Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 428

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Divine Kingdom’s Treasury, Open! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Upon hearing that, the Godly Kings could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

Yun Xuanyuan actually wanted to kill a peak ninth-level Godslayer, a lesser Godly King? Then what level had his cultivation reached? Could it be that his strength had increased again? “Xuanyuan, could it be that your cultivation has already reached…” Yun Xuanyuan nodded.

“”Tjust reached two days ago.

” Hearing him confirm it personally, everyone was shocked and excited.

‘What was shocking was that his talent was so monstrous! In such a short period of time, he had advanced to the peak level of the Godslayer realm, a lesser Godly King.

It was also because of that that they were excited.

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COM The faster one’s cultivation increased, the longer the road ahead would be.

Yun Xuanyuan’s future would definitely allow the Xuan Yuan clan to produce another Godly Emperor.

The power of his bloodline would increase by quite a bit.

“Alright! Since Xuanyuan wants to show off our Xuan Yuan clan’s might, then this old man will accompany you!” “This old man will go as well.

With two Godly Kings acting as shields, the Godly Kings of the Hundred Clans Alliance won’t dare to act rashly!” Yun Xuanyuan nodded.

Following that, he glanced at the other Godly Kings.

“Other seniors, head to the Nine Provinces first.

I’ll go to the Hundred Clans Alliance to take a seat and then go.

” “Xuanyuan, go in peace.

We’ll head to the Nine Provinces and take care of everything.

” With that said, Yun Xuanyuan did not stay any longer.

He turned into a stream of light and instantly disappeared from his spot.

The two Godly Kings also followed closely behind.

Looking at the three light figures that left, everyone laughed and said, “This time, the small fries of the Hundred Clans Alliance will probably be in trouble.

” “Xuanyuan’s eyes can not be rubbed with sand.

These ants actually dared to bully the younger generation of our Xuan Yuan clan then the martial arts masters of our Xuan Yuan clan were not around.

They really deserve to die!” “Our Xuan Yuan clan really has many talents.

With such a strong genius like Xuanyuan, there will be no worries in the next few thousand years.

” Behind the deck, a beautiful figure could not help but reveal a worried expression.

“To think that Yun Xuanyuan has already reached this level of strength.

Ye Xiao, this time, I’m afraid your trouble will be difficult to settle.

” Just as she finished speaking, a voice suddenly sounded beside her ear.

“Ye Xiao? Could it be that this is the name of that Heaven’s chosen in the Nine Provinces?” The girl was startled.

She turned around and immediately pouted.

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COM “Grandma, you’re too cheeky.

You actually hid behind others to eavesdrop.

” Her grandmother chuckled and said, “Lwasn’t intentionally eavesdropping.

I just happened to come here.

Who asked you to say it yourself?” After a pause, she spoke again, “However, speaking of which, I really want to see what kind of character that genius youth who caught our Xia family’s Little Princess Bingning’s interest is.

” Xia Bingning’s face instantly turned red.

“Grandma, don’t talk nonsense.

We are just ordinary friends.

I have sworn that I will never fall in love before stepping into the God realm.

” Her Grandmother still smiled and said, “This kind of thing is hard to say.

You are not married, he is not married.

The two of you are so young.

I really can’t guarantee that you won’t have feelings for each other.

”Xia Bingning stomped her feet.

“Grandma, if you continue to spout nonsense, I won’t humor with you anymore.

” “Okay, okay, okay.

Our Little Princess is shy.

I won’t say anymore.

That’s enough, right?” After a pause, her grandmother spoke again, “Bingning, are you really sure? Is he the genius of the human world?” Xia Bingning shook her head.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, but I have a feeling that it’s him! “He’s the most talented boy I’ve ever met in my life.

“I don’t know how he did it.

In just two or three years, he became such a powerful existence.

But in the small human world, I can’t think of anyone else who could reach this level.

”The old lady nodded.

“You have a point.

All these years, I’ve been taking you to many star areas to study.

I absolutely believe in your judgment.

“However, although this young man is very powerful, if he doesn’t have a good temperament, he might not be able to go far.

“This time, he has openly provoked Yun Xuan Yuan.

It’s enough to show that he doesn’t have a good temperament.


“You’ve also seen how strong Yun Xuanyuan is, and how monstrous his aptitude is.

“If he were to fight with Yun Xuanyuan, he would definitely be heavily injured, or even die on the spot.

“If you want him to be able to go further, you should persuade him to stop this duel and absolutely not oppose Yun Xuanyuan.

” Xia Bingning nodded.

“However, even though that’s the case, I’m still a little worried.

If I were to persuade Ye Xiao to cancel the duel, what if Yun Xuanyuan isn’t willing?” Her grandmother chuckled.

“Don’t worry! Yun Xuanyuan is definitely not that kind of narrow-minded person.

The reason why Yun Xuanyuan wanted to challenge him in the beginning was only because his aptitude was relatively high and aroused his interest.

“Later on, some misunderstandings occurred between the two because of the Yun family’s elder, Yun Shui.

“However, after the misunderstandings were resolved, Yun Xuanyuan personally took action to destroy Yun Shui.

He even said that he would not allow anyone to pursue the Saber-sword Immortal.

“If Yun Xuanyuan was that kind of narrow-minded person, he wouldn’t have been able to reach today’s level!” “That’s true.

Young Master Yun is the future leader of the Xuan Yuan clan after all.

His foresight and breadth of mind are definitely not ordinary.

” Speaking up to that point, the worry on Xia Bingning’s face also eased a lot.

A few days later, in the human world, Ye Xiao’s cultivation finally advanced to the eighth level of the Godslayer realm, completing his advancement.

At that point, he was just a little bit away from reaching the Godly King realm.

It would not be long.

At the same time, there was another great good thing.

In the divine crystal mine, the passageway leading to the Divine Kingdom’s treasury was finally dug through.

It led to the Divine Kingdom’s treasury’s main door.

‘When Ye Xiao heard the news from Huan Liuli, he was so excited that he immediately climbed up from his bed, used the Space Warping masterpiece technique, and teleported underground.

The star beasts were still excavating the other divine crystals around them while Ye Xiao took a deep breath and slowly walked towards them.

Very soon, he arrived at the front door of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

The thick and heavy door, which had an extremely ancient aura, seemed to be filled with stories.

He knew that behind that door, there were countless treasures.

As long as he opened the door, all the treasures inside would belong to him.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao had Huan Liuli and the other beasts retreat to the outside of the tunnel.

As for him, he began to use The Great Divine Mind to analyze the door of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

However, after ten seconds, there was no reaction at all.

He once again used another spiritual god technique to bloom with a thought.

However, after ten seconds, there was still no reaction.

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little puzzled.

Could it be that the Divine Kingdom’s treasury was too advanced? ‘Was that why he could not find a way to solve it? After thinking for a moment, he instantly activated his Golden Book divine soul.

At that moment, the moment the Golden Book divine soul was activated, it released a ray of golden light that entered the main door of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

On the main door of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury, there was immediately a huge round hole.

Inan instant, an extremely dense and majestic spiritual energy gushed out from within.

Sensing that extremely dense energy and absorbing it, Ye Xiao felt that as an eighth-level Godslayer, he had a huge demané for spiritual energy and even felt that it was somewhat unbearable.

It was too dense.

Just like milk that had been accumulated for many days which was definitely thicker and more viscous than the milk that had to be squeezed once every day.

‘The Divine Kingdom’s treasury was able to reach such a level just by spewing out a stream of spiritual energy from the entrance.

One could imagine how many things were inside.

However, Ye Xiao did not enter immediately.

As a cautious person, he knew that he had to have sufficient confidence in everything he did.

He dug out a long and thick divine crystal from the wall of the passageway at the side and cut it into a long cylinder.

Then, he controlled it with a nine-star god-level claw technique and placed it on the cave above the Divine Kingdom’s treasury’s entrance.

One entered and one exited… One went in andone went out… He was repeating that over and over again for hundreds of times to see if the hole created by the Golden Book was safe or not.

He did not want to enter just for it to close again.

If that happened, he would be in big trouble.

He did not want to be locked inside.

‘When the time came, he would lose everything.

He would be trapped inside and die.

If that happened, it would be even more painful than dying.

What was the point?After confirming it again and again, Ye Xiao could determine that the hole in the door of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury was very safe.

It would not automatically close and suddenly shut while he was going in or out, he would clamp his head or something like that.

‘Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao threw the divine crystal pillar into his storage ring.

He used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and instantly teleported inside.

Only once he was inside did Ye Xiao realize that the spiritual energy there was even more terrifying.

Compared to the outside, it was more than a hundred times denser! It could even be said that it was an exaggeration to say that the spiritual energy there had already turned into a liquid, an extremely dense liquid.

“What strong spiritual energy! No wonder such a huge dragon vein would form outside.

“With so much spiritual energy, it would be weird if it didn’t form into a dragon vein.

” The cultivation technique in his body began to circulate rapidly, absorbing the spiritual energy in that place.

That allowed him to clearly feel that his cultivation was constantly increasing.

‘That super powerful spiritual energy was so shocking that it left people speechless.

However, what Ye Xiao cared about was not those things.

What he cared about were the cultivation resources that were stored in that place.

Therefore, he immediately released The Great Divine Mind to scan the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

To his surprise, he did not see any heavenly or earthly treasures there.

‘The only special point was that in the middle of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury, there was a strange light.

Ye Xiao did not know what that was, but he could feel that that light was very strong.

It was stronger than he had expected.

The power it contained was unfathomable.

Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy could not even scan it.