.

I can’t treat you unfairly.

I’ve selected so many people this time.

You won’t be able to avoid being scolded by Ning Zhiyuan.

Take this as my compensation for you.

”“Then… Then I won’t stand on ceremony with you.

” “It’s settled then.

I’ll go back first.

You’ll be responsible for the rest of the handover procedures.

” “Okay, I’ll definitely do it well for you!” Xia Bingning nodded and walked out of the sports field, coincidentally bumping into Qin Yuyan.

Qin Yuyan had the Emperor’s bloodline before, so she was below Emperor Jing and the others in terms of talent.

She was quite good and was also noticed by the Ning family, so she was not placed in the sports field by the director.

“Eh, it’s You! What a coincidence!” Qin Yuyan obviously did not expect to meet Xia Bingning there.

She naturally knew that the young mistress of the Xia family was here to find some matters to guard the courtyard, and after Xia Bingning appeared, needless to say, she was definitely the young mistress of the Xia family.

So, she was actually such an existence when she was with Ye Xiao.

At that moment, Qin Yuyan suddenly felt that her heart was completely empty.

She did not know what was going on with her.

All she knew was that she felt very uncomfortable when she saw a woman appear beside Ye Xiao for no reason that day.

She vaguely guessed something.

Perhaps she really had some feelings for Ye Xiao that she was not too clear about? It could not be said how deep the feelings were, but that would be too exaggerated.

It was just that she might have a trace of liking for Ye Xiao because his character and temperament really made people feel very comfortable.

She was also a girl that had never been in a relationship before.

It was very normal for her to have some feelings for a male friend who had a good impression of her.

Also, because it was only a trace of liking, she usually did not really notice her feelings.

‘When Xia Bingning appeared, she had some feelings.

She was jealous.

It was also the reason why she was a little out of sorts those two days.

However, after she knew Xia Bingning’s identity, she was relieved.

Ye Xiao being able to get the favor of such a big shot was a blessing that he had cultivated for several lifetimes.

For a young lady like Xia Bingning, who was from a direct line of descent aristocratic family of the god clan, she could probably raise Ye Xiao’s cultivation by a lot with just a casual flick of her finger, right? What could she do? She was not even a Martial Emperor in the human world, let alone a god.

Every time, she could only dig out a little medicinal pill from the divine tomb.

At most, she could only give Ye Xiao that little thing.

How could she compare to Xia Bingning? “Greetings, Miss Xia.

” Qin Yuyan slightly cupped her hands and bowed.

The two of them had different statuses, and they were not in the Nine Provinces world anymore.

She was still clear about the relationship between them.

Xia Bingning smiled.

“Last time we parted, the two of us didn’t leave any contact details.

It’s really a pity.

I came to Jianghai Martial Arts Academy this time to look for you.

Your aptitude is very good, so I want to bring you back to the Xia family.

“Even if the Ning family will nurture you, your resources will always be limited.

“If you follow me to the Xia family, I can guarantee that your resources will definitely be generous!” “Thank you for your praise, Miss Xia.

However, I feel that this place is pretty good and I don’t want to go anywhere else for the time being.

” If she were to go to the Xia family and see Xia Bingning and Ye Xiao together happily every day, she would probably feel even more miserable.

“Alright then.

However, if you have any thoughts in the future, you can come and look for me anytime.

The doors of our Xia family are open to you at any time.

” “Thank you, Miss XiQin Yuyan left.

Xia Bingning looked at her departing back and seemed to have vaguely guessed something.

Everyone was also a woman.

Her sixth sense could more or less tell her some of the reasons.

However, since Ye Xiao did not tell Qin Yuyan about his identity, she could not be too involved with Qin Yuyan.

If she made Ye Xiao unhappy, would she not be making herself uncomfortable? In the starry sky, the air distorted.

Three figures quietly arrived near the Godly Emperor’s tomb.

One of the figures had both of his arms broken.

Clearly, those three people were the archaic Godly Kings who had escaped from the hands of many high-ranked god clans.

At that moment, having just experienced a great crisis and survived a calamity, their emotions had calmed down quite a bit.

“Fortunately, we escaped back.

Otherwise, facing more than 20 Godly Kings at the same time, even if most of their strength is at the early stage of the Godly King realm, it’s still not something we can withstand!”“How sullen.

If our strength was at its peak, we wouldn’t have to fear more than 20 Godly Kings with those high-grade god techniques and even masterpiece techniques.

It’s really a shame.

” “There’s nothing we can do about it.

Our current cultivation hasn’t recovered to its peak.

“If we hadn’t used the archaic secret technique to escape first, we wouldn’t have been able to withstand the attacks of so many people.

” At that moment, they suddenly received a spiritual thought from the Godly Emperor’s tomb.

“All archaic Godly Kings, return quickly! Dig into the Silver Dragon King’s tomb, we must wake her up!” “silver Dragon King! It’s actually the Silver Dragon King! That’s great!” Hearing that voice, the three of them were first stunned before their expressions immediately turned joyful.

“The Silver Dragon King is a healing-type GodlyKking.

With her around, even if we no longer collect divine blood, we can still recover to our peak.

” “Hahaha! When we recover to our peak, we’ll be strong enough to openly deal with the Nine Provinces’ Xuan Yuan clan and snatch the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

“As long as we have the Divine Kingdom’s treasury, we can revive the other Godly Emperors.

The glory of the primordial Divine Kingdom will definitely reappear in the human world!” At the same time, the peaceful Ning family manor suddenly experienced a huge commotion.

Several jade tokens exploded one after another.

Those were all people heading to the starry sky to dig graves.

The people of the Ning family who were helping to guard the jade tokens immediately reported that matter to Ning Zhiyuan and then to the Godly Kings.

“Something happened.

Many of our people died.

All of them were killed in the starry sky.

” “How could such a thing suddenly happen? The Hundred Clans Alliance and the archaic Godly Kings are fighting so fiercely.

They shouldn’t have turned their spearhead and attacked the Xuan Yuan clan in such a short period of time.

”“Could it be an archaic Godly King? After all, there are many of them.

Currently, only they have the strength to deal with us.

” However, Zheng Tianya’s expression was solemn as he said, “The situation doesn’t seem right.

It’s not the archaic Godly King.

Can you feel it? This aura is very familiar.

It seems to be…” Before he could finish speaking, a thunderous voice descended from the sky.

“B*stard of the Xuan Yuan clan, get out here!” Everyone’s expression changed when they heard that voice.

“This voice….

Is the 15th ranked Godly King of the Tiancang god clan, Zhuge Dongxuan!”