Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 417

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 417

Chapter 417: The Martial Arts Experts of the Hundred Clans Upgraded Again Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ye Xiao had actually been suspecting the case all along.

After all, strictly speaking, the Golden Book was only a divine soul.

The others also had a divine soul.

That was no unique characteristic.

How could such a thing be his legendary hidden talent? A hidden talent had to be big and thick, round and shiny.

The kind that could shock someone with just a glance.

After many experiences and thoughts, Ye Xiao finally understood now.

His hidden talent was very likely his character.

That was because he was upright, kind, honest, trustworthy, and had a very good character plus his luck was very good.

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COM Based on that point, he was able to walk step by step, so steadily until then.

Everything he lacked, the heavens would give him.

Everything he wanted, would definitely arrive within three days.

It was as if the world was serving him subtly.

It seemed that he had to uphold his character in the future.

Thinking of that, he walked toward the other two.

King Thunder and King Tenfold scanned their surroundings.

“There are so many people here.

Who should we ask? Why don’t we just grab a random person and use our spiritual energy to search for his memories?”“We can’t act rashly.

There are also Godslayer realm existences in this city.

If we provoke them too much, we might get into some trouble.

“The two of us have just been resurrected and our strength hasn’t fully recovered to the Godly King realm.

We’re only at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

“We have to keep a low profile.

If we keep drawing attention, people will die if we’re not careful.

” “Brother Tenfold is right.

I’ve been rude.

The world has changed.

The two of us are no longer the Godly Kings from back then.

We’re only at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm now.

We should keep a low profile.

”As soon as he finished speaking, his gaze landed on Ye Xiao who had just walked over.

“Young man, the two of us are new here and want to look for something, but we don’t know where it is.

Can you help us a little?” With that, he fished out a handful of divine crystals from his pocket.

Ye Xiao nodded.

“There’s no need for compensation for these small matters.

Two old gentlemen, feel free to speak.

” King Thunder also smiled slightly.

Not bad, that young man was not bad.

Not only was he fair and polite, but he was also very handsome and very tactful.

“Then I would like to ask, have you heard that our Xuan Yuan clan has recently dug out many coffins from the Godly King’s tomb?” “Of course I know.

Everyone in Jianghai city knows.

” The smile on King Thunder’s face became even wider.

He felt that it was pleasing to the eye when he looked at Ye Xiao.

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COM ‘What a loyal and good child.

He did not expect that the younger generation nowadays were so simple and honest.

Moreover, he was very good-looking.

Even a man like him felt that he was very attractive.

That child’s character was not bad.

Although he could not see his aptitude, he should not be too bad.

Perhaps, he could consider taking in a little disciple to serve him tea.

“Good! If you can lead the two of us to those coffins, this old man will definitely reward us greatly.

” “Sir, you’re too polite.

” As he finished speaking, Ye Xiao began to walk forward.

King Thunder and King Tenfold immediately followed.

“Tenfold, this kid is pretty good.

I have the intention to take this kid as my disciple and work for me.

What do you think?” King Tenfold chuckled.

“Isn’t it simple? With our statuses, to be willing to take him as a disciple is a blessing that he will never be able to cultivate in eight lifetimes.

” “Alright, after we find Alfa and Flame Dragon, I’ll bring this kid away as well.

He’ll be at my disposal.

” King Tenfold nodded.

The two of them followed Ye Xiao and soon arrived at the outskirts, in front of Ye Xiao’s small courtyard.

“Here it is.

” “Here?” The two of them could not help but raise their brows slightly, somewhat puzzled.

Ye Xiao spoke again, “The Ning family members were unable to break the seal on the black coffin, so they buried them here and used an array to seal them.

” “Isee.

” The two of them nodded.

Ye Xiao’s words were reasonable and valid, and there were not any big loopholes.

The seals on the black coffin were all array set up by the high-level array formation masters of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

With the standards of the people that the Xuan Yuan clan had arranged there, it was impossible for them to undo the array on top.

It was very normal for them to find a place to bury it.

“Let me take a look at this array.

” King Tenfold walked forward.

Ye Xiao had already shut down the real array, leaving behind an extremely trashy array.

In any case, the Venerable Beasts below had already been completely tamed.

There was no need to worry that they would escape.

King Tenfold swept a glance and could not help but shake his head and laugh lightly.

“The people of today’s future generations, their attainments in the field of arrays have already reached such a level of trash? An array of this level, to be honest, is even inferior to the subordinates I taught in the past.

”King Thunder chuckled.

“How can they be compared to you? They are not even worthy of carrying your shoes.

Alright, don’t waste any more time, quickly undo this array and release Alfa and the other.

”“Alright!” King Tenfold easily opened the array and jumped in.

King Thunder followed closely behind.

The two of them jumped in.

The Venerable Beasts were resting when they suddenly woke up because of their intrusion.

When they saw King Tenfold and King Thunder, their eyes could not help but reveal a fierce light.

That was the bloodthirsty light in the star beasts’ bones.

“Another feast has come to our doorstep.

” “Brothers, go!” The Venerable Beasts were just about to go forward, but King Thunder did not even look at them and only snorted lightly.

In an instant, a huge thunder force suddenly struck the star beasts’ bodies.

Boom! Along with a shocking explosion, those star beasts were blasted back to the wall on the spot, heavily injured.

“A bunch of trash, you dare to attack this king? You’re courting death!” King Thunder could not help but mock, while King Tenfold spoke indifferently, “They should be sent by the Xuan Yuan clan to guard Alfa and Flame Dragon.

There’s no need to pay too much attention to them.

Ina while, we’ll just destroy them and tum them into pills.

“However, why is there only one coffin here? Moreover, it’s already opened.

” “That’s true.

This black coffin looks like Flame Dragon’s.

Why isn’t Flame Dragon here?” “Well, that’s because… He’s already dead.

” At that moment, Ye Xiao’s voice came faintly from behind.

Along with the voice came an extremely sharp sword ray.

Before the two of them could react, their heads fell to the ground and they were declared dead.

Up until the moment of their death, both of them did not understand what had happened.

They had been discovered? When had they been discovered? ‘Was there not only an extremely simple and honest youth who had brought them there? What the hell was going on? At the last moment when their souls were shattered, they did not understand what had happened.

As for the other Venerable Beasts, they limped closer to Ye Xiao.

“Master, who are these two fellows?” “Two primordial Godly Kings.

” The star beasts could not help but shiver.

Heavens, they were actually two primordial Godly Kings! No wonder they were so powerful.

Moreover, looking at the current situation, the two of them should not have completely recovered from their injuries.

Otherwise, that casual snort from King Thunder earlier would be enough to instantly kill them.

Even so, the two of them were also so powerful that it made one’s hair stand on end.

However, the most powerful one was still Ye Xiao.

He was actually able to trick these two primordial Godly Kings who had just been revived into coming in, and even instantly kill them.

He was the true terror! Ye Xiao casually waved his hand, and the Undying masterpiece technique was activated.

The Venerable Beasts’ injuries were instantly healed.

“You guys wait in the corner.

” “Yes!” The Venerable Beasts immediately retreated to the corner while Ye Xiao extracted King Thunder and King Tenfold’s divine blood, absorbed it into his body and began to refine it.

At the same time, in the starry sky, Su Chen, who was originally cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

A cold glint appeared in his eyes.

‘What’s going on? King Thunder and King Tenfold died so quickly? ‘Although their cultivations were far from reaching their peak states, they were still at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

Existences at this level could gallop freely in the human world.

‘What kind of super-genius did they meet? Could it be… the Saber-sword Immortal? Very quickly, Su Chen shook his head.

It should not be possible.

The Saber-sword Immortal might have had some strength before the celestial gods descended.

However, at that point, the god race had descended, and martial arts experts from all walks of life had gathered.

There were countless of them.

He, the Saber-sword Immortal had longbeen the last dregs of the Azure Billow star field.

The reason why he was able to raise his cultivation so quickly was entirely because he had received his master’s inheritance.

The blood technique was heaven-defying, and it was a magical cultivation technique of the growth system.

In the end, it could even be upgraded to an archaic masterpiecetechnique.

Moreover, he had secretly absorbed a large amount of divine blood.

Did the Saber-sword Immortal have such an opportunity? Was he worthy? ‘The current him was not even worthy of carrying his shoes.

If it were not for the Xuan Yuan clan in the surface world, he would have long gone to Jianghai city and exterminated the Saber-sword Immortal.

Therefore, it could not be the Saber-sword Immortal.

‘Could it be… A martial arts master sent by the Ning family in secret?” Su Chen nodded and then confirmed the answer.

It must be because of that reason.

At present, only the Ning family had the ability to find a super genius that was above the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

‘D*mn the Ning family, ruining my plans.

When I cultivate to the Godly Emperor realm in the future, the 127th existence to be destroyed will be your Ning family!”Although he felt that way, he still had to think of a way to increase his strength.

However… How could he create chaos and make the god clans kill each other? Moreover, the god clans outside were too weak and the effect was not good.

If a group of stronger existences could come… Just as he was thinking about that, the star area outside suddenly exploded with a strong aura.

“This is… 2” The martial arts experts from the Hundred Clans Alliance had arrived.

As soon as the Godly Emperor’s tomb appeared, all of them had come out in full force.

Su Chen’s eyes lit up, and then the corners of his mouth curled up.

It seemed that he could absorb quite a lot of divine blood in the future.