Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 357

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Analysis of the Profound Mysteries of the Golden Book, Formula for Synthesizing Archaic Masterpiece Techniques   Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Young Master Ning, you are a member of the Xuan Yuan clan, are you going to bully others with your power?” Katsumer opened his mouth again and questioned angrily.

However, what responded to him was another shot.

A powerful cannon shot passed by his side and instantly blew up another spiritual airship.

“Why should I explain to you what my Xuan Yuan clan is doing? “I’ll give you ten breaths.

If you don’t retreat, I’ll automatically assume that you’re challenging my Xuan Yuan clan.

Then don’t blame me for starting a war.

” Katsumer’s face could not help but twitch violently.

It was so gloomy that water was about to drip out.

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COM He actually wanted to tear the other party apart and eat him alive.

However, he knew that he could not do it.

Putting aside the fact that he was not strong enough, just the god clan behind them did not have the qualifications to fight against the Xuan Yuan clan.

The gap between the two sides was too big.

If they really fought, their side would definitely be wiped out.

At that time, they would really be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, he could only grit his teeth and say, No matter how indignant the forces of the three god clans were, they had no choice but to retreat.

Mai Kang followed them and whispered into Katsumer’s ear, “Senior, are we just going to admit defeat? With the Xuan Yuan clan’s strength, we don’t know how many divine tombs they will have to dig out.

This is too much of a loss for us.

” Katsumer said with a gloomy face, “What else can we do? Go up and fight them to the death? If you can go up, I’ll raise my hands in agreement.

I’m not going anyway.

” Mai Kang was stunned for a moment before he quickly smiled apologetically, “Senior, don’t joke with me.

How can I have that strength?” “Hmph! It’s good that you know it in your heart.

” “Then what should we do now?” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “What should we do? Of course, we have to seize the time to find the other divine tombs.

We have to dig out more divine tombs before they do and minimize the losses.

” On the side of the Xuan Yuan clan, Lei Dongtian and the others flew up and bowed to Ning Zhiyuan.

“Thank you for your help, Young Master Ning.

If it weren’t for you, we would have been in big trouble today.

” “Mr.

Lei, you are too kind.

We are all members of the Xuan Yuan clan, so we should help each other.

“Moreover, I was ordered to come here to help you.

” “Haha, No matter what, I have to thank you for your help today, Young Master Ning.

” “You are welcome.


Lei, please tell me about the situation here.

” “Yes! In this starry sky, for some unknown reason, some divine tombs were dug out.

At first, we thought that it was only a few tombs left behind by injured and fallen ancient gods.

However, we quickly discovered that this wasn’t the case.

“This was because more and more divine tombs had been dug out.

In our eyes, we had already discovered more than 50 divine tombs, and two of them were at the Godslayer realm.

“And this is only our side.

The other three god clans haven’t discovered it yet.

” “Generally speaking, such a large and dense area of god tombs means that this place was most likely a sect or a battlefield during the immemorial era.

“If that’s the case, this place is probably far from just these god tombs.

There might be even more.

“How about this? I’ll get my people to start digging as well.

However, we’ll be in front, guarding the three god clans.

You guys will be behind us to prevent any conflicts from happening and the other side will try to sabotage us.

“In addition, some of the tombs we’ve dug will be transferred to you to make up for the loss of finding the tombs in the back.

” “Okay, thank you, Young Master Ning.

” Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

Then, he ordered the warriors of the Ning family to start the excavation.

Then, he spoke to Lei Dongtian again, “Mr.

Lei, I want to ask you something while I have some free time.

” “Young Master Ning, just tell me what I know.

I will report everything in detail.

” Ning Zhiyuan immediately said, “On my way here, I met a prodigy who advanced to the God realm.

When he advanced, the highest level of Purple Lightning Tribulation appeared in the starry sky.

Moreover, it was a natural phenomenon that caused the archaic heroes to worship him.

“Moreover, he was a member of the Xuan Yuan clan! When he advanced, the Xuan Yuan clan’s exclusive Golden Dragon appeared.

” “What? Young Master Ning, you’re not joking with me, are you?” When Lei Dongtian heard Ning Zhiyuan’s words, he was instantly dumbstruck.

He simply could not imagine what he had heard.

In his entire life, he had only read about this matter in books, but he had never seen it with his own eyes.

In his world, those things were simply as if mortals thought that gods could not exist.

At that point, Ning Zhiyuan actually told him that there was such a person in that world.

How could he not be shocked? “I’m not joking with you.

” Ning Zhiyuan spoke again with a serious expression, “I want to ask you, has there ever been a genius of our Xuan Yuan clan in this area? For example, in other lineal families, or on the prodigy roll.

” Lei Dongtian shook his head.

“Young Master Ning, if you ask me this, then your question will be in vain.

“Not to mention that those kinds of existences didn’t come, even if they did, I wouldn’t know their identities! “Moreover, even if they came, they wouldn’t look for an existence like me.

Don’t you agree?” Ning Zhiyuan fell silent.

Lei Dongtian was right.

On the Xuan Yuan prodigy roll, all of them were arrogant young geniuses.

Otherwise, they would not have been classified as prodigies.

People like them definitely would not come to such a remote place so easily.

However, if it was not them, then who could it be? Lei Dongtian pondered for a moment, then suddenly woke up with a start, Very quickly, he shook his head again.

“But, there’s no reason.

Although he’s a monster, he was born in this remote place.

There’s no way he could be compared to those on the prodigy roll of the Xuan Yuan clan.

” Ning Zhiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Who are you talking about?” “Oh, it’s like this.

In this human world, when it was besieged by star beasts, there was an extremely special prodigy who saved this world.

“If it weren’t for him, this world would have been destroyed long ago.

“There were many legends about him in this world.

He was called the Saber-sword Immortal by the people of this world.

“However, it shouldn’t be him.

Up until now, he didn’t even dare to reveal his identity.

His aptitude definitely couldn’t be that heaven-defying.

” Ning Zhiyuan, however, thoughtfully rolled his eyes.

“Saber-sword Immortal? Looks like this young master should go to the Nine Provinces to take a look.

” On the other side, Ye Xiao had long returned to his own doorstep.

His Yin-yang Escape technique was originally so fast that it made people’s hair stand on end.

After he had advanced to the God realm, his speed was many times faster than before.

In front of him, the speed of the spiritual airship was many times slower.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists and felt the surging power in his body.

His mood became much better.

It was good that his strength had increased.

Every time his strength increased, he felt that his entire body was filled with strength and had an endless amount of strength.

Of course, other than that, there was another benefit.

That was that his brain was also more developed and brighter.

Just like a memory card, it expanded its capacity, allowing many things that could not be stored in it to be stored in it now.

It would not cause any problems.

He exhaled deeply.

He had just made a breakthrough, and his spiritual energy was still rising continuously.

Due to it being too powerful, he could not conceal it for a while.

All around him was spiritual energy! The dense spiritual energy formed a fog that made his clothes wet.

It stuck to his body, revealing all the muscles on his body.

Some girls passed by from afar and could not help but peek.

Their cultivation was not high.

Even if Ye Xiao did not hide his cultivation, they could not see through his cultivation.

The problem was that they could not see through Ye Xiao’s cultivation.

However, they could still see how good Ye Xiao’s looks and figure were.

Ye Xiao was rather speechless and could only quickly walk into the house.

Even so, it was very annoying when he breathed.

It was because his current strength was too strong, when he breathed, the abundant spiritual energy was like two strange, long things that were in and out of his nostrils, one in, one out… That feeling made Ye Xiao feel very annoyed.

It seemed like he would need two days to get used to it.

However, Ye Xiao was more happy than disappointed.

He had finally advanced to the God realm.

After reaching that level of cultivation, he had also completely fused with the divine soul.

It also made him completely understand how to play the Golden Book.

In reality, the divine soul was a manifestation of human nature.

It was a substance that a person was born with.

It was a virtual thing.

Under a person’s strong will, it would eventually become a tangible thing.

It might be a little troublesome to explain.

In general, the appearance of it and how strong it was still depended on how deep inside the person’s heart was as well as how strong he was.

Everyone had it, but only after cultivating to the God realm would they have the chance to control it.

However, its strength and weakness were not something that everyone could control.

The Golden Book could already continue to synthesize an even higher level archaic masterpiece technique.

However, according to Ye Xiao’s previous plans, among the god techniques he currently possessed, there were already sword techniques that could split the sky and split the earth.

According to normal logic, Ye Xiao should already be able to fuse an archaic masterpiece technique.

However, it did not succeed.

On the Golden Book, there were currently two large factions that were already beginning to emit a faint golden light.

That meant that these few cultivation techniques were about to be able to fuse into two archaic masterpiece techniques.

The first was the Heaven-cleaving Sword, Earth’s Rift sword, and God-burying Saber.

Saber and sword techniques combining into one archaic masterpiece technique?