Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 410

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 410

Chapter 410: One Pill Into the Soul Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation A Blood Butterfly! It was a very pleasant name.

According to rumors, it was the incarnation of a Godly Empress.

The Godly Empress once had a true love, which was what she had been looking forward to all her life.

However, it was a pity that the other party betrayed their love, which should have lasted until death, and fell in love with another Godly Empress.

That Goldy Empress, after countless pleas, was unable to get back the other party’s feelings.

In her anger, she used the strength and cultivation technique that she had cultivated all her life to condense into a parasite.

It was the Blood Butterfly.

Using that parasite, she devoured another empress and turned her body into her puppet.

The emperor became her true love once again.

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COM It was not until the emperor met several other women that he finally discovered that secret.

That was because every woman he found would eventually have the same habits and hobbies… At that point, the Blood Butterfly was finally given to the world.

It was the first time that people realized how terrifying such athing was.

It took a lot of effort to destroy that kind of poisonous parasite, but it did not destroy the method to make the poisonous parasite, so it was passed down.

However, although that poisonous parasite was very monstrous, it was judged by the strength of its creator.

The person who created the Blood Butterfly definitely was not as strong as that Godly Empress.

Otherwise, Emperor Jing and the others would have died already.

How could they have lasted for two days? Ye Xiao walked forward and used the Undying masterpiece technique.

He used the energy of the Undying masterpiece technique to suppress the Blood Butterflies in Emperor Jing’s body.

Only then did Emperor Jing slowly wake up.

“Ye… Xiao… Why am I here? Where is this place?” “This is the hospital.

” “The hospital? Oh, I think I’m sick.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

“I thought I was going to die.

Have you cured me?” “Not yet.

” The Blood Butterfly was not on the level of a masterpiece technique, but it was infinitely close to one.

The troublesome thing about it was that it had completely merged with Emperor Jing’s physical body.

To elaborate, it had become a part of Emperor Jing.

To Emperor Jing, it was neither a toxin nor a disease.

It was like Emperor Jing’s blood cells, but it had another consciousness.

Any action it took against Emperor Jing would be regarded as an action by Emperor Jing’s physical body.

Even if Ye Xiao killed Emperor Jing and resurrected him with the Undying masterpiece technique, the Blood Butterfly would still exist in Emperor Jing’s body.

The Undying masterpiece technique could kill it completely, but it had to be cultivated with the Undying masterpiece technique.

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COM That Blood Butterfly would definitely have no effect on Ye Xiao.

Not to mention the Undying masterpiece technique, even the Superb Divine Poison, the nine stars poison technique in Ye Xiao’s body would not agree to it.

However, when Ye Xiao used the Undying masterpiece technique and injected the energy into Emperor Jing’s body, he could only suppress the Blood Butterfly because it was only a stream of energy released by the Undying masterpiece technique and not the masterpiece technique itself, there was no truepower of law that the Undying masterpiece technique could circulate endlessly.

It was just like medicine.

If the medicinal effect remained in the body, then it would have an effect.

If the medicinal effect disappeared in the body, the illness would definitely continue to recur.

For someone like Ye Xiao who cultivated the Undying masterpiece technique, he would possess an endless amount of medicinal power.

Naturally, the Blood Butterfly would be useless.

Currently, there were only three methods to destroy the Blood Butterfly.

The first method was to destroy the existence that had created the Blood Butterfly.

However, who knew who had created it? The person behind it must have hidden long ago.

The person who could create it was definitely not a fool.

It was even possible that the person who had created it was in the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Finding him was like finding a needle in the vast ocean—it was completely impractical.

The second method was to teach the Undying masterpiece technique to Emperor Jing.

“Idon’t believe that I can’t refine these pills with the materials from the two Godly Kings’ tombs.

” Master Cheng nodded when he heard that.

“Tm relieved to hear that, Young Master.

ll write down the list right now and let them start refining pills.

” Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“Tl go up to see my uncle first.

Master Cheng, you can go back to your work.

” “Yes! I’ll take my leave then.

” After Master Cheng left, Ning Zhiyuan immediately headed upstairs.

When he had just arrived at the stairway, he bumped into Ye Xiao and brushed past him.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

Young Master, what’s wrong?” The servant girl at the side could not help but ask with concern.

Ning Zhiyuan stared at Ye Xiao’s back.

“I think I’ve seen that person before.

He should be the martial arts library’s librarian.

Why would he appear in this place?” The servant took a look and immediately said nonchalantly, “This is very normal! This time, the ones who were hit by the Blood Butterfly were far from just high-level martial artists.

There were also many commoners.

Even though he’s just a small librarian, perhaps his relatives got sick here?”Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“You’re right.

Let’s go up and take a look at my uncle.

” “yes!” Ye Xiao naturally heard everything he said, including what he said earlier.

He was originally worried about the problem of the materials, but it seemed that there was no need to worry.

In the Ning family manor, in the alchemy room that had just been built, a few alchemy masters from the Xuan Yuan clan were rushing to work with a group of disciples to refine the pills.

“Move your hands faster, but you have to ensure the quality.

These pills are life-saving pills, no one can be careless.

“If it’s too late, it’ll be a waste of effort if we don’t give them to those who have been poisoned.

” An alchemy master with a goatee paced back and forth in the alchemy room, his expression extremely grave.

An existence at his level naturally knew how terrifying the Blood Butterfly was.

Although he had only learned the tip of the iceberg from some ancient books.

However, even if it was just the tip of the iceberg, it was enough to make him nervous and terrifying.

That was because the Blood Butterfly would not only harm the current host, it would also create a new host after coming into contact with it.

That was the truly troublesome part.

When the time came, the news would spread like wildfire.

If everyone in the room were to be notified, it would really be the end of the world.

At that moment, he did not notice that an ordinary-looking figure had quietly entered the pill room.

At that point, the first batch of pills had come out.

“Master Chen, the pills have come out.

” “Quick! Let me have a look!” Master Chen immediately took the pills over to have a look.

However, when he saw them, he could not help but feel disappointed.

Although the pill had been refined very well, in reality, there were still some flaws in it.

It was not perfect enough.

Moreover, the Blood Butterfly had its own command.

Any pill that had even the slightest flaw would not be easily fooled.

“D*m it! This medicinal pill won’t do.

I still need to refine it again.

Its purity isn’t enough.


Work harder and lengthen the refining time!”