Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 391

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 391

Chapter 391: The Second Godly King’s Tomb   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Upon hearing that, everyone shuddered.

Could it really… Be him? If it was really him, that fellow had already reached the Godslayer realm? Rather it was the Godslayer realm? In that extremely remote place, where the spiritual energy was thinner than the center of the starry sky and the resources were far from enough, an existence of that level could actually be born.

It was equivalent to putting a piece of gold into a pile of coal.

It could actually shine and illuminate everything in its surroundings.

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COM Ye Xiao grabbed the Dragon Bird and immediately used the Yin-yang Escape technique, instantly returning to his own cellar.

Seeing the Dragon Bird being captured, the Netherworld Wolf immediately fainted on the spot.

Plop… He fell heavily to the ground.

As for the other star beasts, they immediately fell into a frenzy.

“This is impossible, I don’t believe it.

How could this be? Senior Dragon Bird, that’s an existence at the Godslayer realm, right?” The Dragon-blooded Tiger slumped onto the ground, and the Orchid-hearted Daffodil’s entire body went soft.

If not for leaning on the Shrimp Deity’s body, she would probably have collapsed as well.

All the star beasts that their master had reared were all wiped out in one nest.

Not a single one was left.

Big Fish could not help but click his tongue repeatedly.

That Ye Xiao was really too terrifying! When he first met him, he did not seem to be that powerful.

How much time had passed? His strength had already risen to such a level.

At that moment, the big fish was not only terrified of Ye Xiao’s terrifying strength, he was even terrified of Ye Xiao’s terrifying talent.

That fellow, was he really a human? Ye Xiao did not think as much as they did.

After he brought the Dragon Bird back, he immediately threw it to the side and then used The Great Divine Mind to scan the Orchid-hearted Daffodil’s soul.

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COM The Shrimp Deity beside Orchid-hearted Daffodil had already sensed something.

He immediately warned loudly, “Little Daffodil, quickly defend.

He wants to search your memories.

” Orchid-hearted Daffodil woke up from her daze and immediately wanted to mobilize her spiritual energy to resist Ye Xiao.

However, it was a pity that her spiritual energy was not a match for Ye Xiao to begin with.

In addition, she had just seen that the Dragon Bird was also captured by Ye Xiao, causing her mind to lose focus.

Therefore, in an instant, her layer of spiritual energy was as thin as a cicada’s wing and Ye Xiao shot right through it.

Two lines of clear tears fell from the corners of her eyes, accompanied by a rousing cry.

‘Sorry, Master, I really tried, but I really have no way, he is too strong! I can’t take it.

’ A moment later, Ye Xiao’s face, a cold.

He knew there was something wrong.

Those Venerable Beasts were once in 1,000 years.

At least in the Azure Billow star field, it was absolutely rare to see them.

That place was located at the boundary of the starry sky.

It was very remote and had very few resources.

The spiritual energy was also very thin.

It was simply impossible for such an existence to be born.

If they had migrated from a distant place, then there was only one explanation.

Then, after searching through the memories of the Orchid-hearted Daffodil, Ye Xiao had already understood the cause and effect of the matter entirely.

‘Yun family! Yun Shui! You’re really ruthless.

I’ve never met you before.

You don’t even know what my name is.

I’ve also never offended you before.

You actually already want to kill me!’ Just because his aptitude was heaven-defying! Heh heh, as expected, even if they were of the same race, it was impossible for everyone to be a good person.

Even in the Xuan Yuan clan, there would also be some foolish and rotten existences! No wonder the ancestor especially reminded him before that even in the Xuan Yuan clan, he could not completely believe it.

Fortunately, he did not expose his identity previously.

Otherwise, the other party probably would not have sent troops to look for him but would have directly attacked and destroyed him.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists slightly, and two sharp cold lights shone from his eyes.

Looks like after his cultivation advanced to the Godslayer realm, he would have to look for this Yun family and have a good exchange.

At the moment, he would use Yun Shui’s star pet to help him increase his strength.

With that thought in mind, he raised his hand and two sword beams cut off the wings of the Dragon Bird.

He would first use the wings of the Dragon Bird to refine it.

It had the cultivation base of the Godslayer realm, and the blood essence in its body was extremely rich.

It could greatly increase his own blood essence.

It was estimated that it would not take long for the blood essence in his body to be raised to the level of the Godslayer realm.

On the spiritual airship of the Yun family, Yun Shui spat out a mouthful of blood the moment he lost the sense of the Dragon Bird! He staggered back two steps.

Yun Zhenwu immediately stepped forward and held him! “Elder Yun, are you okay? Please don’t scare me.

” Yun Shui cried bitterly.

His face was pale as he beat his chest and stomped his feet.

“My thousands of years of hard work have all been destroyed! Completely destroyed! The Dragon Bird is gone! The Dragon Bird is gone!” The Dragon Bird was really gone.

He could not quite believe it.

Although he had guessed it before, he had thought that the Dragon Bird was at the Godslayyer realm after all.

Moreover, the bloodline in his body was very powerful, so he should still have a chance.

At least it should not be a big problem for him to escape back.

In the end, he did not expect that even he had completely fallen.

Looking at the crying Yun Shui, he could not help but sigh.

“Sigh! If I knew it would be like this, why did I do it in the first place? I’m sorry for your loss, right? Now we have no way to look for it.

In two days, I’ll go out to look for it and see if there are any clues?” “That’s the only way.

I hope they’re still alive and that they were caught by someone else.

If that’s the case, I might be able to redeem them.

” Yun Zhenwu could not help but smile bitterly.

How could it be that easy? As a beastmaster, since he had completely severed his connection with the star beast, he could basically conclude that the star beast was already dead.

However, Yun Shui was currently grieving, so he did not want to provoke him too much.

Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a night had gone by without a trace.

The next day, Ye Xiao went to work feeling refreshed.

The blood essence in his body had already reached its limit.

In other words, he could advance to the Godslayer realm anytime, anywhere.

However, Ye Xiao felt that it was not that easy either.

Advancing to the Godslayer realm, there was always a layer of barrier that he could not see or feel clearly.

It made him feel as if he was in a white fog.

He searched and searched but could not find the direction to leave no matter how hard he tried.

Ye Xiao more or less understood in his heart that this should have something to do with his comprehension.

After all, he had never had any experience in the Godslayer realm.

He had not even read a book that described the mental state of the Godslayer realm.

Without any experience, it was indeed unrealistic to rely on one’s own trial and error to talk about advancement.

However, there was nothing he could do.

There were even people in the Xuan Yuan clan who wanted to kill him.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to expose his identity and then go to the seniors of the Xuan Yuan clan to answer his doubts.

The last time in the Godly King’s tomb, it was quite a pity.

The other party was only a healing master artist, and his martial art comprehension was almost zero.

Therefore, that caused him to be unable to obtain any martial art comprehension from the other party.

If not, not to mention advancing to the Godslayer realm, even advancing to the next level, the Godly King’s realm, would not require too much trouble.

‘Forget it, I’ll temporarily synthesize with the masterpiece technique.

When the time comes, I’ll talk about raising my realm.

’ Ye Xiao came to the library.

Before he was ready to start reading, many colleagues around him had already started discussing.

“Do all of you know? In the starry sky, another Godly King’s tomb has been discovered!” “Who doesn’t know that? This matter has long been causing a stir.

” “The Godly King’s tomb is extremely precious.

Who knows how many resources are inside.

The last time we found that Godly King’s tomb, there was only a bottle of divine water and it was snatched away by the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Our side didn’t receive any benefits at all.

“Hence, this time, the few great families of the Xuan Yuan clan are determined to obtain this Godly King’s tomb.

” “What a pity! Our strength is too low.

Even if we go to the starry skies, we can only participate in excavating those extremely ordinary tombs.

We have no way of coming into contact with the Godly King’s tomb.

“Otherwise, even if I were to dig there for free and just take a look, I would still be willing!” “Forget it, look at you.

You still want to dig up the Godly King’s tomb.

Even if you were to pay for it, they wouldn’t let you go up and dig.

“Moreover, with your cultivation, even if you were to go up and dig, would you be able to move?” Everyone burst into laughter.

Ye Xiao, who was reading in the corner, raised his brows slightly.

‘There’s another Godly King’s tomb?’ He was faintly tempted.

Although he did not know if that Godly King cultivated martial arts or something else, at the very least, he should not be a healer.

No matter how boring the ruler of the primordial Divine Kingdom was, it was impossible for him to nurture a large number of healers.

In the end, the world was one where the strong preyed on the weak, and martial arts were the way of the world.

One’s main focus would always be on the combat martial path! If the other party was a Godly King who cultivated the martial path, then it would be a great gift to him.

At the very least, there would definitely be some insights on cultivating the martial path.

It would be enough for him to advance the final obstacle of the God realm and become a Godslayer! In that case, he would not need to look for martial arts insights in the future.

It seemed like he should think of a way to go and take a look in the starry sky again.

That night, he would find an opportunity to take a look.

On the other side, in the starry sky, the people of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Hundred Clans Alliance clashed once again.

“Young masters of the Xuan Yuan clan, long time no see! I didn’t expect that we would find the second Godly King’s tomb so quickly!” Ning Zhiyuan and the others had ugly expressions on their faces.

“Zhu Chunqiu, don’t go overboard.