Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 424

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Instant Kill!   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Since you look down on the Xuan Yuan clan so much, why don’t I play with you?” ‘The moment those words were said, the smiles on everyone’s faces could not help but disappear.

Then, they stared straight in the direction of the source of the voice.

‘Who knew when they appeared but a figure wearing a bamboo hat had appeared.

However, after the shock, everyone quickly did not take it to heart.

That was because they could clearly sense that the Ye Xiao in front of them was only at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm.

He had yet to reach the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

While beside them stood Nangong Chenming, who was at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

‘With Nangong Chenming there, even if he was at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm, they did not need to be afraid, let alone the Ye Xiao in front of them.

His strength was only at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm.

Ye Xiao was not even qualified to carry his shoes.

“Kid, the competition has already ended.

Your Xuan Yuan clan has already lost.

“As the saying goes, one has to stand properly after being beaten.

One has to admit defeat.

“It’s useless for you to come out and cause trouble now.

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COM “Afraid?” Ye Xiao spat out two words indifferently.

It was the same provocation method used by the Hundred Clans Alliance previously.

‘The method was very simple, but it had to be said that it was very effective.

Not for anything else, but for the word ‘pride’.

‘The Xuan Yuan clan was stronger than the Hundred Clans Alliance.

If one did not dare to accept the other party’s challenge, they would definitely be ridiculed by others.

At that moment, Nangong Chenming did not dare to accept Ye Xiao’s challenge, so he would similarly be ridiculed by others.

As long as someone with some status or some faction with some status had a reputation outside, even if one did not want to care about the gossip of others, they would still have to consider for the sake of the entire family.

So, he had to take it! “Lhave to say that you’re very brave.

But unfortunately… Your 1Q can’t keep up with your courage.

” Ye Xiao slowly walked toward him.

“You don’t need to worry about that.

” The people around Nangong Chenming immediately said, “Brother Nangong, we’re fighting in private here.

When you kill him, won’t the Xuan Yuan Celestial race find trouble with us? “They are already in a bad mood.

They don’t want to give us those star areas.

What should we do if they take this chance to break the contract?” Nangong Chenming frowned.

Indeed, he could not kill Ye Xiao.

However, he would hurt him severely.

There was no doubt about that.

If he did not hurt him and make him lose the ability to move, the Xuan Yuan clan would not stop.

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COM Then that battle would have no meaning.

“If I heavily injure you or kill you, will the Xuan Yuan clan destroy the contract because of this?” Ye Xiao did not directly answer him.

Instead, he calmly said, “If I kill you, will the Hundred Clans Alliance destroy the contract because of this?” ‘The moment those words were said, the expressions of everyone present changed.

So arrogant! Too arrogant! He did not put Nangong Chenming in his eyes at all.

Nangong Chenming’s expression had already become somewhat gloomy.

He said coldly, “The Hundred Clans Alliance will not break the contract.

I hope that the Xuan Yuan clan will not go back on their word.

” “Naturally.

” ‘When Ye Xiao indifferently spat out those two words, he had already arrived in front of the other party.

The Star-splitting Fist was activated, stacking up an archaic masterpiece technique, World Destruction masterpiece technique! That powerful strength instantly enveloped Nangong Chenming, as well as the few martial arts experts from the Hundred Clans Alliance behind Nangong Chenming.

At that moment, everyone’s pupils instantly constricted, and all the hairs on their bodies stood on end, and their souls began to tremble.

In front of Ye Xiao’s punch, the bright sunny day that was just a moment ago suddenly became like lightning, thunder, and dark clouds.

Ye Xiao’s body seemed to have turned into a majestic God at that moment! “So powerful!” Nangong Chenming did not even have the chance to react and make a move.

The word ‘so powerful’ had just appeared in his mind when Ye Xiao’s fist became bigger and bigger in his eyes.

Ina flash, his consciousness sank into darkness.

Before he died, he felt as if he had seen an indescribable power of laws.

‘What he cultivated was a lesser masterpiece technique passed down from the Earth Dragon clan.

He was only a tiny bit away from a masterpiece technique.

Therefore, he could tell at a glance that the cultivation technique that Ye Xiao displayed was a pure masterpiece technique.

Moreover, even among the masterpiece techniques, it was the kind that was so powerful that it defied the heavens.

‘Hehe… I was careless.

’ However, he did not lose unjustly.

With just that move of Ye Xiao’s, even if he went all out to resist, the result would still be the same.

At most, it would only reduce his own death by a few seconds.

‘Was that the strength of a true genius of the Xuan Yuan clan? ‘The Xuan Yuan clan was ranked 19th.

Could such a terrifying genius already be born? He really did not know what kind of heaven-defying genius would appear in the top 18.

The god clan bloodline was like a chasm between heaven and earth.

It was so stifling that it made people unable to breathe.

If there was a next life, he really hoped to be born into a clan of that level.

Ye Xiao’s punch instantly pierced through the other party’s head.

The powerful strength was controlled very well by him and not a single trace of it leaked out.

Nangong Chenming was destroyed and none of the other party’s people were injured.

However, fresh blood splattered onto their faces, causing them to instantly be dumbfounded.

Plop! Following a muffled sound, Nangong Chenming’s corpse collapsed onto the ground in the next second while Ye Xiao had already disappeared without a trace.

The few of them shivered and widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

“It’s over! It’s over! It’s all over now.

” The dignified Nangong Chenming was actually killed.

Moreover, he was killed by a martial arts master at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm who was at the first level of cultivation.

Oh God, something big had happened that time! “Quick! Quickly bring Nangong Chenming’s corpse back! Quick!” Everyone shouted loudly.

They grabbed Nangong Chenming’s hands and feet and hurriedly brought him back to the Ning family manor.

At that moment, in the Ning family manor, Ning Zhiyuan and the others had already finished discussing.

The treaty had to be fulfilled.

If the treaty was not fulfilled, the Xuan Yuan clan’s credibility would be gone, and it would cause even more trouble in the future.

‘As an example, if they cooperated with the stronger god clans, no one would believe them, and no one would cooperate with them.

In fact, to put it bluntly, if they lost the battle and you wanted to surrender, no one would believe that you wanted to surrender.

‘Trust was very, very important under the starry sky.

Besides that, there was another point.

In the past, the other party did not have Nangong Chenming.

However, at that point they did which meant that they had more people.

If they continued to fight, the Xuan Yuan clan might not be able to gain the upper hand.

If they continued to fight now, they would only be creating trouble for themselves.

Helplessly, they could only choose to give up that star area and resources.

Zheng Fenghua, Ning Zhiyuan, and the others had already walked out from behind.

Zhu Chunqiu and the others immediately stood up with smug smiles on their faces.

They knew that the moment they wanted was about to arrive.

“Young Masters, you’ve already discussed this, right? Now, can we sign the treaty we agreed on before and stop attacking our star fields?” Zheng Fenghua took a deep breath.

Although he was a little displeased and humiliated, he could only do what had been promised.

However, before he could speak, a few streaks of light rushed into the hall.

“Representatives, something bad has happened.

Brother Nangong has been killed!” The moment he said that the entire hall was in an uproar.

“What? How is this possible?” Zhu Chunqiu and the others’ expressions changed drastically.

They hurriedly walked over a thousand steps and looked at the headless Nangong Chenming who had been killed.

They were both angry and frustrated.

“Brother Nangong! What is going on? Brother Nangong is at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

There aren’t many people here who are his match.

“Could it be that your Xuan Yuan clan has sent an even stronger martial arts master to ambush him?” “How ludicrous! You’re ranked 19th in the starry sky, yet you’re so shameless! “Once you lost, you sent a martial arts master to ambush and assassinate him.

Don’t you all feel any shame? We want to report you to the higher-ranked god clan!”Ling Shaoyu’s expression turned cold.

“Stop bullsh*tting here! We didn’t even send any experts to attack! We don’t even know what’s going on right now.

” Zhu Chunqiu sneered, “The facts are right here.

Do you all still want to squabble? Why don’t you all hurry up and tell us the whole story?” It was inevitable that both sides would have spiritual experts, so there was no need to be afraid of them lying.

They could directly scan their memories.

The few of them also did not dare to lie carelessly.

If the Xuan Yuan clan knew that they were lying, then they would be done for.

Even if they wanted to hide it, Ye Xiao was still alive.

That genius, who knew where he would appear? Even if the few of them were unwilling to let the other party scan their mental energy, if Ye Xiao came out and let others scan his memories, everyone would still know the whole story.

Therefore, the few of them immediately said seriously, “We encountered a sixth-level Godslayer realm master from the Xuanyuan Celestial race! “He wanted to challenge Brother Nangong, but… But…” “But he killed Nangong Chenming? How is this possible? His cultivation is only at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm.

Compared to Nangong Chenming, there’s a whole realm difference!”Those people were so scared that they were crying.

“It’s true.

If you don’t believe us, you can scan our memories.

“The other party is really at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm.

Moreover, the other party only used one move to instantly kill Nangong Chenming.

We didn’t even have time to react.

”Boom! Those words seemed to have detonated a huge bomb in the minds of everyone in the Hundred Clans Alliance.

It was one thing for a sixth-level Godslayer to be one level lower than Nangong Chenming, but he still managed to kill him in an instant.

Was that a joke? “I don’t believe it! 1 absolutely don’t believe it.

This is absolutely impossible.

You must be lying to me.

I want to use my spiritual power to scan!” A spiritual master of the Hundred Clans Alliance immediately used his spiritual energy to scan the memories of those people.