Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 386

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 386

Chapter 386: The Xuan Yuan Clan Could Maintain Their Current Status Quo   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation At that moment, the Yun family was here again.

Their goal was obvious.

They wanted to take this opportunity to find that unrivaled genius.

If they could find him and nurture him, the Yun family’s position would be consolidated once again.

The Yun family was truly planning well.

After all, that genius was so monstrous.

Even if their families found him, they could still nurture him.

There was no need for them to interfere.

“Hehehe… My Yun family heard that an unrivaled genius appeared in the human world.

He might change the fate of our Xuan Yuan clan, so we immediately rushed over.

“As long as it’s for the good of my Xuan Yuan clan, my Yun family will do anything.

” Although everyone was displeased that their Yun family had interfered in the matter, no matter what, they were still members of the same clan.

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COM Thus, they could only welcome him with a smile.

“It’s rare for the Yun family to have such intentions.

” “I wonder if everyone has come to a conclusion from the discussion? Have you thought of a way to find that Heaven’s favorite?” Everyone shook their heads.

“We’ve checked repeatedly, but no matter what, we still can’t find him.

” Yun Shui pondered for a moment.

“Looks like this child is a little mischievous.

Then we’ll have to put in more effort.

Everyone, our Yun family will first find a place to set up camp.

As for other matters, we’ll talk later.


” After saying that, he immediately left.

After he left, Ling Shaoyu spat.

“The Yun family really knows how to think of good things.

They’ve already nurtured so many generations of holy children.

Now that we’ve finally come across an opportunity, they want to interfere again.

They really don’t give anyone a way out.

” Song Qingxue shook her head and smiled helplessly.

“What can we do? After all, their Yun family is also a part of the Xuan Yuan clan.

We can’t chase them away, right? They’re also doing their best for our Xuan Yuan clan.

” “That’s right.

As long as it’s for our Xuan Yuan clan, everyone should unite and not be ostracized.

“Regardless of whether it’s the Yun family or the other families, whoever can find that genius must be responsible for nurturing him with all their strength.

” “Alright, let’s put it this way, everyone return to their respective encampments and try to find him as soon as possible.

Also, don’t relax about the divine tomb in the starry sky.

Don’t let the other god clans take advantage of it.

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COM The Yun family’s spiritual airship landed on the ground of the Nine Provinces.

A Yun family disciple came to Yun Shui with a cage in his hand.

“Elder Yun, I’ve brought what you asked for.

” The Yun family disciple put the cage on the ground and opened the tarp on it, revealing an extremely vigorous Netherworld Wolf.

It let out an angry roar.

However, when it saw Yun Shui’s gaze, it was so frightened that it lost its temper instantly and curled up.

The Yun family’s disciple could not help but exclaim in his heart.

Even a Venerable Beast that was comparable to an eighth-level God realm master was so terrified when he saw Yun Shui’s gaze.

How terrifying was his strength? Yun Shui looked at the Netherworld Wolf that was shivering and said with a faint smile while squinting his eyes, “The Netherworld Wolf is an excellent star beast for tracking prey.

They are born with a sense of bloodline, and can clearly find people with rich bloodlines.

“There are so few humans in this world.

With it, it should be easy to find that kid.

” The Yun family disciple said with a smile, “Elder Yun has a way.

As long as we can find him and bring him back to the Yun family for cultivation, Our Yun family will be able to nurture another holy child in the future!” “Holy child? Hehehe… You’re thinking too much.

The Yun family already has a holy child, we don’t need another one!” The Yun family disciple’s heart couldn’t help but tremble as he said, “Elder Yun, what do you mean… ?” “After we find that brat, we’ll instantly kill him, devour his bloodline, and bring him back to us.

” “How can this be? He is a genius of our Xuan Yuan clan.

If we can nurture him, we will be able to raise our clan’s strength to another level! Why do we have to kill him?” Yun Shui glanced at him and snorted.

“What a pig’s brain.

Do you think that an existence of that level will bring glory to our Xuan Yuan clan? You are thinking too much.

“Do you still remember that guy from 2,000 years ago?” The Yun family disciple thought of a name and his expression immediately became solemn.

The guy from 2,000 years ago, needless to say, must be that person.

He represented an era, an extremely glorious and resplendent era! It was he who pulled the Xuan Yuan clan, which was about to fall out of the top 30 in the starry sky, back to the 19th place in an instant! He was the one who had helped a dying god clan regain its former glory.

Seeing that he did not say anything, Yun Shui knew that he already knew who he was talking about.

“That year, that person shook the ancient and modern world and was absolutely stunning.

“In order to nurture him, the entire Xuan Yuan clan had given him everything and gathered all the excellent resources into him.

“Only then did they create a glorious era that belonged to him! “But in the end, how did he do it? After he cultivated to the great success stage of the Godly Emperor, he used the excuse of traveling through the starry sky to comprehend martial arts.

From then on, he never returned and never appeared again.

“If not for his sudden departure, the Xuan Yuan clan’s current ranking might have been raised even higher.

“Even though unrivaled geniuses like them have monstrous aptitudes, they are still unripe wolves.

“When they need you, they will act obediently.

When they grow up and don’t need you, they will kick you away.

” The Yun family disciple spoke again, “But even so, he still helped our Xuan Yuan clan by raising our ranking and awakening the Godly Emperor bloodline once more.

He allowed our Xuan Yuan clan to nurture several geniuses over the past 2,00 years.

“If we can find this genius and properly nurture him, then even if he might leave in the future, we wouldn’t lose out.

But at least for now, he can help us raise the Xuan Yuan clan’s ranking.

We Won’t lose out either.

” “You’re thinking too beautifully.

Do you think that raising our ranking is that easy? “If our ranking rises, it means that someone’s ranking will fall.

Do you think they’ll agree? “Not to mention, raising our ranking would mean blood and sacrifice.

“No matter how monstrous that brat was, how many places could he raise the Xuan Yuan clan’s ranking? So what? “He could never raise the Xuan Yuan clan to first place.

It was even impossible for him to get into the top ten.

“They were both ranked in the top ten.

Nineteen and eleven did not mean anything, except that it sounded better.

“In reality, it would bring even greater danger to our clan.

“In the future, if he left like the Ancestral Dragon, there would be no one to protect the Xuan Yuan clan.

“The Xuan Yuan clan would be in big trouble.

“As the saying goes, a tree in the forest will be destroyed by the wind.

“Instead of letting him, an uncontrollable factor, push the Xuan Yuan clan into an even more dangerous situation, it would be better to directly exterminate him and absorb his divine blood into our bodies.

“That way, we can prevent him from bringing trouble to the Xuan Yuan clan and not waste his divine blood.

“Don’t worry.

When the time comes, I will also give you a portion of his divine blood.

” “But Elder Yun, don’t forget that our Yun family isn’t the only one here.

If this matter is discovered by other clans, it will be a huge hidden danger to the Yun family’s reputation.

” “If you can think of this, why can’t I? Don’t worry, I’ll erase this Netherworld Wolf’s memory and just give him an order.

“Unless we encounter an existence with an extremely noble bloodline, we won’t attack.

“This way, no one will find out about our actions.

“The wisdom of a Venerable Beast at the eighth level of the God realm should not be underestimated.

” The eyes of that Yun family disciple flickered a few times.

Although he was somewhat unwilling, he did not dare to contradict Yun Shui.

That was because he knew what the outcome would be.

On the other side, Ye Xiao finished a day’s work and went home to eat fish.

Although the taste of the fish was very delicious, so much so that he could not resist eating it every day! No matter how delicious the food was, eating too much would make one sick of it.

Moreover, after he absorbed the divine blood in the Godly King’s body and improved his cultivation and blood essence.

Thus, the blood essence that the fish could provide was not that much.

Ye Xiao was very annoyed.

He knew that if it went on before he advanced to the Godslayer realm, the big fish’s blood essence would not be enough.

When he reached the Godslayer realm, the blood essence would be even more insufficient.

At that time, the speed of increasing his cultivation would definitely be even slower.

The excavation progress of the Divine Kingdom’s treasury had already reached more than 30 percent.

There was still two-thirds of the work required.

It was impossible to obtain the things inside in a short period of time.

At the moment, he could only use the pills he had obtained from the Godly King’s tomb to support himself.

However, the pills were still limited.

Eating one pill at a time meant that he would not be able to last long.

Unfortunately, Venerable Beasts were extremely hard to find.

There was no one in that star field.

If he wanted to find them, he would have to go to a higher-level place.

Moreover, that place was dangerous.

It was really not worth it.

It was definitely impossible to return to the Xuan Yuan clan after acknowledging their ancestors.

Before he was not strong enough, he would definitely not reveal his identity.

There seemed to be only one way left.

Why not… Go out and find a few Godly King’s tombs to dig? There were many Godly King’s tombs in the starry sky.

Digging a few tombs should be enough for him to hold on for a while.

It should not be a big problem for him to raise his strength to the late stage of the Godslayer realm.

At that time, his cultivation base would increase.

Coincidentally, the Divine Kingdom’s treasury should be able to be opened.

At that time, he could once again use the resources in the Divine Kingdom’s treasury to advance to the Godly King realm or even the Godly Emperor realm! Once he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, the subsequent problems could be easily solved.