Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 361

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 361

Chapter 361: The First Masterpiece Technique Was Successfully Synthesized!   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ning Zhiyuan immersed his mind into the ring.

High-end spatial storage rings were usually not limited to only one ability.

It also had various abilities such as defense, attack, and information transmission.

The gem on the ring immediately revealed the image of a beautiful figure.

It was his maid.

“Young Master Ning, something happened.

” “It’s the other three god clan members?” “It’s not them.

We got a piece of news from a Godslayer realm tomb.

There’s a Godly King realm tomb in this star area.

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COM Ning Zhiyuan’s face became serious.

A Godly King realm tomb was not a small character anymore.

Even an existence at the level of the Ning family might not be tempted.

Below the Godly Emperor, the Godly King ruled.

The Ning family was only a direct descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan and was not the most orthodox inheritance of the clan.

Hence, the Ning family did not have a Godly Emperor.

The strongest ones were three Godly Emperor realm martial arts masters! The resources in a Godly Emperor realm tomb were absolutely unimaginable.

“I’ll go over immediately.

Get everyone to seal the news.

No news is allowed to spread.

If anyone dares to discuss it without permission, kill them on the spot!” Ning Zhiyuan teleported to the outside of the library.

The air twisted and Manager Ning’s body walked out of the air.

“Young Master Ning, what’s going on?” Ning Zhiyuan’s expression was extremely solemn, “Something big has happened.

We received information about a Godly Emperor’s tomb.

” “What? It’s a Godly Emperor’s tomb?” At that moment, even someone like Manager Ning, who was above the God realm, could not help but gasp.

Then, his heart beat faster and his eyes lit up.

Soon after, his expression turned serious.

The Godly Emperor’s tomb was no joke.

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COM It represented tremendous resources and opportunities, but at the same time, it represented great danger.

A Godly King’s tomb was enough to make countless factions envious, jealous, and even start a war for it.

If there really was such a thing, the Ning family would have to quickly make preparations.

Even if the Thunder God clan, Winged God clan, and Giant Gorilla clan were wary of the Xuan Yuan clan’s strength, they would not take action for the time being.

However, once they knew the news of the Godly Emperor’s tomb, the situation would be very different.

“If there is information about the Godly Emperor’s tomb in the Godslayer realm tomb that we dug up, then it is very likely that they will get it.

Because in their area, there will definitely be tombs of the same level.

” Ning Zhiyuan stared at the sky and said, “This is still a better situation.

What if… They have already dug up the Godly Emperor’s tomb?” Manager Ning’s heart jolted.

If that was the case, then things would be huge.

The resources of a Godly King’s tomb had a high chance of molding a new Godly King.

That was because when a person reached the Godly King realm, he would have to go through a lot of hardships and difficulties.

However, when he reached the Godly King realm, it would be different.

He could use his powerful strength to collect a huge amount of resources! It was a very realistic principle.

The son of a rich man might not have a higher IQ than others, but his starting point would definitely be higher than others.

That was because he could directly inherit his father’s money and connections… Similarly, when he obtained the resources of the Godly Emperor’s tomb, there would be a huge amount of cultivation resources, countless divine crystals, cultivation techniques, and medicinal pills… “Young Master, ask the Ning family for help.

We must send more troops.

“If the three clans obtain the tomb of the Godly King and nurture a Godly King martial arts master, it will definitely be a huge loss for our Ning family.

” “I know that the Ning family must send troops.

However, before the Ning family sends troops, we must find the tomb of the Godly King’s tomb before the other party and strictly guard it.

” “Mobilize the warriors on the ground?” “From today onwards, reduce the assessment process and lower the standard of going to the starry sky.

Those above the Xiantian realm can go to the starry sky.

“There are so many divine tombs in the starry sky.

No matter how many people go, it’s impossible to dig them out in a short period of time.

“Moreover, in front of the Godly King’s tomb, those divine tombs are not worth mentioning at all.

” “Young Master is wise.

” The two quickly turned into two streams of light and disappeared into the air.

After the two of them left, Ye Xiao could not help but slightly raise his brows.

‘I can’t believe that they actually found the news of the Godly King’s tomb in the starry sky.

’ However, thinking about it carefully, it was very normal.

Those divine tombs were originally the tombs of martial arts masters from the immemorial Divine Kingdom.

There would definitely be some information about the immemorial era in their tombs.

Since that was the case, why was it strange that there was a Godly King’s tomb recorded? It seemed like he did not have much time left.

He only hoped that they would find it gradually.

After finding the Godly King’s tomb, there was a high chance that the tomb would record information about the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

In the next two days, large-scale recruitment was conducted.

The various major factions were desperately fighting for people.

As long as one was above the level of a great grandmaster, they could directly enter the starry sky and start digging graves.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but begin to pity these archaic god races.

Thinking about it carefully, even though star beasts dominated the space battlefield back then, star beasts were at least not interested in digging graves.

In the end, the god race descended.

Good heavens, even their bones and dregs were about to be dug out and spread out.

It was truly tragic.

What he had dug out was only the Divine Kingdom’s treasury.

It should have buried the treasures of the entire archaic Divine Kingdom, not people.

Just like that, two days later, Ye Xiao’s god-slaying saber technique was finally cultivated to great perfection by the Golden Book divine soul.

Looking at the four pieces of paper that had completely turned into a golden color, Ye Xiao’s heart was a little excited.

He could begin to synthesize them.

An archaic masterpiece technique! It was the most powerful technique even among the entire god race.

With the archaic masterpiece technique, his future was definitely very promising.

Ye Xiao dared to say that at least the Godly Emperor had a 100 percent chance of succeeding.

He did not know what kind of archaic masterpiece technique he could synthesize.

It was said that masterpiece techniques also had rankings.

If the archaic masterpiece technique ranked too poorly, it would be at a disadvantage if it fought against the masterpiece technique that ranked very high.

He hoped that the Golden Book divine soul would be able to synthesize an extremely high-grade archaic masterpiece technique for him.

With a perturbed mood, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and clicked synthesize.

The paper that recorded the four archaic masterpiece techniques was instantly synthesized into one and combined into a piece of paper.

That piece of paper was extremely thick, and Ye Xiao was incomparably excited.

Looking at the thickness of that piece of paper, it gave people a very reassuring feeling.

That masterpiece technique was definitely an extremely powerful existence! What would it look like? What was its name? How powerful would it be? Those questions were extremely attractive to Ye Xiao.

He could not help but feel his breathing become a little hurried.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… After ten seconds, the golden light finally dimmed, revealing the situation inside.

Ye Xiao immediately focused his attention on it.

Looking at the 1% displayed on the page, he fell into a deep dilemma.

After half a day! The synthesis still needed a progress bar! It made him excited again for nothing.

According to the nature of the Golden Book, the time taken to synthesize the god techniques back then was very long.

That time, it would probably take even longer.

‘Looks like I’ll have to wait for quite some time.

’ Just like that, another few days passed.

When the star beasts had dug out ten billion divine crystals for Ye Xiao, the masterpiece technique was finally completed.

When the Golden Book notified him that the synthesis was successful, Ye Xiao was still at work at the time.

He was reading a book with Gu Hai.

His emotions were greatly excited, and he instantly disappeared on the spot.

“Old Ye? Old Ye, where have you been? Old Ye!” Ye Xiao first returned to the library’s dormitory.

He immediately immersed his mind in the Golden Book divine soul.

In the next second, four large words appeared before his eyes.

World Destruction masterpiece technique! Good heavens, just hearing the name gave him a feeling that it was very powerful.

If it was used, it would definitely be extraordinary.

Even if Ye Xiao did not know the ranking of the masterpiece technique, when he saw that name, he could feel that it would definitely be ranked at the front.

As expected of the Golden Book divine soul.

Every time it made a move, it was of the highest quality.

Ye Xiao looked at it carefully.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique.

Under the World Destruction technique, no one could stop it.

It was indestructible.

Nothing was unbreakable! It controlled all the destructive power in the world and destroyed all target existences.

The name was very overbearing, and the introduction was even more overbearing.

Next, it was time to wait for the Golden Book to cultivate it to perfection.

Ye Xiao’s emotions gradually calmed down while he was excited.

His heart could be considered to have relaxed a little.

‘With the first masterpiece technique, there will be a second and third masterpiece technique.

I wonder what kind of masterpiece technique will be synthesized next.

If I can synthesize such a powerful masterpiece technique every time, I’m afraid that when I reach the Godly Emperor realm, I’ll be able to cross realms to fight against the Godly Emperors.

After the Godly Emperor realm, who knows how powerful I’ll be.

’ A hint of madness flashed across Ye Xiao’s eyes.

Could he also create a Divine Kingdom? Suppress the entire starry skies? If that time came, he should be able to ensure that his life would not be threatened by anyone.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists and cheered himself on in his heart.

He took a glance at the Golden Book divine soul.

Next, he really wanted to cultivate a god-healing technique and complete the synthesis of the healing and physical techniques.

However, there was one issue.

Ning Zhiyuan’s arrival today had given him a warning.

Ning Zhiyuan might not be very strong, but his identity was very special.

Ye Xiao heard the conversation between him and that Manager Ning.

They should be from a very powerful family in the Xuan Yuan clan.

There must be an even stronger existence behind them.

If a Godly King came because they were robbing the Godly King’s tomb! What would happen if they discovered the Kunlun dragon vein and the Divine Kingdom’s treasury? With so many star beasts working day and night and his spiritual avatar added together, he had only dug out less than three thousandths of it.

He still needed a long period of cover.

Therefore, he needed to upgrade his array to the masterpiece technique level.


Then, he would use the array to shield the Divine Kingdom’s treasury from being discovered.