Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 343

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Conspiracy of the Three Clans, Killing Intent at Night Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “After I came to this world, the first thing I did was investigate.

“After repeated confirmation, I’m now 100 percent sure that the Ancestral Dragon’s hometown is here.

“If my prediction is correct, when the other factions find out about this, they will definitely invest more in this place.

“Since the Xuan Yuan god clan could create a figure like the Ancestral Dragon, it was possible for them to create a second one.

“And right now, the person I favored the most was this Saber-sword Immortal.

“I wasn’t certain that he would be able to become an existence like the Ancestral Dragon.

After all, the Ancestral Dragon was the most talented existence in the starry sky within 10,000 years.

“Not to mention him, even if there were so many geniuses in the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, there wasn’t anyone who could guarantee that they would become a prodigy like the Ancestral Dragon.

“However, even if he could not become a prodigy like the Ancestral Dragon, he could rely on the fact that he was of the same bloodline as the other party.

Furthermore, he had such outstanding talent.

Just by relying on a barren world, he could break through to an existence that surpassed us.

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COM “I dare to say that his future achievements would definitely not be minor.

“As long as we found him and nurtured him with all our might, even if we nurtured a godly emperor, it would be a huge profit for the Divine Tree Academy.

“The Divine Tree Academy is currently a relatively low-level faction in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Our cultivation techniques are not good enough.

At most, we can only come into contact with five-star god techniques.

“If we produce a Godly Emperor realm prodigy, we will definitely be able to apply for nine-star god techniques from the Xuan Yuan Alliance.

“Furthermore, because he comes from the same family background as the Ancestral Dragon, it is very likely that he will apply for the archaic masterpiece techniques!” Yao Meiqin’s heart began to beat violently.

She had never dared to think about the nine-star god technique, let alone the archaic masterpiece technique that was regarded as the most important treasure of every god clan.

She had only cultivated one one-star god technique, but even so, she still regarded it as a treasure.

Her breathing became hurried again, and her chest rose and fell even more violently.

“We must find this Saber-sword Immortal.

We must find him no matter what.

” “That’s right.

” “But what about the Winged God clan?” “We’ll hide his matter for now.

If we expose him now, it’s the same as us exposing the Saber-sword Immortal.

“This was an extremely uneconomic deal.

“At least give us some time to find the saber-sword immortal first.

” Yao Meiqin smiled.

“Good! As long as we know he’s in Jianghai city, it’ll be fine.

At least we have a higher chance of success than the others.

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COM Xu Guangnian also smiled.

The closer one is to the water, the better.

… At the same time, in the west, in a newly rebuilt building, several figures were extremely angry.

“D*mn the Xuan Yuan god clan, they actually killed Hanks! They really don’t see us as a threat.

” “Let’s fight! Everyone, the Xuan Yuan god clan has gone too far! First, they refused to give us face and refused to return the divine blood, and now they’re killing our clansmen.

“This is no longer a slap to our faces.

” At that moment, a burly man with iron chains wrapped around his body coldly said, “You guys better think carefully.

The Xuan Yuan god clan is ranked 19th in the starry sky.

“If we rashly start a fight, it will very likely bring great trouble to the god clan behind us.

“Most importantly, in what name are we going to fight? “We’ve already told the Xuan Yuan god clan to hand over the divine blood within a certain period of time, but we didn’t ask them to hand it over immediately.

“Right now, the Xuan Yuan god clan hasn’t replied yet, so we’re going to fight them directly.

In the future, the Xuan Yuan god clan will start a war against us, and that will be a big problem.

” “But I really can’t take this lying down.

The one who was killed was an Emperor realm martial arts expert of our Winged God clan! “The one who died wasn’t one of your people.

That’s why you’re making sarcastic remarks here.

” “Don’t say that! Our three clans are now an alliance.

How about this? I can use the Thunder god clan’s secret technique to help you kill the guy who killed your Winged God clan’s Emperor realm martial arts expert without anyone knowing! “This way, I can vent my anger on you first.

“Can I?” Hearing that, the faces of the Winged God clan eased up a little.

“If you had said that earlier, we wouldn’t have been so angry.

Let’s do it.

I want to kill him now.

” “Don’t worry.

It’s daytime now.

What if the people around him find out that we’re doing it in broad daylight? We can kill him when they’re asleep at night.

” “Alright, then we’ll talk about it at night!” “When the time comes, I’ll need all of you to join hands with me to provide the Winged God clan’s divine blood and provide me with sufficient spiritual energy to help me use the Thunder god clan’s secret technique.

” “No problem.

I’ll get as much as I need.

” … Ye Xiao did not think too much about it.

He knew that the people from the Divine Tree Academy would definitely guess a part of it.

However, the martial arts library was not using surveillance cameras at the moment.

Instead, it was using some monitoring stones that could detect spiritual energy fluctuations.

If he were to use other methods rashly, it would be easier for them to discover him.

If he were to use eye techniques to kill the other party, he could do it without anyone noticing.

In any case, everyone knew from the start that there was a Saber-sword Immortal in Jianghai city.

‘In the end, it was all the fault of that d*mn Winged God clan.

Why did you run to the library of Jianghai city for no reason? ‘It was fine if you ran to the library, but why did you run to the fourth floor? ‘If you had not done anything, you could have turned around and run.

Maybe if I had been in a good mood, I might let you go.

‘Was it because I killed Lin Qingbei and obtained the divine blood that I had this special fate? ‘The theory of Karma? ‘It shouldn’t be that bad.

If such a thing really existed, I didn’t know how many enemies I would provoke now.

‘I should still think of a way to cultivate properly and try to enter the God realm as soon as possible.

Then, I should continue to synthesize the god technique and create the archaic masterpiece technique.

’ When he returned home at night, Huan Liuli had already prepared a sumptuous dinner.

It was all made from the flesh and blood of those supreme divine beasts.

There were many of them so they could already perfectly form a sumptuous feast.

The supreme divine beasts definitely had some resistance in the beginning, but as Ye Xiao’s strength became stronger and stronger, they gradually got used to it.

The main reason was that they could not get used to it.

Being beaten was too painful.

Being forcefully cut off by Ye Xiao was also uncomfortable.

In any case, it was the same if he did it himself.

Although if he did it himself, his image might not look so good.

At the very least, they could eat heavenly and earthly treasures.

In that aspect, Ye Xiao was still quite generous.

On one hand, they were afraid of being beaten.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao gave them a lot.

The carrot-and-stick policy, coupled with his healing technique, made it so that they would not die even if they wanted to.

Even if they wanted to, they could not refuse.

Huan Liuli’s cultivation had already risen to the King realm.

Eating so many things together with Ye Xiao every day, even if she was a pig, it was time for her cultivation to rise.

“Master, is the food that I made today delicious?” Ye Xiao nodded.

“It’s not bad today.

Why are you suddenly talking about this?” “Oh, it’s nothing.

It’s just that I saw some things in a shop recently and wanted to buy them.

“After all, Master said that it’s impossible to steal from the commoners.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

“You’ve really grown up now.

” “This is all because of master’s teachings.

” Ye Xiao used a napkin to wipe his mouth.

He took a sip of honey tea and said again, “What do you want to buy?” Huan Liuli said excitedly, “I want to buy a CD.

It’s the TV series that I’ve been looking for for a long time, that martial arts movie.

” “The one you mentioned, the one with the eunuch?” Huan Liuli’s little head nodded like a rattle-drum.

“Yes, yes.

That’s the one.

I didn’t expect Master to still remember it.

Master is really good to me.

” “…” He really did not expect that Huan Liuli would not find the martial arts film’s resources before the God race descended and when the world was still dominated by technology.

In the end, she actually found it now.

If she were to see what truly happened to her precious idol, what would happen? Would she be so upset to the point of wanting to commit suicide? Pausing for a moment, he looked at Huan Liuli’s excited little face and said, “Liuli, you have to know that people have to learn to restrain their desires.

” “But I’m just a cat.

” “…” Alright, he had nothing more to say.

He took out some spirit stones from his storage ring.

At that point, money could no longer be used, everyone was using spirit stones to trade.

“Before I give it to you, I advise you not to buy it.

” “What? “Master, why are you speaking so strangely today?” “It’s nothing.

You just need to know that I’m doing this for your own good.

” “It’s fine.

I’m just watching a martial arts movie.

It’s not like I’m playing games.

I won’t get addicted to it.

I’ll go buy it first to prevent others from buying it.

Nowadays, these technological products are already very hard to find.

There are people collecting them everywhere.

” After saying that, Huan Liuli ran out like a wisp of smoke.

Ye Xiao shook his head.

Forget it.

Let her be.

He did not want her to know at first.

Since she insisted on going to see it herself, then let her be.

… At that moment, the moon in the east had already begun to rise.

In the western building, several martial arts experts of the three clans gathered together and set up a huge, strange array on the ground.

Strange runes were engraved on it.

The Thunder god clan martial arts expert, whose body was wrapped in iron chains, sat in the middle and began to chant the runes of the array.

The martial artists of the other two clans helped him and activated the array with their spiritual energy.

Everyone’s eyes flashed with cold light.


They exchanged a glance and smiled as if they were about to accomplish a great thing.