Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 407

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 407

Chapter 407: The Fourth Archaic Masterpiece Technique, Space Warping Masterpiece Technique Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor:EndlessFantasy Translation In the Ning family, Ning Zhiyuan looked at the mountain of resources in his storage ring and looked it over continuously.

Not long after, Uncle Ning walked in.

When he saw that scene, he could not help but laugh.

“Stop watching.

Even if you watch it a million times, they won’t give birth.

” Ning Zhiyuan chuckled.

“There are too many things, and I got them myself, not from my family.

This sense of accomplishment is really great!” Uncle Ning nodded.

“It’s normal to have this feeling.

When I made my first fortune, I was so happy that I didn’t cultivate for three days and three nights.

I even made a special trip to the Apricot Garden.

” Ning Zhiyuan exclaimed, “So people said that second aunt came from a brothel.

I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t expect it to be true.

” “You want a beating, kid? Your second aunt came from a poor family.

She’s not a woman from that place.

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COM Ning Zhiyuan touched his nose and smiled awkwardly.

Uncle Ning continued, “However, even though that’s what you said, you still have to stick to your heart.

“Don’t be so happy just because you got so many resources at once.

“You’re the young master of the Ning family, the future leader of the Ning family.

These things are nothing to you.

“If you can’t even resist the temptation of these things, then how can you bear the responsibility of the entire Ning family in the future?” Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“I know.

I will pack the things and send them back to the Ning family immediately.

As long as there are enough resources left here to maintain the needs of the Ning family and Jianghai city, it will be fine.

”“Oh right, have you found the missing coffins?” “Not yet.

But it shouldn’t be a big deal, because even we haven’t deciphered the runes on the coffins, so we can’t open the coffins.

Even if the martial artists of the human world found them, they wouldn’t be able to open them easily.

”“That’s good.

However, we should still seize the time to find it.

After all, it’s something from the immemorial era.

If something is wrong, we can deal with it in time.

” “Okay.

” In the next few days, Jianghai city gradually fell into peace.

Except for people gathering to discuss the Godly Kings’ tombs after dinner, everything returned to the past.

However, no one noticed that a dark and mysterious power was quietly rising in Jianghai city.

Four days later, Ye Xiao went to work and clearly heard his colleagues discussing some strange things.

“Have you heard? Recently, quite a number of people mysteriously disappeared in Jianghai city.

” “Of course I’ve heard.

My uncle, who works in the garrison team, specifically told me not to go out casually these few nights.

It’s best to stay at home obediently.

“[heard that these dead people basically went out very late at night before coming back.

When they died, no one knew.

They were only discovered the next day.

“Theard that they couldn’t find a single trace of injury.

However, the blood and soul in their bodies were all extracted.

Not a single trace was left.

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COM “Isn’t this too strange? I really don’t know if it’s the work of those star beasts or if someone is cultivating evil techniques.

” “Who knows? In any case, it’s best to just stay at home at night.

” Hearing those words, Ye Xiao could not help but have some doubts.

If he remembered correctly, two days ago, Gu Hai and the others seemed to have said that there seemed to be some special circumstances around Jianghai city, and some poultry had been killed.

Afterward, such an existence had appeared.

Could it be… Zombies? That should not be possible, right? He had never heard of such a thing in that world.

However, there were beastmen who also consumed human blood.

Could it be something like that? Forget it.

Since the Xuan Yuan clan was there, there should not be much of a problem.

The other party was clearly not strong.

Otherwise, they would not be hiding and killing people in secret.

Instead, they would be openly harming people.

At that time, his movement technique was also completed.

That was Ye Xiao’s fourth archaic masterpiece technique.

The time spent was slightly longer than the previous archaic masterpiece technique.

Perhaps the time taken to synthesize each different cultivation technique was different.

Overall, it was still much faster than before.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique also had its own unique attributes.

Ye Xiao felt that it could already surpass the scope of movement techniques.

‘Whether it was the Yin-yang Escape technique or the Divine Spatial Escape technique, in theory, they were all dragging one’s body to another place.

‘The Space Warping masterpiece technique could already drag other existences to come before him.

That point was actually similar to the claw technique.

Though it was stronger than the claw technique.

The claw technique used its own powerful strength to control the other party from a distance or to pull the other party before him.

However, it was still a regular cultivation technique.

It had not reached the level where it could transcend the laws of cultivation techniques.

As long as the other party’s strength was stronger than its own, or rather, the other party’s cultivation technique was somewhat miraculous, it was possible for it tobreak free from its grasp.

However, the Space Warping masterpiece technique was different.

It directly used spatial transference to grab the other party to its side.

In terms of movement technique transference, it had also reached the same level.

It was no longer the type of using cultivation techniques to increase one’s speed.

Instead, it had complete control of space.

No wonder it was called the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

The power of masterpiece techniques was always beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Ye Xiao had seen it in the Poison King’s notes before.

During the primordial era, there were many archaic masterpiece techniques.

Many gods possessed archaic masterpiece techniques.

Ye Xiao really found it hard to imagine that the once incomparably glorious primordial era would actually decline.

That made Ye Xiao think of a very interesting thing.

The extinction of the dinosaurs in his previous life.

In his previous life, the dinosaurs were once the overlords of the entire world, but in the end, they were still destroyed and humans ruled the earth.

In the current world, during the primordial era, the martial arts culture was extremely prosperous.

However, looking at the present.

Although there were still many strong people in the starry sky, their foundations were clearly incomparable to the primordial era.

Could it be that the world had also experienced some huge disaster? Was it… The decline of spiritual energy that caused the fall of the strong? Perhaps there was an even more powerful existence that reduced dimensions? However, Ye Xiao still shook his head in the end.

He could not figure out what had happened in the primordial era.

He could only see if there were any records in the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

Night fell, and Jianghai city fell into a sea of lights.

In the darkness, a few figures quietly appeared, revealing scarlet eyes and sharp fangs.

“King Alfa’s bloodthirsty god technique is really useful.

In just a few days, our strength has been raised to the first level of the God realm.

At this rate, we will be able to recover our cultivation base to the Godslayer realm in another month or two.

“At that time, we will be able to serve King Alfa again.

” “T’ve found out that this world is a place where a group of people named the Xuan Yuan god clan and their descendants live together.

“Currently, the strongest warriors stationed here are only at the Godslayer realm.

They don’t even have a Godly King “Once we can advance to the Godslayer realm, we will release King Alfa and the other three Goldy Kings! “With the help of the archaic masterpiece technique, we can restore them to their peak.

This star area will be ours.

“Right now, this city has been noticed by the humans.

It’s not good to take action inside the city.

Let’s go to the suburbs and clear out the humans there first.

Then, we can increase our strength.

After that, we can come back to the city.

“Although we’re experts from the primordial era, we’ve just been resurrected.

Our strength hasn’t recovered to its peak yet.

We shouldn’t be too proud.

” “Yes!” “Sword Demon and Frenzied Sword will be in a group.

Hungry Monk and Heart-eating Demon will be in a group.

Kunlai will be in a group with me.

Page and Polly will be in a group.

“We will meet here before dawn tomorrow.

Remember, don’t be overly greedy, lest you arouse the vigilance of the human race.

” “Yes!” The eight people were divided into four groups.

They tured into flowing lights and quickly disappeared on the spot.

After Ye Xiao got off work from the library, the sky had already tumed completely dark.

It was winter and the sky turned dark faster at night.

Ye Xiao packed a spicy hot pot outside and prepared to go home to eat.

After getting used to eating star beast meat, he would occasionally savor some snacks.

The lonely figure walked along the small road in the suburbs, thinking about the books he had read today that could be used to synthesize new cultivation techniques.

At that point, he had more and more cultivation techniques, it was really too difficult to find one that could be recorded by the Golden Book divine soul.

Ye Xiao could only try his best to find it.

Fortunately, he already had four archaic masterpiece techniques.

These four archaic masterpiece techniques were activated at the same time every day, 24 hours a day.

It allowed his cultivation to increase rapidly.

If not, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens if he wanted to advance! However, as he walked, his consciousness suddenly scanned something.

“This is… ? He could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

However, he followed closely behind and continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

In the darlmess ahead, two beautiful women with fangs at the corners of their mouths were greedily looking at Ye Xiao who was walking toward them.

A wicked smile hung on that fair and jade-like face.

“What a handsome man.

” “Tcan’t bear to suck his soul and divine blood dry like this.

” “Why don’t we capture him and have some fun? When we’re happy, we’ll kill him and eat his divine blood and divine soul.

” “Good Idea.

I’ll play 20 rounds with him tonight.

” “Hehehe… You played so hard.

Aren’t you afraid that you’ll suck his essence dry? At that time, his divine blood and divine soul won’t have any nutrients.

” “Isn’t that just right? I’ve already sucked enough blood.

Let’s change the way we play today.

” “You shameless little demon.

” The two women looked at each other and gave a mischievous smile.

Stepping on their high heels, they twisted and turned as they walked in Ye Xiao’s direction.