Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 423

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 423

Chapter 423: I’m Not Saying That They Are Trash.

I’m Saying That the Entire Xuan Yuan Clan Is Trash   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Under the unremitting efforts of the Dragon Bird and the other Venerable Beasts, wave after wave of star beasts were captured into the Divine Kingdom’s treasury underground in the Nine Provinces and began to excavate the divine crystals.

That sped up the progress by quite a bit.

Originally, Ye Xiao’s plan might still require more than two months to dig through.

At that point, it should be able to be reduced to a month’s time.

If one month’s time was as expected, the martial arts experts of the Xuan Yuan clan would also arrive.

As for the Godly Emperor’s tomb, it had yet to be discovered.

Ye Xiao still had a very high chance of obtaining the Divine Kingdom’s treasury before they discovered it.

Three days later, the people of the Hundred Clans Alliance arrived as promised and gathered in Jianghai city.

Three huge spiritual airships flew over and stopped in the sky above Jianghai city.

Seeing that scene, countless people present could not help but become restless.

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COM “They’re here, they’re here.

Look, it’s the members of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

” “They’re really here.

The competition is about to begin.

I wonder who is the one who is stronger and can obtain the final victory?” “Do you have to say that? It must be our Xuan Yuan clan! At the level of martial arts masters, the Xuan Yuan clan is 100 percent stronger than the other god clans.

There’s no doubt about that.

”“The other party isn’t a fool.

They wouldn’t dare to come over without some skill.

” “Unfortunately, we can’t see the competition.

This competition is definitely the most exciting one in 100 years.

” “Isn’t that obvious? The battle between the Xuan Yuan clan and a seventh-level Godslayer realm master of the Hundred Clans Alliance isn’t a once-in-a-hundred -years event for existences like us who haven’t even seen a Godslayer realm master before.

” The people outside were in an uproar, but in the Ning family manor, the Xuan Yuan clan members did not look too good.

‘As time went by, the few seventh-level Godslayer realm masters of the Xuan Yuan clan were all defeated.

They were all defeated by that genius of the Earth Dragon clan, Nangong Chenming.

“Xia family’s Xia Zhenghu is defeated!” ‘When the last seventh-level Godslayer realm master of the Xuan Yuan clan was defeated, everyone’s expressions were extremely cold.

Defeated! Utterly defeated.

Ning Zhiyuan and the others stared at a figure in the center of the battle, clenching their teeth.

Although they had already predicted the general outcome of the battle.

However, when it really happened, Nangong Chenming’s strength had truly taught them a lesson.

The martial arts experts of the Xuan Yuan clan had lost too quickly.

Almost no one could survive more than 50 moves from him.

One had to know that an existence at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm had an attack speed many times faster than lightning.

The battle of 50 moves had actually only lasted for an instant.

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COM In other words, almost all of those who were defeated by Nangong Chenming was instantly defeated.

Nangong Chenming’s talent was monstrous.

Compared to those of the same level, he was indeed extraordinary.

Although they did not want to admit it, they had to admit that Nangong Chenming was already comparable to the top 30 holy sons of the god race under the starry sky.

No matter how bad the Hundred Clans Alliance was, there would still be a heaven-defying one.

Of course, the Xuan Yuan clan did not send their strongest seventh-level Godslayer realm master.

However, they would not be too confident.

Even if they sent an even more outstanding seventh-level Godslayer realm master, the gap was not that big.

However, the other party defeated their martial arts experts in an instant.

Even if the Xuan Yuan clan sent an even more outstanding seventh-level Godslayer realm mmaster, they would only last for two minutes.

It was meaningless.

Zhu Chungqiu from the Hundred Clans Alliance smiled and said, “Everyone, thank you for letting us win.

If no one else from the Xuan Yuan clan goes out to fight now, then… Can we fulfill our agreement?” Ning Zhiyuan and the others clenched their fists, their eyes revealing a thick sense of humiliation.

To them, losing to the Hundred Clans Alliance was far less of a loss than the damage to their pride.

After all, the Xuan Yuan clan was ranked 19th.

They were much stronger than the other god clans, but they had lost to them.

Seeing their expressions, Zhu Chunqiu was very excited, but he did not show it on his face.

The other god clan representatives beside him could not help but say, “Young Masters of the Xuan Yuan clan, could it be that you want to go back on your words? The mighty Xuan Yuan clan can’t go back on their words, right?”Ling Shaoyu immediately cursed, “Bullsh*t! It’s just a mere battle.

You don’t have the right to say anything here.

” “Shaoyu.

” Zheng Fenghua called out, and Ling Shaoyu immediately snorted.

He sat down and turned his head away, not wanting to look at them.

Zheng Fenghua, on the other hand, spoke again, “You guys wait here for a moment.

We’ll go in and discuss it.

Welll give you the results later.

” Zhu Chunqiu smiled.

“Of course.

Young Masters, feel free to discuss.

” After saying that, Zheng Fenghua gave Ling Shaoyu and the others a look.

The few of them walked to the back hall to discuss matters.

On the field, Nangong Chenming saw them leave and turned around to walk toward the alliance.

“Everyone, this battle is over.

I’ll leave the rest to you.

I’ll go out and get some fresh air.

” “Alright, alright.

Brother Nangong, you can go out and get some fresh air.

Leave this place to us.

” After saying that, Zhu Chungiu looked at the other elders behind him and said, “The few of you go and accompany Brother Nangong.

If he has anything he needs to do, you can also help him.

” “Yes!” The news quickly spread outside and immediately caused a commotion.

After all, that matter was not just about resources, it was also about the Xuan Yuan clan’s reputation.

The Nine Provinces’ human race originally belonged to the Xuan Yuan clan’s descendants, and then, they had directly merged with the Xuan Yuan clan.

Therefore, at that time, the Xuan Yuan clan’s face was lost, which meant that they were also lost.

“Sigh! It’s such a pity.

I didn’t expect that we would lose! And we lost so quickly.

” “T thought that we could at least last for a period of time! At least, even if we could last for two or three days, or even if we won the battle, I didn’t expect that such a thing would happen.

“This is really beyond my expectations.

” “The Xuan Yuan clan that I bought won.

I lost so much that I couldn’t even wear my underpants.

” “sigh! I’m helpless!” In the library, hearing that many of his colleagues were discussing that matter, Ye Xiao could not help but be slightly stunned.

He did not expect that the martial arts experts of the Xuan Yuan clan actually could not withstand the other party.

One had to know that the cultivation techniques that the Xuan Yuan clan cultivated were definitely a little stronger than those of the other god clans.

In the end, he did not expect to lose even at that point.

However, what else could he do? They had already lost, so he could only stop here.

Moreover, it was not a big deal in the first place.

Nangong Chenming had won, but he was still unable to compare to an existence on the level of Yun Xuanyuan.

The foundation of the Xuan Yuan clan would not be affected.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao had gathered another god technique.

It was the verbal command that he had been thinking about.

It was a nine-star god technique that he had used three imperial -level verbal commands to form.

It was called the Emperor’s Decree! That technique was much stronger than the Roaring Tiger’s Mountain Forest.

It already possessed the ability to force others to do certain actions.

For example, making you kneel down and make you slap yourself in the face.

Those things that were originally very difficult to do could now be done with just one sentence.

The verbal command also had its own unique charm.

However, it definitely had a certain limit.

For instance, it might not have a very good effect on some existences of the same level.

If one wanted a better effect, then one would have to use even more spiritual energy.

The verbal command was mainly a method that consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

Of course, in Ye Xiao’s view, that was actually a very good method of posturing.

After all, acting cool required more effort.

Of course, that was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was that Ye Xiao discovered that his masterpiece technique synthesis finally had a new reaction.

Previously, he had been wondering why his spiritual cultivation technique and poison technique had already gathered two god techniques, but in the end, it still did not show that he wanted to synthesize them.

Then, he finally found the reason.

That was because the two of them wanted to be synthesized together with the verbal command.

Could it be that it would develop into a venomous tongue? It should not be, right? After all, it was an archaic masterpiece technique.

Moreover, spiritual energy, poison, and verbal command were all relatively unorthodox, but they were very powerful types of attack attributes.

Anyway, he was still short of one verbal command god technique.

After gathering two verbal command god techniques, he could begin to synthesize them.

When that time came, he would see what kind of things would appear.

He hoped that nothing strange would appear.

Like something that would make his tongue longer, softer, and more elastic… Ding! At that moment, the clock chimed at noon.

Ye Xiao closed his books, left the library, and headed home.

On the other side, on a narrow path in Jianghai city, a few figures were chasing after Nangong Chenming while flattering him.

Those were the elders of the other god clans in the Hundred Clans Alliance.

“Brother Nangong is really outstanding.

We can’t even catch up to him!” “You’ve beaten all the seventh-level Godslayer realm masters of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Brother Nangong is really the best among the seventh-level Godslayer realm masters in our Hundred Clans Alliance.

“Maybe he can even fight some eighth-level Godslayer realm masters.

” Nangong Chenming did not really like that kind of atmosphere.

He only responded indifferently once in a while.

“The Xuan Yuan clan is, after all, the 19th god clan in the starry sky.

I was just lucky.

“This battle is only for the sake of temporarily stopping the battle within a month.

“After a month, the true geniuses of the Xuan Yuan clan will descend.

We will still be at a disadvantage.

” “Hehehe… Brother Nangong is too modest.

How can such trash cooperate with you? If it wasn’t for their high ranking and abundant resources, they probably wouldn’t even be worthy of carrying your shoes!”“Not only are they not worthy of carrying your shoes, I think that if they were given the same resources, those seventh-level Godslayers of the Xuan Yuan clan wouldn’t even have the qualifications to look up to Brother Nangong.

”“Brother Wang, aren’t you implying that they are trash?” “Ai! Don’t misunderstand.

I’m not saying that they are trash.

I’m targeting the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

All of them are trash.

” “Hahahah Hearing that, everyone present could not help but laugh out loud.

They were extremely pleased with themselves.

Nangong Chenming slightly raised his brows.

Although he felt that those people’s expressions were somewhat exaggerated, he did not stop them too much.

On the surface, he appeared very humble and polite.

However, deep in his heart, he no longer placed the Xuan Yuan clan’s peers in his eyes.

However, at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded in everyone’s ears.