Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 439

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Could This Guy Be the Main Character of This World? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Are you going to do something extremely dangerous?” Xia Xinyi could not help but ask.

She could easily sense that there was an indescribable aura hidden in Ye Xiao’s calm expression.

It was the calm before the storm.

She took a deep breath and said with a serious expression, “Bring me along.

Although my strength might not be able to help you much, if you encounter any special enemies, what trump cards do you have? I can also tell you in time to prevent you from falling into the enemy’s trap.

” Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before nodding.

“If you really encounter any danger, I will teleport you out immediately.

At that time, whether you can escape or not will depend on your luck.

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COM Xia Xinyi nodded.

Ye Xiao immediately used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and brought Xia Xinyi with him, disappearing from the spot in an instant.

On the other side, at the border of the Azure Billow star field, in the middle of a desolate star island, the corners of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.

“The battle is finally about to begin.

” Not far from his body stood a few pillars, on which Emperor Jing and the others were tied up in succession.

Everyone’s expressions were extremely ugly.

They stared straight at Su Chen.

Azure Dragon said coldly, “Who exactly are you? We have no fate or enmity with you.

Why did you capture us alone? Moreover… You even wanted Ye Xiao to come over.

” Su Chen glanced at him and said indifferently, “All of you are just puny ants.

You have no right to know who I am.

” Emperor Jing clenched his fists.

“You shouldn’t be a member of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

A member of the Hundred Clans Alliance wouldn’t deliberately target the Saber-sword Immortal.

To know this name and deliberately target him.

“Could you be the hidden mastermind who controlled the star beasts back then?” “What? He’s the mastermind who’s been working behind the scenes of the star beast invasion?” The others could not help but exclaim in surprise.

They all knew what had happened back then.

Ye Xiao had said that there was another mastermind behind the star beast.

However, more than two years had passed.

They had almost forgotten about the matter.

They had not expected him to appear again.

Moreover, the target of his schemes involved them directly.

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COM Emperor Jing spoke again, “I’m just guessing.

However, other than him, I really can’t think of anyone else who would specifically target the Saber-sword Immortal.

Moreover, the other party even knows to use the few of us to target the Saber-sword Immortal!” It was because the people of the Hundred Clans Alliance might know about the existence of the Saber-sword Immortal, but they definitely would not know who he might be related to.

The corners of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.

“You’re smart, but unfortunately, being smart isn’t enough.

Without strength, you’re still trash.

” Emperor Jing said coldly, “In front of you, we might indeed be trash.

But in front of the Saber-sword Immortal, you’re also trash.

” “Hahahaha…” Su Chen immediately threw his head back and laughed loudly, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

“What are you laughing at?” The Venerable Vermillion Bird asked in an angry and cold voice.

After Su Chen laughed for a moment, he slowly stopped and continued, “Of course I’m laughing because of your stupidity.

“Do you know how frogs at the bottom of a well came to be? Look at your current appearance.

Look at all of you now.

You’re just a bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well.

“The Saber-sword Immortal might be some amazing existence in your mouths.

But in my eyes, he’s just a tiny ant.

“No matter how fast he improves, no matter how strong he is.

“Trash will always be trash.

This is something that no one can change.

” After saying that, he let out a deep sigh.

“Forget it, no matter how much I talk to trash like you, what’s the use? Your foresight is only that big.

You don’t even know what kind of existence is in front of you.

” After saying that, he sat on a huge rock and raised his head to look at the starry sky.

Everyone’s expression could not help but become heavy.

Even if their strength was very low, at that moment, they could see that Su Chen was indeed different from an ordinary person.

The aura that he emitted was arrogant and unyielding.

It carried 30 percent coldness, 30 percent arrogance, 30 percent domineering intent that looked down on the world, and 30 percent ambition to swallow mountains and rivers.

Perhaps the way he was doing things at that moment was indeed somewhat despicable, but that still could not change the suppression he had towards them.

Su Chen was an existence that was in a different dimension from them.

Venerable Black Tortoise’s expression was solemn as he said, “This time, we’ve really found big trouble for Ye Xiao.

Although we don’t know how strong this person is, from his tone, it seems that Ye Xiao isn’t his match.

“I hope that Ye Xiao will not come over.

” Emperor Jing sighed faintly.

“It’s probably already too late.

From his tone just now, it’s most likely that Ye Xiao is already on his way.

I reckon that it won’t be long before Ye Xiao personally arrives here.

” Beitang Ce also secretly sighed and immediately consoled, “Everyone, there’s no need to blame yourselves.

Since the other party is the mastermind behind controlling the star beasts back then, even if he doesn’t find trouble with us now, he would have found trouble with us sooner or later in the future.

“We can’t avoid it.

” Everyone nodded.

Beitang Ce’s words were indeed somewhat reasonable.

Right then, they could only hope that Ye Xiao would be able to defeat that fellow.

Minutes and seconds passed.

Not long after, with a twist of the air, two figures suddenly appeared on the star island.

“Ye Xiao!” Emperor Jing could not help but shout.

Everyone’s eyes were a little sour.

That place was in the borders of the Azure Billow star field, and it belonged to the great rear of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Ye Xiao had passed through such a dangerous and distant place to come there.

How could they not be moved by his friendship? Su Chen turned around and looked at Ye Xiao, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

“So your name is Ye Xiao.

” Ye Xiao glanced at him.

Xia Xinyi, who was at the side, could not help but say, “I keep feeling like I’ve seen him somewhere before…” Su Chen also glanced at her and smiled indifferently.

“I didn’t expect to see an old friend here.

Xia Xinyi, long time no see.

” Hearing the other party call her name, Xia Xinyi’s expression became even more serious.

“How do you know my name?” “Have you forgotten me so quickly? How forgetful! When we were 13 years old, we had a meal at the same table at the coronation ceremony of the Holy Child of the Wind Spirit clan.

” “Coronation ceremony of the Holy Child of the Wind Spirit clan? Wait a minute, could it be that you are… You are… This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible.

“You were clearly killed.

How could you still be alive?” Xia Xinyi’s delicate body could not help but start trembling.

It was as if she had seen something extremely inconceivable.

Su Chen’s smile was still as calm as before.

“I also thought that I would die, but unfortunately, no one took me in, so I came back.

” Ye Xiao looked at the extremely shocked Xia Xinyi beside him and patted her shoulder, infusing her with faint spiritual energy to calm her mind.

“Who is he?” Xia Xinyi took a deep breath and tried her best to calm down her emotions.

Following that, she opened her mouth and said, “He is Su Chen, the head of the direct lineage of the Kai Tian god clan, the eldest young master of the Su family.

” Hearing those words, Ye Xiao was rather surprised.

One had to know that whether it was the cultivation technique that the other party cultivated, or his character, everything he did was completely villainous.

Such a person was actually the eldest young master of the Su family, the head of the direct line of descent of the Kai Tian god clan.

In addition, the Kai Tian god clan was ranked 14th in the starry sky.

Although he was not of the same generation as the current younger generation, he was definitely the most stunning figure of the Su family two generations ago.

No matter how one looked at it, such a person did not seem to have any interaction with that completely evil person.

When Emperor Jing and the others heard about the god race, they could not help but feel confused.

“The Kai Tian god clan? Why does it sound so familiar to me? I think I’ve heard of it somewhere before.

” The Vermillion Bird’s face had already turned pale.

“It’s the Kai Tian clan, ranked 14th in the starry sky! I think the teacher mentioned it before when he was teaching in the Academy.

” Beitang Ce’s expression was also extremely grave.

“It seems like it’s true.

At that time, we were only focused on remembering the previous gods, so we didn’t pay special attention to this god clan!” “I didn’t expect what he said to be true.

If he’s the eldest young master of the main family of the Kai Tian clan, then with his talent and age, doesn’t that mean that he’s already a Godly King now?” When everyone thought of that matter, they could not help but shiver.

It was over! At that time, it was really over.

They did not expect to actually encounter such a monstrous existence.

A fellow of such a level, even Ye Xiao should not be able to defeat him, right? At that moment, everyone’s heart instantly felt a chill.

However, Ye Xiao could tell that the other party’s cultivation was still not in the Godly King realm.

He could not help but open his mouth and ask in puzzlement, “How is this possible?” “With his status, he should have already cultivated to the Godly King realm by now, right? Why do I feel that he has not advanced to that realm?” Upon hearing those words, everyone was also stunned.

Su Chen had not advanced that realm? How was that possible? The eldest young master of the Kai Tian clan would not be inferior to the current Yun Xuanyuan of the Xuan Yuan clan no matter what, right? Xia Xinyi spoke again, “That’s because he was expelled from the Su family many years ago.

“Back then, he was indeed the number one genius of the Kai Tian clan.

However, during a battle for the Kai Tian clan, he was injured and was judged to be unable to cultivate for the rest of his life.

Later on, he broke the clan rules and was expelled from the Su family.

“I just can’t imagine how he can actually cultivate again and even raise it to such a powerful level.

” Ye Xiao was stunned.

Why did he feel that such a template was somewhat familiar? The clan’s genius was abandoned by his family because he became crippled.

He found some fortuitous encounter outside and could cultivate again.

Moreover, his strength became stronger and stronger until he finally became a super genius who returned to take revenge… Even though the taste was a little different from the others, it was still somewhat similar.

Could that fellow….

Be the main character of that world?