Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 437

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Let the Saber-Sword Immortal’s Blood Stain His Path of Revenge   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Forget it.

No matter what, I can clearly sense the aura of the archaic Godly King’s corpse in the air.

Since the other party destroyed the archaic Godly King’s corpse, it must be someone from our Hundred Clans Alliance.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered to do so.

“We don’t need to delve too deeply into it.

Next, we should focus all our efforts on hunting down the remaining two archaic Godly King corpses.

” “That’s right.

The two of them are the trouble we should pay attention to next.

” On the other side, in the starry sky, two figures had killed dozens of God realm disciples of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Before they could rejoice, they suddenly raised their brows with displeasure.

“This feeling… Is it that idiot deer? His corpse has already been destroyed.

” “That idiot.

I’ve already told him not to attract too much attention.

Our cultivation has yet to recover to its peak.

“But he refused to listen.

Isn’t he courting death?” “Originally, I wanted for us to stick together.

With the strength of three lesser Godly Kings, it would be safer and it would steadily increase our cultivation levels.

“However, I didn’t expect him to be so stubborn.

Instead, he decided to court death.

“Now that there are only the two of us left and our strength has been greatly reduced, we should be more careful in our next actions.

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COM “You’re right.

It’s better to be careful than to be careless.

We’ve already been asleep for so long so we don’t know how many tens of thousands of years it has been.

We’re not in a hurry.

”After saying that, the two of them were about to turn around and leave when suddenly, a blood-red aura arrived quietly.

Sensing that blood-red aura, the two immediately narrowed their eyes.

“a lesser Godly King?” “He actually dares to look for the two of us alone.


” The blood-red figure slowly disappeared, revealing a handsome young figure.

He glanced at the two and smiled.

“The two archaic Godly King corpses have already recovered to the strength of a lesser Godly King.

They can be of use to me.

” The two archaic Godly Kings could not help but snort when they heard that.

“Little brat, do you know what you’re saying?” “You want to use two archaic Godly Kings? Ridiculous!” The other party smiled.

“In your eyes, I’m just a little brat.

In my eyes, you’re just two old farts.

“There’s no need to act so high and mighty.

” The two archaic Godly Kings’ expressions changed drastically when they heard that.

“B*stard! You’re courting death!” As he spoke, Godly King Yufeng took the initiative to attack.

He stomped heavily and instantly appeared beside his opponent.

He punched out, and before he could fully unleash his powerful strength, the surrounding meteorites began to retreat.

One could imagine that if that punch landed on his opponent’s body, it would definitely injure him severely.

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COM The scene he imagined of his opponent’s body being penetrated by that punch did not happen.

Instead, it was his fist that stopped in front of his opponent.

It did not move at all.

“What?” Godly King Yufeng’s pupils constricted.

He could not believe what his eyes were seeing.

What was going on? The other party did not even make a move.

His body was frozen in place, unable to move at all.

How was that possible? His gaze landed on the other party’s eyes.

He did not know when, but the other party’s pupils had already turned blood-red.

It was like a blood-red gemstone, bewitching and mysterious.

“This… This is the Blood Eye? It’s ranked ninth on the primordial Divine Eye list.

It’s known as the evilest and most bizarre Divine Eye in the starry sky.

“How can you have it? If you want to have a blood eye, you must have the Bloodbath masterpiece technique! However, it disappeared along with the Blood Asura from the immemorial era!“Where did you get the Blood Eye?” The other party smiled.

“It seems that you have some knowledge.

To be able to know the connection between the Blood Eye and the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, you can be considered a top figure.

“However, you don’t need to know how got it.

All you need to know is that any blood under the Blood Eye will be controlled.

” “No!” Godly King Yufeng let out a heart-wrenching scream.

In the next second, his eyes were forcefully turned blood-red.

Then, his expression became numb and he could not say a word, he stood in front of the other party obediently.

He was like a puppet.

As for the other archaic Godly King, he was so scared that his scalp went numb.

He turned around and ran.

He knew that he had encountered big trouble that time.

He had also heard of the Blood Eye’s heaven-defying ability.

As long as one’s cultivation did not exceed the Blood Eye holder’s, it would be very difficult to resist the Blood Eye’s control over blood.

Generally speaking, the weaker one’s strength was, the more severe one would be affected by the Blood Eye.

Moreover, like the two of them, their cultivation was currently at the lesser Godly King realm.

They would not be instantly controlled by the other party.

They could still have a certain amount of resistance.

No matter what, they could resist for a period of time.

Once they escaped, they could get rid of suchrestraints and threats.

However, the two of them had a flaw.

They were no longer living people.

Their souls controlled corpses.

They were no longer one entity with their bodies.

It was just a kind of parasitic relationship.

Although they could control their corpses to fight, when it came to issues such as rules, there was nothing they could do.

Otherwise, if someone used that method, they could continue to cultivate their own bodies and souls after they died.

Would that not mean that they would be immortal and ignore the power of laws?‘Whether it was the Blood Eye or the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, they were all existences that involved the power of laws.

Therefore, the other party could easily control their corpses.

Unfortunately, although he wanted to turn around and run, it was too late.

The moment he turned around, the surrounding blood essence swiftly suppressed him and locked him inside.

The blood essence locked his body, and his spiritual energy could not expel the blood essence, so naturally, he could not escape.

The corpse could not escape, so his soul was trapped inside the corpse.

“No!” He let out an angry roar.

His face was distorted from excessive anger, and he looked extremely terrifying.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he could not resist the other party.

In the end, he was controlled by the other party, and his eyes tuned blood-red.

After doing all that, the corner of the young figure’s mouth curled up slightly.

“I got two lesser Godly King subordinates at once.

The profits this time aren’t bad.

I can use them to help me deal with the Saber-sword Immortal of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Master, it’s all thanks to you that I was able to cultivate the Bloodbath technique after you imparted the blood technique to me.

” “Don’t be happy too early.

Although you already have the Bloodbath technique, you heard it just now.

The other party knows about the Bloodbath technique.

Although the Bloodbath technique is powerful, it can only be considered to be the ninth most powerful technique in the immemorial era.

The BloodEye is only the ninth most powerful Divine Eye.

“Therefore, there is always someone better than you! You still have to keep a low profile.

” “Hehe… Master, you are too careful.

Although there are many masterpiece techniques in the immemorial era and there are also many others that are stronger than the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, don’t forget one point—the immemorial era has long disappeared.

Many masterpiece techniques passeddown from generation to generation have also disappeared along with that era.

“If the first few masterpiece techniques don’t appear, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique could be said to be the number one masterpiece technique in the starry sky, right?” “That’s not exactly accurate.

Many of the masterpiece techniques from the immemorial era have been passed down until now.

“For example, the fourth-ranking technique, the Undying masterpiece technique that belonged to the Phoenix clan which had been passed down along with their clan.

“The fifth-ranked True Dragon masterpiece technique that belonged to the Dragon clan, which still exists in the starry skies.

“In addition, the sixth-ranked and seventh-ranked Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincamation masterpiece technique were controlled by the Qilin clan.

“The first-ranked Minor Destiny technique, the second-ranked Creation masterpiece technique, and the third-ranked World Destruction masterpiece technique might have already disappeared into the starry skies with the passage of time but there is still a possibility that they will resurface.

“However, with the previous four masterpiece techniques, your Bloodbath masterpiece technique can only be considered as the fifth-ranking mastrpeice technique at most.

“Therefore, you still can’t be careless!” Su Chen’s blood-red eyes flashed with a demonic light.

“[ didn’t think that there would be so many powerful forces before me! However, it doesn’t matter.

As long as I cultivate diligently, I’ll definitely be able to defeat the Dragon clan, Phoenix clan, and Qilin clan in the future and become the strongest existence in the starry sky.

“However, I don’t need to worry too much right now.

My current opponent isn’t them, but the Saber-sword Immortal of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“He’s just a small character.

He might not even have any masterpiece techniques, so he’s no match for me.

“I don’t even need to use the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to easily defeat him.

” The jade ring flickered a few more times.

“You’re right.

Let’s take care of this Saber-sword Immortal first.

Although I still want you to develop for a while, this d*mned Saber-sword Immortal has ruined our plans more than once.

“Previously, we used star beasts to attack the human world, but he destroyed it and we did not manage to obtain the human Xuan Yuan divine blood.

“at that time, your strength was still very weak, so I wanted to let him go and raise your strength first so that there wouldn’t be any accidents.

“In the end, I didn’t expect that he would instead raise a threat, causing us so much trouble in the future.

“If we don’t kill him now, there might be even more trouble in the future.

“We must get rid of this child.

” Su Chen’s eyes were shining red in excitement.

It was finally about to begin, the first step of his revenge! After so many years, he had been alone outside, and he did not know how much suffering he had endured.

How much pain had he felt? All for one day, he would be able to stand out and wipe out all those who had offended him! Up until then, he had been enduring.

He even felt that he was living like a b*stard.

So suffocating! At last, he was finally going to take the first step of his revenge! The target of his revenge, the Saber-sword Immortal, who was originally ranked in the 100th place in his revenge list, had been pulled to the first place ahead of time.

As his very own starting line!