Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 369

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 369

Chapter 369: This Was the Work of the Xuan Yuan Clan   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “That might not be the case.

The clothes are in the mouth of that big fish.

It’s also possible that the fish ate the people of the Xuan Yuan clan.

” “Is it true or false? As long as we find out where the fish went, we’ll be able to see it at a glance.

” “You’re right.

That fish just ate so many of us.

It definitely won’t be able to completely digest it in a short period of time.

Moreover, his body is stained with fresh blood.

Let’s use the divine blood tracking technique to see where he’s going.

Won’t it be clear at a glance?” At the same time, four figures slowly flew out from the human world.

“We’ve finally returned to the starry sky.

It’s not easy!” The one who let out that sigh was the powerful Emperor Dragon Lion with golden fur.

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COM Beside him were the Earth King Dragon, Hai Tianyi, and Huan Liuli.

“Yeah! It’s not really easy.

But now, the starry sky is no longer our territory.

With the descent of the god race, we are just a bunch of ants here.

” Huan Liuli waved her hand.

“Alright, the three of you don’t have to be sentimental here.

We came here this time to carry out the mission Master gave us.

“No matter what, we must find that Venerable Beast.

” The three supreme divine beasts had a complicated look in their eyes.

“I can’t believe that we have become that human’s lackeys.

It’s so shameful to help the humans deal with the star beasts’ seniors.

” Huan Liuli glanced at the three supreme divine beasts and said slowly, “If you don’t want to, you can go back.

I can tell Master to send a few more supreme divine beasts over.

“If we can get news of this Venerable Beast, the reward will be 100,000-year ginseng leaves, two multi-colored leaves, and some Ganoderma.


“The three of you don’t want it.

Some other people might.

” The three supreme divine beasts immediately smiled apologetically.

“Boss Huan, look at what you’re saying.

Even though we’re star beasts, we don’t know that Venerable Beast.

” “You’re right.

We’re not familiar with him.

In terms of feelings, we naturally have the best relationship with Master.

” “It’s my duty to serve Master.

” Although the rewards were not a huge resource that the three of them had to have, it was still much better than the resources they could get from mining every day.

More importantly, what they had to do was just to get some information.

It was more than a hundred times easier than mining.

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COM Who would not be willing to do the easiest job and receive such a heavy reward? Huan Liuli snorted coldly.

“It’s good that you know.

You’re all on your own, starving nine times in three days and following Master around, eating meat every day! “Look at me.

Back then, I was just a puny grandmaster, a weakling at Xiantian first grade.

But now, I’ve become a divine grandmaster.

“This only took three years.

If it were you guys, would you be able to do it? “All you think about is the difference between humans and star beasts.

With your limited vision, how can you achieve great things in the future? “Let me tell you, work well with your master and I will definitely not mistreat you guys in the future.

“Perhaps, all of us star beasts would be gods! At that time, you will know the benefits of following Master.

” The star beasts could not help but swallow their saliva.

That was the dream of every star beast.

Who did not want to become a god? Once they became a god, they could either create a god clan or activate their bloodline and find their fellow god clan members.

“What Boss Huan said makes sense.

” “Then why don’t you hurry up and find the news of that Venerable Beast?” “In fact, Boss Huan, you go first.

The three of us will hold the fort for you.

” “That’s more like it.

” After saying that, she turned into a streak of light and rushed over.

The Emperor Dragon Lion and the others also followed her.

At the same time, the big fish in the distance was being chased by three first-level God realm existences.

Actually, he could not be blamed for that.

Originally, with his cultivation base at the fifth level of the god realm, he would not have been chased and beaten by those three small fries.

However, he had no choice.

When he was facing the Ning family, he was already severely injured.

The strength he could display was far from 60 to 70 percent of his previous strength.

Then, when he came back, he was beaten up by a group of God realm martial arts masters from the three big god clans.

He was already severely injured, and at the moment, it was even worse.

The strength that he could display now was not even at the first stage! To put it bluntly, at that moment, not to mention three people at the first stage of the God realm, even if there was only one of them, it would not be easy for him to fight.

His injuries were really too severe.

The spiritual energy in his body was somewhat exhausted, so there was no way for him to fight.

Fortunately, his speed was still quite good.

Otherwise, he would have been caught and killed long ago.

His luck was not good at all! The big fish was so angry that he felt like exploding.

“At least you have guts.

If you have the ability, don’t let me escape.

As long as I can escape today and come back another day, I will definitely make you b*stards pay with blood!” As soon as he finished speaking, another ray of divine light fiercely hit his spine from behind.

Accompanied by an intense crisp sound, that fierce attack almost sent him away.

A mouthful of divine blood spurted out of the big fish’s mouth.

That attack hit his strongest and most important defense, and it almost sent him away.

‘I’m finished! Do I really have to die here? ‘Oh God, did you make me break out of the ground to give me despair? ‘Heavens, do you dare to give me a chance to live and let me prove myself.

’ With a furious roar, his gaze suddenly landed on the four rays of light in the distance.

“That aura is… A star beast? That’s great! It’s actually a star beast.

Hahahaha, heavens, you have indeed treated me well.

Today, I escaped from the jaws of a tiger.

In the future, I will definitely offer incense to you and give you a good sacrifice.

” After saying that, he immediately used his last bit of strength and rushed towards the light figures.

“Hey! Over here! Look over here!” Just as Huan Liuli and the others were in a daze, the other party had already arrived by their side.

“I was chased by the human race and was seriously injured.

You juniors, quickly take me away.

I will reward you for your respect.

” “Wait a minute, I… You… Aren’t the Venerable Beast that galloped across the starry sky and defeated the Xuan Yuan clan, right?” The big fish was dumbfounded.

He was fighting the god race? D*mn, no wonder he felt that the other party was so powerful.

It turned out that the other party was also a god.

If they were humans, they would not dare to be so strong.

However, it was not the time to talk about that.

He should run away first.

“You’re right, it’s me! Quick, take me away quickly.

I’ll reward you handsomely!” “It is indeed you, Senior! We are here because of your reputation.

We have a teleportation array that can take you directly out of here.

” As a star beast, and in a time of crisis, the big fish did not have too many ideas.

On the contrary, he was even more delighted.

That was because he could see that those star beasts were very weak.

If they were to fly, they would definitely not be able to escape the pursuit of the three God realm masters.

However, using a teleportation array was different.

A teleportation array could allow them to teleport to a very long distance in an instant.

That way, they could truly avoid the pursuit of the God realm masters.

The five star beasts held each other’s hands.

Huan Liuli immediately activated the array that Ye Xiao had prepared for her and had engraved on the ring.

In the next second, with a flash of light, the five star beasts all disappeared from their original spots.

Just after the five star beasts disappeared, three extremely powerful auras also arrived there.

“Strange, his aura was clearly over here just now? How did he disappear all of a sudden?” “He’s already heavily injured.

His speed shouldn’t be too fast.

” “Let’s keep looking.

He must have used some kind of method to hide around here and blast all the asteroids and star islands into smithereens.

I don’t believe he won’t come out.

” At the same time, the divine blood tracking technique used by the three god clans finally came to a conclusion.

The three star beasts opened their eyes at the same time, and their brows were filled with dense killing intent.

“As expected! He actually went to that human world.

” “That human world is where the Xuan Yuan clan’s descendants are located, and now it’s also the territory of the Xuan Yuan clan.

” “I’ve told you all long ago.

This matter is definitely the work of the Xuan Yuan clan behind the scenes, yet you refuse to believe it.

Our people were definitely killed by them as well.

” “The Xuan Yuan clan actually disregarded their dignity and did such a detestable and despicable thing.

Since that’s the case, there’s no need for us three great god clans to put up with it anymore.

” “They’re going too far! Let’s fight it out with the Xuan Yuan clan!” In the small courtyard of Jianghai city, Ye Xiao was reading a book.

Huan Liuli had already been sent out by him to look for the Venerable Beast to see if there were any gains.

In order to ensure her safety, he had also assigned three supreme divine beasts to her.

That way, there should not be any big problems.

He just did not know if that silly cat had the intelligence to handle such a matter.

However, just as he was puzzled, five auras suddenly appeared in his small courtyard.

What kind of situation was that? He could clearly sense the auras of Huan Liuli and the others, but who was that additional fellow? However, after sensing it carefully, Ye Xiao’s pupils constricted.

Although the other party’s aura was very messy and very weak, clearly affected by his serious injuries, he could still clearly sense the other party’s strength一it was undoubtedly a star beast that had surpassed the level of a supreme divine beast!