Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 389

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Elder, Stop.

You Only Have One Top-Tier Star Beast Left.

  Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The Netherworld Wolf smiled disdainfully.

“So you also want to escape! I saw you lying there all the time, not even letting out a fart.

I thought you were living a comfortable life.

You didn’t even want to run away.

” The big fish rubbed its fins again.

“Big brother, look at what you said.

How could I not want to leave? It’s just that I didn’t find a way.

Now that I’ve finally met the two of you, I definitely want to hitch a ride.

” Only then did the Netherworld Wolf nod arrogantly.

“Alright, even though you’re trash, grooming you is still a little useful.

“Bringing you back to see Master, he should be interested in you.

” “Thank you, thank you.

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COM Big Fish’s face was full of smiles.

As long as he could escape from here and not be cut by Ye Xiao every day, he would be satisfied.

Previously, he had no way to escape, so he could only choose to lie flat.

At that moment, there was an opportunity so he definitely did not want to give up.

“Right, Big brother, big sister, I just want to ask.

I don’t mean to offend you.

The star beast that you guys mentioned just now…” “You mean Brother Dragon-blooded Tiger?” “Right, right, right… That… Uh… Brother Dragon-blooded Tiger, is he really very strong?” At that moment, whether it was the Netherworld Wolf or the Orchid-hearted Daffodil, their faces could not help but reveal a hint of respect, admiration, and a trace of fear.

“He has f*cked up a dragon before!” “Although it’s only a fledgling dragon, it’s still a dragon!” The Netherworld Wolf said with a face full of pride.

After the big fish heard those words, he could not help but reveal a joyful smile on his face, and his eyes were filled with a strong sense of hope.

It seemed that he was really saved this time.

Originally, he thought that he had no hope in this life and was destined to become Ye Xiao’s food for the rest of his life.

In the end, he did not expect that Ye Xiao, that fellow, was courting death.

It was not good to capture anyone, but he actually captured a group of people with backing.

Do you think that they are all the same as the main body? Like that kind of star beast that had the backing and lived in a group, but they still had some brains and did not dare to provoke them.

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COM Yet, you provoked two of them at once and even captured them all.

If you do not die, who will? However, a few hours later, around dusk, when the library was closing, the seal array in the cellar was opened once again.

A huge figure was thrown in.

“Look, another star beast has entered.

” The three Venerable Beasts immediately became spirited.

Big Fish was the first to speak, “Eh! This time, it’s actually a tiger!” Hearing that word, they did not know why but the Netherworld Wolf and the Orchid-hearted Daffodil instantly felt their hearts tremble.

Then, the two of them immediately rushed to the front.

However, when they saw the other party’s face clearly, their faces instantly turned as pale as wax.

Not only that, their bodies could not help but begin to tremble.

“How can this be? How is this possible? I don’t believe it.

This isn’t real.

Sob, sob, sob… I don’t believe it!” Orchid-hearted Narcissus had already begun to sob softly.

Big Fish’s face turned grim.

“Wait a minute, why do the two of you have this expression? The two of you better not tell me that this guy is the Dragon-blooded Tiger that you spoke of!” The Netherworld Wolf shivered and said, “I don’t want to say that he is either! But he really is.

But… But… How can this be? With his strength, it’s impossible for him to lose so miserably!” In reality, that Dragon-blooded Tiger indeed had some standards.

Not only did Ye Xiao use the World Destruction masterpiece technique, but he also used the Primordial Pupil at the same time.

The two great killing moves gathered together before instantly killing him! If it was the Netherworld Wolf or the Orchid-hearted Daffodil, Ye Xiao only needed to use one masterpiece technique, and he did not even need to use his full strength.

It would be enough to finish him off.

Big Fish could not help but snort.

“To think that the two of you were still boasting about his amazing skills earlier.

I thought that he was really awesome, but I did not expect it to be another bust.

“Sigh! I was just happy for nothing.

What a waste of my expression.

” The big fish cursed and ran back to his corner.

The Netherworld Wolf spoke again, “We won’t lose.

We definitely won’t lose.

Master still has more Venerable Beast and star pets.

He will definitely send even more powerful Venerable Beasts to save us.

“That’s right, Azure Dragon King! We still have the Azure Dragon King! He has the dragon bloodline and is comparable to a ninth-level God realm existence.

He is even more powerful than Brother Dragon-blooded Tiger! “He will definitely be able to save us.

” A day later, seeing a huge flood dragon being thrown in, the Netherworld Wolf started to tremble again.

“We still have the Giant Crab Beast Venerable! The Giant Crab Beast Venerable is our senior.

His strength has already reached the peak ninth level God realm, lesser Godslayer! “He will definitely be able to save us.

” “We still have senior Shrimp Deity! Senior Shrimp Deity’s strength is also lesser Godslayer, but his strength far surpasses that of the Giant Crab.

This is because his age is more than 1,000 years older than Senior Giant Crab!” Another day passed.

Looking at the extremely large lobster that had just been thrown in, the Netherworld Wolf really wanted to cry.

“We… We still have…” At that time, he had only said half of what he wanted to say when Orchid-hearted Daffiodil covered his mouth.

“You better stop talking.

Master treats us quite well.

You should leave him a top-tier Venerable Beast star pet.

Otherwise, he would be too lonely by himself.

“He spent more than 2,000 years and spent a lot of effort to nurture those.

” The Netherworld Wolf wiped away his tears.

“You’re right.

Master treats us so well.

We have to leave one for Master.

” The Big Fish looked at their bunch of star beasts and could not help but snort.

“Those who don’t know would think that you guys are awesome! What are you guys up to? Do you guys feel troubled every day? “It’s better to learn from me and lie flat.

Aren’t you tired of thinking so much all day?” The Dragon-blooded Tiger glanced at him and then gave the Netherworld Wolf a look.

The Netherworld Wolf nodded and slowly walked over to the big fish.

The Netherworld Wolf smiled coldly.

“If I can’t deal with Ye Xiao, don’t tell me that I can’t deal with you?” “Don’t do anything reckless! I’m warning you, I’m now Master’s livestock.

I have to provide star beast meat on time and in quantity every day.

“If you dare to casually attack me and the old man finds out, you’ll die a miserable death!” The Netherworld Wolf snorted coldly.

“There are so many of us here, which one of us isn’t stronger than you? Any random bit of star beast meat can be compared to a stinky fish like you.

” The big fish was completely flustered.

“Big Brother, I said something wrong just now.

Don’t hit me, it hurts!” “I’m hitting you, you little b*stard!” “Ouch! It hurts, be gentle, ah! Don’t hit there, you can’t hit there…” On the other side, on the spiritual martial vessel of the Yun family, Yun Shui stood proudly on the deck.

His face was livid and cold.

His eyes were somewhat red and bloodshot as he gazed into the distance.

From afar, Yun Zhenwu felt a bit distressed.

He walked up and cupped his hands, “Elder, let’s go back.

It’s windy outside!” Yun Shui laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Do you think I’m still in the mood to go back?” His own strength was very poor, and his aptitude was really unsightly.

Although his cultivation was so high, he was already at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

However, among the entire Yun family’s peers, he was just a lower-ranked existence.

He was not in the same generation as Ning Zhiyuan’s uncle and the others.

He was in the same generation as Ning Zhiyuan’s grandfather.

To put it bluntly, Ning Zhiyuan’s grandfather, the young master of the Ning family back then, had a cultivation level around the ninth level of the Godslayer realm at the moment, while he was only at the fifth level.

His strength was rather low! After all, the Yun family was different from the other direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The Yun family had been receiving resources from the Xuan Yuan Mountain for many years.

The standards of many disciples of the Yun family were far higher than the other families.

Thus, he could only choose to be a beastmaster.

That was also the reason why he wanted to obtain Ye Xiao’s blood.

It was because he was too eager to raise his aptitude.

His so-called ‘Not wanting to nurture an ingrate for the sake of the Xuan Yuan clan’ was only to deceive Yun Zhenwu.

His true goal was only to obtain Ye Xiao’s blood.

Unfortunately, he had suffered a terrible loss.

The star beasts that he spent more than 2,000 years to nurture, now… The most powerful ones were all gone.

The remaining dregs added up were not even as good as one of them.

At that point, he really suffered a great loss! “Zhenwu, go and take out the cage in the innermost part of my shelf.

” Yun Zhenwu’s mind jolted.

“Elder, forget it! This is the last one.

If it doesn’t come back, you’ll really suffer a great loss.

“The remaining ones are only at the sixth or seventh level of the God realm at most.

Your strength has suffered a great loss.

Even if you return to your family in the future, it’ll be hard to explain! “After all, those high-quality star beasts all had families that helped you capture them.

“Some of them were even given to you directly by the clan.

” “Cut the cr*p! I want to fight one last time.

My last Venerable Beast’s strength is already comparable to a first-level Godslayer.

“I don’t believe that the other party can capture my one too!” Yun Shui was already anxious.

He was no longer just looking for that favored son of heaven.

At that point, he was trying to clear his name! To clear his honor and dignity! If he chose to give up just like that, he would be too embarrassed.

As the saying goes, if you don’t eat mantou, fight for your dignity.

Even if you die, you have to win back some face for yourself.

Yun Zhenwu let out a deep sigh.

He knew that the decision that Yun Shui made now was extremely unwise.

However, he had no way to dissuade him.

That was because he was only a small disciple of the Yun family and the other party was an elder of the Yun family.

He only had the right to listen to orders.

The sunset once again and darkness descended.

Ye Xiao strolled along the streets of Jianghai city.

He was looking forward to it.

He was looking forward to the star beasts descending once again.

Although he did not know why so many Venerable Beasts had appeared in Jianghai city recently.

However, because of that, he had earned a lot of rewards.

Each of these star beasts was extremely powerful, and the blood essence on their bodies was extremely dense.

More importantly, some of them were used to cook, and the taste was really….