Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 404

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 404

Chapter 404: The Four Tombs Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: Endless Fantasy Translation Xuan Yuan clan star field, Yun family.

Yun Xuanyuan opened his eyes and could not help but raise his eyebrows, “This kid’s talent is really monstrous.

If my cultivation base wasn’t stronger than his, I would have lost too if we had fought.

“However, the problenm was his temperament.

He could kill his own kind.

If his temperament isn’t good, then no nmatter how high his talent is, it would be in vain.

“I absolutely can not place the future of the XuanYuan clan in the hands of suclh a person.

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COM However, at that moment, a figure suddenly flew over.

“Young Master, this is a secret report sent by a spy of the Yun family.

It’s elder Yunshui’s every move during this period of time in the human world.

” Yun Xuanyuan received it.

After glancing at it, his expression instantly turned cold and unsightly.

“Who would have thought that this b#stard actually did so many wrong things in the human world.

“He attempted to use star beasts to kill a heaven’s favorite, and in order to retrieve the star beast, he killed his own kind.

He looked down on the lives of his own kind and treated his own kind as ants.

This was simply the act of a beast.

“No wonder that kid wanted to kill him.

He deserved to die.

“Go to the ancestral hall and take out Yun Shui’s blood essence and soul.

Destroy them immediately and let his soul scatter.

He will not be allowed to revive.

“In addition, send a message to Ning Zhiyuan and the others.

Tell them the whole story of this matter so that they won’t get mixed up in it.

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COM “Tell them that before I go, no one is allowed to look for the Saber-sword Immortal anymore.

No one is allowed to harass him anymore!” “Yes!” The other side accepted the mission, immediately went to the Yun family ancestral hall.

Elder members’ blood essence and soul were nurtured in the Yun family ancestral hall so if they die outside, the family can at least bring them back.

However, Yun Shui deserves to die after all he has done.

Even if he was an elder, was a fifth-level Godslayer, and the bearer of the Cloud Water divine soul, they absolutely will not forgive him lightly.

Otherwise, where would the Yun family’s dignity be? If they did not exterminate him and word got out, they would be laughed at by others and be looked down upon by the other families.

Therefore, he was bound to die.

However, Yun Xuanyuan was not the slightest bit angry after losing Yun Shui as an elder.

On the contrary, he was a little excited as a smile appeared on his face.

He finally understood why Ye Xiao wanted to pursue Yun Shui.

That way, there was a reason for everything.

Ye Xiao’s nature naturally could not be attributed to a bad person.

If he was not a bad person, there was naturally no need to punish him.

“Looks like this brat can still continue to be molded.

I look forward to your performance in half a year’s time.

” If the other party could be more perfect than him, it meant that an even more powerful Godly Emperor would appear in the Xuan Yuan clan in the future.

The Xuan Yuan clan’s divine blood would also be activated to an even higher level.

For the sake of the Xuan Yuan clan, he could choose to sacrifice himself.

On Ye Xiao’s side, he naturally did not think to0 much.

Originally, he did not want to challenge Yun Xuanyuan to a battle, but that fellow was really too much.

His subordinates treated their own kind without mercy.

They killed lives at will and even burned their souls, all for the sake of finding him.


he d not kill him, then he might be the one to die at any time.

However, Yun Xuanyuan made a move on him.

Regardless of whether he knew or did not know the whole story of that matter, Ye Xiao did not think clearly.

Since he made a move on him, then he had to be prepared to bear the corresponding price.

However, although he said so, Ye Xiao was not a fool.

He knew clearly in his heart that it was only a soul clone of the other party.

The other party’s true strength was definitely much stronger than the strength that he had just displayed.

Other things aside, there were definitely people at the late stage of the Godslayer realm.

It was just that he did not know if it was the seventh, eighth, or ninth level.

As the young master of the Yun family, the number one prodigy among the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan, his strength was definitely not low, and he should havea certain degree of popularity.

In the next two days, he would find an opportunity to ask around and see if he could find any clues.

There were so many god races in Jianghai city.

The Azure Dragon and the others were also taught by the god race.

They followed them to class every day, so that knowledge should be something they could come into contact with.

Two days later, Uncle Ning found Ning Zhiyuan and said with a solemn expression, “Zhiyuan, I think we still have to deal with this matter from the middle” Ning Zhiyuan said, “Uncle, are you saying that the Saber-sword Immortal and Yun Xuanyuan have a battle? Uncle Ning nodded.

“That’s right! Both of them are unrivaled prodigies of our Xuan Yuan clan.

If either of them were to die, it would be a great loss to the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

Both of them would have the status of a Godly Emperor in the future.

“Think about it.

If both of them could successfully grow to the cultivation level of a Godly Emperor, how much of our Xuan Yuan clan’s divine blood would be activated Ning Zhiyuan’s expression instantly turned solemn.

Uncle Ning was right.

No matter who died, it would be an irreparable loss to the Xuan Yuan clan.

Two Godly Emperors! Why did everyone in the starry sky want to become a Goldy Emperor? Furthermore, why did every god clan want to nurture more Godly emperors? The purpose of the existence of a Godly Emperor was not only to protect the entire god clan but also to increase the power of a god clan’s basic bloodline.

That was extremely important to a god clan Take the Hundred Clans Alliance as an example.

Many of their clans were already very weak, but in reality, they might have been a very large god clan in ancient times, it was only with the death of their Godly Emperors that the entire god clan had fallen today.

The more Godly Emperors and the stronger they were, the more divine blood they would activate.

In the starry skies, the clans ranked in the top few.

As an example, the Dragon clan, the Phoenix clan, the Qilin clan… Among the clans like them, there were many Godly Emperor prodigies, and the top powerhouses were very strong! Therefore, the bloodline of the clan was terrifyingly strong.

According to legends, there were some things that sounded particularly unbelievable in their race.

Some of the direct descendants of the clans might have the strength of an Emperor or even a God at birth for example.

How terrifying was that? It had been decades since Ning Zhiyuan was born.

However, his current strength had only reached more than the 70 dragons Emperor realms, and he had not even reached the God realm.

Moreover, among the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan, the top existence, Yun Xuanyuan, was only at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm! Besides, in the human world… There was a man named Azure Dragon who was currently studying and cultivating in the martial arts academy.

He was already a few decades older than his second uncle, but… He was only at the cultivation level of the three dragons of the Emperor realm.

The influence of bloodline on martial artists was too heavy.

T’oo heavy.

Although Ning Zhiyuan was very unconvinced, why was it that everyone could not start from the same starting line and compete fairly? In reality, from another perspective, it was truly fair.

There was a saying that all clans had the same talent in the early days of the starry sky.

However, some of the ancestors of some races would start cultivating first, and they worked very hard.

Their first generation might not be able to go far, but the second generation, the third generation, the fourth generation… After countless generations, the power of their bloodline had already gathered into a terrifying and impassable mountain, causing other races to look up to it.

It was obtained through the hard work and blood of countless generations, allowing the descendants to enjoy today’s results It was to the extent that once they were born, they would be able to possess the strength that others had worked hard to cultivate.

If their ancestors had worked hard to cultivate in the beginning, and their ancestors had done so for generations, it would have been a cycle of arduous struggle.

In the end, they might have been born with extremely powerful strength, even if they did not have such powerful strength, the speed of their cultivation would be many times faster than the current one.

If the Saber-sword Immortal and Yun Xuanyuan could successfully cultivate to the Godly Emperor realm, the Xuan Yuan clan’s bloodline would be activated even more strongly.

when they reached the generation below Ning Zhiyuan, their aptitude would be even more monstrous.

For instance, he had spent a few decades to cultivate to the 75 dragons Emperor realm.

When Saber-sword immortal and Yiun Xuanyuan became Godly Emperors, his son might only need 10 to 20 years to cultivate to that realm.

Therefore, not allowing the two of them to fight and protecting them was also to give his descendants and the entire Xuan Yuan clan’s descendants 10,000-year of merit! “Uncle, you’re right.

Ill join hands with the other young masters and write a letter to the seniors of the Xuan Yuan Mountain, asking them to come out and stop this battle!” As soon as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly barged in from outside.

“Young Master, something bad has happened.

” He was panting very quickly.

It was obvious that he had flown all the way here swiftly.

“What’s going on:” Ning Zhiyuan raised his eyebrows and asked.

He took two deep breaths and tried his best to calm himself down.

“A Godly King’s tomb!” “Another Godly King’s tomb has been found?” Ning Zhiyuan was overjoyed.

He had not expected such a good thing to happen so early in the morning.

Although the first two Godly King’s tombs were quite regretful and nothing good was found, they were all swept away by Saber-sword Immortal.

However, it was not the third time.

It could not be that the Godly King’s tomb was also dug up by the Saber-sword Immortal, right? Then he really was not a human.

However, just as Ning Zhiyuan finished speaking, the other party could not help but wave his hand repeatedly.

“It’s not a Godly King’s tomb, but a pile of Godly King’s tombs! Four Godly King’s tombs! Buried together.

” “What did you say?” Ning Zhiyuan’s pupils suddenly constricted, and even Uncle Ning’s expression suddenly changed.

“Is what you said true” The other party nodded.

“It’s absolutely true.

The other young masters have already headed towards the starry sky.

” Uncle Ning immediately said, “We’ll go now as well.

” “Okay!” Ning Zhiyuan immediately ordered people to prepare the spiritual airship, then uncle and nephew went together.

Before they started to leave, Uncle Ning had already said, “The four tombs came together, and they are all the Godly King’s tomb.

This time, I’m afraid it will really kill us.